Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.15 – All My Children – Previews

Here are the previews for next week’s episode “All My Children”, US version and Canadian (remember, the Canadian ones are always a bit more spoilery, so beware!) So what did you guys think about tonight’s episode? The Klaus and Caroline moments were the best! Sound off in the comments!

Update: Had to remove the previous videos, but now have an HD Version of the Canadian Promo.


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  1. Torn between pride that Elena played diry tonight and anger that she went against cutie pie Elijah. Seeing the Canadian preview has me thinking a bit better of her. I suspect Elijah’s feelings for her will vanish if he is threatening to kill her next week. She lied, he will no longer value her.

    Figured it would be Rebecca that Damon did.

    I was expecting more from all the hype. Stefan still a jerk for all that the Stelena fan in me held her breath for a kiss on the porch. No such luck. The Delena fan in me liked that she said she didn’t mean what she said about him loving her, but this was not a good night for them.

  2. Liked this episode better than last week, but it’s official, Klaus is just a softy. And did I say 5 episodes, with Caroline’s face at the end, I think I wasn’t that wrong.

    I love Kol though, no scratch that I ADORE him, he’s such a bad boy!! Made me giggle like a little girl the whole time he was talking. And I loooove Finn too, seriously by “biggest” surprise was of him knowing of the true meaning behind Esther’s spell. But I’m sad that we will probably lose Evil!Stefan and get the old one again :( I so love Paul Wesley as a baddie!

    @Melissa LOL You should know by now that “HUGE HYPE” means “normal” ;) And I too was almost expecting something more on that porch (it would have been ironic of Stefan to kiss Elena LOL)

  3. Can anyone tell me what episode the original witch tried to kill Elena …..am I missing something…..
    So if Elena didn’t mean what she said to Damon then when Stefan said I didn’t mean what I said to Damon….what did Stefan say??? was it what he said to Damon last week when he admitted to loving Elena????can anyone please interpret that for me!!!!!! SO DOES STEFAN LOVE HER OR NOT jesus these writers are killing me …and by the way us Canadians can’t view the US version this week what’s up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Lynn Esther tried to kill Elena through Vicky in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” when she gets stuck in the van. And my theory on the “I didn’t mean it”… I think both of them were referring to “not caring”. Stefan said he didn’t care about what Elena thought of him and Elena said that Damon loving him was more of a burden than anything (which was pretty much saying the same thing as Damon)

  5. @Lynn, Elena meant that she didn’t mean it when she told Damon that loving her was a problem. I know thatis what she meant from the context of the conversation she was having (why Damon acted out against Kol). Stefan, I assume, meant that he lied when he agreed with her that killing Klaus was what he cared most about. He really cares most about Elena, but is choosing to punish her for what he did to her by causing her emotional pain on top of physical pain.

    Not happy with either brother or Elijah after seeing the new promo where the morning after is discussed.

    I wish the writers would stop having Elena as the one who messes stuff up and let her save the day for a change.

  6. I think Stephen was talking about not meaning what he said to Damon either. Both him and Elena berated him for “caring too much” which I think they both regret in retrospect considering it should be a good thing for him to care and the two of them should know that better than anyone.

  7. as a delena fan i was very sad to hear elena’s response to damon’s declaration but not surprised. specially since the writers have made it clear stelena are soul mates… sigh…in a perfect world for delena shippers this episode and the next would be a way to increase the pressure between delena so that elena finally wakes up to her (i wish) true feelings for damon…but I am not the writer and i doubt that’s the way the writers want to go…no this was more of a wake up call for stelena – reminding stefan of his love for elena..and she clearly hopes he still cares for her and was less concerned for damon cest la tv vie

  8. Honestly I expected to come out of this ep with Stelena reunited or very close to it and Delena just a big tease that was never going to happen. I came away from it 1.under whelmed, 2. Seeing that Elena cares for both brothers, but is still unsure how much she feels for Damon.

    I think jealousy over Rebecca might prove to Elena that Damon was more than a place holder for Stefan, just as he is backing off. I do wonder after this abduction whose arms she will run into. Last time, she ran to Stefan. Since they redid the Stelena meet atthe start ofnthe season and had him be a jerk to her, they could redo the rescue from Rose and have her run to Damon.

    The writers said they want to keep both fanbases from giving up hope, but as a fan of both couples, who started the season hoping to see Stelena reunite and Delena to get to be togetherr over the course of the season, so far I find I am frustrated and losing interest on both counts.

    I do think Elena will end the season single. She may also end it as a vampire.

  9. @Melissa Hey *high five* for Elena finishing single! That was one of my first theories for season 3! LOL It’s sad because (I’m actually neither DE or SE) I think that by trying to please everyone, they are kinda doing the opposite.

  10. @Marie, I agree they are trying to keep everyone on edge and failing. Stelena had two seasons, they should use Stefan’s jerk time to give Delena at least half as much time as a couple and not in this limbo state. Then after Delena were together, have Stefan stop being a jerk and want her back to cause conflict. They keep likening this to their Dawson/Joey/Pacey triangle from the Creek, but in that, Joey was with Dawson as a couple, and then with Pacey as a couple, they followed through. There seems to be no commitment to either couple. It is like they plan to leave both couples apart, having never readymade Delena a couple, until the series ends to keep both fan groups panting. But this isn’t the 1990s, people want satisfaction or they bail because there is no attention span in the nanosecond 2010s.

    KW’s comments about the books and the mystery killer have me seeing this like book two where Kathine set Elena and Damon up with mystery kills and then tried to kill Elena turning her into a vampire. I kind of see this going that way, although not with Kat as the killer. It will be the villain for season four and I see Rebecca killing Elena not knowing she has vamp blood in her. Then the brothers will fight over Stefan giving her too much freedom vs. Damon’s actions somehow to him being Stefan’s fault thinking she is dead until surprise.

  11. @Melissa Mmm… I don’t think she will become a vampire yet… until season 5… From what both Julie and Kevin said they would wait a very long time before transforming Elena into a Vampire. I think they want to avoid the coming back as and angel thing! LOL Which I would totally understand. But my guess is that until the last book of the Hunter series is out, they will wait to make sure that they get the answer as to whom Elena ends up with.

    About the killer, I think I’ll almost be disappointed if it’s Katherine. LOL But I’d like for it to be Tatia. :D

    At this point though, I don’t know how they will turn the table around with Stefan. It’s like the characters are escaping their grasps, I don’t know how to explain it. Makes me sad though. But still, I’m curious to see what they will do with next episode, it should be interesting. I just want more of Kol and Elijah and Finn (cause he’s just so dominating) ;)

  12. @Marie, so you hated that stupid angel story too :) I always had the feeling the author was so mad people protested her original ending to the series that she came up with a crappy revision out of revenge lol.

    I don’t know that they will base Elena’s choice on the books…so far they haven’t been very close to the books IMO. The books always left me feeling that Damon never REALLY REALLY loved Elena, but the TV show has shown that he genuinely does love her. Although in both cases, Elena’s feelings about Damon have been ambiguous so far.

    My theories on getting Stefan good again are 1. Elijah or Klaus could simply compel him to get over his “pain” or to forget all that happened, tying it up in a nice neat deux machina bow. 2. Since we see the most emotion from him when he’s jealous of Delena, he could snap out of it feeling if Elena must be with a Salvatorre, he is the better choice to Damon who is going to massacre a town every time Elena tweeks him off. 3. He could realize that he is being slefish, biting her was not his fault, and that he is causing more pain by staying away so that to really make up for biting her, he needs to love her again.

  13. @Melissa The angel thing… don’t get me started! LOL

    LoL Yeah they are quite far from the book *points at Klaus* one thing I find kinda sad is that they focused so much onto the D/E/S triangle and Damon always end up looking like a fool :( They seriously should have mellowed Bonnie and Damon relationship, at least he would have had someone to turn to (in the sens of talking)

    I’m not sure Klaus or Elijah would do that, unless it would be to force Stefan to care so that they can hurt him more LOL If his jealousy can do that bring it on, but I don’t think we’ll see that for a while after the Bekka/Damon debacle! LOL I think Stefan sees himself as selfless by not being with Elena; and right now, I kinda agree with him. (Okay, maybe I just want Elena to end up alone at the end of season 3)

    This is just me rambling, but can you imagine that; both Caroline and Elena ending up alone and Bonnie ending up Dark!Willow with an Original?! LMAO For once I soooooo wish for a Buffy-verse plotline. But I know it’s probably never going to happen, so I’ll just keep dreaming! :D

  14. “I think jealousy over Rebecca might prove to Elena that Damon was more than a place holder for Stefan, just as he is backing off.” I agree with you Melissa – but I believe she will turn to Stefan as that seems to be the writers preference ultimately.

    “The writers said they want to keep both fanbases from giving up hope”, they do this so both shippers willkeep watching lol…as annoying as that can be – I am a delena shipper myself – mostly because I think they have way more chemistry on screen -.but neither brother deserves her as the characters writers and ultimately the fans know so I agree with you yet again that Elena will end the season single, as human or vampire,

    I think its clear that elena loves stefan and is attracted to damon on many levels…not sure if that equals love or the potential to turn into love. I personally find triangles rather tedious after a while but I guess its what sells the audience. If they REALLY want to make everyone happy…they should end the series giving stefan to katherine who only ever loved him and give damon elena – he deserves to be loved and redeemed as much as the next bad boy. but as wel learned from BTVS we dont always get tidy endings.

  15. @ronbon I can’t resist to comment on BTVS cause I’m a HUGE fan; since it started! :) The series is actually still going on at this moment and they are in season 9. Joss Whedon (bless him) transformed the TV show into an online comic series (Just like Smaville will get the same treatment actually)

  16. I think that theyve kinda lost the delena chemistry because Elena seems to not really like like Damon he’s just there and all protective of her and she said in this episode that his love for her was a bit of a nuisance! They need sexual tension between them so I can get all hyped up but she doesn’t seem attracted to him at all :( and then the thing with stefan was just boring because nobody is a couple anymore!!! Why do shit like that when nothing is gonna come of it? Where is all of the relationships and affairs and lust and crap that all dramas have?! I just want relationship drama and not Tyler-Caroline drama because personally I like the klaus-Caroline drama going on but not if klaus is going to be a big softy! I want a bad boy character to get with the girl and to see what happens because it never does in any show! Ugh this is turning out to be kinda boring because I don’t like having to wait for stuff to happen!!! Frankly I’m disappointed because they keep shoving off stories and skipping them for the next episode like the murderer! What happened to the old vampire diaries that had a cliff-hanger at the end of every episode?

  17. @Bobsayshi, did you ever watch Dawson’s Creek, written by the same writers who do TVD? The bad boy got the girl because the fans responded more to the pairing. As for needing more emotional drams, I agree, they need to make it more like a soap where emotional angst not violence drives things. It is kind of like they decided to go for shock value over telling a story.

    @Marie, Daniel Giles aka Elijah keeps talking up Elijah having feelings for Elena and Caroline basically told Klaus to stop being an ass, so I could see either one showing five minutes of heart and trying to undo some damage where they could by fixing Stefan.

  18. “personally I like the klaus-Caroline drama going on but not if klaus is going to be a big softy! I want a bad boy character to get with the girl and to see what happens because it never does in any show!” i sooo agree bobsayshi although klaus has an ick factor to him i like the idea of his pursuing caroline and her thwarting him at every step hehe
    maybe she can be instrumental in his demise the closer he gets the weaker he becomes…

    i must have missed something cause i dont see where elijah became fond of elena – how and when did that happen can someone fill me in? NOT that i like the idea ..no i am a die hard delena fan…and want that story line above all else

    Melissa I only started watching DC when pacey and joey got together – I was never a fan of dawson and joey – so if the writers are swayed by what the fans want long may delena shippers reign (assuming they do lol)

    i wouldn’t mind if the rest of season three was about elena being mad and jealous over damon’s behavior – with lots of snarky dialogue between them – as long as damon “mans’ up a bit and stops behaving like a violent man whore (i say that lovingly haha) and that would mean stefan recognizes that the tide has changed and puts his “love” for elena and damon before his own . I would LOVE to see a rip roaring fight between delena culminating in a very hot but ultimately sweet and gentle kiss etc (wink wink) that tells all…i mean lets not forget she kissed him First! (albeit him thinking he kissed her when it was catherine) she didn’t HAVE to do that…she could have held him and said nice things…instead of implying more…lol these shows get me riled up…anyone here ever watch Roswell? i wanted to smack the writers silly when they brought in the character of tess….whats a show with out a love triangle right?! i keep repeating myself lol

    what WONT be cool is if delena really do end up together physically and then the writers separate them for good – cause that would just lower delena characters in my opinion.

  19. ronbon About the last part, I highly doubt that they will put Elena and Damon physically. It didn’t happen in the books and I think the reason why they will avoid it on TV unless DE is endgame is because Elena might lose the fan’s love for being with both brother. Depending who she ends up with will affect who she sleeps with. We can’t have two Caroline on the show! LOL

  20. well well so you guys say that end of this season we figure out Elena be vampire or not ,and both Caroline and Elena be all alone ?!??!Bonnie with Damon ?! REALLY??!?!i can’t imagine… and what about klaus_Caroline ?! or Taylor_Caroline i like klaus _caroline more…
    elena love damon but not much as stefan ,elijah become fond of elena after all these happened he like her honestly ,he trust her … after they chat about past after elena pull the dagger and make deal with him again(that is just my idea) WHO is the killer?!?!? i want elena and stefan back elena’s heart is with him …

  21. I know you are right Marie they don’t want to sully elena’s character by making it look like she slept with both salvatores (i always thought it went a bit too quick with her and stefan but thats just imo). I suppose they could always end the series “combining” the brothers in some magical way…that way she ends up with both lol…sigh i know it will be stefan in the end..such a pity. Meliz thanks for clarifying the elijah elena history

  22. what happened to meredith ?! i really think that meredith is the killer or she has a partner crime… all i see i think that this killer want to turn every one to vampire … knew that Bill forbs had vampire blood in his system and i think he feed alaic vampire blood because there was blood around alaric’s mouth…
    i really want klaus_caroline drama … it is better that taylor leave caroline alone that she can be with klaus:D
    they know Damon ,they both should be careful what they say to him ,make him mad , upset ,then worry about him …he is a man with feeling . i think elena can convince stefan to feel , and another Question ,WHEN JEREMMY BACK again?!

  23. @Meliz in the books Damon shows some interest in Bonnie, however, I have never seen a moment of anything besides mutual loathing between them on the show. Bonnie in the books was, I remember correctly, kind of spacy and out there. Bonnie on tv hates vampires and is very serious and kind of a downer, I do not see her going for Damon. Ever. That is why I say we can’t base who Elena will be with on tv on who she is with in the books, the stories and the characters are very different in each.

    However, I do think Elena will be a vampire by the end of this season. I could be, and probably am, wrong, but they have done things this season with other characters that make me think they ar setting up vampire Elena to happen. If you asked me this last year, or any time before Tyler got a sire bond, I would have said we would never see vampire Elena, now I think it will happen and sooner rather than later.

    @ronbon…I agree that Stelena happened too easily. I like them, but felt they got dull last year because they were united in eigh episodes and never faced any challenges. I wanted Katherine to make Elena jealous and Stefan to examine his feelings for Katherine, but he shrugged her off and this was it. Delena is the opposite and just as frustrating as they have had too many obstacles.

  24. @Melissa LoL Are we taking a bet on Elena becoming a vampire or not by end of season 3?! ;) *giggles* If what Kevin W. said becomes true, TVD will be done by season 6, so I’m saying that she will become a Vampire only in season 5 or maybe in late season 4. I’m seriously going to be amazed if they turn her into a Vampire in S3. LOL About Bonnie and Damon, I don’t see it happening in a long shot too. But I would love to see Bonnie falling for an evil human *crosses fingers that Jamie is evil* (even though Jamie is soooo boring from what we’ve seen so far) because it would be a very good lesson for her that human can also be just as evil as Vampire. They need to make her evolve in that aspect.

    @Melissa & ronbon Any relationships happen too fast on the show. I mean, in TVD timeline only a year has passed and Caroline when out with Damon, Matt and Tyler and maybe-maybe not Klaus. Elena with Matt, Stefan and kinda-not Damon (LOL). The girls on TVD jump from one guy to another; except Bonnie. It makes me laugh a lot actually when you think about it.

  25. true Marie all the hopping around is very soap operaish – which TVD sort of is just one a supernatural level

    and Melissa you are correct again – Stelena never faced any challenges before they got together – plenty of challenges now. I want the writers to examine Stefan’s feelings for Katherine too – they did with Damon – it was clear he was rejected by K- and was viewed by her as second best to Stefan, at least that is my take. On the whole Stefan is much colder about his romances than Damon is – and who wants a cold fish? .
    if there are three more seasons – lots can happen…I am just not interested in seeing elijah and elena paired and I wish they would stop all the mixing and matching of couples – there are plenty of story lines that could keep the audience hooked without all the romantic bed hopping

    my wish list:
    klaus continues to pursue caroline becoming more and more obsessed and she thwarts him at every turn making him more and more evil and giving caroline more and more power over his emotions…until she finishes him off
    Katherine returns to pursue stefan who is resistant at first but finds his old feelings for her re-a-wakening
    damon and elena constantly bickering, increased sexual tension, and character growth for both, which leads to a realization on elena’s part that damon is deserving of true love
    I am not fond of the tyler character so cant imagine what will happen with him
    and it would be nice if jeremy returns all kick ass and saves bonnie like a knight…but now I am going off on a tangent

    need to STOP ruminating about this show lol

  26. by the way, has anyone else noticed how damon reacts to statements that elena is better off without him, stefan, the two of them in general? its like he skips a beat received a “blow” its just rejection after rejection, and damon seems the type who likes to retaliate, rebel against what others think…so maybe the more they say this to him & around him the more adamant he will become about pursuing her contrary to what they say … that is if this reaction is what the writers and director planned and not me reading into the acting hehe.

  27. @ ronbon , I think even Santa would agree with your wishlist… I love love love (!) Katherine and am dying to see her back in the show! I also find it funny that I’ve always hated how elena was always talking about saving everyone she cares about, family etc that is, and now that they’re gone and they’re not there to hold her back she’s more boring than ever!

  28. @ronbon, I saw the flinch too. A lot of people say the writers seem committed to Stelena, but I have to say they are focusing a lot of attention on Damon’s reaction to stuff for that to be totally true. I mean, they spent a minute on his face when Elena entered the ball, Stefan just nonchalantly glided over out of nowhere. We did not get to see his reaction, nor did they dwell on him as Delena danced. They still show Stelena stuff, I am not saying they are over, but too much is still being dealt with with Delena for that to be done either. The next ep should tell us if Elena wakes up to feelings for Damon, or realizes he will always be a screw up.

    @Marie, I had not heard KW comment about TVD having six seasons, so it might be too soon for vampire Elena. It is just that after two years of no bond to the vamp who made you, suddenly Tyler has a sire bond. Making it possible for tv Elena to bond to Damon if he is her sire, like book Elena. We also have a mystery killer, like in the books right before Elena was turned. I know I keep saying the two are separate, but I can not shake the feeling that the likeness is for a reason.

  29. ugh previous post disappeared…Melissa you are right again, the writers do tend to offer many scenes delving into damons persona and character…not sure if they are trying to highlight the difference in temperment with stefan…damon is more intense and heated in his interactions and stefan is more reserved and cold with his emotions…or if they will surprise the fans in the end game by uniting delena after all – allowing damon to make the heros journey (yah i know who am I kidding?!) could be because damon as a stand alone character is extremely popular more so perhaps than Stefan (even if the writers favore stelena as a “ship” lol) lets not forget all the skin scenes we get of damon…not so with stefan

    also why haven’t they written more about stefan and rebekkahs former relationship? iw ould love to see katherine and rebekkah cat fight over stefan…leaving elena and damon free to pursue each other – (stop daydreaming ronbon) what was the point of letting the audience in on that fact?

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