TVD Season 7 Round Table with TV Fanatic: Episode 7.02 “Never Let Me Go”


Check out our latest round table discussion with our friends over at TV Fanatic. Here’s a sneak peek, then head on over to TV Fanatic to read the rest!

What was your favorite moment from “Never Let Me Go?”


Carissa: The flash forward learning about Caroline not being engaged to Stefan. I really hope we’re planning on a time jump sometime soon. As much as I’m temporarily enjoying the heretics, they’ve piqued my interest a bit too much with the flash forwards to get fully invested.


Paul: Caroline laughing at the heretic chicks clothes. Caroline Forbes, you really are the best!


Ruthie: The flash forwards have definitely become my favorite moments. I find myself hurrying the episode along so we can see what happens at the end. But if I could pick anything in between it would be the moment Stefan rescued Caroline (or tried). I love their cute banter. Too bad the moment was short-lived.


Amanda: I agree about the flash forwards. I really want to know who Caroline is engaged to and why they can’t go back to Mystic Falls. ]

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