Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Mystic Falls Messenger

The Devil’s Mama Wears Prada! The Slasher attacks take a back seat to an atmosphere that simply reeks with class! We’re puttin’ on our top hats, tyin’ up our black ties, brushin’ off our tails! We’re leaving out the “Ball” jokes–just too, too obvious!

Editor’s note: So many pretty people to pick from! Thanks to Ruthie, we get to see them all!


Alaric Saltzman spent the night in the hospital after his latest brush with death. Elena Gilbert and Matt Donovan, his rescuers, were overheard in the corridor having a boring convo regarding the health and welfare of their friends and the serious lack of suspects in The Slasher case.

Was our reporter the only one eavesdropping on this discussion? NO! A shadowy figure, described as maybe tall, possibly wearing a hoodie, was also listening and peeping out through the blinds of a darkened office. Call CRIMESTOPPERS if you‘ve seen this person of interest!

Our rescue rangers parted in the parking lot (Matty, you REALLY need some WD-40 on those truck door hinges!), with Matt only worried about showing up for his shift at The Grill. Elena neglectfully did not check the back seat of her vehicle–nor the rearview mirror, before she backed out–THUMP!

Bex the Speedbump. Bared fangs and ready to take a bite outa crime, Bex was stopped mid-revenge by her brother, Elijah. She refused to challenge him; just pronounced both he and Elena “pa-the-tick” and left. Elijah turned on the charm, wanting to play catch-up with Elena!


Mystic Falls socialites climbed two giant rungs up the ladder this week, with everybody scrambling for a hand-delivered, inscribed, hand-personalized invitation to The Social Event of the Year! Elena filled in Damon and Stefan on her little convo with Elijah–Mom, Original Witch Esther, was in Coffin #4, not some Klaus-killing weapon. Hmmm.

The Gilbert Kitchen was the scene for this analysis. They speculated she musta had connections in the witch community, or she’d be one of The Heartless Dead now. Elijah had related she wants to live in peace with her family, including Klaus. Well dammitall, that coffin was supposed to be the only thing stopping Klaus from tearing everybody to shreds! Anyone else feeling a little used right now? Not that he has the power to do so, but Elijah promised Elena his family wouldn’t hurt any of “us,” and she believed him. Ding dong! Avon calling. Mystery messenger with our first invite to The Party on the doorstep!


Stef asked who the hell the Mikaelson’s were (duh…Mikael….son…double-duh. Stef. Google Patronymic Surnames). Not bad enough they’re ruining the neighborhood, now they want a housewarming gift? Registry at Crate & Barrel (or Coffin and Cask, take your pick).

On the flip side of the invite: Elena, I think it’s time we finally meet. Esther. Nice penmanship!

Damon made up his mind that Elena’s plan to meet with Esther was dumber than a box of rocks. Always leading the opposition, Stef sided with Elena. This is more than some family reunion, elsewise why was Bonnie led to open that coffin?

Damon wanted to go back to The Old Stefan who cared if Elena lived or died–oops, that’s your job now, D. Let’s fight over the invitation! Elena can’t “protect herself”, Stef volunteered to go instead–yea, Damon reminded him he’d pissed off enough Originals to last a lifetime. “I’LL go.” Snatch! End of story. (famous last words)

Stylists descended en masse at Fortress Klaus in preparation for The Big Party. Nails, hair, tux fittings . Would Rachel Zoe do the Mikaelson’s in “vintage”? Kol and Rebekah played Bonfire of the Vanities, until Klaus came in raving at Bex for going after Elena. He could arrange for her last accessory to be a dagger–Kol was B.O.R.E.D. with that trick.

Just like siblings squabbling. Mom had to break up the bickering just before they “took it outside“ [Mom, beige doesn’t look good against your PALLOR, just sayin]. Forget dog-whispering. Klaus heeled on command! Niklaus, COME! But Ma, Bex wasn’t out of her box for A DAY before she tried to ruin my life (um, Klaus, technically you’re dead).

The Devil’s Mama had to explain to him about giving it some time (wash your feet before you make them kiss ‘em); she’d had a thousand years to get over it! Wait. He killed her and she forgives him? Forgiveness is not a chore, it’s a gift. Let’s get to the good stuff! Who’s your date? It’s going to be a “magical” *cough cough* evening!


Our illegal wiretap caught Caroline receiving a voicemail at home from Tyler. “Caroline. It’s Tyler. I know I shoulda called sooner, I just kinda freaked out and left. But I heard about your dad and I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Caroline. I’m out doing what he said. I’m gonna fix myself and come home to you. I love you.” What?! No chocolate-covered doggy biscuit? No candy hearts-ripped-outa-somebody’s chest? It’s almost Valentine’s Day in real-time, Tyler. Get with the program!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Box. Box who? Box O Trojans, if I get lucky! Caroline’s fancy invitation arrived on her doorstep stuck in a dress box. Ooh! Goodies! On the back of her invite: “Save me a dance. Fondly, Klaus.” She wasn’t impressed. Much. Ooh, look at that dress! Slam the lid shut!


APPETIZER: Open with Caroline and Elena nibbling on twisted Cinderella fetish, sprinkled with a little if the Salvatores don‘t know I’m going it won‘t hurt them. Drizzle with a drama-free bodyguard? Or try the optional Pick-a-Salvatore. They’d look better in a tux. (way to go, Barbie!) However, since Stef’s channeling Klaus-hate, and Damon is……no, Elena wasn’t taking the optional. Why?

SALAD: Caroline had the suck face and LAST to know accusation, via the witch-grapevine. Car knew when Elena first kissed Matty before they came up for air! Elena opted for the lame-ass wilted Dad excuse for not telling her, coupled with a side of not sure how she feels about it yet. Food choices used to be so much easier!

MAIN COURSE: Blackened Bex with a back-stabbing barb! Skip the order of no eating the locals–Get over yourself, it’s not all about you, Elena! Bex had busboy on her mind!

DESSERT: The pièce de résistance on the menu was a personally delivered Party invite to Matty. Sadie Hawkins, this is the way it’s done! And got a rise out of Caroline and Elena doing it! Okay, they’re BOTH going!


The grand gala of the season was held at Fortress Klaus, complete will full-on orchestra and WAY more guests than were in our last census. All dressed to the nines (and tens, and elevens, ad infinitum)!

Mayor Carol Lockwood was in attendance to welcome the oldest, deadliest family in town…with a smile. Said fellow council-member Damon: “Well, at least you know who you’re borrowing that cup of sugar from!”

The only point of the convo was for Kol to walk up, introduce himself to the Mayor, and utterly dis Damon and ignore his extended hand. Rude!

M’Lady Elena Gilbert arrived, bedecked like Cinderella. If Damon had breath it would have been taken away. He roused and started over to her, but Stef got there first. Raspberry! Beatcha-what are you doing here-I could ask you the same thing-surprise, surprise, nice tux. Boys, boys! Elena was NOT leaving until she talked to Esther. So, shall we? Salvatoreo! Can we dip it in champagne?

Caroline was at home fighting with her closet, with The Box lurking on her bed. She caved to the pressure of designer duds and showed up at The Gala in The Dress. It was Klaus’ turn to lose his breath, and light up with “Good evening!” Car’s response? “I need a drink!” Bwahaaa! He obviously thought she was playing hard to get!

Finn introduced himself to Elena only to warn her to ditch the “friends“ if she wanted to get bad Mamma-jamma time! At this point, Elijah made a formal welcoming speech and explained the tradition for them to commence the evening with a dance. Tonight’s pick: a centuries old waltz.

By whose standards, Elijah *wink wink*? As the crowd retired to the ballroom (damn, this IS a big house!) Damon, Stefan, and Elena all spied Mom on the stairs. Damon and Elena heatedly discussed her walk into a lion’s den–he gonna stop her? Yes. Truce. It would be rude not to dance, you know.

Sneaking in with our Press Pass, we heard the opening strains of pre-Pandora orchestral music (wait, maybe it was the Original Pandora lol!) Damon told Elena she looked stunning, if it wasn’t obvious. What, this old thing? She ran over to Rethreads this afternoon and picked it off the rack (prêt-à-porter).


Headcount! Damon and Elena (tense). Klaus and Caroline (he‘s smitten, she‘s bored). Matt and Rebekah (awkward). Klaus tried to make small talk about Mr. Forbes’ passing–Strike One! Okay, he tried talk about how ravishing Caroline looked in that dress. She didn’t have time to go shopping–Strike Two! Well, what was her excuse for wearing the bracelet he gave her? (so smug–Ball One)

She’s quite the dancer. Well, she had training, Miss Mystic Falls and all. He knew. Swing and a miss! During this snappy repartee, Elena spun right around into Stef’s arms (who got dragged on the dance floor by Mayor Lockwood…awkward!)!

During the “change partners”, Caroline ended up with Matt. Where is the Ken-doll when you need him?! They fought about their respective “dates” (she-devil and Mad Max). Meanwhile, Stef told Elena that Damon needed to figure out she can look out for herself. Elena wanted to take the convo outside (Damon‘s ears are REEEEally good).

Damon ended up partnered with Bex (foreshadowing?). He was so busy teasing her about watching Caroline and Matt he didn’t notice Elena and Stef leave. Rebekah got all ‘Of course that heifer looks beautiful, Nick gave her everything’s she’s wearing!’ Well, she didn’t look bad herself. But that’s NOT a compliment–since she tried to kill Elena the night before. Where is Elena, btw?

Outside, Stef and Elena made the first REAL Dangerous Liaison. Elena decided if Esther’s secretly on their side, they need to know, but she can’t get to her with two bodyguards. And this Stef’s my problem because…? Because Damon won’t let her anywhere near Esther without protection. Full Body Condom! Stef’s prime mission in unlife is still killing Klaus but Elena always gets her way! She wheedled Stef into making sure she could get into that room with Esther. Alone. You know what? When they were together Stefan USED to let her make her own decisions. He trusted her. After all this, at least that hasn’t changed. Stef stared at the ground while Elena went back inside.

Kol and Rebekah chit-chatted back inside about her “date“ dancing with his ex. Ooh, settling for mortals is the first sign of weakness! Nope. Bex gon’ kill him. Matt is Elena’s friend–if he dies, she suffers. Since Bex got a hand-slap already, she begged Kol to help Baby Sista out (so Bex is younger than Kol). Spit right in the face of Mother’s rules? He’s in! Don’t you just know he dipped pigtails in ink wells, short-sheeted the beds, and peed in the pool!

Elena texted Damon to meet her in where, the Library? Whattup? And WHAM came Stefan and WHAT? Snapped Damon’s neck!? Asshat! Better hurry up. He won’t be down for long. Meaningful looks exchanged. Elena hustled butt outa there.

Another Dangerous Liaison (we lost count). Elijah cornered Elena in the hallway to discuss his misgivings about Esther‘s ability to forgive Klaus after everything he’s done. Elijah finds himself asking questions he never thought he’d ask. He wanted Elena to tell him what Esther has in mind. Of course she will (lol)! Check ya later, dude!


In Esther’s witch study, Finn unsheathed yet another dagger. Mama burned incense (sage). Knock, knock. Who’s there? The girl. The girl who? The girl who’s gonna eff things up again! You’re alone! Wise choice! Mama explained to Elena she really wasn’t smoking weed, she spelled the sage so they could speak freely without fear of being overhead (except by our nosy reporter). Finn was excused like a used-tool servant (which he is).

Let’s play 20 (million) questions! How are you alive? Are you a ghost? Not exactly. When Esther died, the witch Ayanna preserved her body with a spell. A close friend and ancestor of Bonnie. So that’s why only Bonnie and her mother could open up the casket–they completed The Bennett bloodline. [Our research staff wants to know–which came first, the chicken or the egg? The witch or the Original Witch, if they’re not related? And how’d they get ethnic?] ANYWAY! Esther drew power from them, and their ancestors who were with her on The Other Side for a thousand years. Nature’s way of punishing her for turning her family into vampires. But! (there’s always a butt in these stories) There’s a way for Esther to undo the evil she created. Ooh, goodie! Esther’s gonna help the Scoobie Gang kill Klaus, right? One thing at a time, Elena. For now, she simply needed Elena’s help. (We smell a human bloodbag reference coming on!)


Why in hell was Caroline outside admiring Klaus’ golden pumpkin carriage, and weren’t the mice-horses white in the fairy tale? They hadta keep the Cinderella references going. Klaus (and our roving reporter) followed her–she likes horses? She wasn’t talking till he told her why he invited her. “I fancy you.” [We know several hearts went pit-a-pat hearing that line! We predict a ringtone forthcoming.]

So hard to believe? Beautiful, strong, full of light; he enjoys her. Too bad, so sad, she’s spoken for. By Tyler. Klaus thought they were kaputsky, and Car got all pissy about the freaky sire-bond thing. Klaus waxed poetic about horses being the opposite of people. They’re loyal. Explained Mikael hunted him for ages, and the closest he ever got was the day he killed Klaus’ favorite horse. Severed it’s neck with a sword as a warning. [Did Klaus wake up with a horse head in his bed? I though we were done with ‘The Godfather’ references–the mafia sit-down was last week, and with the caskets popped Vito Salvatore can no longer threaten ‘Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.’]

Car asked if he ever considered sitting down with his dad and talking it out? Klaus told her their relationship was a teensy more complicated than Car and Bill’s. Maybe, but she let Bill go with no regrets. And to answer Klaus’ question, yes, she likes horses. But she also likes people and they actually like her, so tah-tah. And with that she turned her back on him and flounced off. You tell him, Barbie!


Witch Study. We heard more backstory from Esther that we already knew (upset balance of nature, protection from werewolves, bloodthirsty for humans, no remorse, yadayadayada), all the while she was busy pouring a glass of “something”. Elena was more interested in the “how to kill Klaus”, since he’s immortal. Time, magic, and Elena’s assistance. (BAM! Human bloodbag reference.) The Ball is not a reunion, it’s a ritual gathering!

Step One required just a drop of blood from The Doppelganger. It’s essence will be in the champagne toast later on this evening. [Ewww! Could we have water, please? We just got allergic to alcohol!] Elena removed a glove, Esther pricked her finger and dribbled the blood in the glass.

Trusting little soul, huh? She coulda drawn back a nub! Mama knows her kids–she was afraid suspicious Elijah might need more persuasion. But they must all drink the toast in order to be linked as one. What do you mean linked as one? It’s the Three Musketeers Drinking Game! All for one, one for all (have you read our previous editions?)!

Klaus himself can’t be killed, but tonight’s spell links All My Children [shoutout, next week’s epi title!] together so that if one goes, they all go. Fuckery! How many times have you heard a mother say this. “I love my family but they are an abomination.” Esther betrayed nature when she created them, so now it’s her duty to kill them. Holy Matricide, Batman! Seriously late-term abortions all around!

Back at the Party, Kol cornered Rebekah, itching to kill something! She got sidetracked–but planned to meet outside in 15 with Victim Matt in tow. What’s wrong with right here on the stairs? Make a spectacle of it! Don’t be an idiot, Kol. Mother would kill you if you got blood on the new marble! See you outside.

Damon’s neck came around, and so did he. Stef had been watching over him–trademark wall slam! We haven’t gotten a good one of those in a while! (just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins! The best is yet to come!) Where the hell is Elena! These two fight SO GOOD! Hey, it was HER idea, right down to the broken neck. Ouch! Maybe Damon should stop being such a controlling dick–“Oh, I’m the problem here?”

Tableturn! You’re a liability, brother (like Stef used to be). Damon’s trying to keep her alive. Well, his emotions are getting in the way of the plan. “MY emotions! How is this even HAPPENING right now?” Maybe he cares too damn much. Slap! Snarl!

Rebekah lured Matt out to the parking lot for some “air” and insulted his truck. Hey, he thought this was a denim and diamonds affair! He offered her his letter jacket, since it went so well with her designer duds! Bex explained vampires don’t get cold. They exchanged a look, and you could tell Bex was waffling on her plan. She wanted to go back inside; enough with the fresh air. Matt followed her skeptically. Kol was ready for playtime. Curses, foiled again!


Free from the Witch Study, Elena was back out in the festivities. Debonair Elijah suaved his way up to ask how his mother was? Intense. He inquired about the private convo (while retrieving flutes of *ahem* champagne from a passing servant). Mom came down the stairs and the gals made eye contact. Elena. Should Elijah be concerned about his mother’s intentions? And she LIED through her freaking teeth! Esther just wanted to apologize for trying to have Elena killed. Elijah was semi-overjoyed. So it’s true, then. She’s forgiven Klaus! Yippee! It’s true.

From her perch on the stairs, Mama made her Big Toast. “Waiters are coming around with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me with no greater joy than to see my family back together as one. (well chosen words). I’d like to thank you all for being part of this spectacular evening. Cheers!” Kol drank, Rebekah drank, Finn Drank, Klaus drank. Elijah clinked glasses with Elena and put it to his lips, but did he swallow? Yup. Looked like it!


Klaus took Caroline to show her his “etchings”. lol Still being smart-mouth, looking at all the priceless paintings, Caroline suggested “the curators at the Louvre aren’t on vervain?“ So where did Klaus steal The Bracelet from? A long story, but it was worn by another princess, almost as beautiful as Caroline. (Klaus seriously needs some new pickup lines).

Caroline saw some of Klaus’ line drawings lying around. This gave him an opportunity to brag about one of his landscapes hanging in The Hermitage, and oh, had Car been? Wistfully, Miss Mystic Falls has never really been anywhere. Jump on that! “I’ll take you. Anywhere you want. Rome, Paris, Tokyo (he’s trying SO damn hard!).” Caroline giggled. Wow. He was sellin, but she wasn’t buying!

Must be really nice for Klaus to just SNAP his fingers and get whatever he wants. Collect a little servant hybrid army to take him places and bring him things. Klaus started to get testy, but Car was on a roll. And why did he need Tyler? Give him his life back! Stick a fork in him, Klaus was done at this point.

It was a fun evening, but time for Car to leave. One more, Car! One more! She got it. His father didn’t love him, so he assumes no one else will, either. That’s why he compels people, or sires them, or else TRIES TO BUY THEM OFF (ripped off the bracelet and threw it on the floor), but that’s not how it works. “You don’t connect with people because you don’t even try to understand them.” Oh, SNAP! She coulda just kicked him in the Family Jewels!


Kol caught up with Bex back inside. What happened to playtime? It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, and Bex didn’t wanna ruin Mother’s night. Kol accused Bex of going soft for 5 seconds of Matt’s attention. Don’t be so predictable! Don’t be rude! Bex ORDERED Kol to leave Matty alone. Wave the red flag in front of the bull, anyone?

Damon caught up to Elena. Well, Miss Priss, did you get what you wanted? That earned him a haughty yes reply. Good, cause we’re leaving. Scuffle. Elena told Damon she was sorry she had to cut him out of the plan. Damon was steamed. Elena shouldn’t have been there in the first place! She didn’t like going behind his back.

That was NOT helping! She pushed ALL the wrong buttons! She asked Stefan to help so Damon wouldn’t play The Hero and ruin everything! Well ExQUEEZE me for trying to keep you alive! Damon thinks Stefan clearly Stefan doesn’t give a crap anymore. Let’s eavesdrop!

Elena: Now you’re mad at me for including Stefan?

Damon: No, I’m mad at you because I love you.

Elena: Well maybe that’s the problem. [OUCH!] Wait, that’s not what I meant.

Damon: No, I got it Elena. I care too much. I’m a liability. [switch flip!] How ironic is that?

Don’t interrupt, Caroline! Have you guys seen Matt?


Well, Matt was upstairs walking the mezzanine, when he heard someone call to him. He went out on the balcony to see what it was. Kol wanted his playtime! Feigning introductions as Rebekah’s brother, Kol accepted Matty’s handshake. Don’t crush the throwing hand!

He’s the quarterback! Dun, dun, dun! Damon to the rescue! Ooh, shoved Kol off the second floor balcony and jumped down on top of him with a deathgrip head snap! Stef came running out (followed by Finn, Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus, and Elena). Damon, are you effin crazy? Maybe a little.

Damon locked eyes with Elena. Far be it from HIM to cause a problem. That was Season 1 BADASS Damon that sneered, adjusted his junk, turned, and sauntered into the dark! We’re surprised he didn’t spit just for dramatic effect ! That was so good we didn‘t even notice the David Beckham underwear advert right after!


Well, Caroline made it home, and immediately left Tyler a return voicemail. “Tyler, it’s me. Look, I’m grateful for what you’re doing, but, I miss you, and I really wish you were here.” (otherwise I might end up sleeping with yet another bad boy problem child).

And in the mirror she spied ANOTHER mystery gift in a velvet box with a cream-colored bow on her bed. Seriously, just give UP already! She opened it, and it was a drawing. Her and a horse. Signed, “Thank you for your honesty. Klaus.” He’s wearin her down!


Esther stormed back into the witch study, pissed. I said NO VIOLENCE! She ranted to Elijah about Bex and Kol being a disgrace to the family. Elijah won’t let it happen again, Mom. He‘s got this! Ah, thanks, son. Esther wished the others were more like him. (not really) Elijah left just as Finn came in.

He conspiratorially closed the door, and asked if they could still “speak freely” (as in, is the sage still working)? Esther sat down and pulled out a piece of parchment to “doodle” on while they talked. She’s not having second thoughts. It’s just Elijah being so moral. Finn told her she was doing the right thing. Mama once again explained she was binding them all together as one. Finn understood. When it’s time, he will be ready to die. I’m Spartacus! Well all righty then! Let’s complete the link. Gimme your hand, Finn, Mama wanna cut you and drizzle your blood on her doodling!

And as he bled over the words, hey, wait! It was the same names written on the Lockwood Cave wall! Anyway, Esther started Bonnie mumbling, and the blood wove it’s way up and across each of the Mikaelson sibling’s names, until it made a freaky tree! I solemnly swear I am up to no good! Poof! The link was complete, they’re one, and the parchment was about to set off the sprinkler system!


Strange things ALWAYS happen here! Stef drove Elena home since Damon took a powder. She’d told him Esther’s plan to kill the whole family. How’s that for Mother of the Year? She bemoaned having to look Elijah right in the eye and lie to him about it. And she wailed about signing their death sentences! Stefan wasn’t sorry to see ANY of them go. Klaus is the point–the rest are collateral damage. That simple. The Original family has brought Elena nothing but darkness.

The silence got awkward. So, um, Stef asked where’s Damon? Elena said she’d call and let him know she got home safely. [I’d leave a voicemail, if I were you, Elena! Lol] Damon went after Kol being all self-destructive. She said something to him she didn’t mean. Stef admitted, “so did I.”

Stef turned to leave and Elena stopped him on the Porch. Let’s talk about the baby elephant on the Porch. Did you really not feel anything, Stef? Played dumb. When? How does he do that? Elena wants to know how he acts like he doesn’t feel anything, because she CAN’T! She FEELS! EVERYTHING! He wanted her to stop.

But she’s not gonna, Stef, because she doesn’t believe you feel nothing. Here comes the emo! Stef doesn’t WANT to be this person, but he hurt her, he bit her, and he hates himself for what he did to her. Feeling the chink in his armor, Elena grabbed his face and dared him to show it–do SOMETHING! He can’t convince her he doesn’t care! He can’t.

Stefan grabbed her hands and pulled them away. “If I let myself care, all I feel is pain.” He walked away and Elena looked forlorn. Are we goin there again? To quote the ACTUAL movie ‘Dangerous Liaisons’: You’ll find the shame is like the pain, you only feel it once.


Matt nursed his wounded hand with a cup of joe at the bar sans jacket and tie. And heeeeeeeere’s Rebekah! He was drowning his sorrows about not having health insurance in caffeine! She offered to buy him an apology drink. This family seriously needs some pickup lessons! Matty got pretty blunt about her just leaving him alone. She was a swell pretty date and all, but he REALLY needs her to leave him alone.

Enter Drunken, Eavesdropping Damon, swilling from an empty litre of booze. Ooh burn! Rejected by the Captain of the football team! Bex told him to SHUT UP! Welcome to adolescence. She knew she shoulda killed Matt but Mom wouldn’t let her. Thas wha happens when ya let peeps tell ya what ta do. Damon grabbed another bottle, poured them two shots, sat one in front of Bex–bottoms up! He reminded her that besides, she woulda broke him in a second. Is he suggesting Bex can’t be gentle? “I just think you should pick someone a little more durable, that’s all.” Bex gave him the eye. And who would that be? Damon gave her the eye right back. LOOK OUT! IT’S ON!


[WARNING: This section for mature audiences only!] Up against the wall redneck mother! Whoa! We think we wore a hole in our DVD rewatchin this scene! It was like a replay of the Damon and Katherine almost sex makeout scene, only without the blueballs! Damon and Bex were BOTH seriously into it! Tongue-to-tongue tonsillectomy! Shed the coat, buttons popping off in all directions, fang-to-fang, suck face (neck, back, assorted body parts) up against the wall, vampspeed flip around (I’m in charge here you hussy!)! Bex with SERIOUS “O” face–screw the designer duds, RRRRRRIIIIIPPPPPP! Hey, he hasn’t had any since……ANDIE! O.M.F.G.!


Pant! Pant! He was used, pissed off, and stunning this week, but just because of that scene alone, this week’s Woobie Word of the Week is: [drum roll please] ……………………………………….DURABLE!

NOTE TO READERS: We wrote this consuming many ‘Cinderella Complexes’–1 part champagne, 1 part Red Bull, and listening to Marilyn Manson sing “The Beautiful People”. lol Sorely missed this week were Bonnie, Tyler, Liz, Alaric, Meredith, and yes, even Jeremy! We’re only throwing two questions out there this week. Did Alaric’s hospital overnight observation include a Dr. Meredith sponge bath? Did they suck the alcohol out of the prep pads? Hit the comments! Hit the wall! Hit on your enemy! ROFL!

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  1. Major props for the Dangerous Liasons movie quote. I gotta another one: Win or die. :O

    If Klaus wants to get in with Caroline he should pay Matt’s medical bills and buy him his house. Generosity toward HER she’s not gonna buy but generosity to her ex? I can see her getting all fluttery over that.

  2. I was rewinding the DVR before TSC was even at the first commercial break to rewatch that hot Rekekah/Damon scene. Then to deal with my heartbreak over it, I tried to soak in some of the Klaus/Caroline affection. I’ve been a very fickle shipper, I must admit. But my favorite thing about Damon’s love for Elena has been his drive to protect her while Stefan just stood by and let her sacrifice herself. He has always been the more heroic of the two and it breaks my heart that he is faulted for that noble trait.

    Your recap is incredibly fun and a fantastic read. Your humor shines through though I love that you’ve captured the episode without negative drama one way or the other.

  3. First of all thank you so much once again for the recaps!!! Only 2 questions?! :( LoL

    Did Alaric’s hospital overnight observation include a Dr. Meredith sponge bath? If so, they must have played boats with stakes floating around. :D

    Did they suck the alcohol out of the prep pads? I think there is more effective ways to have fun in an hospital, especially when you have access to pretty much anything. :)

    So my rambling of the week…

    Stefan: I fear the time is getting closer to when bad@ss Stefan will leave us for good. I’m so sad about that. This week we saw a huge glimpse of the old Stefan when Elena asked him to let her make her own decisions (going back to her not wanting to become a Vampire’ scene)
    Damon: Boys will be boys. How I hate how Damon “never” evolves. Each time you think he’s finally made a break through, he goes back to what he does best; shooting himself in the foot. I’m not sure what made him more angry; Elena turning him down the way she did or that her words were the same as Stefan and he realized that he’s focusing too much on Elena and not the big picture?!
    Klaus: It’s official, he lost the title of greatest bad@ss when he did a Marius on us… Painting and drawing Renaissance style?! LoL I was waiting for Armand to show up during that scene! lol
    Caroline: I’ve said it many times and will say it again; 5 weeks. (Especially with that face she had upon seeing the drawing, nobody can have missed that)
    Elena: HEY Melissa *high five to you* for calling the buffy-d-up!!! Now we’ll just have to see if it was for the best or the worst. And she is so going to be single by the end of season 3. On another note, Elena seriously needs to stop using the following cards to get what she wants; “Please, let me make my own decisions…” (Stefan) and “Please, do it for me…” (Damon)
    Kol: I’m in love! (How can you be any more better than that; it’s like S1!Damon and S2!Klaus combined together) It’s been a while since a character made me giggle like a little girl.
    Elijah: He seriously needs to work on his trust issue when in comes to Pretova’s.
    Finn: My surprise of the week, he knows about his mother’s plan. That is a mommy’s boy for sure! LOL
    Tyler: Come back free my man and please try to survive season 3. (Oh and while you’re at it, please make sure to stay with Caroline)
    Bonnie: Greatly missed and still don’t understand why she wasn’t there. I understand the why she wasn’t invited (obviously), but can’t understand why they didn’t make her go. I mean, come on, both Salvatore’s, Elena and Caroline (without Alaric) walking into an Original’s party and Bonnie didn’t follow?! That is so not like Bonnie. “Finding out” that Ayana was her ancestor was very anti-climatic, since it was kinda obvious since we first saw her, but still… I hope this weeks episode won’t turn the Abby/Bonnie scene into another cave scene; which had a lot of potential, but failed to deliver. And I dread the upcoming return of Jamie… Since he’ll be back for episode 17-18, let’s hope he will fair just as long! LOL I’m cruel, I know!


  4. How is saving Matt shooting himself in the foot? How is getting it on with another girl when Elena is clearly rejecting him shooting himself in the foot? If Damon were the same guy he was when he came to town his response would have been to kill people. Lots of people. Instead he saved Matt, left the party, and had sex. In my book this IS evolution for him. The de evolution was all on Stefan’s and ESPECIALLY on Elena’s part. Ugh.

  5. @Bad Wolf I was clearly not talking about saving Matt. LoL But as we see in the sneak peek when Damon talks with Stefan, his choice of girl was very poor (of all the girls in Mystic Fall he had to choose the girl who wants Elena death, who is also the enemy and once again a girl Stefan dated) LOL Yes Damon changed as he did not kill anyone (well except snapping Kol’s neck), but still Damon does the same mistake which is to act and think about the consequences later. That is what I meant by shooting himself in the foot. He still lashes out when he’s hurt (like killing Alaric) instead of dealing with it and it’s also in that senses that he hasn’t evolve. But then again these are only my vision and observations of the show.

    Anyway my main problem with Damon/Elena/Stefan as I’ve mentioned many times before is that the only way for Elena to make up her mind is when one brother is mean and the other is good. They had to turn Stefan into a ripper for Elena to see Damon and now they are making Damon “regress” for Stefan to score points with Elena. It’s frustrating!

  6. I think Damon chose Rebekah because she was there. If it had been Meredith he would have chose *her*. All three of them lash out in their own way. Stefan and Elena do it with words (and whoever made up the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” needs their head examined) and Damon physically. The win the award for most dysfunctional love triangle.;-)

    The more I think about it the more I feel they missed the mark in this episode. I feel like both Damon and Stefan acted about the way I’d expect them to in the circumstances and given where the show is right now.

    It’s Elena in this episode that has me baffled. Never mind her insistence on trying to get herself killed. That’s completely in character. It’s the way she acted toward both brothers that was just…contrived and jarring.

    When they had Elena and Damon kiss it flowed very naturally from the story and didn’t seem or feel out of the blue. It didn’t feel like someone behind the scenes said “oops it’s time to force a little Stelena shake up”.

    In Dangerous Liasons, Elena’s overt manipulation of the brothers by playing them against each other seems unkind. She’s a lot of things: suicidal, sometimes clueless, definitely indecisive. But she’s never been cruel like this.

    And her reaction to Damon was…cruel. But even more out of character was her scene with Stefan on the porch. After all the growing she’s done this year, the realizing that she’s not going to wait for a ghost, learning how to defend herself, she’s acting like the guy who almost drove her off the bridge her parents died at could just wiggle his little finger nail and she’d jump right back into his arms. I found myself watching it and rolling my eyes because I thought I’d stepped through a time loop or something. It felt forced and it DID feel like someone behind the scenes said “oops it’s time to force a little Delena shake-up”. It’s not that I don’t think Elena wouldn’t eventually go back to him (she shouldn’t but I wouldn’t put it past her) it’s that this all felt so very very out of the blue. One minute they’re all “it’s right, it’s just not right now” and the next she’s acting like Katherine did in 1865.

    Hmmm. I guess I needed to get that off my chest.

  7. I think the scene with Stefan and Elena was good! Stefan kind of took his mask off and to me that is touching. Of course for Delena fans, this episode was lame because the situation is clearly changing. Elena is turning to Stefan again and even Damon knows it. I guess it is a bit desappointing for you but i’m fine with it!

  8. I think Stefan was fine in the scene. It’s Elena I’m having trouble with. It’s not about the shipping thing it’s about how the character is acting in light of recent events. Personally I ship Damon 1) realizing that he is worthy of loved 2) being loved by someone who’ll love him a) first and not as a second to his brother and b) as himself rather as some fantasy about who they want him to be. Starting with Homecoming I had finally started to believe Elena could be that person. Clearly I was incorrect. As far as I’m concerned she and Stefan can get together and stay there.

  9. The Klaus/Caroline scenes were the best! sorry didn’t miss Tyler or Bonnie but thats because I just don’t find either character that interesting!

  10. I am just so frustrated with Elena. What is wrong with her? Where is the girl that declared she wouldn’t love a ghost forever? Where is the girl that has depended on Damon for this entire season? Does she forget it is Damon who has been her BEST friend for months? She so owed him more than a “maybe that’s the problem,” when Damon declared his love for her. She needs to take that stick out of her a$$. One thing I’ve always loved about Elena is that I never saw her one time abuse her knowledge of Damon’s love for her. Not once did she lead him on or send him mixed signals. Until Dangerous Liasons that is. She’s been after him for 3 seasons to show he cares, to quit pretending to not feel and then when he does the best she can come up with is “Maybe that’s the problem”????? I was absolutely floored when I saw it, and I’m still pissed about it. She better do some serious back pedaling on Thursdays new episode or I’m gonna rethink my love of Elena.

  11. Now I thought the thing Stefan said that he didn’t mean was agreeing that killing Klaus was what he most cared about, not what he said to Damon about feelings.

    I have to like the characters to like a sex scene. I was mad at yet another Damon regression and Rebecca, who could have been the wild child to loosen Elena up or a serious throne in Stelena with a compulsion for Stefan to love her, is another could have been great, not she is pointless character I am over.

    Has anyone eles considered that like the hybrid curse spell, that Elena dying is part of the spell to end Klaus? Let’s hope this ritual does not drag out for three episodes. It is called pacing people.

    There is a play called All My Sons where a father does something majorly self serving that impacts not just his own family, but all families. At the end the lesson is that our actions effect everyone and you have to worry about all the sons in the world, not just your own. I wonder if this week’s ep means Esther is taking out the whole vampire taint not just her family. Take out her kids and all the offspring they sired. Or maybe just any vampires who also drank the champagne laced with Elena’s blood, putting the Salvatorres in danger too.

    Can’t Elena ever save herself? She is training to kill vampires, will she ever get to use it or was it to shut up female viewers who complained a year of her begging to die to save her two remaining family members (one of which died any way, making her sacrifice useless) was the biggest crock of anti feminist crap served up since tv went to color? I am not saying she needs to be Buffy, but can’t she do something shady and not botch it or feel bad? Can’t she trip and accidentally land with a stake in Rebecca’s heart? This season they keep harping about family, where is Elena’s desire to avenge hers against Klaus? Why are they not allowing her to be key in killing him since she is family to Tatia whose blood made him a vampire? Not a part is Esther’s plan, but the actualy, she must battle Klaus someway key?

    And can someone explain to me why they call Bonnie’s dad mr. Bennett, but her mom is now the Bennett witch tied to the Originals? She would have been a Bennett by marriage, and if Wilson is her married name, why is Bonnie a Bennett? To honor the loser mom who left her to raise a kid someone else ditched?

  12. “where is Elena’s desire to avenge hers against Klaus? ” No kidding! JENNA! Aunt Jenna! Did I mention: AUNT JENNA. I think Elena IS the key to killing Klaus but that, just as witchcraft and Petrova blood (btw., what was a Petrova doing in Virginia 1000 years ago) was involved in creating the Originals, I think it’s witchcraft and Petrova blood (as opposed to any kind of fighting skills) that will be the keys to destroying them.

    I guess I’m in a minority in not seeing Damon’s behavior as a regression. The only one I think regressed in this episode is Elena.

    Excellent point about calling Bonnie’s Dad Mr. Bennett.

  13. 1. Elijah, kol, rebecka and Finn. Why was there only 3 coffins plus momma vamps coffin.??
    2. Elena said momma vamp tried to kill her before, did I miss something
    3. This episode was alright, just interested to kno who this mystery killer is

  14. @MichelleEsther tried to kill Elena through Vicky when she got stuck in a van on fire. Stafn who was knock out at the back was able to come back to himself and kick the door open to save her. :D

  15. Stefan was also under ORDERS from Klaus to protect her. Or are we now arguing that in the same situation Damon wouldn’t have saved her.

  16. Oh I see. Never mind about that last part. Serves me right for trying to post right after waking up from a bad dream. :/

  17. I am with Badwolf..the porch scene seemed out of place for me. I get that we cant have elena and damon right now and I am okay with that..the tension makes the show! But…that quickly back to stephen?

  18. I loved this episode! Though it was painful to see Elena act so VERY insensitive towards Damon. Having said so – I nevertheless – might be able to see her motives in a way. The kiss between Damon and Elena changed their relationship: before, she was able to lie to herself about it being all platonic. Now she has to face reality. She loves her (ex-)boyfriends brother. Can she be with him (by her own moral standards)? She should be quite sure about this, because of the even bigger mess she would cause in switching Salvatores back eventually, when she found her choice to be wrong. Being in this situation she would automatically see Damons flaws magnified and might also double-check her situation with Stefan. She simply wants to do the right thing! Still she should not have turned Damon down as she did, but here again I think she really (as she said herself later on) meant something else – she wanted to call him off for choking her with overprotectiveness. That is how I understood the whole conflict.
    Actually the coldheartedness with which Elena made Elijah drink the champagne really shocked me!!

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