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Ian Somerhalder recently spoke with TV Guide, TVLine, EW and E!Online about his upcoming episode he directed that airs April 1st when the show returns from its last hiatus of the season.

Via TV Guide:

Somerhalder, who directed the upcoming April 1 episode, revealed that the “Days of Future Past” will feature a few painful farewells.

“This one was really about telling the story of this whole group of individuals and how they’re all intersecting. And we lost some very wonderful, very beautiful characters in this episode,” Somerhalder said. “It was just about tugging on the heartstrings of the audience and really allowing them to feel these characters.”

Read more about it and Season 8 over at TV Guide.

Via TVLine:

“Bonnie gets consistently screwed over by this man,” Somerhalder admits. “Like Stefan, she goes to great lengths to help him, and she just gets shit on as a result of it. She really, really does. And she tries so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt because they’re bonded. There’s a bond there, and he does love her. She’s his best friend. She and Ric are really his best friends, other than his brother.”

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Via EW Spoiler Room:

When Vampire Diaries returns, Ian Somerhalder will be behind the camera, and as the director explains, fans can expect a big explosion … literally. “This car blew up and I was 200 feet away and I could still feel the heat and the percussion from this thing,” Somerhalder says. But according to him, the experience will be a bit different for viewers. “The audience isn’t going to get the blast that I felt. What they’re going to feel is real heartbreak for why that explosion happened.” Could another death be headed our way?

Via E!Online:

“The reason I’m not reflecting going back is that I’m staring down the barrel of another season and I really want to make sure that we get to go back to the basics,” he explains. “What made people fall in love with this story was its characters, not 40 of them, like eight of them, six of them—this core group of actors, of characters that really move you.”

He hopes that season eight will focus on those core characters as the show winds down—whether that’s at the end of next season or in the future.

“We don’t know where that’s going to go but leaving the audience with the fact that by that time they will have spent eight years of their life with these people, I want the audience to feel closer, more afraid, more in love, more in tune with these characters than they ever have been.”

Read more over at E!Online.

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