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Give this season a grade.
Matt: C. On a very relative scale. This remains one of the best dramas on network television, but the first two seasons set such a high bar. I found the back half especially meandering, I fear death has lost all meaning on the show and I’m sick of the love triangle.

Steve: I’m going with a B+. It might be closer to B- or B by Vampire Diaries standards, but that’s the thing … even with somewhat uneven, haphazard installments like we’ve seen lately, there’s still so much more right than wrong with the show.

Eric: B-. The season of the Originals hardly felt like it brought resolve to its chief baddy. Now when Alaric took over as Monsieur Bad Guy? Things were A material. Getting the town on his side and killing vampires? Now that was a scary threat… that was shortened to two episodes. While Dan’s man crush was allowed to run around for a season wooing my Caroline with horse pictures only to find his way into someone’s body by season end? What kind of TVD villain arc is that?

Dan: I will agree with you, Eric, that they didn’t find enough things to do with the fantastic Joseph Morgan, but I still go with an A- for the season. If I’m grading on a TVD curve, it would be down in the B range, but this is still one of my favorite shows on TV, and that is A level work in my book.

Ruthie: A-. Aside from too many spoiler-y interviews, promos and episode stills, I think this was a pretty kick-ass season. I know, I love good Vampire Diaries spoilers as much as anyone, but I really think they need to tighten it up a bit next season. Several episodes lacked the punch due to the fact that too much information was revealed.


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  1. For me the finale was not what i expected. Ok so Elena made her choice, but the whole damon flashback thing is gonna mess it up, because she said ,,maybe if we had met first”(or something).

    Joseph Morgan said that the ending is gonna be shocking. For me only the part where Klaus showed up in Tyler’s body was shocking, because I had completely forgotten that he can do that, but the Elena turning thing wasn’t too shocking. I mean if I saw that she wanted Stefan to save Matt first I already thought that she was gonna die, because you can’t be so long under water.

    And I’m so tired of Elena messing up with Damon. I mean, one moment she kisses him and the other she rejects him and stuff, I feel so bad for Damon. I mean, Damon has saved her life so many times, and he was there for her when Stefan wasn’t, so that makes the ,,Stefan came into my life when i needed it” thing even, because the same thing happened with Damon and Elena when Stefan was gone. I’m a delena fan and i was counting on Elena picking Damon, but inside me i had this feeling that she was gonna pick Stefan.

    The thing I liked the most about this episode is Bonnie’s other side. I like that she realised that she isn’t vampires puppet anymore and she can make her own decisions. I’m looking forward to see her in season 4.

    The Caroline and Tyler running away thing was kinda weird. One moment Caroline was all about that she has to save her friends, that she can’t leave them and stuff, and suddenly she was like ,,ok, let’s meet in two hours and then we’ll leave, i’m sure that my friends don’t need me then anymore and i can just forget i ever had them”.

    Ok, that was just my opinion about the season finale. And sorry, if my english is weird, because i’m estonian.

  2. Okay, I have to give this season an A. I LOVE TVD, and I thought this season was awesome. I really loved that Elena is NOW going to be a vampire. Also that she picked Stefan, which is what I wanted to happen all season long. I just don’t think her and Damon go good with each other. Now the ending was amazing! I couldn’t believe that Klaus was now in Tyler’s body. I wonder how that will play out in season 4.

    That’s my opinion on the season finale :)

  3. I’ve had my complaints about this season, but it was so much better than last season. I almost stopped watching after last season where Elena spent 11 of 22 eps begging to die. Gag me.

    I agree with what they said about Klaus, he should have been done and over, new villain. And the way they left it, with him as the start of their blood line means they can never triumph over him. I hate that the good guys always lose to the villain, every win eventually lost.

    I really don’t get anger at the not triangle as if has been going on for 3 seasons. It was only this year that Elena felt anything for Damon and with as little as she seemed to feel beyond care and lust, I really didn’t see the need for a choice yet. Clearly Stefan was going to win, because she never fell for Damon. Meaning it still isn’t a triangle, which requires that she love both. I am tired of all the Delena moment s when it is obvious it will always be Stelena. Put an end to it, give Damon a new girl and move on, UNLESS you plan to really and truly let Elena love them both and make a real choice and not one while all she can think of is now, or whatever she said on the phone.

    At first I thought the flashback was to keep stringing Delena fans along, but now I think it might have been to show that Damon got in his own way from the start. Had he not compelled her so he could sneak around in town, he might have been there first instead of Stefan

    I gave season one an A- for lack of secondary character development. I gave season two a C- for lack of development, failure to use Ktherine to her potential, too long warning us Klaus was coming, the crappy Jenna killing end and Elena’s endless whining to kill her not her friends. Based on that, I gave season three a B- for not allowing Elena to make Stefan good, for keeping Klaus around to do nothing, ruining the win and for acting like Damon had a shot in hell at Elena when they plan to leave her stagnating with Stefan in a relationship that became dull because it doesn’t grow or face challenges.

  4. Really? Are You kiddin’ me? Stefan again? After all that damon done for Elena she is still blind for obvious things? If season 4 is not bringing REAL Delena i’ll be really pissed. All this behaviour of Elena, she actually treats Damon same as Kathrin! Whats the difference than? I totally understand Damon being sarcastic and trying to stop feelin’ cause it’s not great feeling this! Really give us delena or give Damon a normal girlfriend! I’m so tired seeing him in pain and forever alone. i almost cried when he said: “it’ always will be stefan. i get it”

  5. somy two cents…I held on to hope (as a delena shipp[er) that we might see damon get the girl for a change…but I knew deep down it wouldn’t happen…and what an emotional scene. I think its a little cruel to show elena and damon getting closer all season only to have her reject him…with all due respect to the writers – i dont want this to be another love triangle like the salvatores had with catherine see sawing between the two. Either the writers should never part stefan and elena again or they should allow Damon to mature and learn to be as steadfast as stefan so that ULTIMATELY HE GETS ELENA in the end game. is it true that a larger majority of the fan base are rooting for delena? if so I hope the fans loyalty will sway things in the end…but for now I agree it was pretty devastating to watch her reject him YET AGAIN. and really whats so bad abut an all consuming love? I think damon is right her head is telling her to go with tried and true but her hear? well thats clearly another story!

  6. @Melissa your very right bout delena I have never felt that there has been a triangle this is the first season that showed any signs of delena an only one episode where she kissed him an pretty much kicked him in the balls 20mins later. I really hated when she said stefan came into my life when I needed him but what bout this whole season whn she needed someone who was there damon. I wasn’t sayin she should have slept wit him but at least played out the triangle I still don’t feel that there’s ever been a triangle when she said what she said I’ve never stopped loving stefan then what the hell ya doin kissin the brother if u don’t feel for him. I hope they leave damon alone I think his poor balls need a break from everyone kickin him there. He deserves to be happy not strung around he should at least get a girl that will love him.
    On another note I’m also a stelena fan lol I love the bad a** stefan I hope that he doesn’t go all softy again or ill puke I hate the aah lovey dovey do whatever elena wants blah blah sometimes there’s this thing called arguing an tellin her no it would be hotter then just kissin her butt all the time.. I liked when he was a little dangerous wit her when he caught her from fallin when she was on the blechers way hot when he was all bada**.. Personally I don’t think love should be based on what elena an stefan have had it should be dangerous reckless passionate sweet romantic not just no big fights or arguements just agreement all the time.
    As for klaus I hope they don’t kept him in tylers body I hope they put him back in his own body I was disappointed that he’s prolly gonna end up as the villian again next season an that will just be stupid I was hoping that alaric would make it to season 4 I think they burnt out klaus as villian time to let it go.
    As for Bonnie kick a** chicka I hope she takes charge an stops lettin witchs vampires run her life. I hope she gets a little peace..
    As for elena being a vampire I’m iffy not sure I’m ready or not just depends how they take it because I don’t know bout anyone else but if her whiny baabyish amplifies I don’t know if I could handle it.. I hope she changes to stronger instead of whiny.

  7. I give all the season an A+. I am huge Vampire diaries Fan. I really am a Selena fan, but for some reason Damon gets me more and more interested in Delena. I feel so bad for him. He has been with her through alot of things. Just because stephan was the one there when she was drowning doesnt take away from what damon has done for her when stephan was gone all that time. Its hard for me to choose who she should be with. I have a love hate feeling towards there some what love triangle. It make the show interesting and keeps me guessing but sometimes i wish she would just choose already. I also want to see what her and damon would be like as a couple before she actually decides she wants stephan. HAHAHA I cant make up y mind. And i am sick and tired of Claus,, why cant he just go away already. They ruin the show and some how he always wins and it makes me mad. why would bonnie help klaus anyways? I cant wait till season 4 comes out. I need to read all the books. I wonder what elena is going to be like as a vampire!!!

  8. the Final scenes of the departed it was to terrible coz i m not agree on Bonnie spell coz she put the Klause soul on to Taylers body so that means Bonnie is turned bad as a black witch and is debuting this ep coz Elena is back from the dead so as Alaric i think, so weird in this ep the departed the final scene where going to wait for season 4 untill what comes next coz all of this is like always says is so mysterious so we don’t know what is going to happends next untill see the news of the season 4 badly of the vampire diaries season 4 so weird for what put bonnie in to tayler,s body the soul of Klause and Elena is back from the death

  9. @ElyscRenee bonnie helped klaus because she didnt want her mother or her friends to die and they were all made by klaus. so if he would have really died then so would have the entire vamp race thats why he wins. he created the whole race damon stefan tyler caroline possibly elena thats why he wont die. I just hope they dont keep him in tylers body i have to admit that i would love to see a tyler klaus caroline triangle. if they quit wasting klaus character i hope they make his character a little better because he was just boring this season same old same old.
    and for everyone who is hoping for delena you might as well hang up your hat. i was hoping for delena as im bored with stefan i wanted to see the other side of the triangle but i feel that they are just stringing the delena fans along to keep them into the show. now me personally i jump ships lol but i really felt it was delenas turn just to see if they would make it or if they would fail. i think for those who are stefan shippers i ask wouldn’t you want to know if she really loves damon because if you think about it if you truly love stefan than wouldn’t you want elenas full attention on stefan instead of having thoughts of the brother. i dont want her to be with either brother for good unless she truly loves one or the other. there is loving someone then there is brotherly love and obviously she dont brotherly love either right at this moment. I would like to see her grow up a little and then make a choice. i want her to be with the one who makes her grow up because im tired of miss daisy cry every turn and be whiny boo hoo. i hope they evolve her character or ill have to stop watching cuz i cant take one more episode of the whiny.

  10. @Melissa Cookies for you for Elena, I was seriously hoping for her to really die though… Or one of the Salvatore to go down.

    So my grade… I’m more with Matt on the C and if I had to compare it to the first two season I’m giving it a C-(That’s me being nice). Everyone knows I’m Team Salvatore, I’m also the kind of girl that appreciate A LOT when the writers are being respectful to whom the characters are and this season was a complete fail in that department for me, half the characters were OOC. Some characters were overused, other underused, villains turning into good guy, real villain (and powerful ones on top of that) surviving 3 episodes tops, intelligent people turning into morons…

    My biggest deception this season was Klaus (including the Klaroline crack!ship), I know “they aren’t following the books” (Yeah right!), but I mean COME ON It’s Klaus, we started with a bad@ss villain à la Angelus and ended up with William the Bloody. (And as much as I love Spike, comparing someone to William the Bloody is not a compliment)

    I’m still saying it and will keep on saying it, TVD lacks only one thing and that is a season villain, Klaus shouldn’t have been changed because he was a fan favorite. (Look at Lost, Charlie was a fan favorite and they killed him anyway. Killing a fav character makes an impact on the show and give meaning to death) People fell in love with the character because he was evil and super bad@ss, not because he was drawing ponies, and now he is only loved by the fangirls (I don’t mean to insult anyone by that) and we are stuck with another Damon, evil turned good?! Doing the whole bloodline thing was a mistake in my opinion, Klaus should have been killed by Mikael and father Original should have been established as the new villain; instead of killing him so fast just to redo another Mikael in Alaric.

    Episode 3.21 would have served as a better finale, because 3.22 felt very anti-climatic to me and except the Klaus going into Tyler thing (which is the third time they are using that plotline, but still interesting) nothing was really “finale” to me. Almost dropped the series last year and pretty much did the same thing this year more than once, I’ll tune in for S4, because TSC was cancelled which means Kevin W. is coming back to TVD, so I’ll give it a try… We’ll see, I guess.

    With all the love I have for TVD, I’m honestly saying that if the ratings keep going down (the season finale had lower ratings than the previous episode) and that we get a S4 like S3, I’m not sure the series will reach it’s 6th season. I really think TSC was cancelled in the hopes of giving TVD better ratings.

    My only question is “The secret hero” of the episode was Bonnie?! Am I guessing right?!

    For S4:
    – I really hope they won’t go into the Klaus!Tyler sleeping with Caroline, that will seriously be too much for me. Let’s hope that for the time Klaus is in Tyler’s body, he won’t be staying in Mystic Fall.
    – No more Originals (at least for a season, even though I love Kol’s character to bits) Side note: Elijah’s in season finale, except being there to please the fans, he was just pointless. LOL
    – Less love drama (obviously fans fav episode, based on the ratings, were the ones with more action and less love drama) so please let’s hope we get at least half a season without it.
    – More season-3-finale!Bonnie, for once, her magic was used in a good way plot wise, even though I would have loved for Klaus dying, that was interesting.
    – No Tatia (enough with the Doppelganger)
    – No Angel-thing
    – Give TVD the villain that it deserves, can we get a set of Demon Twins please?!


  11. I think they need to inject real life into TVD. They are in high school, enough normal trouble could have come up from that that not every week had to focus on the villain and I think that is where their real trouble lies. They have to remind us who the big bad is every week, but to keep the story going the heroes have to lose. If they little bads there could be wins along the way. Buffy had a monster of the week that might or might not have tied to the big bad. On top of that, she face high school drama that she to get through too. Sometimes the mean girl was a demon and sometimes she was just mean. They left life out if it mid way through season one, and life is what the show needs.

    Honestly, what I really really wanted this season was for Elena and Damon to grow closed. For him to help her learn to be a big girl who doesn’t cry that there is no one to take care of her poor widdle self, and for him to stop lashing over every time he got a hang nail. The guy is 165, he should have some maturity by now. After a half season of them being a well oiled team, I wanted love of Elena to turn Stefan good again, for Stelena to reunite and for Stefan to slowly see how much Damon was now in Elena’s life, how good a team they made and to WORRY. So that going into season four, Elena realized she loved Damon too, but her change into a vampire would complicate her choice. They dragged out Stefan’s return, they dragged out Delena and then rushed into good Stefan and Elena’s choice.

    I am not giving Bonnie any kudos for her trick. She sacrificednTyler (his body is alive, but where is his soul?) to keep others alive when she wasn’t even sure they would die if Klaus did since he could have been lying. She screwed over Tyler for potentially no reason!

    TVD really needs to surprise fans, and not by killing off the good guys. Elena needs to stop mooning after Stefan, and needs to let being a vampire give her spirit, she was so perky and fun in that flashback, let’s see that Elena more. Enough Klaus. Say Elijah lied to Rebekah about it not being him and get rid of Klaus, they never did anything with him anyway.

  12. Forgot to say a better ending would have had Elena going off the bridge before anyone, including us knew who she picked. Have Damon ask where she was, Ric’s attack break his phone before she could answer and then splash goes the truck.

    Am hoping that with TSC which had really boring supernatural stuff, but which gave the kids some sort of life, ending that maybe KW will put get TVD in some sort of order.

  13. @Melissa Glad to see I wasn’t the only one rejoicing over TSC being cancelled so that KW comes back to TVD… And you are totally right, everyday drama would be very good for TVD especially with their crazy timeline… I mean all that crap in a little bit more than a year?! Any normal person would have jump off a cliff by now! LOL I would love to see anyone from DW writing team coming on board of TVD, that would be AWESOME!

    As for Bonnie, I’m glad because she screwed a friend up big time to save Klaus(and everyone else), but I would be very curious to know if Tyler was aware or not of that plan of hers… cause to make the transfer, you need the body/vessel while the spell is cast, we all saw how the spell worked before… Me thinking that Bonnie and Tyler came up with that back up plan. Tyler said that he would gladly die to make sure Caroline was safe. And let’s face it, Tyler and Bonnie working together and outsmarting everybody, that would be amazing! LOL

    As for Elena, considering her latest state of mind, I can only see it being amplified by becoming a vampire… Can you imagine the martyr ego amplified tenfold?! LMAO

  14. Kevin has been working on his own series that just got picked from Fox called The Following starring Kevin Bacon, so I’m pretty sure he will busy with that one.

  15. @Manie, their timeline is the second problem aside from no life outside the supernatural. They need to pick it up. With Elena now a vampire, wouldn’t it be cool of they came back five years in the future to cut out the college years and gave us key points in flashbacks? I felt season three should have picked up months later with Elena flashing back to chasing after Stefan in Chicage etc rather than subjecting us to it.

    I am really curious if Stefan knows she is becoming a vampire. At first I assumed he did and was there waiting and all upset knowing she wouldn’t be happy. Later on I wondered why he would leave her in the morgue as oppossed to carrying her back to his place and why he wasn’t holding her hand if Meredith told him. Do you think he missed Mere on the way in and just thinks Elena is dead?

    I knew Elena was going to turn, the set it up too much to make it sort of like the books and they were laying on the irony with what the character were saying not to. But then I write, so it is my job to connect dots :)

    Michael should have been the big villain with Klaus having to team up with the Salvatores to defeat him, to die in the end.

  16. This season is definitely worth an A+. It was amazing. It made me cry a few times. I can not wait for season 4, wonder if elena will stay the same or will turn out different to who she was. Also the damon thing, i dont think she has made her choice yet really,,,something must still happen,, and klaus, in taylors body?what happens to tylor then is he dead or what? and klaus is going to have to hold on to some ones body right,ps he always wanted caroline, guess now he can have her:)… Vampire diaries is awesome!!!

  17. So people shouldn’t wprry about Tyler. He’s alive and well. This is the aame spell Klaus used on Ric and Esther used on Rebekah. Tyler is alive and Julie has hinted at the fact that Klaus’ body may be not have burned up as we think it did. So not to worry. Tyler’s okay people.

    Also Elena is not going to be that same person she was as a human. Watching flashback scenes with Stefan and Damon as humans they were totally different as vampires. Elena’s choice between the brothers is not over, because as a vampire she won’t be the same and if as a human she choose Stefan she may bery well choose Damon as a vampire.

  18. a+ of course birallint end to the season cant wait till season 4 (whitch by the way when is it back)!!!!!! dont think ill last that long … cant wait to see what happens with stephen and damon and elena i remember when caroline turned didnt everything damon did with compulsion get wiped out!!! and caroline rembered everything damon put her through in season 1 wouldnt the same thing happen with everything damon has compelled and tried to get elena to forget!!! do you think it would sway her decision to choose stefen? being a delena fan hope so fingers crossed hey!!!!!!!! cant wait for season 4!!!!

  19. Just saying that i can’t even spell properly and wrote Manie instead of Marie… Five letters word and I can’t spell it… wow!!! LOL

  20. @Alexis Damon and Stefan changed over time. Stefan turned back to his “noble” self which he was as a human and compassionate, but the bloodlust made him forget who he was, now that it is under control he is okay. Damon has always wanted to be loved and appreciated and it just intensified when he became vampire, but he also became ruthless because of Sage influence, his rage over Stefan “forcing” him into a Vampire, But we can clearly see that when he is with Elena, he turns into his old self all puppy love as when he was with Katherine, the only difference is that he now have a darker nature. But at the end of it, they are the same in a way. Just like Klaus who even though he a psycho still want nothing more than a happy family like he used to.

    technically all emotions are enhanced tenfold as Vampire, so her love for Stefan will growth just as her “caring” (her words) for Damon.

    I’m still think that in the end, they will follow the endgame of the books, going the opposite way would me crazy of them. I’m really thinking that the only way for them to avoid following the books endgame will be by a) killing Elena or b) making her choose neither bros.

    @Melissa I agree (what a surprise) with you, S3 should have been seen in flashbacks instead of present time. I read somewhere that JP said that it would be illogical of Meredith to inform Damon and not Stefan.

    You and Melissa taking over the writing team together?! What do you think?! *giggles* ;)

  21. @VDO NOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m so sad now… You broke my heart! But I still love you… I least I’ll prepare myself for next season… :D

  22. Elena’s conversation with Damon on the phone broke my heart. I felt so bad for him. They spent the whole season growing closer and closer, too much time for it to have been for nothing. She said Stefan was the one who was right for her back then, but its Damon who is right for her now. I really dont think that she should be with Stefan. I would be happier to see her with Matt than with him. After everything that got in the way in their relationship (Klaus, Dark Stefan), he hasnt proved his worth to her. Especially after what happend the night on the bridge.

    I wonder what’s going to happen now that she is turning into a vampire and all of her emotions are going to be heightened! Im also curious to see what her reaction is when she realizes that she did, infact, meet Damon first, but he compelled her to forget. That’s going to be interesting.

    Also, i kinda think that the whole thing with Bonnie came out of nowhere. Its true that she does need to stand up for herself and not be pushed around by anyone anymore, but a little more foreshadowing couldve helped. She just randomly showed up in the storage building and then switched Klaus?

  23. @Marie What I said about Elena came from Julie. If you want to disagree fine, just know everything I said, she said.

  24. @Marie, I didn’t see that quote from Julie P about Meredith telling Stefan. They showed us Damon finding out, there was a chance that Stefan went in a back door and didn’t see the “good” doctor on the way in to hear the news. But that solves that mystery :)

    I read an interview with Julie tht said that Elena’s compassion her “strenght and greatest weakness” will stay and be amplified. The girl now has an off switch. Is it too much to ask that she use it sometimes? To me it sounds like she’ll still have her butt kicked every five seconds because self defense would hurt someone else and we can’t have that.

    Julie also said something about Tyler I didn’t consider. She said Caroline’s big good-bye was with Klaus, not Tyler. I figured the switch didn’t happen until he starting changing into a wolf at the end, but it happened before Ric staked the real Klaus so frm then on, it was Tyler with Caroline.

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