Vampire Diaries Season 7 Spoilers via E!Online & TVLine


Check out the latest teases for The Vampire Diaries Season 7!

Via E!Online’s Spoiler Chat:

Mairead: Confession: I am still sobbing over The Vampire Diaries finale! But will my new favorite BFFs Damon and Bonnie become closer after losing Elena, or will it tear them apart?

Funny you should ask because we had that very same question for Kat Graham! “I’m hoping for both,” she says. “I’m hoping that we see both sides of their relationship and how it can affect them both because it’s obviously going to screw with Bonnie and him, but especially Bonnie.” 

Via TVLine’s Ask Ausiello:

Question: What can we expect from The Vampire Diaries in Season 7? Give me anything! I’m desperate… — James

Ausiello: You can expect a lot more of Mama Salvatore and her band of renegade heretics, and even more surprisingly, you can expect some meaty material for Michael Malarkey’s forgotten character. According to executive producer Caroline Dries, Enzo will find himself caught in the middle of the ensuing war between Mama Salvatore and her sons. “He’s eventually going to have to choose a side,” Dries teases. “In some ways, he feels drawn to Lily; she turned him and she’s the only real family he has. But he’s also friends with Damon, so it’s going to create an interesting dilemma, and whichever side he chooses will have serious ramifications.”

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