Vampire Diaries Spoilers via E!Online – Enzo Scoop!


E!Online has some scoop on Enzo! Check it out!

Thomas: So happy we’re finally getting an Enzo flashback on The Vampire Diaries! But what about his love life?  Is it bad  that I want Caroline with him and not Stefan?
Sadly, Enzo’s love life isn’t so hot these days. “Not so much. I don’t think he’s quite ready to buckle down and commit with a relationship at the moment,” Michael Malarkey tells us. “The stuff he has Caroline is a great little friendship and he really cares for her, but I’m not sure his feelings extend beyond that.” As for Sarah Salvatore, he’ll open up to her a lot more in Thursday’s episode, a move he may come to regret. “He ends up confiding in her the truth about his past…but then she kind of turns the tables on him, involving a pair of chopsticks. You’ll find out what that’s about!”


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  1. Awesome sounds like maybe she’s gonna stab him with Chop sticks! After all she is a Salvatore. ;)

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