Five Vampire Diaries Series Finale Theories to Sink Your Teeth Into

Just Five Theories from a Series-Long Fan on How Things Come to an End in Our Beloved Mystic Falls.

The series finale of The Vampire Diaries has everyone wondering how things are going to end up for our beloved Mystic Falls gang. They’ve come so far over the years since first meeting them, only Juniors in high school and the Salvatores returning home after years away. Many characters have come and gone over the eight-year relationship with the gang. Some came as welcome departures and others were downright heartbreaking. But now that the final goodbye is inevitable, we’re all racking our brains with possibilities of the ending. Here are few theories on the finale and how things could shake out. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Happily Ever After:

Now that we know Katherine is back and out for revenge it’s going to be one hell of a fight. Let’s say the gang goes up against Katherine or the new devil, a term only she’d find as complementary and they fail in the worst way…death. Since Bonnie created her own dimension, she could whisk everyone there and everyone would be together. Of course, Bonnie would live in Mystic Falls and help teach at Alaric’s own Hogwarts where the twins attend. Matt Donovan is sheriff, married and has children.

Stefan and Caroline would be married and live in Bonnie’s dimension. Elena wakes and it’s like no time has passed. She and Damon, both human as planned assuming the cure is still in Elena’s blood since Bonnie only took a syringe of her blood. They would be married and live there as well. Enzo would also live in Bonnie’s dimension. He and Bonnie would be married, but she’d live in both dimensions. The twins and Bonnie use their powers to help everyone visit everyone living in Bonnie’s world.  And after Bonnie lives her natural human life, everyone inside her dimension would die along with her. While this theory is a great and an almost plausible ending, we mustn’t forget Julie Plec already let the cat out of the bag teasing of a main character’s death in the finale. (Here’s to fingers crossed she lied.)

Bye Felicia! Katherine Returns to Hell:

Katherine’s back for revenge with her seemingly endless line up of plans. She always said if one plan doesn’t work, she’s got plans B,C,D, and so on to fall back on. But the Mystic Falls gang is one step ahead and called for reinforcements. Somehow, some way, the Mikaelsons come to town for Caroline and Stefan’s wedding. The Originals sure love a good old murder plot staged as a social event. Other than Stefan, Katherine has always had a thing for Elijah and gets distracted. Klaus’ had it out for Katherine for years and missed her death the first time. Surely, he’d love to help the second time around. Everyone teams up one last time and they send Katherine back to hell.

Stefan and Caroline marry and stay in Mystic Falls where Alaric starts his school for the supernatural (spin-off?). Like Grams, Bonnie teaches at Ric’s school and still visits Enzo in her dimension, perhaps she even finds a way to bring him back. Matt finds love, has family and serves as Mystic Falls sheriff. Meanwhile, Damon reunites with Elena and takes the cure like they planned again assuming the cure is still in Elena. They move away from Mystic Falls. Maybe to New York because of the cure in Damon’s blood. A wedding and family are planned. And of course, Damon and Elena visit Mystic Falls from time to time. Sadly, here’s hoping Julie Plec lied about a main character dying in the finale.

Who Dies?!?!

Weeks ago, Julie spilled the beans to Entertainment Weekly that one of the main characters is dying in the series finale. Ever since the question has been who. Like she’d say who because well, that’d be no fun. The obvious choice is Stefan. He’s a human now and well, his track record has not been the best. He’s only been human again for a few days and he’s already been stabbed, shot and gone toe-to-toe against the devil. Depending on the way you look at that, he’s still badass even as a human, so he’s good and will make it out alive. Or him living life on the edge and tapping on death’s door is bound to catch up with him. Stefan’s death would have a big impact on his brother as well as Caroline and Elena. Not to mention the devastating effect it’d have on all of us.

If history taught us anything, there hasn’t been a TVD season finale or penultimate episode in the past seven years without Damon’s life hanging in the balance. So the odds of his life being in danger in the finale are pretty good. His death would definitely have a significant effect, especially with viewers. Stefan would be lost without his big brother and of course, Bonnie would be wrecked. Not to mention Elena would be devastated and it’d be far too cruel for her to wake after roughly three years to face the death of the love of her life. With the series coming to an end and no more Salvatore brothers they could actually do that to us. But would they? Kill Damon Salvatore? Hopefully, not.

Speaking of history, it’s no secret Bonnie Bennett would do anything for the ones she loves, which includes her friends. And let’s not forget Bonnie’s always hated Katherine, so if it meant sacrificing herself (as she always done) she’d most likely not have to think twice to stick it to Katherine one last and save her friends in the process. Enzo’s trapped in her dimension unless she finds a way to bring him back to life, so let’s face it her future with him looks rather bleak. Or perhaps, Bonnie makes a deal with Katherine to bring Enzo back, but as usual, Katherine betrays her and things go terribly wrong. Bonnie’s death would also have a huge impact. Especially on her best friend, Damon and of course, Enzo, as well as the others specifically her lifelong friends, Elena, Caroline and Matt.

Sadly, the main character not making it in the series finale has to be either Stefan, Damon or Bonnie. Alaric had a big emotional death in season three. While Caroline wouldn’t achieve the emotional impact needed for the series finale. There’s no way Matt Donovan made it eight damn seasons as one of the only humans to go out in the series finale. And it couldn’t be Elena. It’d be beyond tragic for her to survive all she did over the years to wake from Kai’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ spell and die. Just no!

Jokes on Us:

What if everything’s just all been a dream or nightmare depending on what parts you’re looking at. When Elena and her parents went off Wickery Bridge years ago, Elena survived but she’s been in a coma for eight years. She thinks she’s still dating Matt Donovan and remembers something is missing in their relationship. Sadly, her parents still didn’t survive, but she hasn’t lost anyone else. Aunt Jenna and Tyler are still alive and so is Bonnie’s Gram and Sheriff Forbes.

There are no Salvatore brothers or the Salvatores came to town while she’s in a coma, but they’re not vampires. The supernatural doesn’t even exist or does the secret counsel. Caroline and Stefan fell in love after high school and still getting married. Bonnie is happy with Enzo and Damon meets Elena at his brother’s wedding and they fall in love. And as for the main character dying in the finale, well that’s just part of Elena’s coma dream. It’s not totally off the wall. The lyrics of the song featured in little teasers for the finale, Imagine Dragons’ Dream, hint that Elena’s been living in a dream world.

Sleeping Beauty Suffers Memory Loss: (*This theory comes courtesy of VDO’s beloved site owner and TVD superfan, Ruthie*)

Perhaps, when Elena finally wakes up from the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ spell, she suffers from memory loss. The question is how far back does her memory loss go? Does she even remember becoming a vampire? Perhaps she wakes up and thinks she’s still in high school and still dating Stefan. The first teaser for the series finale shows Elena and Stefan first reuniting in the halls of Mystic Falls High, which ironically is where they first met in the show’s pilot. She’s confused, but obviously, remembers who he is because she calls him by name. But there’s just something about how she looks at him that’s similar to how she did when she was human in the beginning of the series. It’s as if she forgot what happened after she chose to go back to say goodbye to him at the end of season three.

Elena learns of Caroline and Stefan’s wedding and is happy for them. She must be honest with herself. She loves Damon. (Remember Elena knew she loved Damon at the beginning of season three when he gave her the necklace Stefan gave her back.) Upon seeing Damon, Elena’s memories are triggered and everyone lives happily ever after together…except for who dies in the finale, which is discussed above.

While each theory seems quite plausible, but surely Julie and Kevin cooked up something extra special that doesn’t even come close to anything imagined. One thing that is a guarantee is we’re going to need lots and lots of tissues. Feel free to share your TVD finale theories in the comments below!


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  1. I thought for years it would be that Elena was in a coma and just dreamed all this. Now I think Stefan will have to sacrifice himself to save everyone and do it willingly to make up for turning Damon in the first place and for all the killing he’s done. Maybe he agrees to go with Katherine willingly if she’ll turn all the souls over to Bonnie. At the end we’ll find out Damon and Elena have a little boy named Stefan.

  2. I’m so emotionally “drained” since day 1,I’m just hoping for TT hose who are left,to ALL GET THEIR HAPPY ENDINGS,and don’t see any reason WHY another character MUST DIE?! Everyone in the cast has suffered way too much,enough already,and the fans,too,we want HAPPY ENDINGS,please!!! I’m not ready to start watching TVD all over again,I went through a huge withdrawal when BUFFY/,ANGEL series ended! Now,after TVD,we’ve thankfully,still got The Originals, yay! Spin offs I don’t think would work,after TVD “regulars are all gone….to….who knows where? Maybe they could guest on TO,that would be fun,to still keep Ian,Stefan,Caroline,Bonnie,Enzo,Matt,& Zach around .Its been a helluva’ride,ad Damon said!Txs to you all!😢👍❤❤❤

  3. Im also devastated that someone needs to die. 😢….. but… it’s TVD we’re talking about.
    Anyway… as long as I get to see a Delena happy ending I’m totally satisfied!!! And I really would love to see Damon and Elena have a boy and name him Stefan. ❤❤

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