Vampire Diaries Spoilers From TV Guide and TV Line – How is Elena Coping?


Check out the latest Vampire Diaries Spoilers from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz and TV Line’s Ask Ausiello. How is Elena dealing with Jeremy’s “death”. If Jeremy is indeed dead…that is.

Via TV Guide:

Is Jeremy really dead on The Vampire Diaries? How will Elena ever get over that? —Jessie

NATALIE: You’ll find out if he’s truly a goner before the next episode ends. But regardless of whether he lives, Elena is going to be in a bit of a state for a while. At times she will seem completely numb, while at others she will display a fiery recklessness that leads her to do something she might ultimately regret.

Via TV Line:

Question: Anything you can share about this week’s Vampire Diaries? Based on the promo, Elena doesn’t appear to be taking Jeremy’s death well — assuming he is actually dead. —Andy

Ausiello: Let’s just say Elena invents a new stage of grief to cope with her brother’s apparent passing, and it’s hot.

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  1. Anyone elese scared Elena will be thenone having sex with Klaus? He killed Jenna, i would hope they dont go there, but….

  2. As Katherine would say “poor Elena”. She always has something bad happening to her, shame.
    I wonder what hot reckless thing she’ll be up to????? The sound of it being with Klaus just makes me wanna puke.

  3. Oh I hope you are wrong. But if Elena shuts off her feelings who knows what she is going to be capable of. Anyone but Klaus…..

  4. @Jodi, if she sleeps with Stefan, she’ll have made my day. I think they are perfect together!!!

  5. ven if Elena wanted to sleep with Stefan I dont think he would go for that. He knows she isn’t in love with him right now.

  6. this isn’t funny moment Kate we all going with Elena,s brother death, well assuming that is death that i hope not but let’s see what happend with Elena coz all of this is a bad Dark for Elena.s brother death so for the moment we cannot say anything funny cos we are seeing elena Dark moment for her death Brother so let,s keep it down

  7. Sorry if my comment bothered you.
    I dont take it so seriously its just a show…( that I love to watch and post about.).

  8. :) :) I know, I hate thinking I upset anyone with something I post. Never my intention. :)

    do you have your tissues ready for tonight?

  9. Will a roll of toilet paper do??? It’s going to be brutal, I’ve already cried at the promo, and the two preview clips…

  10. I would hope that will be sufficient…lol
    I have already banished my husband for the night to another tv.. I am going to need to be free to bawl my eyes out in private.

  11. Banishment doesn’t work for me. The hubby stays out of the way, it’s the 3 little girls, always asking me questions, and running around the living room, fighting with each other. Let’s just say I pause and rewind a lot during the episodes…lol

  12. haha my son is long in bed when I watch. So the hubby is the only distraction.
    Have you tried bribery???

  13. I have to record it and watch when everyone is asleep and also so I can fast forward thru the commercials because my heart can’t handle waiting for the next scene!!! I don’t know how mothers survive without DVRs!!! My husband knows to not bother me and when it is over if someone dies he stays away but if there was a hot sex scene he starts sniffin around!!! LMAOOOO sorry for the TMI ;p

  14. Elena is just crazy OMG
    I can’t belive she burn the house, the memories everything, she would ever have nothing to remember the people she loved !!
    It’s just too harsh!!
    And Bonnie who can she be fooled so easily?

    I’m just too sad :(

  15. Well Tracy if one person lost her of he,s parents they have so many stress on them to loose a completely family so if elena doesn’t thinking right so the funeral of Jeremy is in the house of the Salbador brothers with the permittion of them of course sadly juct like the death of Mr and mrs Luckwood and Jennas as Well tw now is theyre dear Jeremy with all theyre love.

    And i look like that i o you an apologie Kate for treetthed you bad i m sorry i realy do sorry i apologise i wasn’t thinking well for that i apologise for my mystake Kate u2 Tracy

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