Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 4.21 “She’s Come Undone”

Mystic Falls Messenger

WARNING!  This is NOT the 50 Shades of Salvatore you may have fantasized about!  We do guarantee it’ll keep you glued to your Chesterfield couch, though!  Who lives, who dies, and who comes undone?  Read all about it!

Editor’s note:  Many thanks to Ruthie for screencapping this fast-paced, exciting edition!  We hope the paramedics were on standby!



DATELINE-ELENA’S NOGGIN:  Does habitual truancy lead to irritating nightmares about school?  In an alternate universe, Elena strolled the MFHS campus with besties Caroline, Matt, and Bonnie.  Newly selected valedictorian Car babbled on about helping with her speech and the wonders of graduation.  Oh, puleez.  Wait, Elena realized (as did we) that something was rotten in Whoville.  Can’t a girl be pissy without all this irritation?  A quick look around and Elena was alone with empty school buses  abandoned homework fluttering in the wind–and Damon.


Oh!  A nostalgia trip to the land of caps, gowns, and pain in the ass book bags.  Elena’s last memory was prom, followed by the Salvabros starving her.  Since she didn’t like Plan A to weaken her into yearning for lost humanity, she was REALLY gonna hate Plan B!



DATELINE-SALVATORE CELLAR, PIERCE & FRANKLIN SAFE, CIRCA 1892:  Bwahaaa!  PIERCE!  The irony!  That wasn’t even a ‘concept safe’ when the Salvatores turned vampire!  Stefan wandered downstairs to see if Damon’s ’safe room’ had brought out Ye Olde Elena.  He’d spent an hour in her unkempt, unmoisturized, un-lip-glossed noggin.  Solitary confinement did nothing to improve Elena’s mood!  Spend an hour in Evilena’s head and see if going to Hell was an option!  If at first you don’t succeed in flipping her humanity switch, another couple of hours (or years) was fine with Damon!  Tick tock!



A disapproving Caroline arrived at Stately Salvatore Manor, demanding Stefan allow her to visit the prisoner.  No visitors allowed!  Isolation confinement was the whole point in making Elena miserable enough to feel emotion.  Even after days, Elena still wasn’t miserable enough to face losing her brother, attacking her friends, and murdering an innocent.  Caroline was not amused!  Were they helping Elena, or torturing her?!  Stefan laid out the vampervention plan, to trigger some feeling of fear, anger, self-pity, ANYTHING!  It obviously wasn’t working, so Caroline begged Stefan to let her try talking to her weakened, lifelong friend.



Scraggly Evilena was released from ‘safe room’ lockdown for an unconjugal visit with Caroline.  What?!  No pat down?!  Car didn’t bring a cake with a file, she smuggled in a tiny bottle of vervain-free plasma, you know, just to clear the prisoner’s head.  Evilena chugged the vampire Red Bull and played spin the bottle, while ex-BFF Caroline denounced the vampervention suffering plan.  What part of attempted murder did Caroline not understand?


Car wasn’t giving up, no matter what insults Elena spewed.  Mean Girl went straight for the self-esteem!  Maybe Tyler hadn’t run for his life but ran from Caroline’s annoying clinginess.  Bad Boy Klaus ran off, sick of Caroline being a tease since she wouldn‘t let him ruffle her perfect feathers!  Ego be damned, Car was sure Elena couldn’t stay bitchy forever, what with graduation and adult life on the horizon!  Seriously?  Elena sneered how pathetic the cap and gown was gonna look on Sheriff Liz’ darling repulsive, blood-sucking, control-freak monster daughter.  Mom would fake her way through graduation, but count down the seconds until Car left town for good.  *sigh*  Caroline stood to regroup (and conveniently rearrange her hair, exposing that creamy throat)–BAM!  Red Bull gives you Fangs!  Forget this crap!  Elena lunged, and got a neck snap in return.  Caroline left the catty corpse for Stefan to deal with–Just Do It!



If you want to pick up a busboy at The Mystic Grill, try their new day drinking game!  Compel your bartender, stack your shot glasses, and reel one in!  Rebekah was celebrating (mourning?) the flight of her brothers, new-found freedom, and near-miss snatching The Cure from Silas.  Matty, for once, was completely clued in, but listened to her woes sympathetically like a good southern gentleman.  He was truly sorry for Rebekah’s plight, even if he had planned to help steal The Cure for Elena.


Drown yourself in booze, sweetheart, Matt wasn’t taking the bitter Bex bait.  He was off to meet Caroline at Stately Salvatore lockdown.  Foiled again, Bex went one step too far, talking trash about liking Elena better broken.  Hey, Elena was Matt’s friend long before being Thelma to Rebekah’s Louise.  If she was so upset about losing both her brothers and The Cure, why not take a hike?  Matt didn‘t have a getaway option, he was stuck in Mystic Falls, being broke and failing all his classes.  Screw the southern gentleman, she should take her freedom and get the eff outa Dodge!



While waiting for Matt, Caroline rang up Bonnie, where the frack was she and why wasn’t she answering Car’s messages?!  Forget cramming for a French final, Car needed Bon’s moral support during Elena’s vampervention.  Maybe throw in a little witch sitting to make sure Bon still had a Silas-free brain?  Some studying!


Bon was two-timing The Grill at some dive diner called Margarette‘s or something, sans Silas control, and none too pleased with the thought of spending any time around murderous Elena.  Thanks, no thanks.  Buh-bye!  The Bonster had a secret rendezvous.  Katherine?  What could Good Witch Bonnie possibly have in common with lying, scheming Katherine?  Bonnie didn’t leave a horse’s head in Kat’s bed, but she was ready to make Kat an offer she can’t refuse!  Wait for it!



Remember the big clunky torture chair long-dead Uncle Mason and Damon both warmed their butts in on multiple occasions?  It musta gotten tossed in Goodwill, because Elena’s R&R from solitary found her strapped to a much smaller hotseat in the Salvatore parlor.  Damon had her daywalker ring and a fire extinguisher, while Stefan manned the drapes.  Bo-RING!  lol  Elena’s pasty butt didn’t need a tan, nor Stefan’s advice to focus on fear of the flames.  Even if her emo returned, she’d remember the torture and hate them both for doing it.  Oh, well, worth the risk.  FLAME ON!


Damon proved he wields an extinguisher with the same aplomb as when he attempted to barbecue Elijah with a flame thrower back in Season 2.  Light ‘em up, put ‘em out!  Was Elena grateful for the short reprieve?  Nope, she wanted to KILL Damon–BINGO!  Rage is one of the first emotions Damon tends to get outa peeps!


Stefan knelt before her, urging her to stop the insanity–haha, funny he’d manned the curtain.  He shoulda gotten his jollies from that since she’d dumped him.  Ooh, she was throwing vindictive, it was working!  Before Stefan pulled the drapes back again, he dug in how she was really afraid of the guilt she’d feel if she turned her emo back on–feel the burn, baby, it’s gotta be worse!



Matt had finally made his way over to Stately Salvatore Manor, catching up with Caroline pacing outside.  She needed prattle distraction from Elena’s screeching inside.  Caroline had ordered caps and gowns for herself, Matt, and even Elena.  *sigh*  Matt consoled her that they would get Elena back–but was that Biotch Bex at the front door?  With only booze and blood in the house, Bex brought burgers!


Growing boy that he is, Matty wasn’t about to turn down free food, but Caroline dropped her Miss Manors façade, they really couldn’t ‘entertain’ atm and Don‘tLetTheDoorHitYouInTheAssOnTheWayOut!  Naw, since Matt was failing History, Italian, and Math, it was Bex Study Buddy time!  Failing?!  Regardless of how far he’d fallen behind, just WHY had he not asked for straight-A Caroline’s help, huh?  Just give Caroline Project Distraction!  Flash cards!  Study guides!  Energy bars!  Be right back!  Oh, Rebekah, you snarky bitch.  “You dated that?”


Caroline was SO excited she had something to do that she dropped her keys out by her car.  What was that noise?  She peeked through the nearby shrubs, calling out, “Who’s there?“ (like someone trying to sneak up on her would answer–rofl).  She turned around smack boom into Klaus!  OMG!



Ever since Damon and Vaughn tripped over Massak’s corpse on Fangtasy Island, notably MISSING the Tombstone Pet Rock payoff from Shane, we KNEW that damn thing would turn up sooner or later, and so did Bonnie!  Scavenging Katherine took ALL the goodies to be had on that island, and Bonnie wanted it.  As we’ve reminded our readers several times, “the core of it is Qetsiyah’s calcified blood”.  Now we were getting to the ‘core’ of the secret rendezvous in the secret diner.  Bon wasn’t running Silas errands.  As we all know, all things witchy get hormonal on lunar cycles.  Silas wanted Bonnie to harness the full moon’s power two days hence to drop The Veil so he could take The Cure and then die.  She’d promised to help, but had been hiding to buy time.


Kat’s inquisitive nature was piqued.  Buying time for what, and why was a hunk of rock important?  The less Katherine knew, the better–Silas could mindread and brain scramble.  Fine, how did Katherine know Bon wasn’t a Silas impersonation?  Take her word for it.  Well Kat wanted to know how Bonnie was so sure KATHERINE wasn’t a Silas impersonation?  Silas can’t get in Bonnie’s head anymore–she’s the only one that can see him in the scarred flesh.  Fine, what was in it for Katherine?  You KNOW how that wench likes leverage!  Ultimatum:  Hand over the Pet Rock, help her stop Silas from unleashing Hell on Earth, it’d be worth her while!



Meanwhile back in the hotseat, Evilena was SMMOOKIN!  If Damon thought life with no emotions blew, it was NOTHING compared to being sired to his ass!  She remembered every horrible moment and he’d been right–it was never real.  Ouch!  Maybe if Ye Olde Elena came back she’d give Stefan another go.  Double Ouch!


When Elena’s words had both the Bros rolling their eyes, she busted the charred ropes holding her, making a break for the window.  Ripped those drapes right off the rod!  HOLY SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION!  Stef ran to throw the blazing beauty to the floor and Damon hosed her down with the extinguisher.  Evilena laughed through the pain–you doofuses (doofi?) love me and just proved you wouldn’t really do anything to hurt me.  Gotcha!


Dammit Damon!  He was pissed!  With their hostage once again stowed, he and Stefan went out on the lawn (because the smell of scorched wench is hard to get outa sensitive vampire nostrils.  Ha!).  Damon was swilling it straight from the bottle, ranting at Stefan how every other vampire turns it back on eventually, what WAS her freakin problem?  Good thing that fifth he slung at the house didn’t’ break a window!  Stefan rationalized she didn’t have anything to come back to.  No home, no family, no friends, no relationships–STOP!  Damon thought scaring the hell outa her shoulda worked, but she’s too smart for them.  She knew deep down they wouldn’t hurt her.  Uh-oh.  Stef got a brilliant idea.  Get somebody that really WILL hurt her.  Oh, yeah, like who?  Katherine?!  Kat’s the reason Jeremy’s dead, if anybody can provoke Elena, it’s her.  Damon knew Kat wouldn’t help out of the unkindness of her heart.  Ooh, Stefan was sneaky!  Elijah had just abandoned Katherine–she’s alone.  They invite her to a come torture Elena party.  Game on.



Where did we leave Caroline?  Oh, yes, after she picked her jaw up off the driveway, she and Klaus went for a romantic stroll in the nearby woods.  He’d never intended to leave for good without saying goodbye.  Car excused him, she understood he’d moved on–that was the problem.  He’d tried to stop thinking of her and couldn’t.  He wanted her to come to New Orleans with him–what was she afraid of?  Him, or was she afraid of herself?  Her darkest desires–Elena was right, she longed to have her perfect feathers ruffled.


Oh, SNAP!  How’d he know that convo?  That’s not Klaus, it’s SILAS!  Treeslam!  So MUCH to be afraid of!  Like what he’d do to Caroline if Bonnie didn’t stop playing games and come out of hiding!  She’d better come out, come out, wherever she was, or that stake he planted in Caroline’s chest was only the beginning!



Matt shoulda asked his AT&T Translator app what time Caroline would return from the dead-dead, not the train station!  rofl  He and Rebekah were inside The Salvatore Mansion, discussing the pros and cons of cheating versus a thousand years of learning experience.  She honestly offered to help, since Matt was afraid he’d be a repeat Senior to his college-bound friends.


The only reason he was failing was this year’s dramatic preoccupations.  He needed better friends.  Like her.  *ahem*  She could compel both good grades AND a scholarship.  Matt didn’t want that advantage, he was HONEST!  Lookit, when Matt had convinced Rebekah to save April at the prom, she’d realized she could be a better person, and was grateful.  He should take the advantage she offered.  Anyone who left him behind was a fool.


WE INTERRUPT THIS TENDER MOMENT FOR WENCH PATROL!  Katherine.  Of course.  Just barged right in, catching Damon coming in from the other room.  Bex wondered WTH she was doing there, so Kat just spilled it–she was there to ‘talk sense’ into Elena.  THAT ruffled Matty’s feathers but good.  Were they out of their minds!?  Damon pulled rank (age? lol) on Matt, unless he wanted to be locked up with Evilena ‘SIDDOWN AND SHUDUP!“  He didn’t sit down, but went outside to call Caroline–not letting that PSYCHO biotch in there with Elena, no way!


Alas, the call went to voicemail, but it did rouse comatose Caroline, invisi-staked in the now darkened woods.  Where was she?  What happened to the stake?  Gotta get back!  As she ran for the house, there was Matt.  Help me Obi-Wan!  Silas was out there, made her think he was Klaus, trying to get to Bonnie, can I come up for air now?  Did Matt know where Bonnie was?  Was that The Man of a Thousand Faces again, or only Silas in a Matt Suit?


Get him Bonnie or he was gonna KILL someone–maybe her mother?  Car escaped his death strangle, running for the back stairs.  BOOM!  Silas-As-Klaus!  Nobody in the Manor could help her–find Bonnie or he’d start with her loved ones (after he threw her down the stairs)!  Good thing she’s resilient!


Caroline scrambled her way to the car, multitasking with a call to her mom as she buckled herself in (safety first!).  Get inside, lock all the doors, don’t even let ME in–if it’s really me I have a key, and don’t ask questions!  Car threw it in gear, but as she pulled away, her built-in rearview dash-cam showed an over coated figure on her bumper!  SCREECHING HALT!  Only there wasn’t anyone there!  Shadows passed the window, nothing in the dash-cam or the rearview mirror.  EEK!  THERE!  At the driver’s window!  It was LON CHANEY, The Man of a Thousand Faces!  Car slammed the door locks and laid rubber like NASCAR!



Meanwhile back at the good old Pierce & Franklin, Katherine opened the door to find Elena looking FEARCE–and not in a good way!  Elena knew Kat wasn’t there for a makeover.  The Boyfriends invited her over to see if Elena still had a heart, but Kat could stop Elena’s whining with a little throat ripping.  We could not believe Kat messed up her manicure for that up-against-the-wall open heart massage!  Katherine’s hidden agenda?  What had Elena told Elijah back in Stepfordville?  Oh, haha, Kat got dumped!  Elena was as gleeful as she could get (given her condition).  How had Elena turned him against Katherine or she be able to re-wet her own contact lens with the eyeball attached!?  We had to hand it to Elena, on her last leg yet blasting Katherine as the self-obsessed ego-maniac she is, why would anybody want her?


Riled but not defeated, Katherine reminded poor, delicate Elena that she NEVER turns it off!  Elena wouldn’t have lasted a week as a vampire if everybody didn’t fawn over her constantly!  Get back in your hole!  Katherine shoved Elena back in the safe and threw the lock–hmmm.  We recognized that evil gleam in Kat’s eye–she’d love to see Elena try it without help.  And she unbolted the lock and left!



Double-crossing Katherine went upstairs to guzzle down half the liquor cabinet, claiming she’d worked up quite a thirst torturing Elena.  Ah, Damon couldn’t help overhearing Elena had called her out on getting dumped by Elijah.  Katherine sauntered over to play with his hair and needle him about his undying love going to waste as soon as Elena went back to Stefan.


Stef busted up the party–Elena’s gone!  Oops, did Kat forget to lock?  Witch.  Interest lost in Elena’s recovery, Kat would rather see her try to regroup from ripping through an orphanage.  Matt and Bex came rushing in to find out what happened.  Damon had an idea how the quarterback could actually serve a purpose.  Elena was hungry and missing.  WTH?



Caroline had driven home like a bat outa hell, leaving Bonnie a voicemail as she unlocked her front door–Silas was on a rampage and Bonnie was the only one that could stop him.  CALL ME!  There was good ole Sheriff Mom standing in the hallway, bumfuggled.  DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!  Once bitten (staked), twice shy.  Car wasn’t sure it was really Mom.


The creeped out background music was enough to make even a frantic, head-case Caroline wary of the approaching parental unit.  Liz reassured her everything was okay, she just needed to talk to her.  Okay, fine.  Caroline called cell-to-cell from three feet away!  Bwahaaa!  Good one!  “Hi, how’s it going?”  That Liz.  Such a kidder.  Mom-hug!



Our famished fugitive Elena stumbled through the woods.  Could she play car-ploy with the driver of the approaching truck headlights?  Temporarily blinded by the lights, please, help?  It was Matt.  Thank God he found her–just as she went all veiny-face on him.


With hands up in defense, Matty tried to remind her she didn’t want to hurt her oldest friend, and she was the girl he’d loved longer than he could remember.  The vamp-veins subsided momentarily, deep down, all that sentiment really did mean something.  BUT!  She was FREAKIN HUNGRY!  CHOWTIME!



Caroline and Liz were in their den, impatiently waiting for Bonnie to call back.  All of a sudden, there was Bonnie rattling the knob on the conveniently windowed front door.  Car kept her distance–she’d been calling for hours but Bon JUST got the message?  How did she know it was Bonnie out there?  Silas had been getting in her head, attacking her and threatening to hurt Liz.  The shadowy figure that emerged in the hall behind Caroline was Liz to her, but Bonnie saw it was SILAS!


THAT IS NOT YOUR MOTHER!  Car was confused, so Bon unleashed the mojo on the door.  Once they faced off, Caroline realized what was up.  Now that Bonnie was there, what had he done with Liz?  Right where Caroline left her (sort of).  Bloodied on the den floor.  Bonnie told Silas she’d been gathering her strength in preparation for the full moon.  She was the only one that could pull off The Spell, so Silas couldn’t hurt her, but he threatened to go after her friends.


Bonnie promised to do The Spell, drop The Veil, and help him die, so leave her friends alone!  Caroline was in the other room, desperately trying to feed Lifeless Liz her blood.  Silas ominously informed Bonnie that her promise was binding and she should leave, but be ready the next time he summoned her or face the consequences.  Bonnie reluctantly walked out with Silas right behind, Caroline still frantically trying to get Liz to open her eyes!



With just a single artery drained, Elena tenderized her Matty steak with a boot to the shoulder.  No layin down on the job, she was still hungry!  He was sooooo tasty!  Just as she went for seconds, Stefan blew in to pull her off.  He pinned her up against a tree while Damon hauled anemic Matt to his feet, snarling what a spoiled brat she was!  They couldn’t punish her, but Damon could sure punish Matt.  Seriously?  Surely he wouldn’t go all Season One on Matt!  STFU and turn her emo back on, or he’d give her something to be sad about!  Stefan seemed a little uneasy at that one, too!


Don’t you ‘Damon’ me, brother, if she doesn’t love anyone, let her prove it.  What’s one less busboy if she didn‘t care?  No, NO, NO!  Elena called his bluff, AND HE NECKSNAPPED MATTY!  OH, THE HORROR!  Elena gasped, Stefan gasped, WE GASPED!  Matt fell like a sack of potatoes at their feet.  Did Elena feel anything now that he’d turned her little buddy into roadkill?  Sad for the guy everybody loved being a bag of bones?


As Elena’s tears welled up, did you catch yourself screaming at the screen, “THE RING!  THE RING!  DAMON HAD JEREMY’S GETOUTOFDEATHFREERING!“  Remember the warm-hearted little kid with the big goofy smile and his whole life ahead of him?  Guess it was a good idea he was wearing THE FREAKING RING!  (9-1-1, what’s your emergency.  —-^—-^—-^———————–CLEAR!  Thanks, we needed that!)


Elena dropped to her knees sobbing, caressing Matt’s hands and face.  Damon whispered that the weight lifting off her chest was joy, because her friend wasn’t dead after all.  That’s emotion.  That’s humanity.  That’s a TEAR-JERKER!


Was she okay?  No, no, no, not okay!  It all came flooding back.  She’d tried to kill Bonnie, and Caroline, and she’d killed that waitress!  The hysterics were setting in, and she was havin none of either Damon or Stefan’s comforting.  They grabbed her after she bashed in Matt’s truck window (we hope it’s insured!), Stefan trying to calm her wailing.  The emotions were overwhelming her, she needed to focus on the one thing inside that makes her strong.  She can’t, she can’t, she can’t!


Stefan urged her to latch on and channel all of that emotion into the one thing that makes her wanna live.  As she began to still, Stefan repeated the breathing he’d taught Caroline so many months ago.  Just breathe it in.  With one last mighty wail, she began to get control.  Damon gently asked if she was okay.  No, she wasn’t okay but she’d get better.  *sigh*



WE ALMOST FORGOT!  How many minutes had passed with Caroline valiantly performing vamp CPR on her mother?  Car drug out Liz’ official Sheriff’s medical kit, plunging a giant-ass syringe straight into her own jugular, withdrawing her life-saving vamp blood.  Holy Pulp Fiction–she jabbed that straight into Liz’ chest–direct intracardiac injection!


C’mon, Mom, open your eyes!  You have to wake up!  Mommy!  You have to see me graduate!  I’ll get you outa this town and find you a nice man, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Just as it looked like Liz was getting fitted for a Tin Star in the sky, GASP!  Whew!  Another close one!



Speaking of gasping back to life, Matt awoke on the couch at Stately Salvatore Manor with Rebekah at his side.  She’d never actually seen the ring work before.  Did it hurt?  Haha!  Getting his neck snapped or coming back from the dead?  BOTH hurt like hell!  He’d missed all the good parts–Elena’s emotional floodgates burst wide open, so she should be back to her dull, sympathetic self in no time.


Bex thought Matt deserved a drink for his bravery.  Not brave, Elena had saved him from drowning–payback [is a bitch].  He’d just done what he could.  Rebekah didn’t have enough apologies to make up for all she’d done to cause the mess.  She ran them off the bridge, Elena became a vampire to save him.  It was okay if he didn’t want her help cheating his way into college, but she’d spend every day until graduation (what, a whole week?) trying to pay him back.



Guess Bonnie lost Silas, because she was back at the two-timing diner meeting again with Katherine.  Kat knew the Tombstone wasn’t just another Pet Rock, so she’d been thinking (uh-oh, that always leads to no good).  All big spells require a source of power.  Full moon, comet, and the Pet Rock Tombstone was filled with the blood of Bonnie’s unpronounceable ancestor.  She was powerful enough to create The Other Side.  Maybe if Bonnie had Qetsiyah’s blood, she didn’t NEED the full moon to drop The Veil.  Kat just couldn’t figure why Bonnie wanted to drop The Veil at all.  Nu-uh, Bon wasn’t giving her reasons up!


Okay, so what’s in it for Katherine?  Freedom.  Survival.  No more running.  Once Bonnie drops The Veil she can ‘speak’ to Qetsiyah.  She created the spell making Silas immortal and unkillable.  How’d you like a little of that action for yourself, bitch?  Bonnie can give it to her.  DEAL!



Damon gently wrapped Elena in a blankie in front of the fire after the ordeal.  The pain, grief, and shame were still there, but she now understood she couldn‘t hide behind a wall from who she was.  Stefan and Damon listened intently as she spoke of things that happened that matter and couldn‘t be undone.  Now she needed to do something about that.  Stef thought she should rest for a couple of days–or a couple of years.


She was done resting, there was so much she had to do.  Elena became more agitated.  Damon asked what she was talking about?  It was SO obvious!  Go back far enough and there was only one person who was responsible for ruining all their lives.  It all comes down to Katherine.  She’d ruined the Salvatores, brought Klaus to Mystic Falls, turned Caroline into a vampire, killed Jeremy for crissakes!  Stefan said focus on one thing and she did.  H.A.T.E.  That’s maaaybe not what Stefan meant, and Katherine wasn’t worth Elena’s time.  Even if she spent ten minutes of her life hating her, Katherine always wins.  Not. If. She. Kills. Her.  Ruh-roh!



That heart-stopping, panty droppin Season 1 Woobie is still in there, provoking the vindictive bad girls and playing bingo in the hot seat!  With great pleasure we pronounce the Woobie Word of the Week…………….OOEY-GOOEY!  Only two more to go!

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  1. at last Elena,s back to revenging her Brother,s dead to kill Katherina her mysteriously bitch

  2. thnks ladies. As always great recaps. Can’t wait to see what kind of vampire Elena is now that she has her “humanity” but also has changed drastically because of all the damage she has done. Next 2 weeks are going to be great.

    I totally missed where he said Woobie word this week ,,have to go back and watch again. :) :)

    • @Kate You’re welcome! Always great for you to comment! Yes, we have to see what kind of motivation “hate” is as an initial emotion in Elena’s humanity! Can’t wait for the next two weeks, but sad another season’s about to come to an end! Hope you found the ooey gooey! lol :)

  3. Loved the recap! The usage of bitch, beeotch and wench were hilarious and appropriate….:):) My favorite parts were when Damon called Matt “Prom King” and when Kat threatened to feed Elena her own eyeball LOLLLL And Nina’s acting when she flipped her switch back on was phenomenal…she is great. Silas is a creep and I hope his story ends ASAP.

    • @Katerina Thanks again for leaving a comment! Yes, Prom King was one of those great one-liners, and I couldn’t believe Kat was gonna feed Elena eyeball appetizer! That scene was filmed brilliantly, since it was Nina up close and personal…..with herself! Something’s gotta give with Silas SOON! With only two epis left in the season, I think we may just get some kind of resolution with the whole Silas issue. I mean, heck, there were only “two days” left until the Full Moon, and Kat’s trying to convince Bonnie she doesn’t even need to wait! I’m kinda in her camp–Bonnie has become WAY more powerful than she even knows. I’m thinking we’re in for a VERY exciting epi this week! Thanks again for stopping by! :)

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