Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.18 – The Murder of One – US and Canadian Promos

Thanks to xLuvDamonx for the heads up! We have the US and Canadian Promos for next week’s episode “The Murder of One”.

US Promo

Canadian Promo (always a little more spoilery)


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  1. this episode is going to be a blast in the same time of a battle with the salvadure and theyre friends vs famly of Klaus ohhh men

  2. The way Elena’s mouth is froze in the start imgae pretty mush sums up my feelings on her for the last half of this season. What happened to her loosening up? She seemed to be on that path, but still has no life outside vampires, thinks the world’s troubles are all on her, hasn’t had a bit of fun since the bonfire and is back to mouthing off about how vampires should behave to meet her standards of what their conduct should be because she is the world’s moral guide and/or a vampire expert. I thought Damon would take her out to do fun things to get her over Stefan and help her be ok with vampires being vampires (she did say early on that she had been trying to change him and was going to stop), but now she is back to “it is wrong because I don’t like it”.

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