Vampire Diaries Spoilers from TVLine – Who Will Take the Cure?!


Check out the latest scoop from TVLine! Will someone take the cure? And check out what The Originals’ Joseph Morgan had to say on the matter!

Question: I’m always looking for The Vampire Diaries spoilers! —Molly

Ausiello: Well, Molly, with the cure for vampirism back in play, someone’s going to have to man up (so to speak) and take it — except everybody’s got a different idea about who that person should be. Joseph Morgan, for example, thinks it should go to Damon. (“It would be interesting to see a human Damon. Let’s see if he can still be sassy when he’s not immortal.”) But if there’s even the slightest chance that the cure could be mailed to The Originals, Morgan would like to see Rebekah take it, after being returned to her original body. (“That’s what she’s always wanted.”)


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  1. @Joseph Morgan
    Ya kno that’s actually a pretty brilliant idea…tha whole mail it to the originals for bex to take it. However I happen to like everyone the way they are now as
    supernatural beings. And if any of them do plan on taking it they should have Bon Bon perfect it I Tad.

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