Vampire Diaries Season 8 – Out of the Vault and Into the Fire


With the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries final season being jam-packed with exciting new plot lines, the question on everyone’s mind is if and how Damon and Enzo are able to be saved, or if we are doomed to watch them destroy everything that is good in the lives of the characters we have grown to love and care about. As the past seven seasons have shown us, the evil they face is always thwarted, only to be replaced by a bigger, more sinister evil. But with this being the last season of the show, maybe that is about to change… Maybe the evil from The Vault wins?

While we know how hard Enzo is trying to block the mind control and stay connected with who he really is, at the same time as protecting Bonnie, what can be said about Damon? Does he still care about anyone? Is there any way he can be stopped from being the reason behind more strings of murders?

We all know the charming, dark-haired Mr. Salvatore is far from a family guy, but how will Elena take to this recent string of murders when she awakens? Having already killed her brother several times (or attempted to), we know he doesn’t hold much regard for family.  Not even his own as this past episode, Today will be better has proven when he tried to off his last living blood relative.

But is there a shred of hope left for Damon? Does he still have that tiny percentage of his humanity hidden somewhere deep in his unconscious mind, or has Sybil really got to the memories of his Doppelganger girlfriend as the show wants us to believe? As Stephen says, Damon is “stronger than you think”, but is he strong enough to resist the siren call of an immoral, immortal, yet seductive evil we have barely scratched the surface of?

Was ‘flipping his switch’ just a cover to protect harm from coming to Elena’s body, and if so, did he really flip it completely, or is this just a ruse? All us Delena fans are hoping to see the light side of the brooding monster he is, but if Damon wants Elena’s forgiveness when she reawakens from her magical slumber, he ultimately needs to stop jeopardising his family and friends’ lives. Maybe instead of staking his next victim’s life, he should pour some expensive bourbon and click here for the most entertaining slot machines. That way when Bonnie dies and Elena is brought back to the living, her friends will hopefully all still be in one piece, untouched my Damon’s dark side.

We are all hoping that Ric and Georgie discover something useful and game changing in the next episode, but as the show’s plot usually gets worse before it can get better, expecting them to find a solution to this problem so early on in the season is almost as wishful as hoping Bonnie and Elena can meet again in this lifetime.

The stakes are high!


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