Vampire Diaries Spoilers From Zap2It

Here are another set of spoilers from next week’s episode “The New Deal”. This time Zap2It dishes with 5 things we can look forward to.

1. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has a domestic side. We’re almost nervous to admit it, but our big bad wolf has become one of the most complex characters on television right now. The way that his vulnerability and villainy tangle up together is fascinating to watch. With his father out of the picture, Klaus has big plans to reunite his remaining family members — complete with a dream house in the town where they last loved each other as humans. It’s poetic, really.

Read the rest of the spoilers over at Zap2It.

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  1. R u kidding me about the little house on the prarie thing with Klaus!!!
    What next the Waltons!!!!!

  2. Consdiering Damon is called a “gentleman” and that he or Elena is supposed to make a decision about their relationship together, I’m guessing all the Delena tension has been a gigantic waste of time like all the “beware of Michael” talk. Damon won’t take his brother’s girl after all. It would be nice if he told Elena, “sorry, I’m not that bad” and she planted a kiss on him, but I doubt it.

    After all the bad stuff Klaus did (killing Jenna, stealing Elena’s blood, ruining Stefan) why do they think I’m going to feel bad for him? He’s not complex, he’s a whiny little crybaby who needs to be spanked and sent running home. I got tired of the “look out it’s Klaus” dialogue last season when Rose started it, I’m ready for him and his family to be gone. I mean, after the Originals, what threat can any other villian hold for our friends in Mystic Falls?

  3. I hope things will go better for Tyler & Caroline since they’re my favorite couple on the show.I believe Matt will be the one to leave since they probably have no storyline for him now that he’ll never see Vicki again although there could’ve been a good storyline romance with Bonnie.Damon & Elena might share a bedroom scene with the way they acted in their last scene together and how popular Delena is.It seems Jeremy might go back to his stoner phase and turn into a jerk as well since losing Bonnie due to realizing his feelings for Anna never went away.

  4. the way Lynn see the news of tvd this getting longer and longer every day and with surprises and mysterious surprises every damned moment oh men this is getting to incredible

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