Reaction Post For Season Finale “As I Lay Dying” *Spoiler Alert*

I decided to create a reaction post, so you guys could discuss tonight’s season finale “As I Lay Dying”. I really enjoyed the finale….THAT ending. Of course when Jeremy was talking to Bonnie about feeling different, I was like “Ohhhh….I bet he’s had some sort of near death experience or something. Never expected what happened though…kudos to the TVD crew and producers for keeping that one a secret. Complete shocker! But of course, I found myself screaming “YES! YES! YES!”

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  1. It’s so good to see how much Stefan cares for Damon. That he would actually go through all that to get him the cure. I love Stefan! And I’m so happy that Damon is safe….for now! Dreading this 3-4months until september. Now my Thursday nights will be shallow and Salvatore-less(lol just made that up) oh the horror!

  2. When Jeremy got shot the first thing I thought was that maybe Kevin and Julie had something against characters whose name started with “J”. I didn’t think they would actually kill him off and take every family member from Elena. Looks like Jer brought his demons back with him from the other side. Guess he’ll probably be getting haunted next season.

    I’m glad that Damon is felling better. It would have killed me if they killed him off. Looks like next season will be the “Delena” season. I do have one request for Kevin and Julie for season 3’s finale; a lot less commercials and perhaps 2 hours long. That would be bloody sweet! Don’t you think?

  3. OMG that was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wait so jeremy is still human right??

    i have the goosebumps!!! i never thought to see anna and vicki again and i love how stefan loves his brother enough to sacrifice himself for him!!

    i cannot wait for season 3!! hurry september!!!

  4. Jeremy got powers now, he has the whole Haley Joel-Osment thing going on, which for me was one of the three “FINALLY, THE WRITERS DID IT” anticipated moments I have, because I keep noticing how Jeremy’s always there, a good looking block of wood, while everyone has powers and has something kickass to do. The second anticipated moment was when Stefan finally became a LEGIT BADASS. Thank you, TVD writers. Stefan, like Jeremy, is bland. While Stefan is quite noble, he’s also as dull as a knife without a whetstone. Klaus is the whetstone who will sharpen Stefan and turn him into a kickass vampire. I do however, appreciate Stefan’s willingness to save Damon, at any cost. Even if it meant having to forge a deal with the devil himself, Klaus. The third anticipated moment of mine is the Delena kiss. FINALLY. Finally. We get to have a real kiss between Damon and Elena. The two years of waiting and pining for that chemistry to materialize and executed in the most romantic way possible. The dialogue that played out when Elena was with Damon in bed teared me up the most. Damon said “You should have met me in 1864. You would have liked me.” That part of Damon, where he yearned to gain so much of Elena’s affections, where he reminisced and looked back on his old self, before he became a vampire, just broke my heart. He wanted his humanity back. But he found that with Elena. And when Elena replied ” I like you now. Just the way you are.” That made me remember what Katherine said to Elijah in the flashback scene: “It’s only true love if it is returned.”

  5. Nice finale tonight. I’m glad Damon is alright. Jeremy is ???? magic always has a price. Damon and Elena will find Stefan and help him we all know this. hmmmmm road trips for Damon and Elena should be fun to watch.

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo shocked and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finaly elena kissed damon IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY ending was NOT wat i expected i thought it would b jenna in the house not dead girlfriends of the past NOW WAT
    cant wait till season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I honestly thought the whole crew, cast, and everyone for that
    matter out did themselves. The finale was amazing!
    It had everything I could’ve asked for minus Jenna :-( I’m sure
    We will see her again with Jeremys new talents though!
    So happy Elena kissed Damon! Poor Stefan though….
    Can’t wait for next season! I’m counting down the days!!!!

  8. am i the only one who didnt care so much about the damon and elena kiss??

    i know he loves her and all, but i LOVE stefan and elena and i think i always will like them instead of damon and elena

  9. wow. That’s all i can say! That was soo intense! The “Delena” kiss, much needed! And the way that whole scene played out was perfect! I really hope Stefan is just going along with Klaus and not really turning to the “dark” side. Everyone knows what happened last time stefan started drinking human blood again, it was so hard for him to stop, and it almost cost elena’s life. Now for Jeremy, I’m really hoping that he turned. I know I probably shouldnt wish that on him, but the the series final, I’m thinking that most of the main charaters are going to end up becoming vampyres but that’s just me thinking. Anyway, Jeremy, when he said that he felt different, I really thought he did turn, then when he saw vicki and Anna I for sure thought that he might have turned, only because he died, and whats-her-face feed him her blood and then bonnie brought him back to life. I rreallllyy do think that he’s a vampyre.

  10. THE FINALE WAS AMAZING!!!! I thought it was the perfect set up for season three. When Julie and Kevin say that anything/anyone goes on this show, they really mean it. Jeremy died tonight and his ring could not save him. ANNA & VIKKI BACK :O talk about bringing the drama next season. I am so excited to see where they are going to take this story line. That has to be the biggest surprise of any VD surprise yet. Vikki and Anna showing up beats out Katherines return, Isobel turning out to be a vampire, the arrival of Klaus. They left us with alot of questions tonight. For the record, I will always and forever be a Stelana fan, as much as I adore Damon, I don’t think he would ever do the things that stefan does for him. Stefan basically sold his soul tonight for his brother and it was admirable, loveable, and damn sexy. So Delana fans, don’t get your hopes up, that kiss was just a GOODBYE!!!

  11. I’m veryy upset! I thought Stefan would be like ha ha I’ve been drinking blood and I’m not immune now instead of becoming a crazy blood addict again!!! and what!?!!! ELENA CHEEEATTEED ON STEFANN!!! How can that be a good thing??!!!! Stefan is the clear choice. He didn’t try to kill Elena’s brother or turn her into a vampire beyond her will! I’m so mad at elena! What was she thinking?!!!!!!!!

  12. i like all the homages to buffy that tvd is using….they talked about jenna’s last name being sommers, which is a play on summers (buffy’s last name), the “close your eyes,” and now using the nickname ripper (Giles’ nickname was ripper).

  13. @vampgirl1991
    Didn’t care for it as it was a goodbye kiss… It was beautiful, but still… She said she liked him, not love him and he admitted that it would always be Stefan. But I guess they will be brought together in the next season, they are obviously following some plot line of the books with different situations. But what I love and find it very sad is how no matter what, Damon can’t get the girl until his brother is out the picture. That is why I’m not a fan, I want Damon to be more than second best.

    Since the moment Klaus said “I have other plans for you.” I was like ‘He so wants Stefan on his side.’ So I wasn’t surprised, but VERY HAPPY about it, as I said in another post Stefan will probably be one of the greatest ‘villain’ of season 3.

    My favorite moments were at the end. The face Damon made when Katherine made him realized what Stefan had sacrificed to save him. It’s not just his life, but it’s everything that he has achieved to correct his past mistakes, the love of his life everything; it was just beautiful. Evil!Stefan will be amazing and I’ll be 100% on his team next season.

    As for Jeremy, THAT was my surprise. OMG did I go “Whaaaat?! Oh dear, ghost whisperer is in town.” But when the witches talked about ‘consequences’ I wonder if they will only be for Jeremy or for Bonnie too. It will be interesting to see Bonnie having to deal with that. I smell troubles in paradise.

    And I guess we will get the Quest for bringing back Stefan next year as it was in the book; so Damon and Elena will get closer… question is will Bonnie and Damon get closer too?! They obviously started to change their dynamic in the last episodes. And they will need her more than ever against Stefan.

    Anyway, Stefan decent to hell, will just give him more fans, which I adore. He’s like Angel in Buffy… Amazing guy, but ‘remove his soul’ and omg you are stuck with an unpredictable and VERY dangerous enemy. I can’t wait to see Damon trying to deal with that. Can’t wait for next season with evil Stefan and guilt stricken Damon, because lets face it; if Katherine stays in town she will have a blast at reminding him. But what she said to them at the end was OUCH!!And got me laughing.

  14. @Marie
    also there’s the fact that jeremy is the guy that has a pattern with his girlfriends dying (just like xander dating monster girls!)

  15. another thing…if vicki and anna are alive, this will be great for matt’s storyline as well since he might come around more now that vicki is back.

  16. Didn’t see that Jeremy part happening. It was so good to see Anna and Vicki! Now Matt and Sheriff won’t be soooooo depressed?!
    Finally the Delena kiss, but some GF she is
    haha Katherine “it’s okay to love them both… I did” HISTORY REPEATING.
    Poor Stefan :\ what happens when your not around, at least he knows?! I started to cry when Caroline hugged her mom after confessing. I choked when Elena was resting on Damon and crying– but she only did that because he was dying :\ couldn’t you have done it sooner?! Stefaaan! a villian? I do like his dark side… ;)
    Can’t really say “can’t wait” because it’s gonna be a long 2 1/2 month wait lol well overall i’ll give season 2 an A-

  17. I think everyone is missing a key moment that might have led to the Viki/Anna comeback. When Bonnie was trying to get the witches to save Jeremy, she said she loved him, and that’s when the witches saved him. They also did tell Bonnie there would be consequences. So this is my theory: because the witches were upset with Bonnie for abusing her power, they gave her new adversaries who will be competing for the one she loves. Because even though Jeremy cares a lot for Bonnie, it’s going to be hard to compete with first loves.
    Also, I wanted to comment on the Delena kiss. Personally, I thought it was awesome! So heartfelt and painful and bittersweet. Damon acknowledged that he knew it would always be Stefan for Elena, but that he loved her anyway, and then it’s obvious Elena is torn. She loves Stefan but she has feelings for his brother. It will be interesting to see what happens next season. And I don’t think Stefan “owes” Damon for saving him; they’re even now. Stefan was in the wrong for making Damon what he is/was, so he was trying to make it up to him. Just my opinion…

  18. Finally was freakin insane. Soo many questions but no answers. But I do got theories. Ok so the whole jeremy thing seeing vicky and anna. I think the witches that saved him turned him into a wizard or since he died je could connect with dead now. Ok the damon and elaina kiss. Pretty spectacular but I think damon is always gonna be 2nd best to stephan, pretty tragic for damon. Just like katheryn, elaina will always choose stephan. And lastly stephan being bad ass is totally awsome. When he killed that girl at the end with that condesending smile. ohhh and elijah got wat he deserved, shoulda seen it coming. Nice twist to everything. Cant wait for season 3

  19. I can’t believe they ended the episode like that. These producers and crew members are amazing. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson really do know how to make you beyond excited for a new episode, and now for a new season, although waiting till September will be very hard for the fans especially after that amazing ending to both Jeremy and Stefan. It was amazing to see how Stefan went over-board to save his brother, and completely unexpected for Klaus to manipulate him like that, and the bigger shock was Klaus killing Elijah. It was also another HUGE shock to see Jeremy die and come back to life, which was the least expected thing on anyone’s mind. But what’s quiet confusing is Vicky and Anna at the end. It’s great to have 2 of our most beloved characters in the show, but my question remains: Is Jeremy alive or dead? Or is he both? Because it was pointed out clearly that the witches brought him back to life, but seeing Vicky and Anna does give us a hidden message, which is very hard to figure out. It will be great to see that darker side of Stefan come into the future tense of the show, and if Stefan is ever re-united with Damon and Elena, it will be amazing to see how he would react to everything that went on between Damon and Elena, if a ‘Delena’ relationship happens. Of course, if Delena happens then Stefan comes back, it will turn out really ugly, since after all, Stefan sacrificed EVERYTHING for his brother, and his brother would thank him for it by taking away the girl he lives for. It will also be quiet heart-breaking yet amazing to see Stefan’s reaction towards Elena kissing Damon at the end of the episode.
    Julie Plec mentioned in an interview that the end of the episode gives us a clear idea which road the show will be heading towards in Season 3, which makes me presume that Season 3 will all be about witches and Originals. Witches as in the Jeremy storyline and what the ‘consequences’ or bringing Jeremy back to life are and Originals as in Klaus abusing Stefan. It would be great too if Damon and Elena bring back Elijah, which would result in Elijah being completely angry at his brother for betraying him, and then go back to the original plan of killing Klaus and saving Stefan.
    So many questions and possibilities, and of course, Julie PLec and Kevin Williamson and the entire TVD crew never fail to provide us with the least expected events.
    Looking forward to Season 3, ‘The Year of The Originals’…
    If the premier of Season 3 airs in September, then I presume that September will be epic

  20. I think that kluse is staring a army in with all of his dead famliy
    Also stefen bad ass is great
    as for the kiss im hoping that it would mean somthing to elena but shes not going to do anything about it since stefen needs her
    rick is going to be alot more involed with jeramey

  21. how could kathrin enter the house while she was not invu=ites in by Elina??????

  22. that was friggin shockin!!!
    but the biggg question is.. hy is anna and vicki here??
    i only came up with two things.. its either that jeremy can see the dead or that he has to choose between anna n vickie…
    i cant wait for the 3rd season!!

  23. Great episode!! My opinions on all the characters have changed so much over the last 2 seasons. It’s going to be really exciting to see Damon and Stefan literally swaping places next season, Stefan is gonna be a really hot bad-ass vamp I think he will out rank Damon in the evil stakes. But I have to say I was a Stelena fan but Elena annoyed me alot this season and the kiss between her and Damon didn’t look like more than a nice goodbye kiss because she cared for him and knew that’s what he wanted before he died so I don’t think that Elena is going to be jumping into a relationship with him anytime soon, but Im guessing I’m not the only one who wants Elijah to come back because Im more excited about the chemistry between him and Elena. P.S Jeremy seeing his dead exes, gotta be a buzz kill in the bonnie in the bedroom department. P.P.S please show alot more Tyler and Carolyne next season and Tyler topless. :-)

  24. Dueling brothers next season….. Stefan and Klaus vs Damon and Elyja….
    still remember that Elyja has feelings for Elena so there might be conflict with Damon and Elyja…..the original Petrova will reapear so that Katherine,Elena, and their original will be in conflict…..Carolyn in conflict with Matts sister Viki because Viki doesn’t like anyone messing with brother…the originals…. well if all the brothers and sisters start reappearing then the grand daddy of them all will also be coming ….Klause’s father or should I say step father…and lets not forget the cheating mother….who started the whole Klaus/hybrid scenario …..will she come back to save Klaus from an ill destined fate that daddy will try to achieve….. what about the original wolf man even though he was killed off ,did he not have siblings where are they !!!!!!
    Now lets talk about Stefan wow!!!!!Is it just me or did he look way more attractive now that he is evil…..or is he really evil…..dam Klaus did his homework while he was looking for his dobbleganger….he knows all about Stefan and his past indescretions….and what did Klaus mean when he said that Katherine will not get to far because he will see that Stefan will take care of that……ewww how yummy that she will have alot more in stored for her…especially when the real Petrova will show up………..now let’s not forget she did become a mother in one episode…..Katherine had a daughter correct?????well what does that mean did Klaus know about it???I mean he is very well read on history so no doubt he knows what happened to this child…and let me leave you with this thought……WHY DID STEFAN REALLY COME BACK TO MISTIC FALLS???dont forget he was there just as Elena’s parents hit the water with their car…..he saved Elena from drowing…..was there an alterior motive for doing that!!!The only reason there is an Elena is because of Stefan….did he already know she was a dobbleganger and kept it to himself???? Alarc and Bonnie do not have enough ammunition to take care of anything next season……..so my guess that Bonnie’s grandmother is coming back to help…….what do you think

  25. woohoo!!! damons save! iam sorry about stefan but damons ok so im great with it! and damon and elena kissed!!! im sooooo happy!!! cant wait till next epsode!

  26. Awesome season finale . . . left me satisfied but, oh wanting so much more!!! Love reading all the blogs. So many twists and turns – alot of interesting predictions. The “Jeremy” moment caught me by surprise, didn’t expect that. I think he’s the “living dead”. Caught between both worlds. Love Damon and Elena together. Last night was a tease . . . it’s going to be a slow, simmering and steamy storyline next season (please, please!!).

  27. Woww!! Good episode! lots of surprising things happend! Glad to see that finally elana and Damon kissed! As for the gone crazy stefan, lots to look forward to in next season.
    As for klaus killing his brother and putting him with his family. I think that rem before when they killed him they had to leave the knife in him, cos there was no other way for him to stay dead! Well i think him and his family will be making a comeback next season to take on klaus! What better then to have a couple of family members back from the dead to help kill klaus! They are the Origanals as they say and No one can kill klaus? Will see on that one.
    Cant wait to see what conetion happens between Elena and Damon now that stefans away at play :D Dont think theyll get too close as he lied again bout turning. Katherina always has something to do with it. Anyways cant wait till next season! Super EXCITED!!!! Awesome Season :D

  28. I really enjoyed last nights episode but to be really honest my opinion is still that it would’ve been FAR better to end the season with last weeks episode.
    I don’t care much for stefan I’m a die hard Delena shipper and find Stefan quite a flat character. Of course I’m hoping (and this is going to happen) I’m hoping that next season will change my mind on Stefan… But still I don’t find him that interesting…
    Of course the jeremy thing is keeping my mind busy atm but I don’t find it THAT shocking. Like Pam, I assume Jeremy is caught between both worlds making him ‘the living dead’ or he can see spirits, has to be one way or the other. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    My fave episode have lots of Tyler/Caroline because they’re the cutest together. And it involves lots of Damon being bad ass, so for me it wasn’t that spectaculair. After last weeks there was never a possibility of topping that episode. I can’t say this episode dissapointed me, cuz I didn’t have high expectations, I hoped they would prove me wrong, but they just didn’t. It was pretty much exactly what I thought that it would be. A surprising episode, but not a shockingly great episode, but maybe that’s just me.

  29. that was the best episode of all
    i’m sooooooooo happy damon is ok and elana finally kissed him
    but i’m sad for estefan
    cant be the good brother any more
    cant wait for next season

  30. i think jeremy just can see dead people…vicki and anna aren’t really back….I just think jeremy can see dead people now…i think in the next season jeremy will get information from vicki and anna…thats what i think…
    damon and elena will explore and explain their feelings 4 each other…& they will look after stefan try to get him back, but it wont be so easy to find him and if they find him, he will be THE badass-vampire….i wonder how damon and elena handle that fact….i think they’ll get help from bonnie,alaric,caroline and jeremy….and i want that damon&bonnie get closer next season…we all know that stefan is the 1st choice 4 elena and damon is the 2nd choice…i think tyler,matt,caroline&sheriff forbes will handle a new conflict…
    klaus and stefan will go on a killtrip… i cant wait 4 the next season..

  31. I thought the episode wasn’t as good as the first season. But with that being said the VD is so awesome I thought the finale was great.
    Two questions: How did Katerine get into the Salvatore house and how was Klaus able to use the dagger???

  32. I’ve seen some theories about how Katherine got into the house and they actually make sense (if it’s not just a plot hole).
    You know how a vampire can get into a humans house when the owner dies? Well people on the internet are saying that because Elena died in last weeks ep (even though she came back to life) katherine could come into the house…
    It could be that.

  33. Wow, haha. That ending was amazing.
    I had a feeling they’d kill off Katherine and I’m glad they didn’t (for now). I like her, she’s fiesty haha.
    The Delena moment was sooo cute, I was tearing up. And when Katherine appeared with the blood, I loved her in that moment.
    When Jeremy got shot I knew he’d come back cos I’ll be honest I read some spoilers beforehand hahaha.

    Overall an amazing season finale and as soon as they come out on DVD I’m buying it! Just like I did with season 1 ;D Can’t wait to see what happens to Stefan, I hope he’s gonna be okay.

    I’m from the UK and I just have to watch them online cos I hate having to wait till the Tuesday after haha so I been texting all my VD friends telling them what happens hehe. It’s just too exciting to keep it to myself!

    Whew. Yeah it was amazing.

  34. I loved the episode! I was quite worried they’d leave Damon’s werewolf bite unresolved until next season, so I’m very relieved he was rescued. I really liked the little goodbye kiss between him and Elena but I’m afraid she only did it for Damon. I’m undecided whether Stefan keeps his word and is turning off his emotions to go with Klaus or if he basically is worried about Klaus’ strength and wants to keep an eye on him and just plays along. Actually I’d love him to turn bad but right now I’d presume it’s more of an act. He was still worried and “sober” enough after at least 5 bloodbags to make sure Damon got the blood. Either way, Damon and Elena will come looking for him to free him from Klaus and Stefan will deliberately hurt Elena’s feelings, either for fun meaning it, or he’ll do it to keep his act up with Klaus. It’ll bring her and Damon closer together. I don’t see them playing the happy couple for most of next season though – as much as I’d love that. It would be very out of character for Elena.
    I’m sure the fact that all originals are carefully stored away and not scattered in parts across the sea means they’ll all pop up in time again. :)
    All in all I’m in awe as to see how they managed to keep the entire finale so open as to being able to return pretty much any character they want and to twist the character constellations into whatever they feel like (or think is best after reading through fan comments ;P). Hats off to that! Can’t wait for the next season. (Luckily there’ll be True Blood in the meantime to keep the waiting time to a minimum!)

  35. I wish they make Jeremy gay or at least bisexual; he and that guy who was turned into a werewolf had great chemistry. Jeremy is so gentle and sexy that he’s the perfect candidate for that.

  36. loved every d/e moment. their scenes really have a deep meaning. the scene between them two was so raw and real. damon saying to elena he knows its always gonna be stefan but he loves her and she should know was what a dying man needed to say before he died. if its truely gonna always be stefan than elena wouldnt have doubts about giving up being a mother or growing up and growing old so to me yes ofcourse she loves him but he’s not end all be all enough for her to give it all up. her words. so it cant ALWAYS be him if she’s not really sure herself. as for damon and elena ofcourse they’re not gonna be just thrown 2gethrt in s3 cuz thats obviously not them to be thrown 2gether. s/e all about that. why would damon have to be considered 2nd choice is annoying 2 me. not everyone ends up with their 1st love. i’m not my husbands 1st love so does that mean i’m 2nd choice. no, i think that it means i was the right choice for him. bottom line elena didnt want to give up being human for stefan and stefan sacrificed being with elena to save his brother. to me that says they put deep down inside are destined for something else than each other. stefan did what he did to save damon and now damon will do the same for his brother. thats ball to the wall devotion no matter what they say or do 2 each other love. do i think damon should take advantage of the situation even knowing now elena cares 4 him too, no. its gonna be a fine hard line for damon and elena to fight their feelings out of respect for stefan but at the end of the day the heart wants what the heart wants and if it happens i think it would be man enough 4 stefan to accept that too. i just hope its all done as repectfully as possible

  37. Thats the question coming in my mind…only a human being can use the dagger and as per Elena owns the house so how did Katherine came in….?? :s
    Ah! Elena kissed Daemon only CZ he was going to die! and she LIKED him ( past tense) I am a crazy Fan of Daemon but I like the way he is! S and E are meant to be together, lol now Jeremy have to face the consequence his lovers ANNA!? VIKKI?! or BONNIE!?
    Stephan is now the villain! i dint like him the person he have become! stupid klus!!!
    Still cant wait for Season 3 :D

  38. i got soooo mad when klaus killed elijah. ughh i knew he couldnt be trusted and cmon elijah why would u trust him??

    i hope elijah comes back and this time he finishes the job!!!

  39. Season 3: After reading some of the posts, I think at some point, Stefan is going to remove the dagger from Elijah’s body, in turn Elijah (and maybe with Stefan’s help?) will remove the daggers from his families’ bodies (I’m assuming they were killed that way too because they’re all Originals)and all will join forces to eliminate Klaus. Maybe he can’t be killed, but I’m sure he can be removed!

  40. i was so happy to see elena and damon finally kiss no he didnt die i know they werent going to just let him die bcause they would lose a lot of viewers but thanks for not leting him die and i was mad when elijah was killed by his brother like y would u trust him (hoping for season 3) cause vik and anna came back how is that possible i missed them though but its going to be hard for jeremys feelings for bonnie with viki and anna back

  41. Ok!!! The episode was AMAZING!!
    I absolutely LOVE Delena! And badass Stefan might not be as good as bad-ass Damon since we’re so used to that, but i think it’ll be interesting that the switched roles!!
    OMG, that container thing with all the coffins with their family are those ALL originals??? I think hell will break loose and they’ll have to get all of them back to kill Klaus!! Or something like that coz the 1st episode of s3 is called “The year of the Originals” !

    Bonie’s definitely being punished for taking advantage of the witches, with Jeremy having to deal with his “new ghost-whisperer powers” and seeing his exes Anna and Vicki, she must compete for his love!!! It’s just crazy!! But im glad he finally has a power though its a curse….

    Think Alaric’s gonna take over being their guardian, definitely.

    Hope to see more of Caroline and Tyler!! think they’d make a reeeally complicated couple!
    And more of Cathrine’s past think she had a thing with Elijah.. (when he was flashing back with elena!) Maybe the baby she had was really his!!!
    Hope they’ll make Stefan EVIL!! :) cant wait!

  42. I was also like YEEEEEEEEEEEESS!! for the Delena moment, 22 episodes for that kiss, i’m so happy, although i’m not so sure about the way it ended, i waited for something more…
    Season 3 it’s going to be awesome, a “ripper” Stefan , and Delena moments, YES!
    although i’ll have to way forever until september (or i don’t know which month) to see the 3rd season.

    And Irsa you are right.. how did katherine got in?, i was so happy for the kiss i didn’t noticed.

    P.S. YESSSSS! again :D

  43. @Sarah
    Ha ha Love the Xander/Jemery comparison!! I’m telling myself if Stefan is anything close to Angelus(which apparently he is, destroying a whole village, talk about carnage), people will be gobsmacked by how Damon(who is pretty much like Spike) will look super soft compared to his brother. I still remember back in the days, thinking that Spike was the meanest Vampire in Sunnydale and being blown away by Angelus when he brought a virgin girl’s heart to Drusilla for Valentine’s Day. I seriously can’t wait and I hope that Stefan will stay evil for a while. What I love is how people keeps saying that Stefan is soooo boring and a “lapdog” to Elena, but Damon was the same and even 10 times worst with Katherine; he was desperate with her. So I just hope that they don’t make Damon go all cuty next season!


    I saw the question a couple of times about Klaus using the digger without dying. Technically he is no longer a simple Vampire, but an hybrid.

    I totally agree with the Elena died theory. Katherine used the same technique to get out of the tomb. This will be problematic next season if Vampires can again enter at will in the Boarding house.

    And with Stefan turning evil, he was invited in EVERYONE’s house, try to find one were he wasn’t invited. They are in so much trouble.

    So really the things I can’t wait to see next season:

    1)Evil!Stefan (Cause there is nothing more tragic to see that the nicest people makes the cruelest villains)
    2) Jeremy turned ghost whisperer
    3) Vicky and Anna. Especially what they really are, ghosts, demons, illusions. Will Jeremy be able to touch them or bring them back?! And what it means to Bonnie.
    4) Damon’s guilt and finally taking responsibilities for his past actions. Julie said in an article that the huge difference between the brothers was that. So how will it impact on Damon to see that in the end, he didn’t pay once more for his action (because dying would have been that) but his brother did.
    5) Delena (don’t misunderstand me here, Delena means more than just that, it means BAMON is on the way my friends) So yeah technically I embrace Delena only because they cannot not start to work on Bamon after that. Also lets face it, who is the only person who will be able to help Jeremy and/or Bonnie?! Damon. (And if it wasn’t for her and Stefan he would be dead LoL)

  44. OOOO EEM GEE!!!!! The episode was great!! Till now i was totally Team-Damon – but ripper Stefan *woooaaah* HOT! I like Damon and Elena….but I liked Damon as badass more like in the first Season!
    And Klaus – wooa he is an ass****, but he’s the hottest guy from TVD – sooo I am Team Klaus ;D
    Sorry for my englisch, I am from austria..

  45. We will see more Katherine and Stefan…Klaus wants Katherine around and having Stefan assures him that she will come back.

  46. Having been a huge Buffy fan, I’m noticing more and more how the TVD are pulling from BtVS. The finale was no exception.

    In Season 6 of BtVS, Buffy returns from the dead and as Spike says “The thing about magic, there’s always consequences, always!” Since Buffy came back from the dead, they had to take something else dead too. Also when a human comes back from the dead, they come back different. Jeremy is different – no doubt Elena is different too.

    And lastly –> massive squee moment with Delena. I think it was worth the wait…almost.

  47. Im very angry . One reason is because Im a hardcore-Delena-hater ; I just HATE THEM TOGETHER. I dont see how people can like them but everybody is different .The kiss disgusted me I had to mute my TV lol but I was happy when Katherine came with the cure . The endinq ……. Wow . Anna and Vicki ???!!! I wonder about Jenna , or even Pearl if they came back or not.

  48. Ok i’m watching this for the third time…. I really do not know how i’m going to wait until September!!! O-o I think i’m going to go stark crazy.

    Evil Stefan and Damon and Elena kiss… Jeremy is now a ghost whisperer and Elijah is dead. Pwha way to much to compute. I wonder if this will mean Jeremy will be able to see Elijah who will help them to find Klaus and Stefen?

    Plus did i hear right.. Klaus is now a shapeshifter who can change at will? When he transforms back him and Elijah are talking, and he states about how he was a wolf for two days and so has control over when he transforms – not just at the full moon??? I hope this means we get to see more wolfs next season. (they are my favourite animal!)

    Oh my gosh……….. People I don’t think I can wait, its going to be bloody torture! I actually did shed a tear or two when Damon was dying, it was heart breaking. – such great acting by mr ian somerhalder. When Katherine finally came with the cure i actually shouted out to my family “Katherine YES!” (I think they must have thought i had lost my mind…)

    Man,, who else thinks Klaus reminds them of the devil. I don’t like him very muuh at all!!!!!!!!! I actually kinda feel sorry for Elijah, i hope he comes back.

  49. @Lisa
    More and more Buffy diehard fans (I’m one of them) are starting to see very obvious similarities between the two shows. But after seeing bad boy Paul W. in Smallville as Lucas Luthor, I can’t wait to see him go all Angelus on us next season. But I don’t think Elena is different (for now anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t put the angel wings thing from the books, that would be sooo bad) as the spell was to protect her soul and made sure it would stay pure and intact.

    I Looooooove Klaus, he’s the kind of character that I adore; 100% evil character and above that he is a mastermind. But Julie P. said that we would see more of who he is next season, but that we wouldn’t be any less evil. XD I felt sorry for Elijah too, but at the same time I cannot believed he actually trusted Klaus LOL

  50. EPIC season finale i know i wont be able to wait till sept. the finale had me in tears i loved the kiss between Elena and Damon but i hope it doesnt go to much beyond that it would be a shame to split up stefan and elena i love them together.
    As for Jeremy OMG im so excited finally jeremy has some supernatural power im also psyched we see anna again shes my favorite. i cant wait to see what season 3 has in store for us oh why cant it be september.

  51. OH M G?!?!?!?! ANNAH AND VICK?!?!? U GOT TO B KIDDING ME ok so here i come ready or not here i come,.. WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!!! for Bonnie and Jeremy it could be a tramp or i wish it could be a dream for Jeremy i wish it could be a dream for Jer but there nothing to disscus in the final finale everything is so amazing that it would never happend so ready for the third season ohh yeaahhhh!!!

  52. Marie here come,s my question for u Marie> Ruthie is it u Marie or how come this author never comments on this beautiful site??is just a question?? that,s all or is it u Marie,Ruthie??

  53. i think u Marie and Ruthie are sisters or one is brother and the other is sister right i have a feeling on u guys??

  54. Wasn’t stepehen walking to emily in the trailer for this episode but talking to bonnie in the episode?

  55. I am soooooooooo HAPPY that Elena kissed Damon!! Sorry but he is so much hotter than Stefan, and he will obviously do anything to save her… there’s so much passion there it kills me! Ok…I think that Katherine was able to enter the house without being invited in because of the whole Klaus thing. Elijah is not dead dead, hence why he still has the stake in him when he’s put in the coffin, so I’m pretty sure something is gonna go on there. Klaus said he needed Stefan due to how he used to be, a cold blooded killer with no conscious so I’m assuming he is planning to slowly take over the world a little at a time by destroying towns everywhere. Jeremy is going to be haunted by his two deceased girlfriends and bonnie is going to lose him because he’s probably going to be torn between all of them and go insane. Poor Alaric lost both of his loves, just like Jeremy, so my guess is they will grow a lot closer because they have a lot in common if you think about it. I would love love loooovvvveee to see caroline and tyler together! o ya!! Ugh…I don’t want to wait until September! Its going to drive me insane, it’s like a drug. Hopefully, there won’t be so many commercials!! It’s rediculous actually, there are more commercials than showtime it seems…not a happy camper about that. Otherwise, LOVE the show =)

  56. @ jay_s1ngh- i was thiiking of that too!! i remember in the preview that stefan was talking to emily not bonnie, so idk what was up with that.

  57. I’m a bit surprised people are happy Vicki and Anna appeared. I totes do not care about them. I’m sad about Jenna. Looking forward to Damon and Elena!! I heart Jeremy and hate that he will be haunted.

  58. My ? is if Caroline in tyler get together will they have a hybrid?? I have a feeling Jeremy is just gonna be haunted and its gonna affect him and Bonnies relationship(consequences). I love the fact Damon and Elena kissed but I think it was just cause he was dieing but I do think there will be more but when Stefan comes back to his self again she will be back to him!!! I cant wait till season 3 just started watching it in season 2 so I didnt have to wait I could watch all of season 1 then start on 2. Im totally addicted to TVD as is my sis in which she is the one that got me started on the show :)

  59. OMG this episode blew me completly away! First of all NOOOOOO STEFAN! Please let him turn good as soon as possible.OMG Jeremy with Anna and Viki, i do miss them but woah! I have a feeling he’s gonna keep it a secret of course i could be wrong. This episode had so much blood. I can not believe Katherine got out of the house. Elena uggh i find her and Damon … ughk! Its obvious season 3 is going to be about ther relationship growing deeper. But this whole episode was major. If you re wacth season 1 and compare it to season 2 it’s such a big difference! They might as well have not done season 1. Its soo old or not as dramatic. Season 2 had me saying “woah and i love this episode” for each episode it’s mind blowing! I hope season 3 will be even better! Though i don’t like Damon and Elena i think season 3 will help open my mind to the idea and for others

  60. Stefan.. He’s my truest HERO and greatest LOVE, he has shown how much he loves them both with this incrediable, unselfish and dedicated sacrifice. *sobs*

    Klaus/Elijah.. dagnabbit, Klaus is one evil monster. I hope that when Damon, Bonnie, Ric and Elena save him they can get some smackdown for Elijah too.

    Hated the kiss, it felt like a betrayal just because of what Stefan was giving up. But in the light of day, it was both a kiss of regret and of hope, and of a friendship that might grow with trust as they fight to save Stefan. <3

    BONNIE! Kick tooshy, her plea to Emily for Jeremys life.. guh. Heartbreaking. Am I the only one seeing Ric and her as a possible couple? Srsly, he looked impressed outta his socks, broken for Jere, concerned for Bonnie during the witches convention. LOVE his connection with Jere too. Better not kill him off!

    lol. Jere.. "I see dead people." BruceWillis has to cameo. Hope we see Grams (Jasmine Guy) and maybe his parents 'cause that would be great! Wonder if there are more consequences? Does this mean he's supernatural too? The ring wouldn't work anymore then?

    SHERIFF and CARE.. awww.. thankyou for making up. One of these characters should have a relationship with their mum.

    Looking forward to Bonnie and Damon working together, more Damon friendship with Elena, and Stefan rockin' out his bad mojo.

  61. Very clever how they managed to bring Anna AND Vicky back without actually bringing them back. I wonder how much it’s going to complicate things with Bonnie. Personally, I thought he would’ve come back as an original vampire (since he wasn’t turned, but he came back from the dead and vampires have to have come around somehow. Plus they had a thing for witches; maybe because they created them?). Wrong, but I thought it was an educated guess. I suppose that would tip the scales to more-vamps-than-humans officially though.
    YAY for Stefan the ripper. I think it’s going to be a very interesting Season 3. Not the mention we’re going to have LOTS of Delena time ;)

  62. Welll… No hating on Delena fans here because I know there are TONS but I realllllly don’t like them together. It’s no hate towards them but I feel like Elena is depressing and boring a lot, and she never smiles. Ever. Same with Stefan. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of their characters but their annoying depression brings me down and Damon makes me smile:) I really with all my heart feel that the Delena kiss was just a kiss because he was dying. And I know season 3 is going to have Delena in it a lot but… I feel like TV Elena will be WAY smarter than book Elena.
    I feel as if book Elena was a little bit of a, erm, hoe, for no better terms.
    TV show Elena (my favorite of the two:P) really truly loves Stefan, and even Damon knows it’ll always be that way. After the development he made in the last episode over how loving Katherine was his fault I think it might even change his perspective on Elena a little bit too. I know she kissed him & all, and yes, although I don’t think they should truly get together, I squealed and cried at the cute scene and had a momentary realization that maybe they should be together. But alas, I woke up the next morning and went “Nahhh….” He is my favorite character and I think he deserves better than being second best, which he WILL be. And if Elena gets feelings for him while Stefan’s crazy I’m like “meh. Have fun. You know you love Stefan more.” Anyway, I should probably stop my rant.
    However, I think her and Stefan belong together! And Damon should get over it and date Bonnie…. Hahah huge Bamon shipper;) Hopefully that will develop! Great episode, great characters, great show, great fans! Haha I’m glad everyone can calmly debate things. :)

  63. I loved the finale!! I’m excited that Stefan will have something to do other than pout all next season. He has been getting pretty boring.

    Poor Jeremy, if I was this kid I’d have a complex by now. They’ve killed him in the 1st season finale, the 2nd season premier and now the 2nd season finale. But I like this idea of Jeremy being able to see dead people. Is it only dead girlfriends though? Because if he can see all dead people they will be able to bring a ton of people back on to the show.

  64. OMG. best episode ever !!!
    so many tear jerking scenes !!!
    words can barely describe how much i loved this ep, and Damon<3
    like wow.
    I'm so glad Katherine finally admits that she loved Damon as well!
    The Delena moments were amazing. I have no idea how they'll ever happen, but ill wait.
    Ive always appreciated Stefan. but now i love him soo much<3
    The Bonnie and Jeremy moment was heartbreaking, i would of never forgiven VD if they'd killed him.
    I love Alaric too !
    I LOVE Damon, Stefan, Jeremy and Alaric xoxoxo

  65. it is wonderful finale ,and make us confused and countdown for next season.elijah deserve that because he promise kill klaus but he didn’t so he had to die…
    elena surprise me for this act ,but it was intresting that elena show how much care anout damon.if stefan pull dagger from elijah heart he can bring whole of his family back and they will be killed klause.when kathrin brought cure for damon show that she actually care about him after that lecture damon had in alaric’s house.katherin helped elena/damon team to find stefan.next season will be so intresting…

  66. OMG! SO I love the Damon and Elena thing…but noooooooo! Why they gotta come back, just as Jeremy was all happy with Bonnie?! NUUUUU!

  67. @Vampgirl
    I think Jeremy might be supernatural too.. The ring won’t work then? Maybe he can give it to Elena. Agree with you about the kiss L It was bitter sweet because it was goodbye. Stefan was still between them and will be till they get him back.

    Totally agree! Stefan just took my breath away with his sacrifice – that is just.. Beyond even words to speak of love.


    Beautifully said!! When the witches said consequences, I thought too it would be just for Bonnie – she’s taken the brunt of it since day one, but with Jeremy?! Wow. I wonder if he’ll see his parents too? I hope they’ll bring BonnieDamon closer too, good catch bb on the books!

    What did Katherine say to them at the end? No doubt it was a zinger!

    It is confusing about the consequences of bringing Jere back. I think he’s supernatural now too, that whole “I see dead people..” thing. What I could gather was the witches were angry at Bonnie that they outright refused to help with Jeremy, it was only when Bonnie pleaded with Emily did she help, but I think the rest of the witches made it hard for the two of them to save his life. Rics face; full of wonder, worry and being awed that this teeny girl could be willing to pay the ultimate price for those she loves. Dang impressed me, that I fell in love with her all over again too!

  68. please answer me any one have information about jeremy!?!could that be a dream that jeremy saw…
    about stefan his bad face is hot as his good one … he is cute in both…

  69. every says the neew season is in septembeer, well september what??

  70. who the hell says its always gonna be stefan and damon will always be 2nd choice elena? the same girl who told stefan she really doesnt know what love is herself cuz she’s only 17 as was doing a we’ll see as we go relationship with stefan. how can it always be stefan if she said she doesnt want to become a vampire might on day want children and to grow old. he cant do all that with her. its obvious the writer of the books didnt say it will always be stefan cuz HER last book was elena loving damon more than stefan and choosing him and stefan realizing and understanding it. thats how she had her vision of the love triangle playing out so i hope the series follows her wishes on her vision of her story and not whatever some ghost writer writing a book they have no business or rights to. but when damon says he will always choose elena i tend to believe him more seeing how he spent 145 years pining over katherine and that relationship was built on lust and nothing compared to the bond, friendship, forgiveness, compassion or understanding of d/e’s relationship. so if he spent that long opn kat i’m sure it will be 10x that with elena. all ships have their hopes for their couples but this scene with d/e was just pure raw feelings and was the most real in emotion of ann episode tvd have ever had. other ships disagree all you want but its 4ever captured on film. the ost meaningful scenes r always d/e disagree if you want but it is what it is

  71. Am I the only one NOT impressed by the Damon & Elena ‘kiss’?? I love the pairing & was expecting something more. It’s not like it was a super,cheating passionate kiss. It was a caring peck on the lips cos she knew how much he loved her & he was about to die…or so they thought. It was similar to when Spike was about to be disintegrated at the end of Buffy & she knowing how he felt about her told him she loved him. So I was hoping for some serious tonsil licking that was cheating THAT was not it lol & boo.

  72. EVERYONE YOU ARE TAKING THESE RELATIONSHIOPS WAY TO SERIOUSLY ….CHILL THEY ARE ONLY 17 YEARS OLD…WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT THIS AGE????defintly not thinking of where my next bite was going to come from…..they all need a little more fun in their lives….they are defintly not your average teenage kids….

  73. @Lynn
    yeah, Stefan knew Elena was a doppelganger, because he had already met Katherine. That’s why he saved her, because deep down he still had feelings for Katherine. He probably didn’t know about Klaus or the whole curse thing though.

  74. I’m still trying to figure out how Katherine got in the house since Elena never invited her in…
    And I would like to see Elijah back pleasee :(

  75. i have theories for season 3:D
    i think stefan has completely lost control over drinking human blood so he’s gonna be on a complete killing spree. but also i think he gonna be kind of like klaus slave and klaus is going to compel him to things.
    elena and damon are gonna freak out and go looking for stefan. damons gonna feel extremely guilty when they find stefan and relize what klaus is doing to him. then half way through the season damon and elena are going to go find the orginals bodies and ressurect elijah and have him compel stefan to forget all his time with klaus so he can go back to not being evil anymorexD then there going to have to deal with a really confused stefan and have to help him get over the blood drinking thing annd the guilt of killing so many people. stefans going to relize that damon and elena have bonded while he was gone (D:). elena will get back together with stefan but have to deal with new feeling she has for damon (D:)…..and ya thats all i’ve gotten so far… xD

  76. Ok since when does the ring not work on Jeremy because “he’s human”?
    Im confused, didnt he come back to life when Damon snapped his neck…
    I’m confused, someone help, k thanks :p

  77. i really loved that episode. i want to see Elena and Damon together so badly that i just can’t wait for season 3, september, please come quickly¡¡¡¡ oh god, i’m so happy. Elena finally kissed Damon,but i also feel sorry for Stefan, he sacrificed everything for save his brother, including Elena. Next season will be aweson. Probably we will see Delena moments, like stefan is gone, probably, Elena and damon’s bond will get stronger. But, there’s the point, Elen may realize that she actually loves Damon and they get togheter, but, she also loves Stefan, even if he becames a ripper, and she and Damon, despite of everything, they won’t forget that Stefan is a ripper because he made a deal with klaus for save damon’s life, so , there is the thing. About jeremy, well, it’s really cool that he has an supernatural ability too. ghosts¡¡¡ this shows has everthing, vampires, witches, werewolfs, magics rings, courses, vamp-wolf etc, and now this. the scripters are the best. i think there will be an another drama in s.3, like jeremy can speaks with dead people, well Anna , vicky, two girls with he was in love with. And there’s bonnie. uuhh… may he also can see his parents. i’m curious about something, in s.2, when stefan and elena were at her parents’s house and they found all those vampire killing weapons, nobody had explain that yet, so i hope season 3 has the answer….

  78. @scarlette
    dear some of guys have idea for that,elena dead in e21 so owner of house dead ,then come back to life…
    it is great story for next season you are wonderful writer…

  79. @Molls
    I think because it was a human who shot him and not from a vampire. Although how does the ring know which is which? Question is; will it work on him, now that he’s supernatural? IS he supernatural?

    Totally agree with you, the whole shipper thing is getting out of control. I’m just glad my bromance is still strongest of all – guh, Stefan and Damon are the truest love story of them all. No lie. :)

    These girls are still 17 and it’s heartbreakingthe loss they’ve already endured, they’re gonna go heck for leather to make sure not one more is lost and they get back the one who is. Can’t wait for ‘Rics Angels’ Bon, Elena and Care. hehe. Watch out Klaus!

  80. So I seem to be one of the few not happy Vicky is back. Glad to see Anna, but Vicky and all her drama just drove me up the wall. I’m hoping they keep her to a minimum. Anyway…

    I hope next season they deal with the fact that Damon said he’d always choose Elena and Stefan just chose Damon over her. Were the situations reversed, would Damon give up Elena to save Stefan? That’s something they need to look at. The brothers basically switched places and anwering that question would complete it. The story before was a bitter Damon, blaming Stefan for the loss of Katherine’s love and making him a vampire, wanting Elena whom Stefan had. Well now Damon is at peace, and should be winning Elena this coming season, will have to face first “evil” Stefan and then bitter Stefan who did the noble thing and lost his love to his brother and who might act out. Very interesting.

    Although I don’t read too much into the Delena scenes. Elena is (overly) compassionate and Damon was dying, she was was comforting him. Yes, she cares more than she lets on, and he finally admitted he loved her and didn’t make her forget (yet), but it wasn’t exactly the we’re about to be in love fest I hoped for.

    How did Katherine get in the house? Unless Elena invited her in, there is no way she could hae gotten into casa Salvatorre since her previous all access pass was revoked when the house was put in Elena’s name.

  81. @Melissa
    I’m not too crazy that Vicky is back either. She did stir up trouble when she was around though. I think as much as Stefan and Damon love Elena, if Damon had to choose between the two, (life or death – again) he’d choose Stefan, just as Stefan chose Damon.

  82. oh wow! that was an amazing episode! i bet that emily bennet has brought anna and vicky back to live because bonnie told her taht she loved him! but anyway i just thought how did katherien get into the boarding house! elena never invited her in!

  83. oh yeah! lucy thats a really good point! elena didn’t invited katherien in! wow they have messed up there!!! hehe :)

  84. @Cyber-X
    Errr I have to relationship, family or whatever with Ruthie, but hey she seems to be an amazing girl, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment! But I can assure you, I don’t live in the US XD

    No girl, you aren’t the only one with the twisted mind on Bonnie and Alaric. Seriously, THAT would be the only thing stopping me from going 100% with Bamon!! LOL For Katherine, it goes down like this:

    K: Well it’s me you should be thanking. I mean, I’m the one who brought the cure. I thought you were death.
    E: I was
    D: You got freed (or something like that)
    K: Yup! Finally…
    D: And you still came here.
    K: I owed you one.
    E: Where’s Stefan?
    K: Are you sure you care?! (OUCH)
    E: Where is he?
    K: He’s paying for this. He gave himself over to Klaus, I would expect him anytime soon.
    E: What do you mean ‘He gave himself over’?
    K: He just sacrificed everything to save his brother, including you. It’s a good thing you have Damon to keep you company. Goodbye Elena! Oh! It’s okay to love them both, I did. (That got me LMAO… I love Katherine, way to kill the mood)

    About the series, I’ve read L.J Smith personal blog and one thing she always made sure, was to never give a shipping a preference, she was fired because she wanted to explore more of Damon and Elena, but her next series (The Hunter) was going to bring back Stefan and Elena as main characters. But she wrote in one of her blog that no matter what, Damon was his own man and given the choice, he would always chose himself first; which is a major change to his personality in the TV Show. Also Stelena and Delena fan (I’m neither) have been fighting over the internet as who Elena chose in the end, and they all have key scenes to show their point, but the truth is in the end, Damon died before Elena choice could be final; which I think is the worst cheat I’ve ever seen. The question should have been solve in that book. I find it really sad for both Delena and Stelena fan that they didn’t get their answer. As for the TV Show, they are not following the books and have said it many times as the series is based on Stefan’s diaries (or something like that can’t remember the right title sorry :() So we won’t know what they really intend to do until the end, the only thing I hope is that when the series end, they will have made a final choice. Can you imagine both TV Show and books not having Elena really chose in the end?! That would be awful!!! (Thought when you think about it, Buffy ended with choosing neither Angel nor Spike)

  85. i loved the last episode! it was too great!!! i am sooo happy cuz elena and damon kissed! i am totally a delena fan i know they wont be really together but i dont care. damon is just soo cute and lovely and bad but at the same time so good i dont know i just love him sooo much!!! and i am sorry for stefan but i think is something good because know he wont be so saint and boring anymore. i cant wait to see the next episode!!! this months are gonna be sad for me.

  86. I am excited that we now have two “get out of jail/undead cards” that may be in play next season — 1) the rest of Klaus’ blood that Kat tossed to Elena when she left, and 2) the “elixer” in the elegant box with special properties that Elijah planned to use to bring back Kat or Elena. How will the writers use these next season. Can’t wait to see.

  87. I have a question. How did Katherine get in Damon and Stefan’s house, now Elena’s to give Damon the blood from Klaus when she wasn’t invited??

  88. @ Oliver and Others
    I believe when Klaus “killed” Elena during the sacrifice, she, now being the owner of the Salvatore house, was technically dead. She was brought back to life when her father, John, gave his life for her, through Bonnie’s spell. Remember Katherine said, “I thought you were dead?” and Elena replied, “I was . . . ” When the owner of the home dies, vampires can enter without being invited in. :)

  89. I guess we all screamed hahaha. The revelation at the end was like a peach pit, the best suspens ever made on TVD. I’m team Delena now haha, Stefan joined Klauz (I so loved when Bonnie tortured him last week, that was spectacular YYYAAAYYYY). But now that … is back (Why was Elijah so stupid to give him a second chance??!! no matter if his family is still alive. When everything is about Klauz, brrrr, you’d better not look behind you haha).
    So I was saying…yep, Stefan disappointed me, he’s just a vulgar vampire now, thirsty, killing preys to get what he wants (well that’s easy to see what will happen in the 3rd season). I like that sort of cliffhanger, we don’t know if Stefan will escape (I’m sure he will) but he has to face the consequences…Elena and Damon’s kiss might have triggered off some things in the air… :)

    In other words : MORE MORE ANNNNNDDDD MORE!!!!
    Season 3 here we goooooo !!!! (and i’ll be there to see it live on tv, ie: i’ll be staying in St Louis, MO for a year)^^

  90. It was said since season one that Stefan is a blood addict and that was the reason why he was drinking animals blood. He has bloodlust when he takes human blood. And he sacrificed himself to save Damon. He’s like any kind of junkie how has been sober for many years but is given back a taste of the drug they used to crave and they just fall back again even further than before.

    Stefan already knows the consequences of his sacrifices, it’s Damon next season who will have to deal with the consequences of his own actions; yes he finally have Elena, but at the price of his brother.


    It seemed like there was only about 20 minutes of the actual show. What am going to do for the next 4 months without TVD?

    Damon and Elena have some awesome chemistry! We all love Stefan, but the sparks really fly with Damon!

  92. OMG!!!!
    Epic.. commercials are long though. When something good comes on and then all of the sudden the commercials come on i get so mad. I have so many questions that needs to be answered about the show. It left me wanting more. I have to say, this is the best show ever. And i hate that the show has to go in to such a big break, but i guess the cast needs to take a break sometimes.


  94. @jimena
    It’s a rerun of the 1st episode of Season 2… :D

    Season 2, Episode 1 The return
    Picking up on the same night as last season’s finale, Elena arrives home to a nightmare as she discovers Uncle John’s and Jeremy’s fate. At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is comforted by Matt, Bonnie and Damon while she waits to hear if Caroline will survive the car accident. After a confusing conversation with Elena about the night’s events, Damon is the first to realize that Katherine has returned. Katherine’s arrival sends Stefan and Damon on a path to find out what she wants, why she’s back, and how much of a threat she is to the people they love. Meanwhile, still reeling from his father’s death, Tyler is surprised when his charming and mysterious uncle, Mason Lockwood, arrives to console the family. Sara Canning also stars. J. Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec.

  95. well folks we are left to watch only the reruns ……but what is interesting is starting from season one…. now we know how all the pieces are connected..from day one when Stefan was the mystery man starting highschool….the struggles of keeping it together and now it’s all ruined by falling off the wagon…..or is it??? Klaus has always been in the picture and we didn’t even know it!!!!!!! Great writing skills ….

  96. Okay, so I watch TVD with my daughter and we usually love it. The past two weeks it has gotten a little out of control with the people getting turned and blood everywhere and the overboard Bonnie incantations. We support different takes on the Stelena/Delena theme, but both of us were sickened by the thought of Stephan taking off and terrorizing planet Earth. Klause is an interesting fellow, you have to admire his strategy even if he’s as twisted as satan himself. I don’t see how there could be enough daggers for Klause to kill his entire family, even if he is somehow able to use them. Improbable and not believeable. Stephan also strikes me as unlikely to stay in his current “ripper” state. Have lost my liking for Bonnie and Jeremy, she is not really the supportive friend but kind of like a “undo Damon’s mishap” genie. I really like Jeremy’s character, but am hoping they don’t write him into a ridiculous theme of some ghost whisperer or another witch. I like Carolyn and Tyler, their stories don’t get too twisted. Now we are undecided if we’ll watch next season much, somehow it seems the writers are going too far.

  97. Just rewatching the season finale AGAIN & noticed something…they said that dagger dipped in white oak dust would kill a vampire if it were used by one on another. Now Klaus in both but surely the vampire half of him shoulda died when he stabbed Elijah with it?!!

  98. have you seen all the other shows on tv…….it’everywhere (violence) if Vampier Diaries becomes tamer you will lose the viewers….so it looks like you will not be watching it next year……

  99. Joanne you make a good point but if you remember when Klaus had just
    turned into a warewolfe and he went on a bender ….near the end of the episode. He said that now there was nothing that could kill him..that was why he wanted this curse to be broken and his hybrid to exist…..

  100. Wow!! I’m in the UK so the finale only aired last night over here. What anagonising wait that was!! The very first scene with Damon and Elena was my favourite, it basically broke my heart. It was so sad because he was basically saying goodbye and she didn’t have a clue, it’s the sweetest I’ve seen him :-)

  101. Here’s a thought: What if any werewolf blood is the cure for a werewolf bite? Maybe it’s not just Klaus’ blood. What do you think?

  102. Jenna let Katherine into the house because she thought she was Elena. I think that was last season, when Katherine came back in the first episodes.

  103. @Aly I think they’re referring to Katherine walking straight into the Salvatore mansion that is now owned by Elena. Katherine was in Alaric’s apartment when they signed the house over & Elena didn’t invite Katherine in to the mansion as she was to busy giving Damon a peck.

    @Lynn Yeah, you’re right, Klaus did say he was invincible at least he thinks he is. Surely the witch curse that kept the werewolf part dormant can be remade. They recursed Angel after all. Then they can pull out the werewolf heart & decapitate him. Surely vampires don’t grow another head. The decapitation part of a vampire death has never been mentioned…yet lol.

  104. watchittogether:
    Um, how is Bonnie not supportive? Giving up your life for a friend/family is as ultimate as it gets. Let’s see them do the same for her.

  105. The more I wath the kiss scene, the more I think it definitely WASN’T a pity/goodbye kiss. You can see it in Elena’s face-she is torn about how she feels all of a sudden.
    Can’t wait for Season 3, it will be painful waiting!

  106. I love that Damon and Elena are on the road to being together. If only Stefan just left with Klaus for like 4ever……….

  107. @Wahinetoa
    In one of those rare moments (probably the only time I’ll do it) I will be “impolite”

    If Stefan goes badboy, he’s apparently stupid and [insert any kind of negative comment], but if Damon does the same, he’s all sexy and hot and see where I’m going…

    Now… If Bonnie dies to save her friends, she’s just doing it to impress the gallery or to [insert weird reason as long as she sounds judgey], but if Elena does the same, it’s tragic and it’s because she loves them so much.

    And finally but not the least, when Stefan is nice and loyal he’s a lapdog, but Damon does the same, he’s sooooo romantic.

    I feel better now, sarcasm helps a lot!! :D

    That is the reason why I’m a Bamon fan… LoL

    But seriously, that is really my one true frustration of this season, Bonnie and Stefan sacrificed so much and yet you read comments and people are just so cruel to them. I mean, okay even if I love Bonnie, she was quite something to deal with in first half of the season 2, but come on, you have to give a girl a break LOL And Stefan, he’s the nicest guy… When I read so many bad comments about him when he’s done so much, it just makes me mad at Damon LoL

  108. @Marie
    Thankyou darling for both writing their scenes and the witty report! Much appreciated, bb. IKR? Twofaced fandom have to be called on their bs. Can I quote you, ’cause DANG girl.. you’re like the Mandela of truth and awesome!
    The negativity towards the two most loyal and sincere characters on that show, is frustrating. Stefan and Bonnie deserve WAY better than what Elena and Damon represent right now.
    I know, I feel the same way. lol. Love Damon, but after seeing the comments, I wanted to set him on fire. :D And we LOVE Damon and Stefan. Can’t wait to see Bonnie and Damon sort their truce out, ’cause there should be some clarification on what he can ask her for and what is safe for her to do. Srsly, Elena needs to stop coddling her boyfriends brother and be more of a friend to Bonnie. Can’t wait to see Damon fight for Stefan though! ;)

  109. I saw that jer seeing ghost thing coming as soon as the dead witches said there will be consquences the first thing that poped into my mind was “i see dead people.” from the sixth sense, my prediction is this will be a delena season but when stefan finally comes back which will be at the end of the season that damon and elena will pretend they dont have feeling for eachother, and have to go there seperate ways because of there love for stefan.

  110. @andrea It’s only just finished here & we’re usually an episode or 2 behind which means September/October :)

  111. I laughed when Rick said “tell them to shut up, he’s just a kid” as Bonnie was saving Jer. I can’t believe the killed Jenna I cried!
    When Elena kissed Damon it was a goodbye kiss, she thought he was about to die. Also I noticed that he didnt kiss her back. Such an awesome show love it hurry up season 3 can’t get enough. Will have to watch both seasons in the mean time!

  112. Marie said: “In one of those rare moments (probably the only time I’ll do it) I will be “impolite”

    If Stefan goes badboy, he’s apparently stupid and [insert any kind of negative comment], but if Damon does the same, he’s all sexy and hot and see where I’m going…

    Now… If Bonnie dies to save her friends, she’s just doing it to impress the gallery or to [insert weird reason as long as she sounds judgey], but if Elena does the same, it’s tragic and it’s because she loves them so much.

    And finally but not the least, when Stefan is nice and loyal he’s a lapdog, but Damon does the same, he’s sooooo romantic.

    I feel better now, sarcasm helps a lot!!”

    And so do I. Well said. I have one more to add. Damon bragged to the world about killing Mason and brought the werewolf pack down on them, but Stefan is a blabbermouth for telling Elena everything. Now I feel better again.

    When I first watched the finale I was not excited. But after watching it a “thousand” times now, I am soooo excited about S3. It’s as if KW & JP shuffled the deck chairs and put everybody in a differenct place in line.

    I am most excited about Stefan. He was so sexy and badass in the finale. About mid-season I thought if he’s ever going to get an intersting storyline, he’s got to dump Elena. Thank you JP & KW. Don’t get me wrong, I was a Stelena shipper but Elena ticked me off this season, and not just with the pity kiss.

    Jeremy’s haunting: Bonnie told the witches she loved him. They told her there would be consequences. So they sent him back to her with his two dead lovers in tow. Looking forward to seeing Anna and Vikki stir that pot.

    Caroline & Tyler: Heard KW say Caroline’s dad is coming soon and the Lockwoods and Forbes will butt heads over their children. YEAH!

    Alaric as guardian should be very interesting.

    Elijah: Dead Man Walking! I knew it. Can’t remember why I once thought he was so smart?

    Delena: Well, the Delena fans are finally getting what they want! or not? I think the kiss was a combination of what she truly feels for Damon plus a pity kiss. Glad they both got their feelings out in the open. I think she felt safe in doing it cause Damon was dying and no one would know, until Kat interrupted. She jumped off that bed like it was on fire. haha

    Kat: Loved it when she asked Elena, “Are you sure you care.” And the part about Stefan sacrificing everything to save his brother “including you.” I sincerely hope Klaus does get Kat back cause I would love to see her and Stefan work out their issues.

    One thing I’ve learned about this show is there are NO “happy ever afters” and the brother’s love is the only one that really counts.

    One more thing, Klaus is a regular next season. YIPPEE

  113. I love this show,i only recently became a fan, because i was worried it would be too similar to other vampire shows such as Buffy(an amazing show), twilight and trueblood but i’ve definitely fallen in love with it!
    Thoughts on the season two finalen n theories for season 3
    Stefan- i think it was a great idea to get him back on the blood and provide a test for his n elena’s relationship, because they’ve always seemed like a solid couple, i think season 3 will see them drift apart and maybe even fall out of love n maybe season 3 will end up with a single elena.
    Jeremy- i liked him without a power i thought there was something incredibly brave about him, but it will be really interesting to see if he is supernatural n can see ghosts n if he is i’m gonna love to see it effect the group dynamics.
    Bonnie- I wanna see her become a great power on her own without having to rely on her ancestors n i wanna see more girl time hopefully with her elena and caroline.
    Caroline n Tyler should deffo get together n maybe caroline could get pregnant and they could have their own hybrid!
    Damon- I love his character, soo funny n i love the affection he has for elena , their flirting and chemistry is great and i don’t know if their great relationship will be damaged if they do get together, but they are definitely my favourites!
    Can’t wait for season 3!!!

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