Vampire Diaries Spoilers – New Poster & Scoop From E!Online, TV Guide and TV Line

We have some spoilery goodness for you guys! But first check out this brand new Vampire Diaries Poster for May Sweeps courtesy of E!Online. That tag line really gets your wheels a turnin’ doesn’t it? Check out E!Online’s speculation and feel free to share yours in the comments!

Now, tread carefully with these spoilers ahead. We’ve got scoop from E!Online, TV Guide and TV Line.

Via E!Online:

NN234: On TVD, anything on the love triangle? Anything at all? I’ll take anything!
Well, as you saw in last week’s episode, Elena and Damon are just getting started with their, um, let’s call it exploration of feelings. And Ian Somerhalder is girding himself for more backlash, since just one kiss launched a million fan wars on the Internet. “I think a lot of them were really excited and a lot of them were really angry,” he tells us about Elena and Damon’s make out session. “It was like a minefield, the Internet, the twitter-verse and everything. I think it became like a minefield. One kiss.” What’s going to happen if Elena chooses Damon in the finale? Play nice, TVD fans!

Via TV Guide – Some Finale Scoop:

How do you get rid of a threat you can’t kill? The finale examines that question as the Salvatores search for a way to contain Klaus. The flashback-filled episode will also show that fateful day when Elena’s parents’ car crashed, but don’t assume that the episode title, “The Departed,” refers to their deaths. In fact, two main characters will be in grave danger and both will come out a bit “different” on the other side of their traumas. Oh, and yes, there will be an important kiss.

Via TV Line:

Question: Can I have a Vampire Diaries spoiler on Caroline and Klaus? —Elizabeth

Ausiello: Our gal is going to be seriously conflicted when it comes a certain Original. “Caroline doesn’t understand what draws her to Klaus [just like] any young woman who is seduced by and charmed by and intrigued by a dangerous man,” says EP Julie Plec. “There’s a lot of things that she can’t really explain about herself and her connection to him.” But there is one thing that she knows for certain. “She’s made her loyalty to Tyler and her love for Tyler very clear and will continue to have to do that.” However, that might not be enough to reassure her hybrid boyfriend, who’s “jealous and pissed off” about her new sorta-relationship with his sire. “[Tyler will] deal with that in the next episode, realizing that, ‘Hey, I sort of brought this on myself by leaving and leaving the opening for this guy to come in and move in on my girl,’” previews Plec. “Unfortunately, there’s still the question remaining: Was he able to effectively break that sire bond, or is he in for a rude awakening? You’ll definitely see that play out over the next couple [of episodes].”

Question: Any scoop on Vampire DiariesSupernatural or Sons of Anarchy would make my day! Do you still accept cases of Snapple as a bribe? —Amy

Ausiello: I choose TVD (and diet raspberry iced tea, thank you). And, if you’re a Rebekah fan, Amy, you’ll be especially interested — and relieved — to know that, even though her mother is currently possessing her body, the lone Original sister is OK. “It’s a temporary problem,” Plec assures. “It will resolve itself quickly and effectively.” But first, Esther will use Alaric to try to get what she wants. “What she sees in [his] alter ego is someone who loathes vampires and could be a useful ally in her quest to kill her children,” teases Plec. “She has big plans for the hunter in him.” As for when the gang will figure out that Rebekah isn’t really herself, “it all comes to a head right away in the next episode.”

Question: I’m dying to know if there are any spoilers you have for Bonnie on The Vampire Diariesat all? It seems like she’s barely on this season. —Suzy

Ausiello: She’s in this Thursday’s episode, and according to exec producer Julie Plec, she “gets to get gorgeous and have a date, which seems like it should be awesome and is briefly a really nice time for her. But then, unfortunately, as things tend to at the Decade Dances, the date gets disrupted and her date, Jamie, gets to see the other side of her life, which is how she saves the day.”


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  1. Ok Marie, where are you? This poster screams vampire Elena.

    And if they are going to bribe with Snapple, pomegranate iced tea is the only away to go. Lol.

  2. @Melissa CW would never release something like that… I’m sure [hope] it’s to confuse us… LOL But seriously, this screams more Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance’s big eyes doll than anything else to me! That poster is creepy! :| But it could be seen as the shed blood of an innocent. Or the lost of innocence. Anyway logicaly, if they want Delena to work in S4, they HAVE to kill Stefan or send him into a certain dimension!

    About the spoiler on Bonnie?! COME ON! You can’t call that a spoiler… *sighs* The only hope I have for that dance is for Jamie to meet the other side of life… AKA death! :D And I’m already crying (of sadness) as I imagine Klaus talking about rainbows and unicorns with Caroline…. It’s like watching Angelus getting his soul back right before Buffy kills him to seal Hell’s door. It breaks my heart to see such a potential villain turned into… well… that! XD

  3. Can we say that was the kiss head around the world??? I think it was an international fight hahaha I am a DELENA shipper BUT I loved Stelena in the first 2 seasons… so I don’t think I will be upset either way… I just don’t see how she is suppose to choose one and the other one is just okay with it… how can you be “just” friends after everything they all 3 went through…. it is going to be a tough task for the writers to make either relationship work… I just hope that if Elena picks Stefan Damon doesn’t turn into the bad guy again… that would make me sad after all the progress he has made! Okay enough ranting lol

  4. I have no idea what is going to happen, I don’t see them killing Stefan or Damon off and I don’t know how they would actually have her choose one ,,,, I can’t wait to see what the writers do with this,
    I am really leaning to her not choosing either and choosing herself.
    I guess we will wait and see. I dont want the season to be over but I can’t wait to see what actually happens.

  5. I sure hope this is avialable at online TV so that I can watch it anywhere I am. Never again will I be missing an episode of my favorite show.

  6. I think the rose is a symbol of damon and stefan white rose being stefan for innocents and safe and the red rose meaning damon for passions and rawness. they have used the red rose with damon before. maybe there using the blooming rose as a blossoming relationship. Well delena fans can hope anyway lol. but the rose definitely is a symbol for something a turning point for elena maybe as a vampire or maybe finding something in her life. but as much as i like delena i think she’ll choose stefan because they talk bout a brother leaving town well last season stefan left so i think damon will be the one to leave this time.

  7. “two main characters will be in grave danger and both will come out a bit “different” on the other side of their traumas”

    my guess is that maybe jeremy might become a vampire…

  8. I think Tyler will either go back to being a werewolf or become something new after Klause is killed. I also think Elena will become a vampire.

  9. @Melissa Glad to know I’m not the only one who sure killing Klaus won’t kill Tyler… I mean, it should kill the vampire in him, not the Werewolf… I’d love to see it as since Klaus died and Tyler was his first Hybrid, so basically his second that he becomes the new alpha! That would be amazing!

  10. @Marie, I did hear Tyler has a big story next season.

    As for someone who dies and stays dead, it think Ric. The actor has a show in the fall and with the screen time he gets, on TVD I can’t see him leaving unless the character was done. The guy who plays Matt I could see leaving for better things given his lack of use, but not the guy playing Ric

  11. @Melissa I heard about that too (Tyler thing), but hey this season Bonnie was “supposed” to be the focal point of the Original thing and be at its center and we saw where that lead, so I won’t get my hopes up for Tyler… :S

    I think everyone pretty much think it’s going to be Ric, but yes it’s either him OR Matt in my mind. And if at the end of the season they are going to “kill” a Salvatore brother, I hope it will be Stefan (he was my favorite brother through S3 hands down in my opinion, but if the writers want to play the DE card next season they cannot make it work without that, I’ve been around the forum and Elena’s fan are decreasing. I think the Team Salvatore has been getting stronger, which makes me happy) But still my hope is for Jamie to die. I can’t stand a “forced down your throat” character. LOLOLOL

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