New Vampire Diaries Season 7 Spoilers via Yahoo TV

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Yahoo TV has posted their Fall TV Preview and check out the scoop they have for The Vampire Diaries Season 7!

WHAT’S COMING UP: The premiere will explain how the town got that way and why the heretics become foes for the Salvatores with their well-meaning, manipulative mother initially stuck in the middle. “The boys kind of figure out, ‘Wait, is mom using us?’ And they realize, ‘We need to stick together if we’re going to beat Lily,'” executive producer Caroline Dries says. Bonnie starts off chaperoning the grieving Damon and Alaric. “The more she hangs out with Damon, the more Damon kind of rubs off on her and she does what she wants,” Dries teases. Caroline struggles both with how to deal with the heretics’ loud presence and resisting Stefan. “There is this awkward dance that these two characters are doing,” King says. “In such a heavy show with a lot of drama, it’s funny to see these two tip-toeing around each other trying to play it cool.”
ALL ABOUT ENZO: He’ll come into his own this season. “People think that he considers himself one of Lily’s children, and Enzo shakes off that reputation and makes a stand of what he means by wanting to be in Lily’s life,” Dries says of Michael Malarkey’s character. Also, she adds, she’s scripting him a sword fight.

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