Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 3.15 “All My Children”

Mystic Falls Messenger

As the world turns around all my children, the guiding light of another world dawns on the young and the restless. Who’s hiding in our general hospital? Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. (Sue me!) No, Toto, we’re not in Pine Valley anymore!

Editor’s note: Ruthie is trying really hard not to crash the site with too many screencaps–made all the easier this week by SO MANY DARK CAVE SCENES! Smoochies to Ruthie–she’s a trooper!


The weather took a turn toward the icy following The Big Ball, on apparently the longest day of the year in Mystic Falls. Elena met the sun in bed (with mini-Woobie, we might add) after an obviously fitful night. Desperate for worship, her first phone call was to Stefan, who was up writing in his DIARY? [We thought they’d done away with those.] Stef ignored her straight to voicemail (I‘m having a heat wave for your brother but I HAVE to talk you since our little heart-to-heart on The Porch of Truth). It’s getting COLD up in here! The sloppy second call went to Damon–ah, Bex was in bed with the Big Woobie! What?! I‘m busy getting (READ: getting busy) over you with your worst enemy; don‘t call here again! Click. Wrong move, Elena. Guess you need to find a new phone-sex buddy! Ten calls is not enough!

Elena got dressed and stomped over to Stately Salvatore Manor. Just in time to catch Bex being escorted to the door by half-naked Damon. They were agreeing on their sleepover being no big, but Rebekah expected to at least get a second date out of it. Don’t hold your breath, and don‘t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. ELENA-BUSTED! Bex looked like she just put another notch in her garter belt. Damon looked busted. Elena looked…..incredulous. Brrrr! It’s sleeting daggers!


Eager Beaver’s Tailors. You rend it, we mend it. We Make House Calls.


In a futile attempt to not stare at Damon while he put his shirt on, Elena figured SURELY Damon was off this vervain and compelled to ravage Bex. Don’t call him Shirley, he wasn’t compelled, he’ll have a little bourbon breakfast of champions, and maybe it’s NOT ALL ABOUT YOU, ELENA! Moving right along! Elena filled him in on the great and wonderful Esther plan linking all the Originals, since he missed it by whoring around! Winna, winna, chicken dinna! Maybe Elena tried to work the jealousy angle here–she didn’t want ALL of them dead, what about her fave, Elijah? Oh, and maybe Damon might actually care about the wench he just defiled? [This could turn out to be Damon’s best undiabolical strategy to-date–Elena was actually acting jealous! And he drunk-stumbled into it!] Hold up! Two seconds ago Elena was pissed that Rebekah attacked her 48 hours earlier. It’s a win-win. Frown. Don’t do anything to screw this up, Elena. Stef snuck in; he was always such an eavesdropper. Damon’s right, you know. Klaus has to die. They all do. Democracy in action. Two against one! Elena barged past Damon in a huff, spilling his drink on the way to the door. She didn’t like being outvoted in this majority rules!


Our Society Column recounts the remnants of The Big Ball. Rebekah arrived home THE NEXT MORNING to the heckling of Kol. Klaus tried to stay out of the fray, sketching creepy crush-boy drawings of Caroline and horses (Ewww! He‘s worse than a GIRL!). At least The Strumpet‘s having fun! Kol wanted to go have fun, but not alone (what’s up with these clingy Originals?). He guilted Nik into going with him (hey, you daggered me in the heart, you owe me a good time!) Coerced into day drinking–Klaus didn’t get enough booze at the party, what with Kol trying to murder Bex’ human date and all. Bex practically threw them out (This house has enough men rolling around in it!), but not without one last Kol parting shot (Just like you, Bekkah!) Good riddance.

Unlike his crass brothers, Elijah came in to discuss his worries about Esther’s strange behavior with Bex. She totally defended Mom’s position. You try being dead for a thousand years and you’d be strange, too! Elijah pondered the burned sage from Esther’s privacy spell, whist Bex suggested he ask Mama’s little pet Finn what was up? Elijah doesn’t trust Finn (smart vamp), since he always hated what they are. Rebekah’s so EASY–she thinks Mom returned for one reason, to make the family whole. She loves them. What trouble is Elijah looking to find? (Don’t ask the question if you can’t stand the dot, dot, dot)


Not really, but made ya look, didn’t we? We’re saving up our exposé on the Bennett family until all the facts are in–like how come all the females have the same last name, where’s Bonnie’s dad/what is HIS last name, and who’s house is Bonnie living in? Bonnie tried to duplicate the sage privacy spell in her bedroom while Elena carried on-and-on about Damon being proud of his romp with Bex. Can you hear me now? Yes, not only could our reporter eavesdrop from outside, but Caroline heard from the hall–no, it’s NOT working, she heard all about Damon the Vampire Gigolo. Bonnie went all “you brought this whack-job spell in here“–we need more (cowbell) smoke! Car went back out to “check” if more smoke was working. Oh, and if Elena was done ranting, she might be interested to know Ester came to visit that morning. Um, Elena’s been venting about Damon and Bonnie forgot to say this because? No worries. Esther wanted to [suck off more power] politely introduce herself, since the Bennett Babes brought her back. Ooh, nasty, can’t Bonnie stop that channeling crap? Like, why? Elena’s guilty conscience Before the Sun and Moon Farce, Elijah found a way to keep her alive. Now the tables are turned and she’s gonna let him die? Doesn’t feel right. Car barged back in. She can STILL hear them! And hey, ELENA’s not doing this. Esther is! Bonnie let them know it was a full moon (what, no calendars?), and Elijah‘s minutes were numbered. We thought Esther said this was going to take TIME, but what‘s a day, give or take? Celestial event, harness energy, Abby invited Bon-Abby to the party! Yays! They totes got snubbed for The Ball!


Damon’s ego was busy suckin all the air out of the room (Lord, we’ve missed that!) when he offered Stef a pre-victory toast of 98.6. Extra broody Stef suggested they wait till Klaus was dead maybe? (Ignore) High-five at the way we stood up to Elena! Team Salvatore of the Unwhipped! Musta driven her nuts. Maybe somebody should talk to her so she doesn’t screw things up (as usual). She won’t listen to Damon–possibly the little sleepover pissed her off? Not his fault she got jealous. Oh, yeah, 100% his fault given his choice of wench. Get over it, already! Damon did his bro a favor, now Stef can come in and reclaim what was once his. Martyr Stefan echoed Klaus’ thought that Elena’s better off without BOTH of them. Fine. Neither one of them gets her. Just make sure she doesn’t screw with Esther’s plan. Smacked down one of the tumblers of blood on the end table. Stef eyed it longingly.


Sometime later in The Day, Elena received a gentleman intruder. Knock, knock. Who’s there? The Suit. The Suit who? The Suit of Shame On You for lying to me! Elijah came to invite Elena to “take a ride” out into the woods. Seen stopping at an undisclosed remote destination, Elena made small talk but it’s history lesson time! We all know how Elijah luuuves to retell history! Her school was built over an Indian village (wait, when did Indians come into this?): saw his first werewolf, Klaus got wild horses to pose nekkid for him, natives worshipped where The Town Square is. Ain’t that incredible? No, it’s boring. Here was the REAL interesting place. A cavern below that boy-Elijah used to play in connected to a system of tunnels. (Woodsy Owl smelled a Lockwood Cave somewhere–owls are smart like that.) The caverns were Nature’s way of providing the Mikaelson’s with shelter against the savagery of the full moon (i.e. werewolves). Elena got nervous and said she should probs go home. Let’s be TOO COOL about being ruthless, Elijah! He admired and valued her lack of deceit and yet, oopsie! SHE LIED TO HIS FACE ABOUT MOM‘S MOTIVES! Mumble, mumble, excuse, excuse–he can hear her heart jump when she lies. Like right now. TRUTH! And they’re not even on The Porch! Elena backpedaled, never wanted this to happen, thought whatever was in the coffin was the Klaus-Killer, and instead it was Esther, yadayadayada. Elena had thought Esther was gonna help find a way to kill Klaus. But Elijah was WAY ahead of her–not just Klaus that she wanted to kill. She wants to kill them all, doesn’t she? Elijah actually mouthed the word F#@K! Elena wished there was something she could do to help. Be careful what you wish for! Elijah stomped a hole in the roof of the cavern, grabbed Elena, and jumped! First Floor–NOT Ladies’ Lingerie! Elijah abandoned Elena with her cell–no, we can’t hear you now because you get NO CELL signal down in that abyss!


Damon got worried that he hadn‘t heard from Elena since she slopped his drink all over him in a huff. He called Ric, who was, of course, holding up the bar at The Grill. Ric hadn’t seen Elena since morning, when she ratted out Damon’s Original Sexcapades. Can that girl not keep her mouth shut? (we’re saving front page space for her tell-all.) Hey it was “hard” for her not to tell. While she was spilling, did she also tell Ric she was having an attack of conscience about the whole Original Murder thing? Ric was NOT gonna judge her for having a conscience. Well, don’t have to. Just tie her up or lock her in her room till this is all over! Ric wouldn‘t if he could, and he can‘t, he’s busy. With sexy psycho doctor? Nunya. Buh-bye. Just then Damon spied the undrunk tumbler of blood he strategically left to tempt Stefan. Untouched. Suspicious?

Yup, Meredith was day drinking between rounds with Ric, again. Does Damon still think she’s a serial killer? He’s a little judgmental. Isn’t everybody? Subject change. Ric’s conveniently handy medical chart x-rays were inconclusive. Since he heals so damn fast, Meredith couldn’t tell if the attacker was tall, short, left or right-handed, nada. And his CT scan was clear, he sure he can’t remember anything? Maybe there’s a reason. Maybe he was…….COMPELLED! Wait, Meredith thinks The Slasher is a vampire? Well, it’s the only assumption left. You know what they say about assumptions. Speaking of asses, Klaus and Kol sidled up to the bar to defend the New Kids On The Block–don’t look at us if you’ve got a Serial Killer problem! We’re just letting off some steam (while Kol’s making steamy eyes at Meredith).


The Bennett Babes walked to the tea party with Esther & Son at The Slayboy Mansion/Dust Bunny Hutch. Abby was overheard wondering what Grams would say. She’d say ‘What in HELL are you two doin getting mixed up in vampire shit again!?’ Magnamanous welcome by Ester, with compliments all around. Finn just looked creepy, as usual. Why are they here? Oh, and thanks for the invite to The Ball, it was a GAS (not)! As the descendants of Ayanna, Esther’s bff forever, she channels their entire bloodline, living and dead, but it’s hard to maintain. That’s why she needs them–they are the bloodline made manifest. ‘Tonight, my sistas, we shall bring peace to the spirits of nature that we serve and for that, I thank you.


Elena tried to investigate her surroundings lookin for a way out. Well, hell no, Bex is down there guarding her! And she was NOT in the mood to gloat about how good Damon was in the sack (if we remember correctly, Elena’s been TOLD this before *ahem Bree*). If Elena tried to run, Bex got to kill her! Goodie!


Stef went out looking for Elena, and came home to find Elijah warming his cheeks in front of the Stately Salvatore Fireplace (that has it’s own Twitter account, btw! We attempted to get it to put down a bearskin rug, but The Fireplace complained that the bros were always getting bloodstains on it!). We digress. Damon informed Stef that Elijah had Elena. He’s got his thong in a wad, actually she’s with Rebekah. [CATFIGHT!] If The Salvabros wanna [keep Bex from ripping her throat out] save her life, they have to help stop Esther. Damon was embarrassed to admit he’s a little rusty at killing thousand year old resurrected witches. Unfortunately, even when killed, Mom doesn’t want to STAY dead. Plan B? The witches that released Esther (Bon and Abby), she’s drawing power from their bloodline. It needs to be broken. As in curtains! Elijah would do it himself, but he [doesn’t have thumbs] didn’t know where they were. Besides, they’d know if they saw Elijah comin–but those two fools? In any case, they have until 6 minutes after 9 to find them. Synchronize your watches! Because at 9:07 the moon will be full, Mom will be all juiced up, and Elijah’s family dies. If The Bros don’t stop her before then, Rebekah will kill Elena. We all had our timeline, tick tock!


Bex, all caught up on technology, took a cell hostage-vid of Elena to inspire The Boyfriends to rescue her. Because SHE had the unlimited data plan and the 4G coverage (that’s why Elena’s phone didn’t work!) Come on, Elena, give us a few bars of ‘stuck in a hole with your biggest fan’! Bex couldn’t decide what she wanted more. To find out the family’s saved or that she had the green light to rip off Elena’s head. Elena tried begging–it wasn’t her fault! Both gals wanted to get rid of Klaus, she didn’t know Esther was demented! Shut up, you cow! Bex had no desire to spend her last few hours of life (?) with a literal back-stabber! Completely annoyed as to why EVERYbody wanted to SAVE ELENA, Bex pronounced her the perfect hostage. But stop whining–she’ll rip off your head!


We caught up with Stef at the basement blood cooler, contemplating a snack. Seriously contemplating. Damon walked in–too busy or you wanna help with the plan? Stef thought they needed to call Bon. Gotta be a way for her to stop Esther from channeling all that power. Damon logic: A) What if she’s with Esther. B) What if she can’t cut her off. C) I don’t know how any of this stuff works. D) Neither do you. They COULD go with simple mechanics. You can’t draw power from a dead battery. Kill ‘em if it comes to that. Stef threw the bloodbag snack to Damon, who took a hit and passed it back (testing, testing). Gotta be another way. Damon did have a less diabolical plan. Voila! Dagger (for Elijah?)! Hey, they’re all linked. If one goes down, they all go down. Problem solved. Will it affect Klaus? Ironically, Klaus isn’t their current problem atm. Dagger’s lethal to any vampire who uses it. Well, Damon had a fool on standby.


The fool on the stool (and on the phone) was Ric. Oh, yeah, Klaus and Kol were still there. Drank up half the liquor in the bar and Ric’s PISSED! But wasted Originals would be easier to divide and conquer, right? Bring on the blonde distraction. Enter Caroline, poppin open her coat to expose her “assets”. Can we just take a moment to say how flawlessly gorgeous Candice Accola looked this week? Flirt monster agrees with her! Anyway, looks were exchanged with Ric as she made her way close to the bar where Kol and Klaus were tossin em back. Kol made a crass remark about Caroline–one more word and Klaus was gonna tear out Kol’s liver (while it‘s still functioning)! Oh, Caroline! Over here, dear! Join us for a drink. Thanks, but no thanks. Me and “The Girls” had enough of you last night! Klaus is smitten, again. [Can Mystic Falls not have more than one set of balls to go around, or what? We are considering a name change to Missy Whipped Falls.] Kol: She certainly looks good walking away from you! Klaus took that as a challenge and hotfooted it outa there after Car.

Outside, Klaus turned on the innocent charm. Hey, it was just a little spat, sit, talk to me! Car jabbed back for him to take himself, his expensive jewelry, his romantic drawings, and a hike! Okay, coy in action, she eventually sat down on a convenient bench with him–talk then, Buster! Klaus wanted to discuss her hopes, dreams, aspirations. Why does he always wax so poetic? Just to be clear, this 18 year old Hotpants is too smart to be seduced by the likes of a bazillion year old Casanova! That’s what he likes about her. She’s a smartass.


Spelltime, kiddies! In the clearing outside The Dustbunny Hutch, a giant pentagram represented the connection to magic. Drawn with salt as a symbol of the earth (Salt of the Earth?). Five torches at the star’s apexes represented the 5 remaining Original children. As the witch that cast the spell that made them vampires, Esther can reverse it. When they become human again, they can be killed (okay, that was an unexpected twist–human again?). Since they’re linked as one, psycho Finn will be the sacrificial lamb. Mom’s releasing h m from an eternity of shame. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a gift. Finn would have made a great priest.


Inside The Grill, Kol was busy hitting on Meredith at the pool table. Meredith wasn’t buying. He likes pretty little things with sharp tongues. Ric just likes sharp things, too–dagger! Kol dropped. Bex dropped, and Elena ran (we’re still thinking Lockwood Cave connection), Finn dropped. Esther was all whoopsie, something’s wrong! Klaus got cramps, but he didn’t drop. Car shot a glance over at the bar (don‘t clue in Klaus, bimbo!)–OMG! Kol! It was a trick!

Ric dragged Kol out the back to waiting Damon and Stef. WHAM! Ric got a Klaus beat-down (undaggered Kol), and then faced-off with Damon. These two can spew testosterone with the best of them! To paraphrase:

Klaus: I shoulda killed you months ago.

Damon: Do it! Not gonna stop Esther from killing you!

Klaus: What did you say about my mother?

Us: Your mother’s so fat…….

Damon: You didn’t know I was friends with your mummy? She hates you as much as I do!

Us: Please don’t tell us you slept with Klaus’ mother!

Elijah the sane brother interceded. Not yet! They will need Damon. Cellphone in hand, Elijah wanted the tea party location or he would call Bex and have her kill Elena right now. Damon glanced at the clock in the square–wait, we got over a half hour on the timeline yet! Yeah, well, Bex would be more than happy to reach out and touch someone you love early!

Speaking of Bex, she came round from her short, ashy nap to find Elena had flown the coop. Well, even half-dead she could still track her down! Elena fled not so quietly (hell, even WE could track her). Bex caught up to her just as she found what? The Lockwood Cave? Slippery little Eel-ena escaped Bex’ grip and lunged into The Cave with the Coffin. WHAM! You little bitch! Who you callin a bitch, bitch? Sorry, no ticky no vampy! Rebekah can’t come in!


Our reporter followed Meredith and Ric back to her jumbled bachelorette pad, and boy, does she need a maid, or what? Mer was patchin up Ric’s head wound and assessing possible broken ribs, courtesy of Klaus. This boy needs accident insurance bad! That’s what he gets, picking fights with guys 30 times his age! Meredith prescribed rest–Damon and Stefan are gonna take care of Elena (and how would she know this?), she was gonna take care of Ric. Yeah, how’s that workin for ya, Ric?


[We were treated to some great Brothers Salvatore scenes this week, and this one was NO exception!] A blue Camaro convertible was spotted parked in the woods near The Slayboy/Dustbunny Hutch. The Brothers were overheard wondering if the witches were even there. It was their best guess, with only 10 minutes on the timeline! Damon suggested if they sat this one out, Ester does her thing, Klaus dies, Stef gets his revenge–what he wanted the whole time. The only collateral damage would be “Elena“. They both know she’d choose to die to save her friends. Yup (pop the “p”). If they ‘do this’ it will wreck her and she’ll hate both of them. They agree! Damon has a brilliant stupid idea. Only one of them has to actually ‘do the deed’–let’s flip a coin–in the dark. Stef thought it was an awful lot of effort for someone who pretends not to care anymore. Pot, kettle, brother! Heads I win, tails you lose!

Where did Elena find the flashlight in The Lockwood Cave? Did they leave it behind from some earlier episode? She searched for the way out, which was blocked by Bex with a gas can and a box of matches! Barbecued bloodbag, anyone? What is she doing, is she insane? Bex is so spontaneous, maybe that’s why Damon likes her! Light em up! Elena’s either gonna come out or stay in there and fry. (Where are the cave rats with weak bladders when you need them? Are coffins fireproof?) Bex enjoyed playing firebug, throwing matches at puddles of gasoline and taunting Elena, while again recording the whole incident on her phone for YouTube! [We promise this video will become important later!] Elena noted Bex still wearing The Jewel of the Vile, which belonged to the Mother with the Warped Delayed Abortion complex. So Bex ripped it off and threw it at her for a last request (we know not why). Bex struck The Last Match, but Elena knew how to work a good former-pretend-girlfriend-pity angle, and she threw everything she had at Bex. Bluff call! She said Bex wouldn’t do it, since there was still a chance she’d be alive tomorrow, and if she threw that match, it would be a total waste of perfectly good revenge! After all, isn’t that Bex’ whole motivation? Revenge? Elena pretended to like her, then stabbed her in the back–that’s why Bex slept with Damon, why she’s torturing Elena. Elena hurt her feelings! Match went out, insults got weaker. Tough act doesn’t suit Elena, but she never said she was tough–they both know she’s right. Elena went All-In and Rebekah folded!


Inside the Pentagram of Death, Finn alerted the media that “They” were coming–NO, too soon! The moon wasn’t high enough! Esther sent Abby and Bonnie inside The Dustbunny Hutch (her mistake) and stepped into the circle with Finn–see, Elijah, Klaus, and Kol couldn’t break the circle. [Was anybody else having flashbacks to Klaus and Greta’s ritual fire circles about then?] Kol voiced what everybody was thinking–they’re stuck outside the circle while kiss-ass Finn plays sacrificial lamb–Mama says shush, Kol! Your brother knows virtue you cannot even imagine. Even Elijah was down with the confrontation. Whatever Ester thought of them, killing her own children would be an atrocity. Esther only regretted not letting them die a thousand years ago. Klaus was bored. End this mess or he’ll send Mama back to hell. Esther’s been forced to watch Klaus’ painful shenanigans for a thousand years, and Elijah’s no better! A curse on this earth stretched out over generations. If you boys came to plead for your life, she’s deaf!

Abby and Bonnie ran inside the Dustbunny Hutch, which creeped Abby out no end! Serious vibes, Bon! Yeah, well, The Spirits will protect them from The Originals, especially if they go to the basement. Bonnie tromped downstairs, but Abby heard something. Bon got to the bottom, and she heard something down there, too. Stefan! The Originals took Elena and they’re gonna kill her (so what else is new?). Bon can’t stop Esther; she’s channeling them! Stef told her if she can’t stop Esther, he’s gotta find another way. Dun, dun, dun! Whataya gonna do–even if you kill us, Esther’s channeling every witch in our ancestry. The only way to do it is cut her off–if one of you two is no longer a witch. Say what? Damon had Abby upstairs–this will only hurt a second! SNAP!

Esther felt that! Who’s got the hook-up now? You know how it is when the power goes out and you haven’t “saved” your files in a few minutes!? “Sistas! Do not abandon me!” Torches flamed up, wind blew, the outsider Mikaelson Brothers covered their heads! When the dust settled, 3 were left standing, and no Mom and Finn! The magic circle of death was broken!

Well! Rebekah told Elena she could come out now–your boys took care of the problem. Damon turned your witch-friend’s mother into a vampire (and here we thought for a commercial break that he’d just killed her)–can’t be a witch AND a vampire! BTW, Elena was right. Bex will be much more satisfied taking her time and watching Elena suffer no end. Oh, hell and her new pea coat smells like gas!


Elena’s first stop wasn‘t at the dry cleaners, since there was another body laid to “rest” at the Bennett House. Bonnie was grieving at Abby’s bedside–Caroline told Elena at the door she wasn’t taking Elena-visitors. Abby was in transition–Bon needed some time to deal. Bonnie’s always been there for Elena, but put in Bonnie’s shoes–everything that happened was to save Elena. Again. Bon loves Elena so much, but somehow she’s always the one who gets hurt. [Do we REALLY need to send you back issues, Caroline?]


Inside the Stately Damon Bathroom (hey, it needed a name)–Damon washed his hands of the whole mess. Is she safe? Elijah kept his word (this time). Good. All’s right in the world again (um, what about Klaus?). Stef knew he lost the coin toss. Why’d Damon do it? It shoulda been Stef that turned Abby. Because Damon’s not blind–Stef’s barely over his last Rippah binge and all he wants is to go back to being Ye Olde Stef. Nope. He’s gone forever. Oh, yeah? How long has it been since Stef’s had one DROP of human blood (BUSTED!)? How’d Damon know? You don’t spend 146 years with somebody and not pick up on things. Answer the question, Stef–how long?

Since he threatened to drive Elena off Wickery Bridge. See, Stef had enough to feel guilty about, why add to the list? You’re welcome, btw. Not fooling anyone, Damon, you still love her. He does. Thought he could win fair and square–she didn’t want him. All for the best. He’s better at being the bad guy anyway. (Oh, yeah, he’s REAL good at being the bad boy!)

Elena had a note from Elijah on her bed. ‘Elena, today I did things I abhor to protect the one thing I value most. My family. If anyone can understand it, it’s you. Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you as I will carry my regret. Always and forever, Elijah.’ [Always and forever, each moment with you…]


Rebekah returned home to find Elijah and Klaus. Forlorn expressions all around. Wha happened? It’s over, Bex. Where’s Mother? We have no Mother. Only Esther, and she was right. What did Elijah mean? All his talk of virtue. He went into kill mode. He tortured an innocent (Elena)–used Rebekah’s hatred for her to get what he wanted. He wielded her like a sword [ooh, mental images!]. Bex was defiant–stop moping, we’re better than they are! Are we? Mother made us vampires, we made ourselves monsters. Klaus was burning Caroline sketches in the fireplace. Was that a gallon of Chunky Monkey sitting on the mantle? Klaus figured Bex would have gone by now. Elijah’s leaving, Kol took off, Esther and Finn were gone too (what does that MEAN, gone?). Bex hated Klaus when she found out he committed matricide, but she finally figured it out. Klaus was the only one who never left Bex (yeah, he toted her around in a box). Quite a pair. Bex had the YouTube to show him! Lookee. Not at the bitch, look on The Cave Wall behind Elena, fool! Yeah, it’s natives worshipping at the White Oak Tree they burned to the ground, so what? Look at the native calendar in front of it…a sapling or a new tree to replace the old one survived 300 years after they fled back to The Olde World. It could kill them. It’s not over yet!


Ric woke up with a raging concussion headache on Meredith’s couch (she was in the bed, feigning sleep?). After pilfering some aspirin (or something pharmaceutical) from the cabinet, being the good history researcher he is(READ: sleepover snoop–who knew guys did this, too?), Ric started going through Meredith’s patient files laying around. Lo and behold what is this? A knife wrapped in red cloth? What can it be? Whoopsie! Here’s Meredith with a revolver! Just like Ric to bring a knife to a gunfight! You weren’t supposed to see that–BANG!


We Wuv Wicked Woobie! One last pouty phrase for old time’s sake. This week’s Woobie Word of the Week ain‘t ‘pissed‘, ‘screw‘, or ‘sexy‘. It‘s PANDA BEAR!

NOTE TO READERS: IS Meredith The Too-Obvious Slasher? Did she hit Ric from point-blank range? If so, is she supernatural, or is it buh-bye Ricalicious? Was it a warning shot? Was that really just a starter pistol from the Sexy Psycho Relay? Ric should really go for two deaths in one episode. He’d for sure get an Emmy! Is Esther gone for good–she’s got a reach-back bag with hidden pockets! Your comments are always entertaining, enlightening and welcome! Share!

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  1. First of all, hello surprise!!! EARLY RECAPS!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUU MAK!!!

    IS Meredith The Too-Obvious Slasher? I’d say, yes and no. I’m sure she’s the one doing the killing, but she isn’t the one in control!
    Did she hit Ric from point-blank range? If so, is she supernatural, or is it buh-bye Ricalicious? Was it a warning shot? Was that really just a starter pistol from the Sexy Psycho Relay? Ric should really go for two deaths in one episode. He’d for sure get an Emmy! Too many questions at the same time, my brain just fried! LOL
    Is Esther gone for good–she’s got a reach-back bag with hidden pockets! If Bekka found the truth about the Oak tree, it’s only a matter of time before someone else does.

    My usual rambling of the week:
    Klaus: I’m crossing my fingers that him burning pictures of Caroline means that we will get S2!Klaus back, I need my psycho villain (since the delicious Kol is gone)
    Stefan: Please, please, please, keep up the ripper appearance. At least, I’ll be able to imagine that you are still a bad boy!
    Damon: Boys will be boys… same as last week. He’s just back to being a diluted version of S1-S2!Damon. *sighs* Young man, I hope Sage will bring back S1!Damon, cause I seriously miss him. :)
    Elena: Can we create an award for “Best plan screwer ever“?! Cause let’s be honest, this was a perfect plan. Pointers for the scooby-gang: next time don’t mention the plan to Elena.
    Caroline: *High five to her* Great player and great friend!
    Bonnie: I just felt bad for her. You just found your mom again, who’s actually trying to do the right thing by helping you and she ends up being turned into a Vampire as collateral damage. So much for a reunion! LOL
    Bekka: She’s seriously trying to grow on me! I was laughing so hard (cruel of me) when she told Elena how crazy it was for people to go to such length to save her and that because of that she would always be the perfect target. Vampire or not; Elena is her friends’s weakness.

    -If Elena ends up with one of the Salvatore brothers at the end of the season, I’ll face palm myself for sure. At this point, she doesn’t deserve them! LOL
    -Wish for a Dark!Willow!Bonnie, can we have her as villain?! LOL I know it’s not gonna happen, but it would just be amazing.
    -Wonder how Elena will react to being rejected by Bonnie, especially how she will act toward Damon and Stefan
    -And also for Bonnie who was starting to warm up to Vampire and both Stefan and Damon; irrsssh I think things will get worse before they get better. But I still think that having Care and Abby as Vamps with her will help overcome her hatred for all the vampires and maybe focus that hate on specific people instead.
    -No more Klaroline?! You won’t hear any complains from me if that’s the case. ;)
    -Am I the only one thinking that we won’t get any follow-up to what happened in the next episode?! I mean, you look at the promo and it’s Sage/Damon centric; after last night episode, you cannot just change subject?! Why do I feel like the Bonnie/Elena/Salvatore bros and Alaric/Meredith thing will be seen for like 5 minutes and then we won’t hear about it for the rest of the season?! I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case. This year, TVD has this “Let’s start something and not finish it” motto. VERY annoying!

    Once again thank you MAK for your wonderful job and Ruthie for the photo!!! :D

  2. I found the whole thing really boring. That was sweeps? The plan to kill Klaus at ep 15 failed, did anyone think if wouldn’t ? This is going to 22 and even then they might not kill him because they don’t know when to say enough. Points to Buffy, Joss Whedon treated every finale like it was the series finale in case of cancellation and the big bad was rapped up.

    Points also to Bex for telling Elena to save her speech in the tunnels because she didn’t want to wast her possible last hours listening to her.

    I am probaly going to be crucified for this, but Elena did not deserve the dis from Caroline at the end. Bonnie has suffered no more than anyone else I that town and has caused her own bits of suffering. Yes, Elena wanted to tell Eijah, but she did not say a word until he started getting scary. Little human girl, big bad 1,000 year old vamp telling her her heart was outing her lie. What choice did she have? Damon could have just out and killed Abbey the bad mom, he didn’t. As he said before, weird is not dead so it is all good. When Bonnie hated newly vamped Caroline, did Elena point out that Bonnie’s lie about the Gilbert device and Bonnie’s guilt ridden insistence Damon give Caro blood caused it as much as neck snapped Katherine? No. So shut up Caroline and judge the brothers Salvatorre for putting Elena first Bonnie. After all Caro worked on team Kat out of fear, so don’t blame Elena for being human, she is one of the last ones left in town.

    Then originals were a lotnof buzz that went no where. They a all gone except the two we started the season with. Another Buffy borrow, they were all hat and no cat as Spike would say.

    Sage…she could be for Damon, but if she is teaching him how to enjoy a woman as a vamp she could also be gay. that would be a twist. Also a nice change since couples last five seconds. Why go there?

    Meredith I think might be compelled. I also think her shot missed.

    On the rings, I wonder if they only save one person a certain number of times? That could mean Elena’s dad was killed by a suoernatual related car crash but had worn out his ring and died. Do we really think it just went off that bridge?

    Bex revenge. I could see her finding a newly vampired Elena and forcing her to feed to get the slow revenge of watching her hate herself and the humanity in her that all the men love dying.

  3. @Melissa Nothing will ever be as epic as Joss Whedon’s BtVS. When your series is considered as a cult show, you know you did everything right! No one would ever dare to do what he did in most of his season finals LOL. Killing his hero not once, but twice, turned best friend into a POWER villain, killing a lover to save the world, fighting an underground military facility with weirdo Frankenstein, having the Mayor turn into a giant monster (Mayor Lockwood does count, Buffy had Oz LOL) and destroy a whole town…

  4. @Marie, true Buffy was epic. Sometimes I wish TVD could hire some Buffy writers to inject some real life as monster metaphors and help pacing. Plus Elena could use some Buffy spunk.

    I forgot to mention before that JP’s statement that the question of this season being if Elena was fully falling for Damon the whole time is a bit of a baffled considering last night. That question implies a. Elena falls for Damon b. Other people realize Elena has fallen for Damon c. People (read Stefan) start asking if Elena started falling the second her boyfriend left town or after she excepted Sefan’s lies that he felt nothing for her. Unless there is a big change a. Elena has not fallen for Damon, he admitted it to us last night b. No one seems concerned about Elena’s feeling for Damon, though they were at the start c. Stefan had it confirmed for him that Elena still only wants him. So where is the dilemma? The answer is, Elena was not falling for Damon the whole time, she has not fallen for him at all.

  5. @Melissa The last answer had me laughing out loud! I stick by what I said, that kiss was for JP to get people off her back!!

    That would be AWESOME, imagine Joss Whedon himself writing an episode…. *fans herself*

  6. If Elijah could tell she was lying b/c of her heart beat the day AFTER the party, why couldn’t he tell when he asked her AT the party and she lied to him then? Just another sloppy slip in this episode. Well that, and Elijah saying that Elena lied to him “the other day” when it was LAST NIGHT. Okay there’s more sloppiness than that in this ep but I’m still working through the recap. Besides I’ve waxed eloquent about this like all over the place.

  7. Okay a couple of other things. Can Klaus seriously NOT hear ANYTHING? Like Ric on the phone with Damon plotting Kol’s daggering? And couldn’t KOL hear anything? And, aren’t there 100 dead witches guarding the musty mansion? Spirits who especially dislike Damon? Wouldn’t they protect the Bennett witches? I guess even THEY will do anything to save Elena. Elena is starting to annoy me more than Sookie Stackhouse does. And that takes a LOT.

  8. I don’t think it is the end of Klaroline! didn’t I read somewhere that when Tyler comes back he will notice sparks between them? Klaroline are the only fresh and interesting thing on the show at the moment! I like see this different side to Klaus! :) It’s much better to watch then this love triangle. -.-

  9. if your talking about Bonnies Character is totaly in the show and Candice Accola she is defenitly in the show its like Matt and definetly is not quiting the show Candice is like an Angel Guardien Angel for those who need her back as an Guardien angel Vampire so is totaly impossible to not quiting on the show so no way jose so no

  10. @BadWolf, I wondered about the witch spirits in the manision not stepping up for Abby too. They love to give Damon a headache, where were they? Are we to assume they were busy helping Esther and missed what else was going on? Kind of like we had to assume Elena returning from the dead allowed Katherine into a house her invitation into had been revoked?

    @Marie, if the writers want to maintain their illusion of a triangle and not have every Delena fan throw up their hands and hit delete on their DVR, the only way this season can end is with Elena mysteriously admitting she loves them both. Maybe after Klaus dies (and he has to die), a vengeful Bex compels Bonnie to use that paralyzer spell on the Salvatorre’s to get her own revenge and Elena has to pick one to live or both die. She admits she loves both and jams a second ash stake into Bex, ending the compulsion so she is left with 2 happy/mad brothers.

    Seriously though, if Elena doesn’t get to kill either Klaus or Bex, I don’t know that I can keep watching the show. They have hurt and tormented her and harmed her family, killing one of them is hers to do.

    I guess the next 7 eps are the search for the tree. Will we see the Originals burning every bit of wood furniture in town in case tree two became a table? Oops, that was wood veneer, sorry Carol Lockwood.

  11. So questions to be answered for this year:

    Who is the slasher?

    What if anything does Elena feel for Damon?

    How many trees will be killed and will their suffering too be blamed on Elena?

    How long will Bonnie pout and be judgmental? Hey at least Kat doesn’t have to worry about getting smile lines playing Bonnie, the character is ALWAYS miserable.

    How long until Caroline forgets how much suffering Klause caused and smiles at him?

    If Ester can make her kids human, as she said this week, can she say make Stefan human so he and Elena can have a dozen babies and go gray together?

    Can you tell which statements have irked me over the past three seasons based on this list?

    Was there a point to casting the originals beyond having them knife Klaus?

    Why is family the ultimate trump card when in most shows, and often in life, people are awful to their families? No one on this show really has more than one family member, but it is about family? Ok. Not. Anyone seen Dallas? Or any soap opera? Families on those did not stick together, that was half the fun.

  12. Price Peterson made the point that turning the kids back to human WOULD restore the balance. I agree. Esther wasn’t looking to restore the balance, she was looking for revenge and also looking for someone to blame because she feels guilty for turning them into vampires. She goes on and on about morality but she’s got no basis to judge.

  13. Not sure why so many people are now hating on Elena. She was born the doppelgänger through no fault of her own, lost all her ‘parental units’ and her brother (cousin) is no longer around. When her best friends offered themselves up in order to save her she repeatedly refused to allow it to happen and looked for alternative solutions. I admire that she wants to control her own destiny even though at 18 she doesn’t have the maturity to see all the ramifications of her choices but at least she’s not so love-struck that she’s forgotten about her own will. I see Elena as a strong-willed, selfless, caring young woman who would, and has, willingly sacrificed herself to save those she loves. I, for one, feel we could use more Elena-type characters on tv.

  14. @Melissa YEAH questions!!!

    Who is the slasher? Already answered that! :) *points at first post*
    What if anything does Elena feel for Damon? o.O I’m not sure I understand the question LoL
    How many trees will be killed and will their suffering too be blamed on Elena? That really did pissed you off LOL :p Everyone pretty much blamed Damon or another Vampire before, but this was the first time someone blamed it on Elena (cause we still don’t know if Care was repeating something Bonnie had said or if it was only her thinking it or both) . In my opinion, I’m glad the blame fell on someone else than Damon or Stefan, it’s refreshing LMAO (I’m not Team Elena this season, does it show?! I should be honest, I haven’t been on Team Elena since S2 LOL When she started training with Alaric and Damon I was like, YEAH we need more of that Elena, but it was temporary…)
    How long will Bonnie pout and be judgmental? Hey at least Kat doesn’t have to worry about getting smile lines playing Bonnie, the character is ALWAYS miserable. LOL Isn’t that supposed to be Stefan?! Bonnie was getting better this season (obviously with her working with Stefan), but I think that she will be less judgmental towards Vampires in general (thanks to her mom and Care), but her “feelings” for the Salvatore bros, will not be pretty. So, to put it simply, less hate for Vampire, but intense hate for Damon/Stefan. But anyway, let’s face it, all TVD’s characters ARE miserable. LoL
    How long until Caroline forgets how much suffering Klause caused and smiles at him? I did answer that and my answer is still the same… 5 episodes!!! LOLOL But technically, the way JP answered that was that Tyler would be pissed at Klaus for trying to make a move on his girl… So I’m hoping it will stop there and Tyler will just be mad because Klaus tried to seduce her.
    If Ester can make her kids human, as she said this week, can she say make Stefan human so he and Elena can have a dozen babies and go gray together? Good question, but I’d say no; that’s a flower’s job even if the wrong dude smells it!! ha ha ha (Half the people who reads this won’t get the joke :()
    Can you tell which statements have irked me over the past three seasons based on this list? Either Bonnie or DE! LOL But I’ll put my vote on Elena’s feeling for Damon since it the things that comes out more in your comments! (Did I guess right?! Do I get Kol?!)
    Was there a point to casting the originals beyond having them knife Klaus? I’m still asking myself the same question… I already miss Kol. :(
    Why is family the ultimate trump card when in most shows, and often in life, people are awful to their families? No one on this show really has more than one family member, but it is about family? Ok. Not. Anyone seen Dallas? Or any soap opera? Families on those did not stick together, that was half the fun. I think TVD tried to be different… and failed… LMAO We need to find JR and put him there to spice things up!!! :) At least, we know the Originals did watch at least Dallas!!! lol

    On a side note: I think Esther wants to kill her children because, let’s be real, none of them would stay human long enough to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious before finding someone to turn them back into a Vampire.

    @Bad Wolf The Sookie/Elena thing is hilarious!! *high five* But hey, last season Sookie did told all the dudes a big “NO” so, at least, she kinda made a choice, we can give her that. And you’re right the sloppy slips are getting worse. I was thinking the same about Ric talking on the phone. I mean, if Esther who was in a huge Ball used sage to make sure that no would hear; obviously something was wrong with Klaus and Kol’s hearing in that scene!

  15. Ugh don’t get me started on True Blood. (Well okay I got myself started on it but still…) Nina acts rings around Anna. And Elena DID do some growing this season. Which was all erased in Dangerous Liasons and All My Children. It’s sad.

  16. Bonnie isn’t always getting hurt because of Elena, so that statement really bothered me. It was her in season 2 who insisted on dying to protect Elena and any other time it actually had very little to do with Elena at all. I kind of get why she might feel unhappy to see Elena even if she doesn’t blame her though, it’s not something you can just get over by thinking rationally. That said, Elena didn’t even seek out Elijah. Probably if they’d been smart enough to watch over her better until all the originals were dead the plan woud’ve worked. This is definitely one of those situations where the brother-rivalry/ self-hating thing really did get in the way. Also, why didn’t they know daggering Kol would do nothing to Klaus, who obviously could get to the back ally in seconds the minute he sensed anything was up?

    I still kind of think the killer must be Katherine if she has the same fingerprints as Elena.

    I’ve been having a lot of fun watching Klaus and Caroline, I’ve decided that is A-OK. I kind of of hope Klaus and Rebecca get incorporated into the series fully and not die, even though plot-wise I suppose they need to.

  17. @Marie, the statements that irked me were Elena carrying on that she wants kids and to grow old. No one wants to get old, as the anti-aging aisle at every store can prove. Kid? A vampire can adopt, easier than anyone else in the world since they can compel the agency to give them the baby they want. She could be inseminated before being turned. Heck, they couldnuse cloning technology and Stefan’s cells to let her have his kid. I can see not wanting to be turned at 17, but for her to come down so against it I found it off putting. If she were unsure there was more of a story in my opinion.

    Other statement of irk was Caroline blaming Elena for Bonnie’s pain. It wasn’t her fault.

    @Paulette, I liked Elena in season one when she slapped Damon and stabbed that vampire with pencils. Season two really out me off her. No 17 year old begs to die. For an episode could have had her thinking death to save all was a solution, and tie it back to guilt over her parent’s deaths, then have her fight to find a way to save her self and her family. But to the end, she was a lamb to the slaughter and I found it off putting. IMO they were trying too hard to make her unlike Katherine and took it too far in the selfless direction to where she was suicidal. This season I was liking her again, though her lack of vengeance about Klaus is baffling, but throwing her self at Stefan after saying she was moving on was a back step. He wants her more when she is distant, she ruined her own cause with it. I do not hate her, but I do mock when I think the writers are making her ridiculously selfless. I loved when she head butted Bex, that was a good moment.

  18. Katherine has zero motive to be anywhere near MF while there are Originals there and even less to be killing council members. I can see where Bonnie’s coming from…to a degree, but the idea that she’s the one (instead of one of many, like Elena who lost Isobel, and Jenna in the space of days) who’s gotten hurt because of Elena’s vampire entanglements is unfair. What was particularly wrong with that scene was having CAROLINE, arguably the most fair minded person in MF, say it. To me it’s symptomatic of story telling that is not really honoring the history of the show.

  19. It is nice to read a review that isn’t shipping a Klaus/Caroline pairing. I just can’t get past that now all he has done is forgotten/forgiven. It just goes against the grain of his established character.

    Just one thought If the Original witch could turn them human maybe she could stop Abby from becoming a vampire. It seems strange that they use the idea of making them human and not just making them vulnerable to a regular vampire death. Such as will a stake. Maybe it is to make use of that later in the show. It is just a thought, but I very much doubt it. The show isn’t that mercy full.

  20. The originals are the best! They must stay! :)
    I love the Caroline/Klaus dynamic and hope to see more of it! :)
    I think Ric will be ok! :)
    Caroline is the best! :D
    Elena is annoying and needs to stay away from both brothers for awhile!
    yay. Badboy Damon is back and boring Stefan!

  21. @Bad Wolf, I agree with what you said about open minded Caroline being the wrong one to say it, also because a night before, Elena was holding her hand while her dad decided to die rather than become a vampire. It was rather cold for her to say that to Elena after that. You know, “hold my hand, tell me about your dead dad, hug me…wait, everything is your fault, go away, I know best.” Elena has lost more than anyone, mostly because no one else had much (Everyone else already had families scattered to the wind); she lost adoptive parents, biological parents, her aunt, her brother was run out of town and Stefan dumped her.

    I don’t think the killer is Katherine, she is running from Klaus. I’m still betting on Tatia, she would also have the same prints as Elena. Maybe the Council brought her back from the dead years ago to stop the Originals somehow.

  22. I agree with bad wolf! Bravo melissa because that’s the most intriguing idea yet! if it was just Katherine (although I love her alot and want her to come back!) it would be kinda dull. I feel like with all these story lines setting up for the end of the season, that the season finale is going to be mind blowingly intense! Cant wait for more!! And Elena’s love life needs to get a move on because it’s been the same all season! The kiss with Damon seems to have gone nowhere but he’s loved her since season 1 and she still hasn’t done anything! And even though Stefan is getting back to his lame brooding self, he’s fighting his love for Elena (btw, she would totally be with him so i don’t know what he’s waiting for!)… I’m tired of waiting for stuff to happen! They keep making super- intense story lines that I get all caught up in and barely carry them to the next episode before shoving them off for later!!! That’s why the season finale is going to be the best! Because all of the unfinished business (and there’s a lot!) is going to be finished!!!!!

  23. @Bobsayshi! Let’s just hope that they will tie the loose ends in the season final… Right now I’m 50/50 when it comes to “Will they tie up the stories or not?!” Cause so far, too many plot lines have been unfinished this season. And sadly this isn’t Doctor Who, so I can’t be sure if we will get our answers by the end of this season or if we will ever get them at all. LOL I’m crossing my fingers though!

  24. @Marie, boy do we have similar TV tastes. TVD, Dr. Who,Buffy.
    @Bobsayshi! I really can’t imagine why else they would mention Tatia. The brothers Original could have shared a love of any other woman and the first Petrova could have been some girl Michael was screwing so Esther decided she’d do. It took very little of Elena’s blood for this ritual, so Esther didn’t necessarily have to drain Tatia dry. I just keep thinking the spell ripped out of the Bennett Grimoire could have been to bring Tatia back so that Michael followed her and left baby Elena alone. After all, we only have Abby’s word that it was the binding spell and I don’t trust her. Do you :)

  25. @ Melissa! I don’t really think about Abby because she’s a part of bonnies storyline and I hate Bonnie. She’s all self-righteous and dull… So honestly who really cares about Abby? She’s going to be another pathetic vampire who doesn’t relish in being who they are and then hate themselves… Boring! And then Bonnie will be more into the show because of her and unless you haven’t caught on, I hate Bonnie! I think it might be becaue she hates Damon, whom I love, so maybe I’m biased but I find that she always ends up ruining just as many plans as Elena- maybe more! Remeber when she tried to lied to Elena about unspelling the Gilbert device and then Damon almost died becaue of it? If you think about it she was the one who killed Anna, sucks to be Jeremy. His sister pissed off Damon so he killed Vicky. Also, Jenna died because Elenas the doppleganger… Huh… But my bets on Bonnie ruining another plan in the future, maybe she’ll die. And they really need a character to die to spice up the storyline… (I can still hope)

  26. @Bobsayshi! LOL I don’t want to discourage you, but Bonnie is the least character to die in the series, they don’t follow the books page per page, but they still follow the main lines. Bonnie is a very important character in the books. At one point JP will have to work around Bonnie’s feelings (hatred) for Damon before she gets the same reception she had from DE fans as Bonnie (in the books) is a “love interest” for Damon. Not that I’d like to see them together per say, but making Bonnie fall for a Vampire (that is not a 2nd Ben) would be refreshing!

    But for now, Bonnie’s storyline is the only one that makes the story go foward, as in the Bennett stuff that is mixed up with the Originals, if having her more and more on TV means getting rid of a some of the Originals, I’m fine by it. At this point, the Originals are more bratty than scary!! LOLOLOLOL

  27. @Marie! dont get me wrong, i know that bonnie’s a big part of the story, but shes a lame one. i just think that she’s boring, i mean i used to think she was super awesome because shes a witch and all but she’s kinda made it a dull thing to be because she doesnt go all out . in a way shes kinda like stefan because she doesnt like what she is. and she is nothing like the book bonnie, so im hoping that that means she wont ever get with damon. and i LOVE the originals! i love klaus (or used to because now hes kinda a big softy- not that i dont enjoy klaroline!) and rebekkah because shes mean and, other than caroline, shes the only girl vampire- shes the evil one! i also like elijah because of his new haircut and he makes being bad classy which is a new concept for vampires!! but i cant deny that the originals were getting bratty, thats why im glad that they left for a while :) i feel like they need another supernatural creature soon because then i can get all caught up in finding out about them, like the werewolves in season 2!!!!!! and yay for the recap episode coming up! i love them!!!!!

  28. Hey I’m a Whovian as well! Cool. I love Bonnie too. Yeah she’s inappropriate at times (is anyone on that show perfect?) but she’s never played the Salvatore’s against each other, screwed with people’s minds, or broken anyone’s heart. She’s strong and powerful and a good friend.

  29. @Bobsayshi! We can’t all love Bonnie.

    Though with the last episode, I found it weird how everyone reacted. In general some strong Bonnie haters felt bad for her and strong Elena or Caroline lovers were pissed by them at the end. LoL It might be me, but I’m curious to see how the next episodes will play out, I’m having that weird theory that Elena could die at the end of this season (explain why they are changing her attitude so much) and they are slowly changing the focus to the witch stuff to make Bonnie (and/or Caroline since she’s been there more and more) more appealing to take the lead for the beginning of next season until Elena comes back. But again, I don’t think the would have the guts to do it… I think I’m seriously too used to DW seeing the main character die and die again LOL :)

    @Bad Wolf LOL YEAH *high five* Now I know why the three of us always complain about the plotlines LOL Nothing can beat DW (Not even Buffy, lol)

  30. Heh. You want to discuss bad story telling then let us discuss Buffy S6.;-) I’m not mad at Caroline, I’m mad at whoever had the bright idea of making that speech to Elena. It would have been so in character coming from Bonnie. But NEVER Caroline. I’m over Elena. And again I think it’s because of what the writers did with her in Dangerous Liasons and in this episode. It’s almost like someone who doesn’t know the characters wrote it only I know for a fact that those who wrote it DO know the characters, which means they did it on purpose which makes me madder because then it’s just bad story telling. There, try unraveling THAT ramble if you care to.;-)

  31. @BadWolf, I have noticed TVD writers often leave a lot of story telling gaps. I think they think they are being slick and shocking viewers by doing a 180 or that we won’t notice they made a change, but in this day and age, they should know fans notice inconsistencies and that it’s not shocking if it doesn’t fit. Season 1: everything they hinted at with Katherine and the Salvatorres did NOT fit with how they finally explained her “death”. Season 2: They changed how season 1 ended in the first minutes of season 2 to make it fit with their new story; and they spent half the season carrying on about the sun/moon curse only to say it was a trick and the real curse was the hybrid curse. Well why would Elijah ever want to help his brother become that? He did start out helping in the middle ages. Season 3: They spent 13 episodes building up Delena only to, in one ep, trash it all and make Elena the Stefan-obsessed little girl again. I’m not saying she should forget that she loved him or never go back to him, but her moving on is the BEST way to get him back, and I hate writers wasting my time. It’s like they don’t know how to transition from story to story, and like they don’t plan anything in advance. “Hey, let’s say….” “Ok, but that doesn’t fit with what we laid out last year” “So what, it will be shocking and shocked people won’t notice we changed everything”.

    As for Bonnie…I hated her in the books because I found her flaky. I enjoyed her in the show until she came back from Gram’s funeral and was so snotty to Elena. Hey, chickie, your Gram’s didn’t consider that her lie about opening the tomb would HURT other people besides the vampires she hated. Then she had to fix it and it cost her. Did you learn? No, you did the same thing with the Gilbert device and HURT Caroline. Then to fix it, you insisted she drink vampire blood and look where that got you. I find tv Bonnie, mopey, dull and boring. I cannot see her ever with Damon, no matter what happened in the books. If the show followed the books, Elena would have a sister not a brother, Jenna would be Judith and alive, Katherine wouldn’t be an exact copy of Elena, Damon and Stefan would be 500, there would be no vampire sex, Elena would be blonde, Caroline would be a mean girl causing troulbe instead of one of the gang, the Salvatorre brothers would have died fighting over Kahterine (which I resent that they changed as it was key to the book), the how to be a vampire rules are different, and Bonnie would be white. The writers know their roll is buttered by the Salvatorre/Elena thing, that is why they keep dragging the boring out, they don’t realize in a triangle you can choose and choose again. They think limbo is all there is. Let her be with Damon, let her limbo again, let her pick for all eternity. I don’t see a thing with Bonnie/Damon on tv and I don’t see the writers going there.

    I too think Elena may die at the end of this season. Either to come back as a vampire or to be resurrected some other way. If she has vamp blood by episode 18 or 19, I will be on pins and needles until the end. I read a JP interview that said by the end of this season all 3 will know a choice has to be made. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Elena will have to pick one brother to die and will, like the book, choose killing herself to save them both. Staking Bex or Klaus with an ash stake and going up in flames with whoever it is. To me, it is a good story to have Stefan getting his feelings back just as Elena becomes a vampire and possibly shuts her off. Then he has to fight for her. I hate that after all he did to her (not the under compulsion stuff, but the after compulsion stuff) that she is begging him to come back. He should be begging her.

  32. I don’t care what people say, I love seeing this side of Klaus! The way he looks at Caroline makes me melt! *-* I am going to enjoy every Caroline/Klaus scene while it last! Their banter is funny! I love snarky Caroline! :)
    Bonnie is boring, I can’t bring myself to care about her character. I would just love to see her be happy and smiling for awhile.
    Bonnie/Caroline/Elena scenes are my favourite! I hope we get more of it!
    Ripper Stefan was becoming annoying so im glad the old Stefan is back!
    I feel bad for Elena! None of this is really her fault! :(

    I love your recaps! :D

  33. @Melissa! I agree with Everything you said but I hadn’t thought about it in so many words ;) I totally think that Stefan should he fighting for Elena now too instead of her pinning after him. And I think that all of the story lines in this season seem to be going nowhere.. It’s like they build them up only to have them end really lamely (kinda like the episode of pretty little liars where you think Lucas is up to something with A and it turns out he’s just a gambler)!!!! It’s so frustrating!!! Personally, I prefer the tv show to the books so I’m happy they’re nothing alike- except for book delena- atleast their relationship went somewhere when they were saving Stefan… :P

  34. @Melissa-I needed some caffeine first to tackle your post (that’s a compliment):

    ” They changed how season 1 ended in the first minutes of season 2 to make it fit with their new story;”

    In Founder’s Day itself (S1) it was revealed that it was Katherine, not Elena. So I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. That said, I will agree with you that there have been times, especially in S1 where it literally felt like whoever was running things was changing their minds almost week to week as to how they wanted the story to go. But until recently eps they’ve at least generally done a good job of it.

    ” and they spent half the season carrying on about the sun/moon curse only to say it was a trick and the real curse was the hybrid curse. Well why would Elijah ever want to help his brother become that? He did start out helping in the middle ages.”

    Because he’s his brother. Brother relationships (not the “who gets Elena story) have been the meat and potatoes of this thing from day one. Elijah helped Klaus at first because they’re brothers. I didn’t view this as any kind of 180.

    ” Season 3: They spent 13 episodes building up Delena only to, in one ep, trash it all and make Elena the Stefan-obsessed little girl again.”

    On this we are about 3 million percent agreed.

    ” It’s like they don’t know how to transition from story to story, and like they don’t plan anything in advance. “Hey, let’s say….” “Ok, but that doesn’t fit with what we laid out last year” “So what, it will be shocking and shocked people won’t notice we changed everything”.

    Your point is definitely not without merit, especially as to THIS season. I’ll confess that it wasn’t until I got the dvds and found myself doing a marathon that I realized that in fact it HAD all been planned out. That said, the average viewer doesn’t watch a weekly show that way. The show has to flow well as a weekly viewed show.

    Unlike you I think it’s done a good job of this, especially in S2 (witness the way it seamlessly flowed from “stopping Katherine” which came to a head in Masquerade to “the originals and the doppelganger” which started at the end of Masquerade and continued from there). But in S3, at least post Homecoming, it’s been spotty. It’s like, “okay now we’ve destroyed the white oak stake and Mikael and Klaus is still alive. Now what?” It may be that they’ve had a plan all along. It may be that this is revealed before the season is done. It may even be that, watched in marathon style, S3 will seem seemless. But right now, especially recently, it’s all over the place.”

  35. I just really hate what crap this show has become, and what’s so sad is that this show used to be so freaking awesome, season 1 & 2 were really quality television at its best. Every episode got better than the last. WTF happened? This was my favorite television show and it sucks to see it go downhill. This show had so much potential for every character. Bonnie’s story, Tyler’s story, hell…Matt dealing with being alone, not having a family anymore. But, instead the writers bring in the Original family and the supporting cast BE DAMN. Don’t the writers/creators of the show realize that the supporting cast has fans who want to see them grow and have more of a storyline? And, don’t get me started on how they handled the Bonnie situation. It is like the writers are trying to squash Bonnie’s fan base by giving her less screen time. WTF are they so afraid of? It seems like when Kat Graham and Michael T won best scene stealer the writers got scared that they were overshadowing the top three main characters and quickly put a stop to it. And, knowing the writers, they didn’t want a dramatic scene of Bonnie reacting to Damon changing her mother because it had nothing to do with Elena because how could they focus on Bonnie without Elena being a part of the scene too…god forbid. But, they don’t care about pissing off Bonnie’s fans as long as the audience they cater to is happy with the crap they are pushing. I wonder do even the actors of the show see what crap the writing has become, and some of their performances have been sorely lacking as well, but I also blame that on the writing because if you are fed sh*t then…

    This is what I want to see happen…Season 4 opens up with Elena waking up and realizing that everything that happened in Season 3 was all a dream, that none of it really happened. And, Season 4 picks up were Season 2 left off. There…problem solved!

  36. Sorry for the long post, I write and sometimes my thoughts just pour out.

    @Badwolf, seeing you are a Who fan now reminds me why I find you screen name so familiar :). Rose’s code. Ok, the 180 I meant with the curse was that they sank a large part of season two into werewolves and that curse only to have it all be a lie that Klaus dreamed up to cover breaking the curse on him. I found the Jules/wolf stuff tedious so to have suffer through that for it not to pan out…I thought was a waste of time.

    As for the season one end, if you watch it and then watch the start of season two, the changed the timing. Season one, they showed Katherine walk in after Jenna’s invite and immediately walk into the kitchen so to slice and dice John. Meanwhile they show outside where Elena is on the phone with Stefan. She walks in, hears a noise, moves to the kitchen. When they showed season two start, suddenly, Kat went in, chatted with Jenna, went to the kith en where her convo with John was changed and sliced. In comes Elena. Watch them back to back and you see the change.

    All in all, I feel they miss following the emotional stuff. Not every ep has to be the disaster of the day. Forget the bad guy and have the girls have a men suck party where they discuss their issues. Showing us the Salvatorres being best buds pre Kat and actually fighting over her later would be good too.

    I still don’t see how family is the ultimate in this show when no one has one. A show about family would have kept Jenna alive and focused on the Gilbert family rebuilding more. Elena would be out to avenge Jenna. Isobel would have come through not been a pointless plot point. John would have been around to snarl up Stelena. The show seriously needs human bad guys to cause heartache instead of so many supernatural baddies to cause bone break. We would see why Elijah would want to help his bro become more of a monster and eventually want him dead. Ester would not put her own guilt ahead of her kids. Three of the characters would not have been abandoned by one parent and ignored by the one in town. They sold the show as a triangle for two years while there wasn’t one, we finally start to get a triangle and now the show is about family when most characters are lucky to have one blood relation alive.

    @kaitlin, I hated season two, and found this year until the last two eps much better. But I agree with you that they spent too much time on the originals and neglect the supporting cast. Jeremy and Matt are pretty pointless, but they didn’t have to bec.

  37. @To all Let’s just hope that TVD won’t do a Heroes on us!!! (The more I watch it, the more I associate Elena with Claire which is really bad… AH talk about that, they are both cheerleader… LOLOL)

  38. Th
    E whole thing
    S o boring .So damon had sex with a vampire. I like the connection between elijha and elaine. Bonnie mom turn into a vampire. At least she still has her mom. Elaine need to turn dark and have sex. The whole thing was stupid. Do better. Whydid elijha have to leave. Bring him and elaine as a team.Itwas moreinterested when damon and elaine kissed. And,stephon was evil.

  39. im worried about the upcoming episode because i feel that since its a flashback one that it wont really involve the present/future (which at the moment is very f-ed up) and just focus on teaching us about the past. although i love damon very much, i would rather learn about the originals past (maybe something about klaus and elijah loving tatia) because it is more involved in the present storyline- or used to be before all of teh originals left. im not saying im not interested, but if this episode doesnt somehow make a big move in the delena relationship because its so focused on damon, then ill be dissapointed. they need to do something right now about that relationship because even though they had elena be jealous about damon and rebekkah (which seemed very promising) they kind of gave up like halfway through the episode. i mean, they didnt even do anything after with the main plot of damon and stefan saving elena’s life (yet again). all we got was how bonnie and caroline felt about the situation, and honestly, all i gave a crap about what elena would say to them/ do. not to ignore the fact that stefan and damon did talk about it after, but i dont watch the show to see them fall in love, now do i? this show is really not as seductive as it claims to be, theyre more interested in family relations than romantic ones, and its getting really dull :D

  40. and did anyone notice that caroline walked into the bar, only to walk right back out again? you’d think that klaus might be a little bit suspicious, i mean he’s not exactly naive being like a thousand years old and all

  41. and why didnt alaric and the group not notice the white ash drawing before? actually, why didnt rebekkah and klaus notice it before, werent they the ones who drew in the cave in the first place? huh

  42. They did their names and stuff, but the story about the originals was done by someone else…I’m thinking maybe the witch Ayana?

  43. @VDO they said the drawings were done by Native Americans. How they knew Klaus killed his mom is a mystery.

    To all…I saw that Daniel Giles, aka Elijah, landed a part on a NBC hospital drama for the fall. Not good news for Elijah’s future in Mystic Falls.

    @Bobsaysnhi, I am tired of the family stuff too. If family can never turn on each other, we know Esther will soon give up on her endeavor to kill her kids. And that the kids will never stop each other. The Salvatorres will never really fight each other for Elena. The writers need to remember their Dawson days and soap this show up!

  44. Melissa, Daniel said in an interview that his shooting for Saving Hope wouldn’t interfere with the shooting schedule of The Vampire Diaries, so if he were to continue on the show, it would definitely work.

  45. @ Melissa! Because all the family stuff is so boring I’m actually happy jeremy is gone- if I heard Elena say that she was worried about something happening to “everyone I’ve (she’s) ever met/loves” I would stop watching the show for good! And that’s pretty serious because I love this show, I could even go all twilight and say that it’s my particular brand of heroin ;) lol! I miss katherine (and self destructive Damon)!!!!! Where have all the exciting characters gone to or what have they evolved into?!

  46. I don’t think it’s Tatia because they’ve said in interviews that it is a) someone we’ve met and b) that if they decide to tell her story it won’t be until another season

  47. @Badwolf, I just saw your diss of Buffy s6. Totally agree it sucked. Willow took over the whole show. At lease TVD keeps the side characters on the side even if most the time I think they need fleshing out. buufy s5 wasn’t so hot either, she basically killed herself to escape the misery of her life. Can’t say as I blame her, who would want to be stuck with whiny Dawn? Lol.

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