Vampire Diaries Season 7 Round Table with TV Fanatic: Flash Forward Thinking


I am excited to announce, that I will be joining TV Fanatic’s Vampire Diaries Round Table discussion this season. Thanks to Miranda for inviting me to participate. It’s going to be a blast! With that said, here’s a sneak peek from the discussion for last week’s Season 7 Premiere, then head on over to TV Fanatic to read the rest!

What was your favorite scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 1?


Carissa: Damon apologizing to Bonnie for going off on her earlier about their shared loss of Elena. Their friendship is so natural. They can get angry and later make up just as dramatically. It’s the real deal.


Amanda: The flash forward ending. It set up a long term mystery that I’m genuinely excited about and that hasn’t happened for me for a long time on this show.


Paul: The heretics turning deadly. That was cray cray and it showed how much power they really have.


Ruthie: Stefan and Caroline’s makeout sesh was pretty awesome. Mainly because Paul Wesley, in my opinion, really excels at those types of scenes. Perfect kisses, longing looks into her eyes…sigh.


Miranda: I did love when the Heretics showed up at the graduation ceremony and just destroyed it, but I think my favorite scene goes to that ending. WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG! And how great is it that Damon, even though he asked to sleep for 60 years, woke up and instantly jumped to his brother’s side? I love those two.


Read the rest over at TV Fanatic.


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