Phone Message From Katherine, Stefan & Damon

If you were paying attention, you may have noticed a phone number that was visible in last week’s episode “The Descent when Stefan was calling Isobel. The number was 919-399-2507. Well, believe it or not, it was a real phone number, and when you call it you get to hear a message from Katherine, Stefan & Damon. Actually, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this number pop up. Last season, when The Vampire Diaries returned from hiatus with “A Few Good Men”, the number appeared for the first time when Elena was trying to contact Isobel. Thanks to Romancia, we have a clip of the message and she has transcribed it as well! Check it out!

9193992507 by Romancia

Katherine: “Hello. For those of you who are Team Salvatore, Team Elena, here’s a tip. Reconsider your allegiance. No one has the slightest idea what Klaus is truly capable of. When he shows, and believe me, he will show, nothing can protect Elena, not even big, bad Damon. Her only chance of survival is to do exactly what I’ve done for hundreds of years. Run, hide, repeat.”

Stefan: “And for those of you who are Team Katherine, don’t be. If history has told us one thing it’s that Katherine Pierce can’t be trusted.

Damon: “Ditto. Screw Katherine. Save Elena. Down with Klaus. You know, all that inspiring, ‘Go Team’ stuff.”


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    • Hey Damon i love the way you act on vampire diaries and i am your biggest fan and everybody else i am at season three and i was wondering if i can have your phone number please

  1. This is crazy, but I have to agree with Stefan and Damon. Don’t trust Katherine, she’s a b****. Let Elena live. You know, the usual.

  2. OMG I need to try here !!! I need an international code. Y couldn’t it work after all ? ;)
    Very clever thing from the producers :)

  3. Ruthie, everyone…IT WORKS !!! hahaha
    I got the code for the international calls. Those of you who are in France, call 0019193992507
    hahaha, it’s so strange to reach the US by a simple call. lol
    It made my day. OMG :D

  4. I can’t believe it, a number in a show is a true number, well a voice message.
    In fact, yes, well done the producer.
    I want to hear but i live in argentina, i’ll have to look for the international code for here.
    Damon ♥

  5. OMG this is soo awesomeeee i love damon!!! soo cool i wish i could call thoes anybody knows how to dial from mexicoo?? o well i’ll just have to look for it =)

  6. Is it wrong that I went all “fangirl” when I heard Ian’s voice coming out of my phone? LOL!

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    • I love 💖 watching it all day I’ve watched and I’m still watching stefen you ate amazing 😉 love you vampire 🧛‍♀️ diaries

    • I really love the vampire dairys so much and I really want to be a vampire that has been my dream to be a one Im leah

  8. thanx so much
    I don’t live in us , so thank you for putting the message , I really love to hear it . love Damon’s part , it is actually so … Damon .

  9. it didn’t work for me!!! i’ve tried it SO many times!!! :( i know the international code and all but it still wouldn’t work!!! :( if there’s anyone else that lives in Ireland and tried this and it worked for you, please leave a comment on how you did it! PLEASE!!! i’ll be checking in regularly on this site!!! THANK YOU! :D xo

  10. Oh My Wow! … I had to call it! Killed my credit mind but id do it all over again! Stefan is so sweet but Damon stole my heart aggggeeees ago! Hot or WOT! i called from the UK and used 0019193992507 … like oh my wow i love him! Team Damon :)

  11. ahh i love that:L its so cool?:L
    btw if you didn’t know already, team damon for me…
    damon all the way,every way <3

  12. hi i just want to know which one of the samsung phone does helena using..i want to buy it..please can anyone knows..it please help..thanks..

  13. i tried it did not work thank god for the message up top i love damon team damon all the way

  14. hi. is. me. Haley nicole wooster I am. super huge fan of you. I am your team Damon I what you with your wife. divorce papers. now. because I you are Damn. sexy Ian Somerhalder I what see. so bad love you I what to you do you married me

  15. I really love the vampire dairys so much and I really want to be a vampire that has been my dream to be a one.

  16. I really love the vampire dairys so much and I really want to be a vampire that has been my dreams to be a one.

  17. the vampire diary shows are the best shows i have ever seen there my favorite shows in the whole world and i will never stop watching them because there the best shows i love the shows and stefan is so hot in the vampire diarys

  18. good morning stefan I am leah and I am a girl and I am 10 years old im gonna tern 11 soon on july 30th on tuesday i really really love your shows

  19. I am leah and i want to tell you a part of my dream the part of my dream was i was a vampire and i really want to be one i have a question where did you get the fake vampire teeth because i want a pair of theme

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