Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 4.18 “American Gothic”

Mystic Falls Messenger

She’s back!  Katherine Pierce made her own Children of the Creamed Corn in Stepford Towne, Pennsylvania!  Come read the exploits of the virtuoso of the ages, Katherine plays people like fiddles!

Editor’s note:  Great big Easter Bunny hugs to Ruthie for rockin the screencaps yet again!  She’s the Easter Egg dye to our yokes!  ;)



We went to our Willoughby Weekly affiliate to get the scoop on a rumored crime spree.  High-end car-jacking, working class mind-jacking, and murder?  That dazzling duo The Spicy Girls, aka Elena and Rebekah, blew into Willoughby in a luxury Porsche, sporting trouble in Paradise!  They’d hit three cities in 24 hours looking for Katherine, and Elena needed a pit stop for a pub crawl.  Too much togetherness?  Barbie-Klaus’ incessant blathering, never-ending Top 40 radio (didn’t that Porsche have Pandora?), the leather smell (one can never get TOO MUCH leather, Elena), and we just bet Elena’s butt was asleep, too!


Elena didn’t stop for antacids, SHE WAS FREAKIN’ HUNGRY!  Time for a little ‘ginger’ cookie.  What appeared to be an open-airhead redhead snack revealed an ingenious plot by none other than the sought-after Katherine Pierce.  Elena was about to open-container the wench right on the street, but the victim called her ‘Katherine’?  She was there!


She’d compelled the ENTIRE TOWN to forget about her unless Katherine herself was talking to them.  We shall get to the bottom of the ‘I only like it from the wrist’ fetish later on, but New-Do Elena pumped Ginger for information, discovering Katherine hadn’t really divulged much info to her Children of the Creamed Corn Capital.  Only that they could all be friends as long as they kept her ‘secret’.  Only Ginger didn’t know what the secret was!  (Editor’s note:  NowHeartlessWill didn’t do a great job as a fake IDs supplier–why else would everybody still know her as Katherine Pierce?)



The long arm of Sheriff Liz Forbes had meantime provided the Salvabros with the location of Damon’s abandoned Camaro, as well as info on the Spicy Girls’ next getaway vehicle.  Left Damon’s most prized possession (next to his towel) on ‘Empty’ at a lonely rest stop 100 miles outside of Willoughby, PA.  Yup, one of the towns on the pilfered Katherine list.  The boys were hot on their trail, Stefan hit the spot with his jibes, and Damon was hot under the collar!  Let’s face it, even snarking at each other, these two are just HAWT!



TWO MINUTE WARNING!  Who knows everybody’s address in town?  The US Postal Service, that’s who!  Bex and Elena made their way to the local Post Office, learning that Kat had just been there (and confusing the postman with the quick-change New-Do, Elena-style).  She had to be close, so Rebekah went inside to check for her, and Elena scoped out the parking lot.  Drat, Elena spied a hair double, but DOUBLE DRAT!


Kat spotted Elena first.  Good thing Rebekah was close by to save Elena from her throat-perch against a mail truck!  Too bad they weren’t in a dirt parking lot, it SO could have been a Katfight ladies’ mud wrestling pay-per-view event!  Short but sweet, Bex body slammed Katherine–that counted as a TKO!



We haven’t seen a menu from The Grill for a while, let’s peruse the fare at Willoughby’s local diner!  Today’s specials:  Bitter biting coffee klatch, hold Elena’s emo.  Fork up some shin kicked Wigs Knuckles, slow roasted over an open pit of hostility!  A wedge (between brothers) of Rebekah ‘who do I hate more today’ cake.  Don‘t forget to tip (and compel) your waitress!  Katherine was full (of vervain), and Rebekah desired Torture Tactics (that girl has such a BDSM streak!).  Kat wanted to trade The Cure for her 500-year marathon from Klaus.  Yeah, right, and she’d screw people over and somebody would die in the process.  Ho-hum, people change, and Kat’s not the girl they think she is (bwahaaa!  Do we believe that?).


Bex certainly didn’t, and her not-so-gentle patdown turned up not The Cure, but Kat’s cell phone in her jacket.  See what putting appointments in your calendar does for you?  Meet em at 2 p.m.?  Who’s ‘em’?  Here’s a hint–it’s initials *cough Elijah Mikaelson cough*.



The Salvabros hit Hickstown, spotting the purloined Porsche and still contemplating how to get The Cure, Elena back to Mystic Falls, and Bex outa the way all at once.  Cue the head cinema of the guys throwing Rebekah under a school bus and wrapping Elena in a burlap sack!  ROFL  Stefan was highly amused with the guy that used to think Elena should ‘embrace being a vampire’–yeah, that guy got his neck snapped and was now royally pissed off!



Elena decided to take Kat’s ’meeting’ herself!  A little presto-changeo Elena bathroom makeover was NOT slutty enough according to Rebekah.  More eyeliner.  Kat’s jewelry (less the non-functioning for Elena daylight bracelet).  Since Kat wouldn’t strip in the diner, Elena still needed the leather jacket, and got a little assist from Bex in getting it.  Kat gave up.  Fine, but do you hear an echo up in here?  “You’ll never pass for me.”  Echo.  Once more, throatier and more mannish!  Hahaha!  After the echoing stopped, there was just SOMEthing missing.  Gotta be the shoes!  Girls and their shoes!  Stiletto swipe!



Elena left the pair of minxes behind in the diner for a little finger lickin‘ good discussion about The Legend that is Katherine Pierce.  Elijah betrayed Klaus for her, the Salvatores salivated at her feet–yet there they were in the present.  Kat had stooped to compelling a whole Stepford Towne to like her?  Sad.  lol  Katherine managed to find out Bex wanted The Cure for herself.  Never give Kat an opening for a good blonde joke!  Or a chance to poke your self-esteem that there are no do-overs, and after becoming mortal, Bex wouldn’t even be able to compel herself a friend!


Oh, snap!  Unknowingly, The Salvabros turned up at the diner just in time to save Katherine from permanent Bex wrist-mangling.  There went the neighborhood!  Nobody played nice at this table!  Where was Elena?



Elena had sashayed those FMPs over to the afternoon gazebo meeting with the mysterious ‘em’.  Guess Bex used an eyebrow tweezer on Katherine to get the location.  Faux-Katherine paced and waited, until out of the still afternoon, a voice wafted like silk on the breeze.  “Katerina.“  Uh-oh.  We recognized that accent!  Another New-Do reference, but Elijah liked the colored hair.  Faux-Katherine didn’t even get a chance to thank him for the compliment when he lip locked her!  Whoa!  Doncha know girlfriend had a hard time keeping any thoughts in her head, much less STAYING IN CHARACTER!?


Murmured ‘I missed yous’ turned to a quick Katherine-like recovery that The Cure was in a safe place, not ON her (so he could stop with the hands, lol).  Made no never mind whether it was the kiss, the slightly off impersonation, or the daylight ring she was sporting (and Katherine wouldn‘t be caught undead in a print dress!), the jig was up.  Where’s Katherine, Elena?



Neither of the two elder undead broads was giving up Elena’s meeting location to the Salvabros.  Bex was sure she’d end up Bex-in-a-Box if Elena got force-fed The Cure, and Kat was just being a tease!  The arranged meeting was only with an Original brother with impeccable taste.  Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that meant Elijah.  Stef thought he could gouge Katherine with a snark about how ‘impeccable’ Elijah’s taste was if he was friends with her.  Don’t fool with the Master, Stefan!


When Kat said ‘friend’ she meant…ewww.  TMI on the ’with benefits’ for everybody at the table.  Barf bags, please!  Katherine guessed Elijah caught on to Elena’s impersonation in a heartbeat with a heartrip.  Stef reminded Bex that if anything happened to Elena, Bex had zero chance of finding The Cure.  Didn’t THAT earn her the hairy eyeballs from Kat?!  Fine.  Bex coughed up the gazebo location, Stef was to talk to Elijah, and Kat would take Damon and Bex to The Cure.  Fat chance!  They figured out Katherine was stringing Elijah on to broker The Deal of Five Centuries with Klaus.  Some things (women) never change!  Enough!  She’d take them to it.



Stef now had Kat’s phone, so rang up Elijah, knowing he’d answer the caller ID.  Which he did (whupped much?).  The convo went something like this:  Where’s [insert doppelganger name here]?  Safe for now (in a threatening tone).  Elijah was sure Kat could hold her own with the two Bros–nope, three on Team Good Guys.  Elijah was slightly taken aback (but never unruffled) by the news that Bex was with them.


Stefan reassured him nobody would get hurt as long as Katherine handed over The Cure.  Rebekah HATED Katherine, and would surely end them all the minute she got what she wanted, true?  Where are you–no, where are YOU?  One last threat from Elijah before he abruptly ended the call–anything happened to Katherine he would ‘descend’ on Elena.



Elijah’s half of the phone call took place in a very clean, quaint, stone arched alleyway.  With Elena listening.  Might call them “E-squared”.  ROFL  “You’re both idiots.”  Elena could not believe the Man of Honor she’d once known had stooped to hooking up with Katherine.  Um, Elena, boys think with the wrong head!  Elijah had always had a ‘connection’ with Katherine.  She’d contacted him after learning about The Cure (word‘s still out on whether she clued him in on The Great and Powerful Silas), and they could be of mutual use to each other.  Played!  Elijah knew who Katherine is and what she’d done, she hadn’t lied to him.


She’d told Elijah about Elena’s vampness.  Kick in the suave acute analysis.  In the short time Elijah had spent with Elena, he knew she was not your average vampire.  Why had she abandoned her emotions?  Elena was brutal.  “My brother’s dead.  Your girlfriend killed him.”  She might as well have kneed him in the jewels for the reaction she got.  Bitch lied?


Well, DUH!  (Editor’s note:  Not to mince words, but we always do, Katherine DID orchestrate Jer’s death by ripping open his throat, shoving his neck in Silas’ mouth, ending with Silas neck snapping him.  Technically Jer was still kickin when she zoomed out of the tomb cave with The Cure in hand.  She‘s taking credit for the kill, so DUH!)



Katherine led Bex and Damon to the quaint little flowery, patchwork quilty cottage she‘d been calling home.  HA!  Katherine usually wouldn’t be caught undead living in a place like that!  We bet there was a picket fence and a litter box to go with that aquarium!  She went straight to the bookshelf safe after being warned ’No Katherine-ing!” by Damon.  *giggle*  What’s this?  The Cure was GONE from the safe?  Oh, dear, whoever could have taken it?  No Academy Award from Damon, he didn’t fall for it.  The joint didn’t suit her, Elijah wasn’t REALLY her FWB, and it might not even be her house!  Damon had to reign Bex in before she launched herself at Katherine, they needed her alive if The Cure wasn’t there!  Damon sent Bex upstairs to search, and he took the main floor.  If he was a paranoid, distrustful sociopath, where would he keep his most prized possession?  (SOAPDISH!  LOL!)  Close, safe, accessible, easy to grab and run, why did her fish tank have a fancy little treasure chest but no fish?  We could see this one coming a mile away.  Damon turned his back on Katherine to use a net once he discovered the tank was filled with vervain water (that‘ll burn the fingerprints right off ya, dude!).


HOLY FACE-DUMP EXFOLIATION!  Damn that woman!  Vervained-up Katherine reached in for the box and was about to make a clean getaway when Bex barred the door.  Bait and switch!


Kat knew Bex would kill her as soon as she got what she wanted, so she forced Bex to make a choice.  Her?  Or The Cure?  And it’s a pop fly ball with the little red vial Kat extracted from the box!  Tossup and run!  What a catch!  What a moron!



With her desired fate in her hands, face-peel Damon warned and cajoled from his painful floor position, trying to keep Bex from swallowing.  She had her eyes locked on the vial in her hand like it was David Beckham in a chocolate thong.  Her taking The Cure would solve all Damon’s problems, re-human’d Elena would only run back to Stefan again and dump Damon like a hot potato.  No comeback?


That’s what she thought!  Pop the top on a cold one, down the hatch!  “NO!” came a shout from the front door.  Guess Stefan used the ‘home’ contact to GPS-locate Katherine’s hideout.  Too late!  Bex let out a couple of gasps and melodramatically swooned to the couch.


Stefan accused Damon of letting Bex take The Cure.  Not that he wasn’t busy bobbing for boxes in vervain water at the time.  Damon never wanted Elena to have it, and now she’d be a vamp forever.  Brothers, sheesh!  Their accusations got cut off by a big GASP and a lot of fluttering eyelashes from Bex.  What now?



E-Squared had gone all sympathetic in the arch alley.  Elijah knew the pain of losing a brother (or two, or…), and he hoped Elena would find her way back from it.  Snidely Elena quipped like Katherine would find her way back?  Elijah wanted to think that innocent peasant girl he’d saved from Klaus ages ago was still in there.  NEWSFLASH!  Never gettin the old Katherina back!  Once again, boys think with the wrong head.  Damon and Stefan still think they could find the Old Elena as well.  Elijah was not to be thwarted, there had to be hope!


‘Twould be a shame if the World lost as compassionate a soul as Elena’s had been.  We found in the archives a copy of the letter Elena quoted at Elijah at that moment.  It was from Episode 3.15, All My Children.  “…Your compassion is a gift, Elena.  Carry it with you…Always and forever, Elijah.”  Elijah was a gifted writer, and meant what he wrote.


Yup, and it felt good to New Elena to watch that letter burn, right along with her old life and her brother‘s body.  Before Elijah could come up with a thoughtful reply, Kat showed up and necksnapped Elena!  Sorry, she got held up!



Upon waking, Bex felt Wunderbar!  Alive!  Stefan showed his usual, compassionate care, but Damon?  Not a chance.  Handy things, letter openers.  He’d been casually slitting open Katherine’s mail, just as casually announcing the problem with being alive was he could kill her now.  Zip, right at her!


Not only were her vamp reflexes just a good as ever, the cut on her palm from the opener healed up immediately.  (Okay, we all saw that coming, but it was still fun to watch.)  Still a vampire.  Curses, foiled again!  We thought that ‘cure’ was undiluted Red Bull, even though Stef figured it was a vervain concentrate.  Chock another one up for that virtuoso Katherine–well played!



Still in the arch alley, a circumspect Elijah lowered the boom on Katherine.  She killed Jeremy Gilbert.  Not that Kat was surprised Elena ratted her out but quick!  Kat couldn’t figure out why Elena even cared, with her emo shut off.  Elijah cared, though.  Katherine had done the same thing that had been done to her, taken the last of Elena’s family.  Had she no feelings?  Ooh, backpeddle fast, Kat, you’re losin your new main squeeze!  Jeremy was collateral damage, Katherine had just done what she needed to survive.  Was Elijah just a means of survival, too?


Katherine panicked that Elena had gotten to Elijah, making him distrust her.  Elijah was NOT to be ignored, nor was his question.  No, he was not just a means of survival, Elijah had looked out for Katherine, gave her a second chance when no one else would, “I love you!”  (THAT was the one that made us hollah, PULEEZ!)  He wanted to believe her, but how could he, when she kept causing such doubt?  He turned to walk away from her when desperation set in.  “You gave your word you’d talk to Klaus!”  She couldn’t make a deal without him.  Whoopsie–means of survival proof, again?  Goodbye, Katherine.



Later that evening, we caught up with Katherine outside ANOTHER quaint little abode.  Remember Ginger Cookie?  Her house!  Guess she got preferential wrist treatment instead of neck slurping as a trade for secret favors!


She’d been hiding a package for Katherine at her house!  We didn’t have to ask what was in it, but Ginger wanted to know!  Inside that squeaky little jewelry box was The Real Cure.  Katherine’s freedom.



DATELINE MYSTIC FALLS, FORTRESS KLAUS:  What was going on in Mystic Falls while all this drama unfolded?  That backstabber Shilas!  The vicious injury he’d inflicted on Klaus didn’t have him screaming “It‘s only a flesh wound!”; The Shirtless One was a roaring, sweaty, panting, mess.  Was that an attempted shoulder dislocation to get at the offensive site?  As Klaus flailed around in front of his own fireplace, Caroline showed up demanding a confab, but OMG, what happened to him?!


We witnessed a big dose of Sympathy for the Devil as Klaus related his sad Silas splinter tale.  Just when you thought Caroline was about to re-enter her own ship, IT WASN’T HER!  Siloline!  Carelas!  Whatever!  Silas can look like whomever he wants peeps to see.  Who’s next?  We know, The Borg!  “Resistance is futile!“  Until Klaus delivered The Cure to Silas, he would rain down misery.  POOF!  Gone!  FUBAR!



Some time later, Klaus had left The Real Caroline 50 bjillion phone messages (why you so upset, gurlfriend, you’ve been doing it to Tyler for weeks!).  Same clothes, same apparition?  The one that showed up had a MUCH more Caroline-like ‘tude, grousing about phone stalking, prom committee obligations, and better be life and death!  There must be a proper etiquette to argue ’hounding’ with a half-canine supernatural being, but it was kinda giggle-worthy!


At first Klaus thought it was his new nemesis back for more, and hauled his beefcake up on the piano bench demanding proof this Caroline was the real deal.  Proof!  Car had more important things to do than deal with Klaus’ sucky new way of flirting!  Thas’ her!  lol  Now convinced, Klaus explained the imbedded Stake 2.0 splinters, and it hurt like a bitch!


Why had he called HER for help, after running Tyler off plus killing his mom?  Ah, we’re back to the old bloodline ‘if I die, everybody dies’ tale.  Caroline could ill-afford to ignore the implication, and grudgingly agreed to help.  Just use the handy-dandy, bloodied, hardware store surgical device Klaus had been self-mutilating with and pull the damn thing out!



We hope Caroline never decides on nursing as a career!  She dug around in Klaus’ back with that very unsanitary tool–was that a heart she found?  Nope, only a bloody rib.  She grumbled about not finding anything in the wound, making the patient spout off!  She’d killed 12 witches to save Bonnie and wouldn’t even get her hands a little dirty for him!?


OUCH!  Sorry not sorry!  Klaus was villainous, today it was her way or the highway!  No more ‘help’ unless Klaus gave his ’word’ Tyler could come back with no threat of violence!  Dealing with the Devil?



It was a Supernatural Standoff!  Klaus’ pain became worse and he could FEEL the splinters working their way to his heart.  *sigh*  Caroline had busied herself texting from his couch to pay any attention.  HELP ME!  Not without his ‘word’.  They traded friendship barbs:  he’d saved her life–TWICE, but only because he’d put it in danger, TWICE.  He was after Tyler because Ty tried to kill him.  They’d ALL tried to kill him!  And Klaus tried to kill most of them!  Klaus didn’t deserve Caroline’s friendship because he did NOTHING to earn it!


Adrenaline pump got Klaus up off the floor, regardless of his deteriorating state.  They got all up in each other’s business, yelling and carrying on like a couple of Real Housewives from Psychoville!  DON‘T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!  I SHOULDA TURNED MY BACK ON YOU AGES AGO!  (Were you counting down for hate-sex in 3.…2.…1…lol)


Hold up!  The pain was gone!  Headsmack!  It was never there, not the broken off stake or the pain–Silas got in Klaus’ head and planted the idea.  Caroline’s argument had mind-dumped him.  If Silas could make Klaus, of all people, think he was dying, what could he do to the rest of them?  Double FUBAR!  Silas could appear as anybody he wanted AND get into The Origibrid’s head?  Indeed.



Now that we’re up to speed on Mystic Falls, guess it wasn’t difficult for a vampress to track down a dapper man about town, hoofing it down a sidewalk back in Farmville, because Katherine found Elijah.  What did she want NOW?  He’d been right, she’d spent so much time running and lying she no longer remembered who she used to be.  She wanted to find out, and didn’t want to lose Elijah.  She had The Cure right in her hot little hand.  She could attempt to shove it down Klaus’ throat, but she’d still lose Elijah.  How could he believe her?


She’d meant what she’d said about her feelings for him, and planted The Cure in HIS hand, hoping Elijah had feelings for her, too.  (Show of hands.  Who believes her?)  She needed him to trust her, wanted him to trust her, just like she was trusting him.  She was letting him decide where they went from there.  And she walked away.  What will Elijah do?



Katherine wasn’t the only vampress that tracked down Elijah.  Bex had observed the whole exchange from the trunk of a nearby parked car.  Him and Katherine?  She thought HE was the smart brother.  She didn’t have a smart brother.  Haha!  Good one!  Why did Bex care anything about The Cure?  Elijah looked aghast when she announced she wanted to be human again.  Can women just stop nailin him in the ‘nads this week or what?  Being human might not be the answer to Bex’ problems.  She didn’t care, Bex wanted to live and die as she chooses.  Elijah didn’t understand, 20 lifetimes didn’t equal always and forever (Elijah should seriously take that up as a theme song, he sings it so often!).  He’d always be her brother, and she loved him, dead or undead.


It was time for her to make her own life choices, not he and Niklaus choosing for her.  Before she could actually drop to her knees and beg for The Cure, her cell phone rang.  Well speak of the Devil.  Klaus wanted an update on ‘their’ search for the illusive Cure.  What?!  THEIR search?  Maybe Elijah should take The Cure so everybody else would stop fighting over it!  Rebekah let Klaus know things had become ‘complicated’–here, speak to a complication!


Klaus was a tad surprised and then eased to find his Big Bro on the other end of the line.  Not so fast, Nik.  Somebody had to take charge.  Elijah had The Cure and was bringing it back to Mystic Falls.  Along with a not-that-long list of demands.  *sigh of relief*  Come home and they’d settle this like family.  Like THAT ever works out well!



Since we were back in Mystic Falls for a second, Caroline had just finished cleaning up from their little game of ‘Operation’ (cleaning fetish, I tell ya!).  Klaus grabbed her arm and sincerely thanked her for helping him.  If he needed anything else, do NOT call her–she had a prom to plan (all together now, SQUEEE!).


Were they ‘friends’ now?  Could Tyler come back?  That was a ‘no’ look if Caroline ever saw one.  *sigh*  One last shot.  Had she noticed Klaus wasn’t exactly scouring the earth for Tyler?  Caroline left with a wistful look as Klaus flashed his dimples.  Lookout!



PLANS ANNOUNCED TO REVIVE THE LONE RANGER:  Back on the Hickstown streets, we got treated to another Brother bonding moment.  Damon apologized to Stefan for his moment of weakness.  He knew he’d screwed up letting Rebekah take the fake Cure.  It’s ‘their’ thing, screwing up.  Stefan corrected–WAS their thing.  They’d made the same mistakes for 150 years, just like Katherine kept repeating hers.  It had to stop.  Huh?  Damon got bumfuggled, what was Stefan talking about?


Stick a fork in him, Stef was DONE.  He owed Elena her shot at being normal again.  Once they gave her The Cure, he was getting her out of his life.  One thing at a time, Baby Bro.  They had to get The Cure first, then they could talk about Stefan turning into the Lone Ranger, ‘kay?  Stef wondered if Damon still really wanted Elena ‘cured’, if it meant losing her.  Chance he was willing to take–ah, but they had to convince HER, first.



Elena had texted her boys to meet up at the diner.  Just our little triangle and a whole lotta silence.  Ultimatum time!  She will never want Cure and she was DONE talking about it.  They needed to accept it.  Yes or no?  If they don’t accept it, there would be the dreaded (dun, dun, dun) CONSEQUENCES.


Damon was completely no, and Stefan dropped into his patented song-and-dance about being in the same emo-off state when she wouldn‘t give up on him.  *sigh*  Elena needed a coffee refill–or so they thought.  When the waitress (that was a LONG shift she’d pulled, is she related to Matty?) came over to top off Elena’s mug, Elena grabbed HER by the mug and necksnapped her.


Like she’d said–consequences.  That was the first dead body the boys were responsible for, and if they didn‘t stop trying to ‘fix‘ her, there would be a second, and a 20th, and a 100th.  Their choice.  Petrova fire, flame on!  Still ready to ride off into the sunset, Stefan?



From his mini-muffins to his screwed up, lonesome, and sociopath, the royally pissed off Woobie provided a lot of treats!  We’re going with a phrase this time; it was SO appropriate for the episode!  The Woobie Phrase of the Week is………STONE-COLD BITCH!

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  1. Recap was fantastic as usual. This was an excellent episode (last 2 were great). All the stuff with the Brothers and Elena and Kat and Elijah etc was awesome and I loved Katherine getting the smackdown from Rebekah in the diner (’bout time someone put that bitch in her place) but my favorite scenes were Caroline and Klaus. I have to say that Joseph Morgan is freaking BRILLIANT. His facial expressions convey his emotions, he doesn’t even need to speak! Although when he does I love his accent and his little lisp…HOT. LOLLL Even if you hate the idea of them together he is truly talented. I am falling in love with Klaus more every week.

    • @Katerina Yay! A comment–I was beginning to think nobody had read it this time! Thank you, thank you! xoxo We have had a couple of good episodes (wth, they’re all good–lol) back-to-back, but it’s all downhill until the finale once we start back up. And hey, everybody’s entitled to their favorites! I can’t decide which way they’re gonna hop with Klaroline, but it’s fun to watch! Thanks again for commenting!

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