Vampire Diaries Spoilers via TVLine: Could This Be The Mysterious Huntress?

tvd-701-screencapThanks to TVLine‘s Ask Ausiello we have some juicy spoilers for you guys!

Question: Any word on Matt’s supposed new love interest on The Vampire Diaries? — Clare
First of all, Clare, I’m glad to hear you’re also invested in the romantic future of Mystic Falls’ lone human. That said, the show is currently casting the role of Penny, a “cute” but “formidable” young cop who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to the supernatural. (Sounds like a perfect match for Matty Blue, no?)


Question: I need to know who that woman was hunting Stefan and Damon in Vampire Diaries‘ season premiere. Any intel? — Sasha
You’re not alone, Sasha. We’re also dying to find out — so to speak — and this is probably a pretty big clue: The show is introducing a legendary vampire huntress named Hannah, who “literally cannot rest until her vengeance is complete.” Even if Hannah’s not the shadowy figure we saw in the premiere, I imagine her arrival is still going to be a major bummer for the Salvatores.


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