Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 4.14 “Down The Rabbit Hole”

Mystic Falls Messenger

It was all a nightmare, right?  Gonna wake up and it never happened, true?  Take The Little Blue Pill instead of Morpheus’ Red Pill to avoid going Down the Rabbit Hole–but WE all ended up Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

Editor’s note:  The hugest rib-cracking hugs ever to Ruthie for tolerating our emo messages and opinions till the wee hours and STILL delivering the most outstanding screencaps ever!



Not Bond, James Bond, it’s Vaughn, Galen Vaughn.  Scottish branch of The Five.  License to Kill small animals and roast them while torturing Damon.  (And in desperate need of subtitles for his Scottish brogue!)  He had snarky Damon tied to a tree (presumably with vervain ropes) being bled out for info.


No explanation how or why he‘d been spying on Mystic Falls, but Vaughn was pretty up-to-speed already.  He knew all about Damon, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, and her spell to read Jeremy’s Hunter’s Mark.  Oh, hey.  Simple envy?  Vaughn killed vampires his entire life trying to complete his Mark, and three days ago it just magically completed for no reason.  He was jealous of Jer‘s tat!  Lol  (Pay attention:  we now know three days had past since Jer got inked.)  He wanted intel from Damon, and was willing to give him a hot-poker hickey to get it!



With the apparent installation of a new sketchy cell phone tower close by, Elena got signal on the beach to call Caroline back home to fill her in.  Everybody but Bex and Stefan were possibly Shanenapped or worse, nabbed by somebody stronger.  What could Caroline do to help?  Shane was looking for Silas/Cure, and our Three Musketeers had phone pics of Jer’s map tattoo.  That was where Shane was headed, but there was no reading the map unless…Oh, yeah, the damn Sword.


Convenient Caroline was talking from Gilbert House with Klaus The Sword Possessor standing right there listening.  If ANYBODY could get him to give it up (Bwahaaa!), it would be Caroline, whether he wanted anybody to get The Cure or not.  She was ON it, just needed an email of the tat photos.  And she didn’t need smug Klaus’ help, thank you very much!  Lol


Didn’t take long before Car returned, along with a laptop, Tyler, and a big, long, rigid package (bwahaaa!).  The Sword hadn’t been in a sock drawer, Tyler found it in Klaus’ attic (were there bats in his belfry?  Wait, Kol was the one fond of bats.).  Typical male, Tyler had to take it apart to see how it worked on the way back to Gilbert House.  Fortunately, it was a GOOD thing!  When the hilt was unwrapped, it revealed a Da Vinci Code-style Cryptex.  Car planned on using Elena’s shaky signal tat pics email, the code on the Cryptex, and locate The Cure for our faraway group.  Just in case Klaus was so inclined to help.  Where, oh where was Alaric when we needed him?  He woulda been ALL OVER that symbol crap without needing an Aramaic to English dictionary, OR a snarky, dead language fluent Klaus gloating about!



Shanenapper and entourage of Massak, Bonnie, and Jeremy hiked their way to the magic mine.  Massak’s work was done, he wouldn’t go any farther than the Wishing Well opening.  His job had only been to get The Kid (how insulting for Jer!) and the witch.  SHOW ME THE MONEY (or the Hope Diamond, aka The Pet Rock Tombstone)!  Bonnie should have head-slapped Shane for that!  THAT’S all that stoopid Rock had been for, payment!?  (Remember that Rock–important to ‘some’ witch circles, and the core of it is Qetsiyah’s calcified blood.  They could all end up vying for a Piece of the Rock, just sayin.)  Massak left with The Pet Rock and a prayer for Bon and Jer’s souls.  They’re gonna need it!  Who wants to go Down the Rabbit Hole first?



Good thing Elena fired that email off, because Bex’ cheapy phone had no cell signal.  Stef and Elena passed the time discussing why EVERYbody wanted The Cure not just to SAVE ELENA, but for themselves.  He made the deeply buried personal secret confession–he’d seen the power, misery, and guilt of being a vampire.  Even the good stuff sucked!  Of course he wanted to be human!  He’d wanted a ‘human’ life with Elena, but had wanted a ’normal’ life long before her.  Awww!  They’re ‘friends‘ now (a new closeness that did NOT go unnoticed by Rebekah).



After breakfast, Damon and Vaughn were next reported tramping through the forest, joined at the neck (lol–that kept both of Vaughn’s hands free and Damon’s bound–kinky!).  Destination:  The Wishing Well with the crypt entrance, Silas Potter and the Deathly Cure, and the completion of Vaughn’s Hunter Mission.  Ta-da!  Damon was his LEVERAGE (that’s ALWAYS been a motive with our characters) to get Damon’s witch-friend to spell open the passage to the crypt.  OH! SNAP!  Dude, have you picked the WRONG lever!  Bonster would open the passage, no problemo!  All the Mystic Falls group cared about was The Cure!  They’d bust open the joint, Vaughn could cut them a share of The Cure, and everybody wins!  Um, Vaughn hated to break it to one-clue-short-of-the-Whole-Truth Damon, but…


WE INTERRUPT THIS BIG REVEAL TO INTERSPERSE HOW KLAROWOOD FIGURED OUT THE WHOLE TRUTH SIMULTANEOUSLY!  Without Gloating Klaus’ help, the laptop had belched out words for all the symbols:


“Passage inside requires a young senator and a pretty flower.”

Well THAT made no sense, and neither did Vaughn!  Spell it out for Damon!  Silas is immortal.  Vaughn has to force-feed him The Cure, turn him human, then kill him.  Mission complete.  WTF did that have to do with Damon and Friends?

Klaus knew what it meant!

“Requires a powerful witch and a Hunter in full bloom.”

For ‘personal’ reasons, Klaus decided to help–Bring Me My Sword!  He was gonna read that damn thing like Googlemaps gives directions (recalculating):

“Silas rests on the far side, and the means of his destruction at hand.”


Right turn.

“The top of the hilt reveals a key to a nautical map.”

Left turn.  Other piece turn.  Uh-oh, there’s something else.

Vaughn gets to use The Cure against Silas.  Damon’s friends can’t exactly have it, could they?  BFD!  Vaughn can use it on Silas and ‘Friends’ can use it on whoever wants it!  Vaughn was stingy and didn’t want to share?  Couldn’t even if he wanted to.  And so it is written (all together now–Klaus, STOP jabbering in Aramaic and gloating and let Vaughn drop da Word Bomb!)



(All our book yammerers may now pat themselves on the back for suspecting this from the Get-Go.  Not that some of our non-book people hadn’t theorized the same thing, but now we know!)



Jeremy drew the short straw, being the first on the floor of the Wishing Well.  Inexperienced caver Bonnie fell and cut her hand on the landing.  That gave them moments before Shane lowered his boom to agree Bon wouldn’t let Shane raise Silas once she cast the spell.  If Shane was the only one controlling the Bonnie Expression Bomb (you believe that?), she’d kill him herself if Shane tried anything to hurt them.


Oh, yes, it also gave Bonnie’s blood time to seep through a crack in The Well floor.  Who knew The Great and Powerful Immortal Silas was a petrified mouth breather?  Plop, plop, fizz, fizz…



Well wasn’t that special?!  Rebekah’s phone started working!  Just in time for the Homebodies to email her pictures of the map and directions to The Wishing Well.  Klaus wanted props for the translation assist, perhaps so his sister ‘would finally know happiness’.  ROFLMAO!


Klaus gloated, paced, and tried to convince Bex over speakerphone of his sincerity for her long and happy life and death, just ITCHING to spill the Big Reveal.  And SPILL he did–Tyler just wasn’t quick enough to hit the “END” button before Klaus lowered the ONE DOSE boom.  “Nik!  NIK!”  Damn cheap cell phones WTF!!!



Once all the excitement over the One Dose blew over, Damon and Vaughn still had bound bonding snark time on their trek to the Wishing Well.  Damon confided in Vaughn he didn’t know WHY anyone wouldn’t want to be a vamp.  But, his friends want The Cure, and it upsets him when he can’t provide for his loved ones.  Haha!  If all Vaughn wanted was Bonster, why’d he save Elena and Jeremy yesterday?  *head scratch*  Monster truck dude, painted face, hatchet piercing?  Ring and bells?  (I didn’t throw it!  Did YOU throw it!  Who threw that damned thing?)  Just between the two of them and the unseen unpleasant locals–whoops!


Another corpse to trip over!  Looking suspiciously like bloody necked, plaid shirt wearing, scruffy beard and chin dimple Massak, sans Pet Rock.  Was that you?  No.  You?  No.  Oh, yeah, Vaughn, look up in the trees for flying ambush!  Bwahaaa!  There’s someone else on Fangtasy Island, and yesterday’s Hatchetman (hatchetperson, let’s be p/c about this), must have The Rock, too!  Watch your backs, dudes!



Shane joined Bon and Jer in the Wishing Well, looking around like he was in The Louvre–isn’t it amazing?!  Geek.  They’ll all get what they want (or die trying).  Now that they were there, what were they looking for?  Something out of place, some symbol–how about a big, geometrically perfect circle on the floor.  DUH!



As The Three Musketeers hiked to the rim of the water-filled quarry hosting the Wishing Well, Elena questioned Bex about her convo with Caroline.  Haha!  Dropped signal indeed–Tyler hung up on your butt!  It would be easy enough for three vamps to jump the expansive obstacle to get to the mine–but Elena had trust issues about maybe Bex would drop the phone and they’d lose the map directions?  Stef squelched the catfight, telling Elena to go first.  Before Stef got wound up to take the plunge down the cliffside, Bex confided what she’d heard last.  One Dose.  Well, didn’t that just rip Hope a new one?  Bex was sure that if she let Stefan have the dose, he’d still give it to Elena (what are we talkin here, an STD?  Bwahaaa!).  Since he didn’t deny it, she necksnapped him (witnessed by Elena standing down below).



Bonnie laid hands on shirtless Jeremy to begin the Expression spell, standing inside the giant geometric circle jerk.  (Shane likes to watch.)  Remember your Lamaze!  Just breathe and keep control!  Jer’s pecs began to flex and The Mark started reverse disappearing, causing the same disappearance on Vaughn, tugging Damon by the ropes in the woods.  TREMORS!  Bonnie never lost contact with Jer’s chest as they felt the Earth move (haha!) and rocks rained down inside the Wishing Well.


When the dust settled, pristine chested Jer was up, Bon was up, and IT WORKED!  She did it, we did it–blah, blah, blah, put your shirt back on!  There was a new passage revealed in the rock, and um, guys?  Shane’s leg was broken.  Too bad, so sad, best to stay off it, dude.  Buh-bye!  If looks could kill (and Bonnie’s sometimes can), she wished more than his LEG was broken!



Somehow wayward Vaughn and weakened Damon found their way to the mine, but now what?  Somebody beat them to the punch!–so whose is bigger?  Aha!  Now expendable Damon had played a bit of possum, and he may not have wanted to suffer the pesky Hunter’s Curse by takin Vaughn out, but he DID want out of that vervain necktie and cufflinks!  Damon wanted to somehow kill Vaughn, get to the Damn One Dose, and give it to Elena.  If Vaughn thought Damon’s love for his friends was his undoing, he didn’t know Damon’s Friends.  Or Frenemies!  Indestructible (without Stake 2.0) Original Rebekah to the (?) rescue!



Bex had obviously gone on alone, leaving Elena to go back up and check on Stefan‘s incredibly fast healing neck snap.  One Dose?!  She couldn’t take it (like she was gonna get the opportunity, considering what a hot property it had become), so many others deserved it as much as she did (or more).  The pity party’s over–she had to come to terms with living life as she knows it.  Sired to Damon or not.  She’d deal with that back home.  HOME!  The 3-4 day Invisibox was gonna wear off any time, and what with group frying Kol, they need to use the One Dose on Klaus or he’d kill them all!  Get your asses moving!



Klaus’ head games did a number on Tyler, sending he and Caroline out on the Porch of Truth to talk, what, out of earshot?  Bwahaaa!  Tyler was worried about savin his bacon if One Dose didn’t get there soon.  Korpse Kol and Hacked-up Hybrids make for one bloodthirsty Klaus, with Tyler as the appetizer!  Caroline wanted to play Ms. Fix It and talk Klaus out of his bloodlust–she refused to say goodbye to Tyler again!  (The Porch will yet rule!)



Two against one!  But this one had been a Hunter for years, and had more fun toys than R.I.P. Connor ever dreamed of.  Like that handy-dandy spiky grenade thing he shoved in Bex’ chest when she lunged at him.  (Was that not reminiscent of the true death harness grenades Bill and Eric got strapped to their chests on True Blood?  We digress.)  At any rate, it blew wooden spikes clean through Bex, incapacitating her.  Damon jumped into the fray, only to get a head butt in return.  Whip out another cutesy toy!


This one fired a neat little projectile.  It worked like a warped gaucho’s bolas, neatly wrapping a spike-ended garrote around both Damon’s throat and a mine roof support pole, spiking him in the jugular and carotid simultaneously!  Whoosh!  Vaughn Down the Rabbit Hole just as Stef and Elena arrived as reinforcements!  There was no point in both of them staying topside to free Damon, so the Bros sent Elena on ahead.  Time was a wasting!


Stef was pretty quick at freeing Damon, but he was beat.  He’d been necksnapped, bled, vervain hog tied, fire pokered, drug around Fangtasy Island, and did we mention reality checked on recent multiple occasions?  Elena only needed one of them Down the Rabbit Hole.  She wants One Dose, Stefan wants her to have it and Damon doesn’t.  Just go do what makes her happy, Stef!  That’s a Big Brother order!


Before Stef could catch up to her, Elena was wandering around alone down in the passages (wonder why she didn’t stumble across shot-leg Shane?).  She missed him, but she sure didn’t miss the sound of her name eerily wafting through the passage.  Stefan?  Hello?  Aw, HELL no!  (WAIT FOR IT!)



How did the Newbie Hunter and a Witch Who Needs Adult Supervision make it farther than anyone else first?  *le sigh*  At least they were together in that dark passage.  With a flashlight (and a GIANT FREAKIN RING ON JEREMY’S RIGHT HAND.)  But not alone…GRAMS!  There was a smiling Sheila Bennett, urging little Bonnie on to bringing her back to life for good!  Just get to Silas and feed him!  Um, Bon, why can’t Jeremy I See Dead People see her, too?  If Grams was really there, he’d be able to, so she’s a hallucination!  Let me be your detourvention this time!  Well HALLELU that worked!  Silas the Great and Powerful was in her head, controlling her, like he’d been controlling Shane with the Caitlin visions.  Jer, unaffected by any Silas interference, took the lead to get them to the crypt.  This dude truly was creepy, if he could do mind control from his crypt!



Caroline attempted to sweet-talk Klaus into overturning Tyler’s death sentence.  Hey, Klaus had a rep to protect, nuttin doing!  She didn’t beg for forgiveness, just let him go far, far away and live a happy life.  After Tyler tried to kill him, led the Hybrid revolt against him, and was hell-bent on finding The Cure to use against Klaus?  Really?  Caroline.  Engage blonde brain before running mouth.  “We all want The Cure!”  Do they now?  If she had the bottom-rung possibility of being human again, didn’t she prefer being strong, ageless, fearless to the whiny-butt nobody she was before?  Nail-head.  Klaus claimed they were ‘the same’.  You know, she DOES think faster as a vamp.  If they were the same, she demanded Klaus show her.  Show Tyler the same mercy that Caroline would show Klaus.  Okies.  Klaus stared down his nose and Caroline thought she’d won.  Until he said his mercy (only for Caroline’s sake) only extended as far as a head start before he hunted him down like the hybrid dog he is.  That’s NOT how to win girlfriends and influence people, Klaus!



We knew when the sappy head stereo started up on the Porch of Truth something epic was gonna go down.  In what eerily sounded like a vamp sire bond breaking ceremony, Caroline and Tyler bid each other a fond farewell.  Again.  Until they find a way.  While Caroline sobbed, Tyler promised, “I will live a happy life without you.  I will forget all about you.  And I will never, ever think about you again.”  That called for last tender kisses and embraces, until they find a way.  *sob*  We told ya the Porch of Truth would rule!



Elena didn’t trip over shot-leg Shane, but Stefan almost did.  (We didn’t forget you’re still hangin on who Elena DID run into!  *wink wink*)  Help me, dude!  Like Shane has engendered any warm fuzzies with Stefan!  Oh, Shane doesn’t know where Jeremy and Bonnie are?  Liar!  He tried to bribe some healing vamp blood outa Stef in exchange for leading him to Bon and Jer, but nope.  Once Stefan accused him of knowing all along about One Dose, Shane was a waste of air.  Evidently there was no hidden agenda, he’d really only wanted Silas raised to get his dead family back.  Woe is me!  Worthless tool.  Now he knows what it’s like to have Hope and lose it.  Take THAT, geek!  Stefan left him laying there helpless.


Mr. Helpless Hopeless got yet another visit from dead Caitlin.  He was SO sorry he failed her!  But did he?  She told him he’d done everything she’d asked, and that everything would be just fine.  Um, didn’t we establish that those hallucinations were Silas mind control?  What does Silas have up his petrified sleeve?  Poof!  No more Caitlin!



Finally!  Jeremy and Bonnie made it to the Rock Rotunda where Silas laid in state.  Jeremy slow panned the corpse–WTF?  IS THIS IT?  THIS IS THE CURE?  HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO CURE EVERY VAMPIRE IN THE WORLD?!  (Don’t forget, our intrepid twosome was left out of the whole One Dose reveal.)  Bonnie was beginning to get it.  She didn’t think it was supposed to cure them all.  Together they tried to pry the box looking thing out of Silas’ cold dead hands to no avail.  It was fossilized in place; like trying to bend stone.  O.M.G.  The light bulb burned brighter over the Bonster’s head.  (Editor’s note:  We’re reporting this as Bonnie said it, but please see DON’T SHOOT THE MFM below.)  He’d been frozen, ‘like’ a vampire statue for 2000 years.  There was only one way they were gonna get the statue to unfreeze.  They had to wake him up by feeding him their blood if they wanted The Cure out of his hands.



Topside, similar to Elena de-splintering Stefan once during his Klaus-compelled days, Damon needed company for his misery.  He crawled over and ‘got the wood out’ of Bex so she’d heal faster.  She was mildly surprised he was still alive, and hadn’t jumped down the hole with the rest of the misfits.  Give up?  Nope.  He realized you can’t control everything, he ran out of heart to try, and made peace with it.  Peace?  Bex knew he’d never know peace loving a woman who might not love him back if she returned to human form.  Life sucks–get a helmet.  If she didn’t know any better, he’d just done something selfless and was becoming a halfway decent person!  Bloody shrug.



Jeremy was not so down with Bonnie’s idea to feed Silas’ petrified corpse.  He WAS, however, into beating at Silas’ hands with rocks and grunting to high heaven!  Until Bonnie gasped and he turned around to see Vaughn with a knife in her back.  They had to raise Silas, BOY (that’s the second time somebody insulted Jeremy’s manhood this week alone!), and they had to DO IT NOW!


Of course Jeremy ran to Bonnie’s stricken body on the floor, but as Vaughn sliced his palm and dripped his life’s blood into the mouth-breathing corpse, Jer demanded to know what he was DOING?!  (After all, this was a complete stranger to Jeremy.)  Raising Silas, like Jer shoulda done already!  That started a hand-to-hand session–NOW Jeremy got clued in!  During a headlock, Vaughn told Jeremy they were on the ‘same team’.  Yeah, but he’d stabbed Bonnie!  The advantage flew back and forth, Jeremy not wanting The Cure used on Silas, even though that was it’s purpose.  Just when we thought Jer was holding his own–BODYSLAM!  Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt on a rock floor!  What the hell else would Jeremy use The Cure for?  Friends?  Sister?  No Sympathy Vaughn shook his head, looked like he was about to stab Jeremy with a ‘nothing personal’, when out of the shadows came flying a female form with fangs.


Just as she was about to deliver the hickey from hell, Jer hollered, “THE CURSE!”  Oh, yeah, eye roll.  So ‘she’ threw Vaughn down with enough force to incapacitate him and gave Jeremy a hand to his feet.  Let’s leave you hangin just one more time…



We left Caroline mourning the loss of Tyler on the porch swing, so there came Klaus sauntering out of Gilbert House.  How did HE get out?  He feared something awful had befallen Bonnie.  With a menacing look in his eye initially, he reassured Caroline he’d never hurt her.  BUT!  He’d shown kindness, forgiveness, and pity–all for her.  Staredown.  With a huff, Klaus turned and left Caroline standing there, wondering after him.



After leaving shot-leg Shane, Stefan flash lighted his way through the empty passages, finding nothing.  Until he ran across bloodspatter on the rock wall.  That’s when he spotted her.  Elena, bleeding from a headwound, slumped on the passage floor barely conscious.  What happened?!  SHE’S HERE!!!!  Who?  (drum roll, please)


Are ya done hangin yet?  Jeremy crouched over injured Bonnie, telling her that since Elena *cough cough* was there, everything was gonna be okay.  She just needed to feed Bon some of her blood to help her heal.  Hey, Jer, The Cure is RIGHT THERE, they should get it.  AFTER they help Bonnie.  Eyeroll.


Katherine had forgotten what a brat she thought Jeremy was.  Ding Dong!  The Bitch is Back!  She was through playing nice, sliced Jeremy’s wrist open and held it to Silas’ open mouth.  (Again, notice the ugly-ass GetOutOfDeathFreeRing on Jer’s hand.)


That wasn’t fast enough for Katherine, so she hauled Jer’s ass upright, fanged open his carotid, and stuck his neck to Silas’ mouth.  That got a rise out of the old fella!  Up came his vise-like stony arms to hold Jer in place, thus freeing ONE DOSE!  Which, of course, Katherine handily grabbed up and vampspeeded outa sight.  That left Jer struggling with the semi-resurrected (semi-erect? lol) Silas, enjoying himself immensely by grabbing Jer by the throat, necksnapping him, and letting him slide to the ground.


Glassy-eyed.  Bonnie on one side of Silas, gasping for air from her stab-wound, and corpse-like Jer on the other.  FADE TO BLACK.  It is now safe for you to return to your normal breathing.



We were emo-wrecked right along with the Woobie after this wild ride, so let‘s just get down to it!  Get a helmet, bang your head on your desk, and discover this week’s Woobie Word of the Week………FLAWLESS!


We haven’t done an epilogue or posed questions in quite a while, but this week’s edition caused so many problems for so many, we thought we’d give it a go and ‘gingerly’ pose some emotional questions and points.

1)  Since it’s the last thing you read, sorry to all of you claiming Katherine did the deed to Jeremy.  He was still very much alive and kicking when she vampspeeded out of the crypt with The Cure.  Silas snapped Jeremy’s neck.  Go watch it again.

2)  In epi 4.06, ‘We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes’, Connor was dead and Jeremy already had The Mark on his hand.  Elena, in Hunter’s Curse mode stabbed Jeremy fatally in the neck, thinking he was Connor in the Gilbert Kitchen.  She called Damon, and they hauled Jer’s temporary corpse to the couch and waited for the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing to work.  It did.  Some say he wasn’t an ‘activated’ Hunter yet, since he hadn’t killed a vampire, but he already had the increased strength just one week later toting beer kegs like they were milk jugs prepping for Miss Mystic Falls.  We were never told anything about ‘activation‘, he was already one of The Five, and they aren’t necessarily ‘supernatural’.  They are genetically predisposed as ‘potentials’, identified by their ability to see The Hunter’s Mark on one of The Five.  When one of The Five dies, a ‘potential’ takes his place.  Meaning The Five don’t live any longer than anybody else, can be killed, they’re just stronger and with an intense burning desire to kill vampires.  We found no evidence that The Five were ever identified as ‘supernatural’.

3)  There may be some credence to perhaps since it was The Great and Powerful Silas that delivered the deathsnap to Jeremy, the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing possibly didn’t work.  At the present, with no other spoilers, interviews, pictures, webclips–just from what we’ve seen aired on television, we have no proof yet whether or not Jeremy is alive, dead-in-waiting, or dead-dead.  Again, wait for it!

4)  Silas is an immortal witch, not a vampire.  They’ve painstakingly pointed out there’s a difference on several occasions.  In epi 4.09, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful,’ Shane‘s words were:  “Human blood is the life force of an immortal.  No more immortality, no more need to feed on blood, you dig up Silas and you’ve got your cure.”  All vampires are immortal, but all immortals are not necessarily veiny-eyed, fang bearing vampires.  Silas is (not was, and got turned into something else) an immortal witch.  Who needed blood to survive while he was buried, so he desiccated.  The blood was needed to resurrect him not because he’s a vampire.  We’re stickin to that until proven otherwise, Bonnie’s phrase about ‘vampire statue’ notwithstanding.

5)  Was some mystery person feeding Vaughn info, or did his Hunter Radar about Mystic Falls and Nova Scotia kick in when Jer’s Mark completed?  If it was mystical, didn’t it set off three OTHER Hunter’s pagers?

6)  Where is Bleeding Bonnie in the preview that was aired?  She’s apparently MIA.

7)  Spoilers and the lack thereof–our regular readers know the Editorial Staff is OCD Spoilerphobic.  That being said, there is a telling LACK of spoiler casting announcements for Silas’ character.  Because we all know it’s virtually 99% impossible for this fandom to keep a secret.  There has been talk, with the pending possibility of “The Originals”, that TVD would need a new Big Bad next season.  However!  If Bonnie was powerful enough in her pre-Expression days to stick Klaus’ “essence” into Tyler, and Esther could put her own “essence” into Rebekah, why could the purported most powerful witch in the world not use SHANE as his meat-suit?  No casting required!

Oh, we’re tired.  Thank you all for reading, and please don’t make our eyes bleed from disagreeing!  LOL!  We are all entitled to our opinion, we don’t have to agree, and aren’t we just happy to have Mystic Falls to wait for it in?

MAK turned her obsessive habit of TVD tweeting and commenting on other people’s recaps into The Mystic Falls Messenger. She loves the stuffins out of all things vampire, especially The Vampire Diaries. Follow her shameless tweets @mak75231 so she doesn’t feel ignored!


  1. I had thought Jer was definitely dead but you make some excellent points including that Jer was already a true hunter when he revived after Elena killed him by mistake and that hunters are not necessarily supernatural ( although having ink appear all over you and giving you sudden new strength would seem to qualify.)
    Loved Damon and Vaughn’s “conversation” – hope Vaughn sticks around for a little while.
    Like Damon, I feel exhausted by the obstacles placed in front of Delena. Time to move on. Not that the writers will ley Damon find any peace elsewhere.

    • @Tymbrimi Thanks for reading, commenting, and noticing I pointed out Jer’s ring had worked once after he had at least some ink on him. We will probably get the answers (at least some) in the next exp–which is what I’m waiting for! Thanks again!

  2. As usual a great recap. That was a hell of an episode. Full of Doom and Gloom and Jeremy is no more. Katherine is an unforgiving bitch. Why didn’t she feed Vaughn to Silas?
    In the new webclip, Shane talks to Bonnie and mentions Silas did help him. Maybe Silas is using him right now as his meat-suit (like in supernatural). Shane isn’t done yet, Silas would want to regain his witchy powers so God help us all.

    Jeremy didn’t wake up after his”death” otherwise why would Elena be out of her mind? Why does Bonnie not remember seeing Jeremy’s neck being snapped by the monstrous Silas? Maybe she was too much in shock and didn’t fully register it or the shock was too much so she is having amnesia about it.
    I am worried about Damon and Elena. Stefan very conveniently “forgot” to tell Damon that Elena wasn’t looking for the cure for herself anymore but to use it against Klaus.
    Katherine probably grabbed this Diamond of Hope rock too. Perhaps that’s the only hope they will have to put Silas down or to freeze his ass back into oblivion.
    I wish Damon and Elena would get together. All this over the top Doom and Gloom stuff is too much. I hope JP will show us something worth all this trouble and heartache by end of this season…

    • @Delenafan Thanks for liking the recap! We went “lalala” and stuck our fingers in our ears the minute we saw the words “In the new webclip”. lol The Editor intentionally does not look at anything, webclips, extended promos, still pictures, etc., in an effort to get the full force of the epi when it airs, and share those feelings with y’all. We only report on what we actually saw! :) Thanks for reading and commenting, as always!

  3. @MAK: HAHAHA! Thanks!
    You don’t like spoilers, fair enough:-)! But do you do any speculation? *wink*

    • @Delenafan Occasionally in the edition I do speculate, but it usually shows up as an Editor’s note or at the end, like I did this week! :)

    • @Rainbowdragon12 Bwahaaa! You would, since you knew what it was before it was published! I’m so proud you read it all and commented this time! I feel like I got a Pulitzer!

  4. great recap.

    I have no idea if Jeremy is coming back. I am leaning towards no, I dont think the difference with his death this time is that he is a full hunter. Like you said when there were only partial parts of the mark he was a potential…
    I hope they do bring Silas aboard because they are in need of a new menace to Mystic Falls.

    Poor Woobie :( he has had a rough couple of weeks. I say they all just shut off their humanity and see what happens. LOL.

    • @Kate I loveee our readers! I, as well, am leaning toward ‘true death’, but I wanna wait for the explanation! As far as your comment about the ‘mark he was a potential’–he was a ‘potential’ before he got any Mark. That’s how Connor knew he was a ‘potential’, because he could see Connor’s tat when they first met at The Grill. He didn’t get the Mark on the back of his hand until Connor died. That was why I believed he was already a Hunter once he got any Mark–he’d already taken Connor’s place as one of The Five.
      I’ve always thought there was going to be more to Shane than just wanting his family back–that was why it occurred to me Silas might choose to use him as a ‘meat suit’ and put his essence into Shane’s body. We’d already have a built in new Big Bad to go forward. Or maybe we’ll get a new ‘menace’ next season….
      GREAT IDEA! Everybody flip the humanity switch and see what happens! lol Poor Woobie needs a break!

  5. Great recap as usual! Loved “fustercluck”! I agree that there is going to be explanation regarding Jeremy whether he lives or dies and whatever the writers say is what we have to accept. It could go either way. I also think that they know that they need a really good explanation since Jer was a main character and people are going to be devastated.
    I am however very mad at Katherine…I loved that she came around to the good side last season and I hope there is a really good reason for her doing what she did. I know she loves the brothers and could care less about Elena but what she did still sucks!

    • @Katerina Bwahaaa! You KNOW what word really came to mind but I thought I’d clean it up a tad and used ‘fustercluck’! Truly, from only what aired, it could go either way with Jer and the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing. It probably WON’T, but I’m excited to see what their reasoning is whichever way it goes. We almost have to have some new loophole in the mythology. We shall see this week (I hope).
      Don’t be mad at Katherine! Since we first met her, she’s always harped about wanting LEVERAGE. Boy, howdy, does she have it now! Not only does she have ONE DOSE, but may also have the calcified Qetsiyah blood Pet Rock Tombstone! It just seemed too lame for all that fuss over a rock and it only to be payment to Massak for getting them all there. The writers just don’t leave a good prop wasted, and they ran that part about the core made from Qetsiyah’s blood, well, I’m just sayin, dead geriatric witch blood, reconstituted, has to be good for something! Thanks for reading and leaving us a note!

    • @Sarah The screencap credit all belongs to Ruthie @tvdfansonline! She works her fingers to the bone every week and always ‘reads my mind’ with the pictures she includes! We are lucky to have her! :) Thanks for leaving her the praise!

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