Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 4.19 “Pictures Of You”

Mystic Falls Messenger

Read all about it!  Silas turns Mystic Falls prom into a personal Game of Clones!  Strap on your stilettos, warm up the limo, and look out for the pig’s blood Prom Queen!  Here’s all the Society News that’s unfit to print!

Editor’s note:  Standing “O” to our photojournalist Ruthie for this week’s fashion-spread of screencaps!  That shoulda been her snapping the Prom photo ops! :)



The recent Gilbert House fire was ruled an accident, but a pyromaniac may be loose in our fair city!  Sources close to the investigation suspect a sleep disorder may be the cause.  Our undercover dreamstalker witnessed a sobbing Bonnie Bennett toting an armful of lilies to lay at a particular headstone in the local Gilbert family plot.  Plot indeed!  Tucked between the Family Stones was the recently incinerated Jeremy Gilbert–in more ways than one.


As she blubbered about lameass “We did it,” goodbyes, there he was, in the flesh!  Wake up, wake up!  Open your eyes!  That was some smokin dream, because when she roused from her couch potato nightmare, THE SOFA WAS ON FIRE!  Adolescent witches often have to worry about nocturnal ignitions.  (Editor’s note:  Special mention to that A-1 social media comment brought to you by @DSylvan.  Once we read it, we couldn’t UNread it!)


Was the mayor’s daughter gonna burn it up, go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke?  No serenade, no fire brigade, just Pyromania!  She’s burnin, burnin, she got the fever, does she know for sure, there ain’t no Cure?  (Apologies, Def Leppard just would NOT be denied!)



DON’T PLAY BALL IN THE HOUSE!  Unless you’re one of the smexy Salvatore brothers, idly passing the last 8-9 days contemplating the death toll of humanity-less Elena.  The pigskin think tank might have to wait 150 years, since Elena didn‘t want The Cure and would surely up the body count if she knew they were still hunting it.  They could try ‘making’ her want it–NAH!  Best course other than The Cure would be flipping her humanity switch back on.


Plan A:  A version of the Lexi Method–bombard her with emotions until one of them sticks.  Plan B:  Keep her on the bench until the Bros invent a Plan C.  Put down the ball, boys, you’re about to break something!  Stefan had it all figured out.  When her switch flipped back, Damon could comfort the emo-slammed Elena, and Stefan could ride off into the sunset and not relive history.  We didn’t buy that smug puss Stefan was wearin, but Damon apparently did–how’d Stef wanna do this?



What was left of the Mikaelson siblings gathered for an impromptu courtroom-like debate at Fortress Klaus.  Elijah sat in judgment.  Rebekah pled for the fresh start The Cure would bring her; grow old (are you nuts, biotch?), have a family, fill her days with meaning.  Klaus was just SO SURE Elijah would rule in his favor, with the advent of Silas playing torturous Origibrid head games.


Klaus’ lovesick fool siblings should really be down with the whole veil wall breaking idea, reuniting dead-mortal Silas with his lost soul mate.  Besides, they’d have a great family reunion with dear Kol and Finn!  Yeah, and bazillions of other nasties, with Rebekah quick to point out the rotten reunion didn’t mean squat to Kol-hating Klaus who kept Finn-In-A-Box for centuries.  Big Brother Rules!  The threat of Silas torturing Klaus didn’t tip the scales of justice toward world endangerment.  Rebekah won!  Ouch, Klaus was PO’d!  Before he stormed out, he leveled an ominous threat.  When mortal Bex became sick and dying, begging for his blood to save her, he’d laugh in her face and compel her to forget him.


Like a kid on Christmas morning, Bex couldn’t WAIT for her prize!  Ah, there were ‘conditions’.  With her impulsive, morally questionable history, she must prove she was worthy by living one day as a human, no vamp-tricks.  If she still wanted it at the end of the day, Elijah would provide.  Piece ‘o cake, right?



Instead of locking herself safely away to avoid a slip-up, Rebekah was out shopping with new housemate Elena for a prom dress!  We hope they don’t fight over the bathroom, because they sure fought over everything else!  The Spicy Girls reunion was only because nobody else could stand New Elena.  Don’t take fashion advice from a *cough* friend who reminds you of your dateless status.  Don’t let her be your Plus One at The Big Dance to help stave off the vamp-temptation.  Elena wanted to make sure Bex passed Elijah’s test and got The Cure, so it would be out of her My Little Pony hair for good.


Also doing a little last-minute prom dress shopping were Caroline and Bonnie.  What a lovely red ball gown Car tried on!  Bonnie was a touch sidetracked by the hot dream she shared with Car.  Caroline decided Bon was grief-dreaming, not losing control of her witchiness.  PARTAY!  Friend-prom was the perfect diversion, three-way group date with Matt!


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, heeeeeere’s The Spicy Girls!  Our tiny berg has only ONE haute couture establishment, and The Red Dress was the very same one Elena helped Caroline pick out MONTHS ago when they were friends.  Uh-oh.



BITCH STOLE MY LOOK!  Elena did Joan Rivers proud–she not only stole Caroline’s look, she stole the whole damn dress!  A sleek limo was spotted picking her up in front of Rebekah’s palatial estate that evening.  Put on your red dress mama, Lord, we’re goin out tonight!


What kind of chutzpah does it take to spurn not one but TWO tuxedoed dates, the Stefan Sitter with a bouquet AND Dapper Damon with a wristlet?  (Brief pause for a heavy breathing hotflash.)  Might have been easier if some of those posies had been vervain!  The Dynamic Duo was there to ensure Elena didn’t eat the Prom Queen and sully her beautiful stolen dress.



Caroline knew who to turn to in a fashion emergency.  Straight to Fortress Klaus, ranting at the top of her unnecessary lungs.  Klaus had more important things on his mind, but did get a giggle out of Caroline’s distress.  It shoulda mattered to him!  Car went to pick up The Red Dress and the shopkeeper had been compelled to forget who had picked it up already.  Um, the vervain’s outa the town water supply, dude!


Prom wasn’t important to Klaus, but it sure as hell was important to Caroline.  She didn’t want ‘just another dress’–couldn’t Klaus dip into his vintage trunks of tricks and come up with some Princess Grace-worthy swag to adorn her cherished figure?  Pweeeeeease?  Was the eyelash batting too much?  lol



WE DEVOTE MOST OF THE REST OF THIS EDITION TO ALL SOCIETY NEWS, ALL THE TIME!  MFHS PROM!  Okay, ‘Pictures of You’ theme was just one more tongue-in-cheek ‘The Cure’ band reference!  Complete with a cover of the song!  Bwahaaa!

Prom planner extraordinaire Caroline’s hard work creating a memory lane photo yearbook of the senior class seemed more like a funeral montage of Death in a Digital World!  Our Traumatic Love Triangle arrived arm-in-arm, perusing the layout, milking the past for all it was worth.


There were fresh-scrubbed Elena and Matty, in a candid caught on film by Mom Miranda on their first day of freshman year.  Closely followed by a sentimental snapshot of The Gilbert Siblings, Elena and now-deceased Jeremy.  The Salvabros exchanged a meaningful glance–did Elena’s emo trigger?  Nah.  She was NOT impressed.


Inside the dance, Matt and Bonnie joked about being at a practice run for Caroline‘s wedding.  Elena slipped a sip from what we’re lovingly referring to as Damon’s Bottomless Flask, even though she was underage.  She pointed out he was OVERage, and NOT a badass senior slightly too old for high school date.  Nor a BOYfriend.


Elena saw right through her ’sire’s’ attempts to stir up her feelings after he‘d turned them off.  Hindsight’s almost a bigger bitch than you!  Only almost!  She left Damon with a bad taste in his mouth, catching up with Bonnie and Matt, Friend Patrol.  Spare Elena the sympathy, Matt would have shut off his emo when Vicki died if he could have.  And Bonnie, brainwashed crazy person, was just a walking reminder of all the horrible things that had gone down.  Matty never knows what to do when the women surrounding him go hormonal!


After getting snubbed by her former friend, Bonnie went outside to catch a breath.  Ran smack into a Digital Death memory of her and Jeremy from the ill-fated 60’s Decade Dance.  Her anguish was only heightened by the visage of a real Jeremy, primped to perfection.  Did it matter if it was real?  Ode to Joy dancing through the trees!


Speaking of dancing, Stefan force-punched Elena’s dance card without getting bitten.  Bex and Matty were at the punchbowl.  (WAIT!  Here’s a thought.  Spike the punch with The Cure and everybuddy walks out human!  Or not!  Just kidding!)  Rebekah’s envy was showing, wondering if Matt and Bonnie were a ‘thing’ now.


She just knew Matt’s gentlemanly inquiry about her date really meant why hadn’t she just compelled one–nope, he rather painfully pointed out he wasn’t thinking about Bex at all (‘wonder if Bonnie wants ice in her punch?’). Before he could ditch her, she honestly asked if Matt thought she’d make a good human.  Don’t ask the question if you can’t stand the answer, Blondie!  ‘Good’ is a hard word to live up to, and Matt never saw her do anything reMOTEly good.  No, she‘d make a lousy good human.  Talk about yer cold shoulder, with football pads, no less!  SorryNotSorry!



Stefan pulled out all the stops on the dance floor, trying to override Elena’s excuse she was only there to help Bex get The Cure.  It was just the most sentimental night in high school, and he was handily (and handsy *wink*) attempting to get her to feel SOMETHING with their bodies locked in a swaying embrace.  She felt nada.  Well, maybe she felt bitchy, but is bitchy an emotion?  He didn’t believe her, and dropped into that oh, so sexy ear whispering, back caressing voice.  Nope.  How about lovingly entwined fingers?  Nothing.  Ooh, did her heart really refuse to remember after that big dip followed by swoony lip staring?  What heart?


Elena turned cold as ice, but Damon got positively hot under the studded shirt collar watching that bit of vertical foreplay!



Caroline’s big reveal went pretty much unnoticed.  *sigh* Wonder what dead Queen wore that elegant, strapless fishtail number and how many handmaidens died hand-sewing all those beads?  Her thunder (and her dress) were completely stolen by Elena, rubbing it in.  Car retracted her claws after a warning look from Stefan, switching from insult to begrudging compliment (beautiful dress, brought out Elena‘s eyes–we think she threw up in her mouth a little).  Stefan rescued dateless Caroline from Vixen Elena with a dance and a reminder to kill her with kindness, not just kill her.


She instructed him NOT to ask about the dress Klaus had provided–if Klaus was so wrapped around her little finger she wouldn’t be sans Tyler at Prom.  Stefan confided his emo-ploy with Elena affected him more than her.  Every time he told himself he was over her, something tugged at him.  They’d been in love, and it didn’t go away by just saying he was moving on.  Stefan wondered aloud how one went about ‘moving on’?  Time for the Wise Carism of the Night:  “…Someday you’ll meet someone new and you’ll fall madly in love and you’ll have moved on without even realizing it.”



All the other lovelies at the Prom were decked out in floor length ball gowns, save one.  Miss Mystic Falls herself, April Young, was in a dress so short she couldn’t sit down unless the chair bought her dinner first (not our words, straight from the source @grace_phipps )!  April was the vote-counter for Prom King & Queen (is THAT how she won her own title?), and apparently Rebekah was leaning on their past friendship to rig the election.  April wouldn’t help out, and she was all vervained up to prevent any miscounts.  Bex would break training if she tried to compel April anyway, but Elena could sure swoop in and threaten her life if Bex didn‘t win!


What the hell was she doing?  Elena released her strangle-hold on April, reminding Rebekah of all the nasty things Bex had done in the past.  She wasn’t gonna win Prom Queen OR The Cure by being herself, so STFU!  Elena was handling it!


Prom memories conjure up all kinds of old school songs, and if you don’t recognize this one, it’s throwback from the 1970’s era one-hit wonder group King Harvest.

We get it on most every night
When that moon is big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

Everybody here is out of sight
They don’t bark and they don’t bite
They keep things loose, they keep it tight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight


That’s exactly what Bonnie and Jeremy were up to, outside dancing in the moonlight.  She let her fantasy freak run free, wanting it to be real.  Until the Jeremy-clone alerted her to the fact that she had the power to do The Spell and bring him back for good.  Silas, you body snatcher, you!  Bonnie tried to run, not wanting anything to do with him.


Silas-As-Jer pointed out she needed his help or she’d kill herself with her own power.  Wake up on fire recently?  Yeah, he caused that, and Bonnie knew all he cared about was bringing down The Veil, nuttin doin!  Did she want to see Jeremy again?  Not like this.  What a crummy faux prom date!



We took a brief pause from the prom festivities over at Fortress Klaus.  Elijah had Stake 2.0, said he got it from little sister. Wha?!?!  Guess even the image of Stake 2.0 that Silas-As-Shane backstabbed Klaus with was a ruse.  Bex had received The Stake from Elena back on Fangtasy Island as a gesture of détente.  Word of advice, Klaus:  Put that damn thing in your pants so you know where it is all the time!  Elijah handed it over to Klaus so he’d have nothing to fear (aside from outrunning Silas).


Without The Cure, did Elijah really think Klaus would spare the beloved Katerina, or had Elijah given up?  Elijah leaned on the family honor, asking Klaus, as his only living brother, to let him feel, care, love (is this family eaten up on the whole idea of ‘love‘ or what?!).  Klaus mighta gone for it if Elijah had sided with him about The Cure, but now Klaus would chase Katerina eternally and ensure his ONLY LIVING BROTHER got not one moment of happiness, ever.  (Wow, reminiscent of Damon and Stefan much?)  It’s such a hollow little life that you lead, Niklaus.  Elijah never leaves a room without a good exit line.



Matt wandered up to bored Bex sitting all alone at a table, to inquire about Bonnie.  Probably in the LADIES with everybody else, but would he please dance with her?  Nope.  PLEASE?!  She was livin a girl’s worst nightmare!  Aw, shucks, Miss Rebekah, sure.  On the dance floor, Bex fessed up to thinking about what Matt had said earlier.  She thought about being good, and was determined to try.  Why was Matt’s opinion so important to her?  He’s everything she wants to be–loyal, honest, kind, Elena even died for him.  He was no Superman, but he’s human, beautifully human.  Well said, wench!



Damon took a little breather on the sidelines from Save Elena duty, joined by Caroline.  They passed the Bottomless Flask, with Car moaning about how sucky and unmemorable Prom was (after all, SHE planned it!).  Lots of heavy sighing from both, until Car announced she was takin off for the after party.  Before Damon could frown any deeper, Bonnie burst his bubble with ‘Houston, we have a problem!’


Bonnie hooked up (only figuratively, lol) with The Salvabros and Matt, filling them in on Silas-As-Jeremy.  Sneaky Vamp Elena was eavesdropping with her super-hearing.  She related to Rebekah–dammit, Silas was appearing to Bonnie as Jer, still wanting her to do The Spell.  Bex pointed out with no feelings, Elena didn’t have to fear her enemies on The Other Side.  It wasn’t enemies, it was peeps like Alaric Jeremy that bothered her.  The Bros were bad enough, but Jer would spend every waking moment trying to flip her humanity back on.  Ugh!  How annoying would THAT be?!



DRUMROLL PLEASE!  As head vote-counter, April made the big announcement, interrupting our drama group discussion about whether or not it was better to get Elena home or safer to keep her out in public.  Silas could appear as anyone, anytime, but he probably couldn’t do it en masse.  With Rebekah looking expectantly at the stage, YOUR PROM KING AND QUEEN ARE……..MATT DONOVAN AND BONNIE BENNETT!  Spotlight!  Shock and stupor!  Applause!


Bonnie Bloody Bennett.  Bex nearly snarled with disappointment.  Elena had a conniving plan as she watched the on-stage crowning.  Everybody was so damned worried about Silas, but there was an obvious solution to the problem.  Silas needed Bonnie to do The Spell.  If you can’t kill Silas, kill his witch.  Duh!  Bex couldn‘t kill ANYBODY, she was supposed to be playin human!  Well, maybe Rebekah couldn’t, but Elena could.  Dun, dun, dun!



Caroline planned a wedding-worthy dance but had to stop by the market in designer duds for supplies on her way to the After Party?  For shame!  But there she was, with two bags of groceries entering the Lockwood Donovan Mansion (um, some party with a bunch of nameless faces, Bonnie and Matt–nobody else could get in).  Hold up!  TYLER!  (Editor’s note:  It COULD have been Silas in a Tyler-suit, but this did appear to be the Real Deal.)  All spiffied up with flowers and everything, beautiful Caroline rushed in for an anxious embrace and a kiss but Klaus!  Can’t get in.  Ty explained Matt even had to invite HIM inside.  She didn’t really think Tyler was gonna miss Prom, did she?  May he please have this dance?  Awww!



That Digital Death memory lane really took a toll on everyone.  Damon had escaped to the prom entrance, drinking from the Bottomless Flask and torturing himself with Stelena pics.  Stefan wandered up, so Damon point blank asked him what happened to Stef being over ‘It‘.  For a guy ready to move on, Stef had done a pretty good boyfriend imitation on the dance floor with Elena.  Wasn’t that Plan A, making Elena remember the feelings she’d lost?  Huh.  Whatever worked.  Stefan claimed he wasn’t being a dick but pointed out he and Elena had a real relationship, memories, ups and downs.  Damon and Elena had a one night stand, probably a result of the sire bond.


Okay, the smirk with that statement launched jealous Damon right off the edge!  Dick move!  Before he got a good hold on Stefan, he ended up with a big Substitute Shirt Stud in the stomach.  SILAS IN A STEFAN SUIT!  Damon groaned out ‘where’s my brother?‘  Ah, he’s in a bit of pain the woods, where Silas had played the same brother switch.  Witch is mine, dude. Stay away from her!



So Caroline planned this soirée, but April did all the grunt work, posing Matt and Bonnie for their official Royal Photo Op.  Bex pulled Matt aside, warning him he should get The Queen off the stage right now, because Elena was up to something.  Too late!  Bonnie went behind the beaded curtain backstage to ditch her flowers and tiara, with Elena in hot pursuit.  Congratulations, witch, stop being a problem!


Elena turned veiny eyed and grabbed Bonnie, only to get mindbullets in spades!  The Bonnie Bomb whipped up Beyonce’s hair fan throughout the dance, popping light bulbs and wreaking havoc on Elena.  (Look out for a pig’s blood shower and spontaneous combustion, just sayin!)  Recognizing the signs, Matt scurried backstage, trying to get Bonnie to relax and get it under control.  Something was happening to her, she had to get outa there!


Just as Elena recovered, Airhead April showed up to see what was going on.  Bad timing!  Remember when Elena told April to make Rebekah Prom Queen?  Maybe bashing her head on that handy table would shake a brain cell loose!  Oh, hell, just bite the bitch!  She shoulda listened!  Elena flounced out, leaving panicked Matty to catch the crumpling April.  Oh, wow, her eyes even rolled back in her head!  (Stop rejoicing, readers.  It ain’t over till somebody sings!)



With nothing better to do than nosey around, Rebekah found Matt backstage attempting to rouse the lifeless April.  Oh, Gawd.  Matty desperately pled for Bex to feed her vamp blood.  Um, violation of the day-human treaty!  How ‘bout 9-1-1?  Do it, Bex!  If she did, Elijah wouldn’t give her The Cure and she wouldn’t get to be human.  How was that even a choice?  Did Rebekah wanna be human right now?  Prove it!  Do the right thing!  What to do, what to do?



Damon recovered from the Silas attack, searching the nearby trees until he found Stefan with his own Substitute Shirt Stud in the Stomach.  Yeah.  They’d both been duped.


The Bonnie Bomb was running full tilt out in the parking lot, with Silas-As-Jeremy hot on her stilettos.  He wanted her to let him help.  She was sick of him waiting for her to freak and swoop in to save her.  If she didn’t let him help her, her Expression would consume her from the inside out.  Oh, YEAH?!  Get the eff away!  She set off all the car alarms without even trying.  He continued to prod, until she let loose a SPELLGASM!  GET OUT OF MY HEAD!  Poof!  Silas-As-Jeremy disappeared.


The diversion sidetracked her–long enough for Elena to vamp-jump her from behind.  CHOMP!  Who really knows what mysteries hide within the Bonnie Bomb?  Suddenly Elena backed off, choking and spitting up witch blood.  What was happening?  With a sneer, Bonnie’s gaping neck wound healed itself.  You did it now, Elena!


When Bonnie pulls out the upside down claw, it’s ON!  Prepare for the vamp cramps and mindbullets, how about a few broken bones to boot!?  The Salvabros returned from the woods, Stefan talking Bonnie down while Damon cradled agonizing Elena.


A look passed between pleading Elena and The Witch.  Bon stopped.  Stefan quietly asked if she was okay.  None of the recent horrors were okay!  The boys let Bonnie stalk off, with Damon getting Elena to her feet but it taking both of them to support her.  KICK IN PLAN B!  Stef vervained Elena with a needle, and she collapsed in Damon‘s arms.



We found Matt covering April’s shoulders with his tux jacket–Bex had come through!  He thanked Rebekah for saving her, but now she was screwed.  She shoulda just stayed home and played human.  No one had to know.  Matt wouldn’t tell what she‘d done.  Maybe he was a little harsh earlier.  She wouldn’t make the ‘worst’ human.


That pleased the $#!t out of Bex.  Was he offering her a job as a busboy?  (That was the second time that evening somebody questioned Matt about a job.  Guess he’s in charge of hiring at The Grill, now that he’s a big landowner and all!)



No sooner than Matt got April up to take her home, lurking Klaus showed up.  He’d apparently witnessed Bex’ human-day transgression and was all ready to gloat.  Rebekah defended her actions as human decency.  What could be more human than saving April’s life?  Klaus snidely suggested she should have stood idly by as April took her final breath.  Wondering what went wrong, why things always happened to innocent people.  Wondering if there was ANYTHING she could have done.  THAT’S what it means to be human.  He was gonna tell Elijah, wasn’t he.  No.  She would.  (Editor’s note:  Put on your thinking caps, readers!  Were we about to witness Rebekah’s wishful thoughts about the end of the perfect evening or something much more sinister?)


Resplendent Rebekah, arrived back at her palatial estate, only to be greeted by Brother Elijah.  How did Cinderella fare?  She wouldn’t ‘lie’ to him, there were ‘complications’.

Klaus said Bex would tell Elijah she’d cheated, failed, and didn‘t deserve The Cure.

She’d passed Elijah’s test with flying colors!  Elijah appeared proud of baby sister.  If what she truly wanted was The Cure, it was hers.  He handed her the squeaky little jewelry box with The Cure inside.


Bex screamed at Klaus, demanding to know why it was SO hard for him to let her be happy?  Because it comes at the expense of his sanity.  He refused to entertain another of her whims.  She was bored and looking for a reason to matter.  Thankfully, he didn’t have to waste any more breath fighting her about it.  Huh?  What did that mean, Nik?!  What did that MEAN?!

A satisfied and smiling Rebekah guessed it was time for her to turn into a pumpkin, and she thanked Elijah sweetly before leaving him.


RING!  RING!  Wake UP, people!  Why was Rebekah on Elijah’s phone if she’d just walked away?  Rebekah?  Elijah, I think Nik’s up to something!  Where did she go?  Still at the Prom, don’t do anything with The Cure until he sees her!  SILAS IS A CROSSDRESSER, AGAIN!  Now didn’t that just crank Elijah’s jaw muscles?  Uh-oh, too late.  Bollocks!  This was totally FUBAR!



Back at the Donovan Mansion, Tyler and Caroline were slow dancing their own intimate Prom night away.  How appropriate was “You Send Me” when Tyler announced he had to go soon?  He couldn’t be seen by anybody arriving for the after party.  Knowing it was too dangerous, they said their romantic farewells bravely and without tears.  Awww!  It was still the best Prom ever for Caroline.


As Tyler shut the front door, he was startled by Klaus.  Was it worth it?  To see her smile and make her dream night come true?  Tyler’s eyes were as big as saucers.  In the shared interest of giving Caroline the night of her dreams, Klaus gave him five seconds before he heartripped him.  Four.  Three.  GONE!  Why do we think Klaus ‘let’ him escape?



Damon was the last vampire to warm the cot in Stately Salvatore Manor’s holding cellar, but it was Elena‘s turn now!  Hadn’t Stefan mentioned something about coming up with a Plan C if they got to this point?  What was the plan?  When Bonnie was whaling on Elena, Damon saw FEAR in her eyes.  Elena thought she was gonna die.  She was scared.  Last time Damon checked, fear was one of those pesky human emotions.


So maybe Plan C was to make her life a living hell.  What about her other problem?  Anyone, anywhere, anytime?  Silas still needed Bonnie, but she‘d just showed she has the chops and wouldn‘t let him manipulate her.  Damon was quick not to underestimate Silas’ talents–fooled both of them, didn’t he?  (pushing, pushing)


What had Silas-As-Damon said to Stefan, anyway?  Just claimed he’d seen Silas, led him out in the woods and staked him.  Stefan inquired how he gotten to Damon?  After a contemplative beat, Damon smirked it off that Silas-As-Stefan had talked about his hair.  Figured it had to be Stef.  You LIE like a dog (a gorgeous dog, nevertheless–lol)!



Klaus returned alone to his mighty fortress to find a parchment missive secured with a sealing wax “K”.  Aw, hell no, we knew she’d be lurking around somewhere!

I hear Elijah has refused you The Cure, and in return you’ve refused my freedom.  Shame on you both.  But while you boys sort out your problems, I have one last thing to offer you.  I’ve caught wind that there’s a witch in New Orleans named Jane-Anne Devereaux, plotting a move against you.  Hunt her down.  What she has to say will rattle you so deeply to your core that chasing little old me will be the least of your concerns.  It’s been a fun five centuries, Klaus, but I’ve worn down too many good heels running from you.  
Love (and Hate),

Klaus is not amused!



So we don’t know what drippy underground hideout Bonnie made her way too, but she tentatively called out for Silas.  She knew he was there, her locator spell worked without using any of his possessions.  [CUE THE CREEPY VOICE!]  She finally acknowledged how powerful she is.  He wasn’t Jeremy anymore.  Was this the Real Silas?  Why was he hiding?  Call it Qetsiyah’s Revenge–when she figured out Silas didn’t love her, she used magic to make sure no woman could ever love him.  It should be no surprise that now he simply wanted to die (with The Cure in his raggedy hands).


Bonnie was in agreement, she wanted him dead, too.  Even if it meant bringing back every dead supernatural being?  Show me your teeth face.  A ghastly hooded figure rose from the shadows, standing up the hairs on the back of our necks.  Was that Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars?  The Phantom of the Opera?  SILAS?!



Hindsight sticks to the pesky disco ball like a bitch!  Bwahaaa!  The Woobie Phrase of the Week shoulda stood out like spotlights on the Prom King and Queen.  DRUMROLL PLEASE………EXTREMELY HANDSOME MAN!

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    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I see you’re WAY Team Bonnie! lol Think we’ll see a lot more of her in the last 3 episodes (maybe not so much next week). Thanks again!

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    Bonnie as a bad ass witch is awesome. I love that she is more powerful then the vampires it makes it so much more interesting that they can’t hurt her.

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    I think if anyone is going to turn on Elenas humanity it is going to be Jeremy.

    Great recap! Thanks

    • @kate I loved this episode, too–of course, I’m a sucker for the epis when everybody dresses up! lol Interesting it appears the Brothers are thinking about working on ‘fear’ as a target emotion, since they’ve been working on ‘love’ and hitting a blank wall! I myself wonder if Bonnie is more powerful than Silas tbh. He may have created a monster that can outdo him! Interesting observation about Jeremy being the catalyst for Elena’s humanity switch. All depends on when/if Bonnie ‘drops the veil’, and whether or not it’s an all or nothing proposition. I still say bringing back ‘every’ supernatural creature that ever lived would be instant population explosion! And just food for thought–the only one that knows if what’s in that vial is actually a cure for immortality is Qetsiyah–Silas believes it, but does he even know? What if it’s instant death….or worse? What if it’s ancient Kool-Aid, and Silas has bonnie drop the veil (which Qetsiyah is behind) and SHE comes back to get Silas! So many theories, so little time left! lol Thanks for reading and commenting! I thought everybody gave up on me after ‘American Gothic’! :)

  3. @Mak…we would never give up on you! Great recap once again. I agree that every supe coming back would be silly and definitely a population overload. And I was thinking too about this cure that everyone believes is what the stories say it is…how the hell do we know for sure? It’s crazy that Bex would actually want to take it too.
    @Kate I saw glimpses there too during the dance. Nina is a great actress even if we don’t love Elena all the time.
    I really don’t know what is going to happen in the next fe weeks. Plec has hinted a vamp will def ingest the cure. I thought it would be Damon. It would be a good way to break the sire bond. Perhaps Stef could turn him back and poof prolem solved and not too devastating a plotline. But now that Silas has the cure IDKWTF is going to happen. Can’t believe Elijah just handed it over knowling Silas could imitate anyone anywhere at anytime…dumbass move! haven’t these people ever heard of a “codeword”??? LOL I always thought that they should have established one with Elena when Kat was masquerading as her. Loved the pic of you prom theme with the twinkle lights etc outside but in all honesty the prom sucked…..It was in the gym for crying out loud! If you listen to the words of I Want You to Stay by Rhianna it really suited the dance between Elena and Stefan which was HOTTT. Damon’s snark about Stef’s hair was funny. Bonnie and Elena’s confrontation was awesome. The boys have their hands full with Elena for sure. Tyler and Car was nice but boring. Klaus was turning up like a bad penny all night too wtf…get a life dude! LOL Katherine’s note was intriguing and of course the set up for the spin-off which is fine with me. I vote YES to an extra hour of anything Vampire Diaries every week especially if it means more Joseph Morgan…LOVE him. Silas is ugly…booo! Was hoping he was a hottie. Oh well.

    • @Katerina :) You made me smile! Hey, it’s also crazy that Bex would want to ‘grow old’–she MUST be nuts! lol Haha–safewording would be a great idea–if anybody could keep a secret! Yeah, prom sucked, but if you’re from a small town, they’re USUALLY in the gym–only place big enough! Can’t believe they’re gonna wrap this whole Expression Spell and Cure thing up in only the 3 epis left (not counting next week’s back-door pilot). We have an intense month shaping up! Thanks for your comments!

  4. Best scene ever, better even that Delena sex, was Elena taking April down. The April character is incredibly annoying to me, I giggled when Elena smacked her head into the table. Once Elena turns her feelings on, i hope we get a nice middle ground version of her. No endless eps of her whining that killed, could have killed or hurt someone and no more of her being paralyzed by her so called compassion (read martyr complex). She needs to feel because i am bored with Delena being on hold all this time, but no longer crippled by her feelings. Although, if Damkn could have told her to get over Jeremy’s death from the start, why not do that instead of telling her to turn everything off?

    • @Melissa Yep, ‘head meet table’ was a fave moment for me, too! lol I think there’s a huge contingent ready for a middle-ground Elena, but only the writers know for sure what we’re going to end up with. I’m clueless how they’re going to work around the sire-bonded or not sire-bonded if/when Elena’s humanity switch gets flipped back on. She’ll probably be hugely shamed by the things she’s done since she flipped it off–or will it matter at all? Would the sire-bond return or be gone? Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  5. Hi Mak, we will never give up on MFM. For me, its even better at times than watching the show. Keep it up.
    Please turn Elena’s humanity back on already!!! I’m glad it looks like there’s a glimmer of hope that it will happen soon.
    I’m so over Tyler, can’t Klaroline just happen, please!!!
    And this Silas dude is just way too creepy for me, cant wait for the unraveling of this cure/Silas/Quetsiyah story.
    Take care!!

  6. Oh the joke about the hair, why is Ian always making fun of Paul’s hair???(giggles) I can’t get enough of these two guys.

    • @team Salvatore *blushing* What a lovely compliment! I’m giggling like Klaus atm! Even though tons of folks like ‘New Elena’, I think just as many want that humanity switch flipped back. She’s more difficult to ‘watch out for’ than she was as a human. It’s really kind of strange, if you think about it. She’s still exhibiting ’emotions’–anger, greed, conceit, yadayadyada…just no nice ones. It’s the difference between emotion and humanity. We’ll hope the Brothers’ new method works, but I don’t think it’ll be pretty to watch! As for Klaroline, Cure, Silas, Qetsiyah…we don’t have many epis for the unraveling to happen, and I for one am excited to see what happens! Oh, and I think the hair jokes have evolved over the season–seems like a lot of the cast teases Paul about him taking forever with his hair, and he seems pretty particular about it. They’ve written it into the show several times from the early seasons, so it’s become a running joke! I do love it when those two tease each other! Thanks for reading and hanging with MFM!

  7. Hey Mak I wonder too what will happen to the sire-bond once Elena’s humanity is back. I’m kinda a Stelena fan so I’m hoping she breaks it off with Damon and goes back to what I believe is her epic love, Stefan.
    Just wishing, we all know things never happen the way we want on Vampire Diaries!!!! LOL

    • @team Salvatore Ain’t THAT the truth! Things never happen the way we want or supposed on Vampire Diaries! lol

  8. I can just imagine the cliffhangers we are going to get at the end of the season.

    @ Mak – Great point about whether or not it is even the cure at all. And about Qetsiyah.. the witches tend to be smarter then the vampires and with Qetsiyah and Bonnie together as one force it is hard to imagine that they would be stoppable.

    @Melissa- that was a great scene. April is one of the more useless characters in my opinion. And Elena killing her was perfect.
    I hope when they do turn Elena’s humanity back on she keeps a little bit of her attitude. I love how sure of herself she is even if she is a bitch.
    I can see this as one of the cliffhangers during the last epi. I dont think it is going to be her that takes the cure but I definately think something will make her turn on her humanity at the last moment. Whether Damon or Stefan are hurt or Jeremy comes back Who knows. But it obviously wont have anything to do with Bonnie or Caroline since she tried to kill both of them recently LOL!

    and give up on MSM yeah right. I was just thinking the other day I will be more sad about not having recaps and stuff to read and comment on then the actual show being through for the season. :(

    • @Kate Oh, wow! I’m so glad MFM brings more to your enjoyment of the show! That tickles me! Interesting theory on the last minute humanity switch flipping. I’m just hoping the cliffhangers remain a secret until we get them as shock and awe on-screen! :)

  9. i love when I think I have something figured out and then they totally throw something out of left field at us. LOL! Which this show does on a continuos basis.

    And what good is a fantastic show if you dont have peeps to talk about it with. Cause if I tried to talk about with my husband….well lets just say it would be a very one sided convo. LOL

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