Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.06 – We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes – Preview

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode 4.06 “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” (Longest title ever…) Tonight’s episode was crazy! A little gory too I must say…what did you guys think? Sound off in the comments! Check out the preview first…looks who’s back, or is she?


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  1. OMG! Tonight’s episode was great!
    Im glad the story line for the season is finally getting picked up again. I must admit, i was a little disappointed with last week’s episode. But now the suspense and the thrill that everybody loves about the vampire diaries is back !! I think that this story line with Jeremy is going to be an interesting one, and to see how he is linked to the five. Like Julie Plec said in one of the last interviews, this really is like Katherine looking for a moonstone, or Damon looking for a crystal. Its true. The series really has re-set itself in a way and hopefully this arc will last another three seasons as well. I really hope that it is Katherine that has come back, and not just in Elena’s mind.
    I love VD. Oh how I’ve missed you.

  2. OMG I really do think that the vampire diaries just keeps getting better and better every time!!! Well done! I really do hope that Elena and damon get together, there soooooo cute!!!! I just wanted to say, well done to Julie Plec and kevin wiliamson!!! You have done great episodes, and well done to the actors as well for putting a great show on for us, every week!

  3. Great Episode.

    Loved that Elena was a badass. I am liking vamp Elena and she may even be back on my “like” list. LOL
    I kinda saw the Jeremy thing coming after Connor explaining how he got the start of his tatoo. This should be a really interesting twist. And may I say that Steven McQueen looks like he has been spending some time in the gym……
    Damon and Stefan were again the highlight. Their conversation at the end was great and the character of Damon has matured so much since the start of this series. His dynamic with his brohter is really something to watch and root for. Both brothers are doing what they think is best to help Elena. And they were both so heartbroken when she was mourning her first kill.

    Don’t quite understand why Bonnie is being so trusting of this Professor…… She was under hypnosis for 7 hours and didn’t once question him about what they talked about. He probably got all the information in her little head about every person in town. He has a major agenda, maybe he needs the cure cause he has a loved one who is a vamp or something? And this is why all he really seemed to want Connor to do was kill vampires… So he could get the map, and why he will be trying to get close to Bonnie so he can have access to Jeremy?
    Guess we have to wait and see.

  4. Loving when Elena gets a grip and handles herself as a vampire. Kudos to Nina for making vampire Elena different from Katherine while killing. As for the rest of Elena’s scenes I’m going to plead the 5th :)

    When Elena said she killed Cooper because Damon told her too, was anyone else thinking sire bond? I mean, would she jump off a bridge if he told her? Lol. Or did she kill Connor because she knew it was the only way to make her family safe and then try to push the blame onto Damon because he has broad shoulders?

    Damon was dead on with the pointed comments. Saying Elena’s hunter training was worthless she she’d never defend herself was true. And him asking if Stefan wanted the cure to help Elena or to help Elena remain someone he could love was right on. I’ve felt Stefan has undercut Elena a lot. He actually told her she’d crumble if she killed, she killed and then crumbled. Would she have if she didn’t think she should? It’s sort of like your guy telling you you’re going to fail at your diet at the start. But after Damon said that, I saw it more as Stefan trying to keep Elena from coming into her own so he wouldn’t have to face her lviing a life he was never very good at.

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