TVD Season 7 Round Table with TV Fanatic: “I’ll Carry Your Heart with Me”


Here’s a sneak peek of our round table discussion with TV Fanatic for last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “I’ll Carry Your Heart with Me”. Then head on over to TV Fanatic to read the rest of the discussion.

What was your favorite quote or scene from “I Carry Your Heart With Me?”


Carissa: Don’t laugh! But when Caroline and Stefan finally got to kiss again. The way they got to do it with Caroline snapping a neck to get there had hints of ripper Caroline and Stefan, and it was hot. Finally!


Paul: Caroline making the Heretics feel all self conscious. She was hilarious.


Miranda: Damon writing a diary entry to Elena as his way of saying goodbye was pretty great. I loved that we got a little of his history and that he admitted he doesn’t know who he is without a woman to love and long for. That, coupled with the opening scene where he and Ric seem on the outs with one another, has me incredibly intrigued for where we’re going to see Damon Salvatore in the coming episodes.


Ruthie: I’m going to have to go with the continuation of Bamonic. Their attempts at resurrecting Oscar were downright comical, which made this episode extremely entertaining for me. Favorite quote would be Caroline and Stefan debating whether the Heaven and Hell ball was their first date, and Caroline asking him what he thinks it is, and Stefan says “Torture”. Precious.


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