Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.14 – Dangerous Liaisons – Extended Preview

The extended preview has been released for Episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”! So what did you guys think about tonight’s episode! Were you shocked? Or did you call it? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. omg it was SOOOOOO awesome!!! I was right on the edge of my seat for the last 1/4 like freaking right out. FINALLY stefen admitted he still loves elena, almost cried, Ive been WAITING and waiting for him to come around… I just want them back together already! great episode, can’t wait to see what happens next, like seriously can’t wait.. I wish it was on twice a week, or 2 hour episodes, OR 2 hour episodes twice a week, hahaha. LOVE IT!!

  2. it’ll be originals making their own alliances .. i hope that is where they take the story so it’s more exciting!

  3. Ok, totally called Mama Original. But not so happy she wants them all to be a family. Can’t we just be done with Klaus? The rest of the family seems good enough to me! And sooo happy Stefan finally admits to loving Elena, a piece of my heart is back together! Now can they please get back together?!

  4. I am so glad that he said he loves her! GET THESE TWO BACK TOGETHER!
    Liking the friendship of Elena and Matt, but if it goes more than just friends I will be upset.

    I am thinking it is either a. Tyler, b. Bonnie’s mom’s boy person. c. Katherine d. none of the above & I am completely stumped! I am going with the latter.

  5. The mystery of the killer has everyone stumped and in reading past spoilers it is definitly someone we know and are unaware that he or she is on a killing mission…. my vote is on Catherine and only because “Julie Plec” the little bugger has been giving us spoilers that make
    us think that these characters are coming back but later and low and behold later is like now!!!! so if she says the character will be back it will be the next episode!!!!
    And Stefan admitting his love for Elena “big surprise” da we know!!!! is only going to complicate matters with Elijah!!! He is looking mighty cozy with her at the ball!!!! I think that after having that gossip session at the dinner table where Klaus laughingly announced trouble in paradice
    with Stelena has Elijah thinking now is my chance….and this Tatia the original petrova!!! and mommy not liking her a whole lot is going to complicate matters with the present petrova don’t you think…..and this relationship that the other brothers have with Klaus well then……….what up there……..they are pissed and it’s not just being locked up for a century and a half…….there is a hidden agenda there!!!!!! Now the other thing that has me wondering about mamma witch is she not pissed at Klaus for killing her husband…..like wtf….she forgives him for killing herself locking up the kids and killing papa…..what kind of love is that …..Klaus needs to be punished yes???? And the speech about how he will take care of Elena now that’s the first time I heard him make sense……even if it is purely selfish reasons……..Stefan and Damon have done little for Elena lately it’s time to step down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAYING

  6. I knew it was the mother in the coffin. I think she has ulterior motives. It may be that she is going to block the werewolf out of Klaus again. That would be cool. It would release Tyler from a sire bond.

    Also, was it me, or was there blood all around Alaric’s mouth and chin? Anyone else think he might have died with vampire blood in his system. Does the ring protect him from that?

    Stephan is so going to try to get Elena back. I think it is Stephan that Damon is tossing off of that balcony.

  7. I forgot to mention. I think that the vampire hunter that everyone is hinting about may be Caroline’s father’s ex-lover. I think it is him doing the killing. I don’t think Katherine’s back. Why would they even bring up Steven’s name (Caroline asked if her dad wanted her to call him) and he told her not to until after “the dust settles.”

  8. Ha! Totally called mamma original in the coffin but soooooo did not call klaus’s younger brother(shorter hair) being cute! But seriously stefan? You are being ridiculous! You can’t ditch Elena, be all Ripper, say go away, then turn around and love/want Elena back!!!!
    As for the vamp going around killing everyone I doubt it’s Katharine, I mean, I know she’s evil and sadistic but she’s not that…I can’t think of the right word, but that style of killing is so not hers

  9. o.m.g i can’t breath … i saw blood around Alaric’s mouth it means that some one want to turn every one to vampire ?!?! it means Alaric turn ?!!? OH NO… damn i love this brother bonds when Damon worry about his little bro honey ,and he reject Elena because Stefan was there… i like that scene… and about momy original i didn’t think that she be in coffin but i was sure that there is a powerful witch … i can’t wait for next episode

  10. I for some odd reason think the mysterious killer is Sheriff Forbes…

    Didn’t she have to make some deal with Klaus in order to save Caroline? We were never told of what she had to do…

  11. I knew it was gonna be mama original in the coffin cause shes the most powerful witch. Stephan’s back he’s not the ripper or villian anymore he wants Elena and he will do anything to get her go stephan. The killer wants everyone to turn into a vampire so its either Merideth or Sheriff. Merrideth looks evil to me and Sheriff made a deal with klaus and we dont even know waht it was. I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE THIS JUST GETS BETTA AND BETTA.

  12. I don’t know who the killer is, but it has to be a human, not a vampire. Alaric was going to die. Elena had to kill him (her being a supernatural being, the Doppelganger), so that his ring would activate and he would survive. Does this not imply that whoever the psycho killer is, it is a human and NON-supernatural being?? If the killer ends up being a vampire/werewolf/witch then this will be an inconsistancy in the show.

    Where WAS Tyler in this episode?? Kinda AWOL.

    The Original Witch being in the coffin was, in a word, predictable. PS Do Bonnie and Abby just cart around a truckload of candles or what?? Jeez, that must’ve taken awhile to set up ;)

    All of the Originals waking up, SUPER EXCITING :D I guess the title “Bringing Out the Dead” was sort of a giveaway, but I didn’t catch that for some reason. I was extremely glad that Elijah had the common sense to NOT side with Klaus again. Kole (Cole, however you spell his name) = Attractive Original :D

    Finally, when Stefan says, “I Love her Damon” it is sort of like….okay, yeah, so what. Stefan has pretty much driven Elena away. Whether he loves her or not, he has ACTED like he doesn’t care, and doesn’t want her to care, and really couldn’t give a crap what Elena thinks of him anymore. Honestly, he has no right to complain about Elena and Damon’s, ahem, “friendship” since he had the opportunity to–as soon as he was free of his compulsion–return to Elena, and she would’ve fallen right back into his arms and forgiven him because that is who she is. Instead, he turned to Revenge, and decided Love wasn’t enough for him. He hurt and threatened Elena, and proved himself to be dangerous and untrustworthy, while Damon on the other hand has proven that he is undyingly loyal. So Stefan has no right to whine and be immature, and, honestly, selfish about it. After what he has put Elena through in the last few episodes, turning around and saying, “I want you back” would be cruel, and Elena would be an idiot to just take him back like that, no matter how she felt before.

    At this point, for Elena, if she is to choose between them, Damon is the better option. They are perfect for each other. They have a relationship built on trials that they have gone through together, built on trust, and it is strong because they have gone through this rollercoaster of hating one another and not trusting one another, but they have come through it stronger. They’ve had opportunities to fight and forgive. They are a team. They protect each other. Their relationship has progressed, rather than springing up out of nowhere like some unrealistic fairytale. Damon’s love for Elena was NEVER based on her similarity to Katherine, while that was what drew Stefan to her in the first place (even if he loves Elena now for who she is, originally he initiated contact because of what (or rather, WHO) she looked like)

    Obviously, I am a Delena fan, and I hope that their relationship continues to develop, despite the upcoming “event” involving Damon and an unknown female vampire :/

  13. Lynn, totally agree, Stefan saying hebloved Elena was a stunner. Also agree on Elijiah possibly showing interest inElena. He did ask about her and last season seemed to like her.

    I figured he and Klaus were both into the original doppleganger last year when Eljiah in the flashback mentioned they used to feel when Klaus was going to kill then human Katherine.

    Fave scene of the night was Klaus going into school-girl giggles when Elijiah asked about Elena. That just struck me as great. Watched it a couple times.

    Theory on the killer…wouldn’t Elena and her look a likes have the same fingerprints? Could the killer be Katherine or a not so dead Tatia trying to frame Elena? In the books, the mysterious deaths were a jealous Katherine trying to set up the brothers for falling for Elena. That would explain how Elena’s prints were on the dagger, they were left by another doppleganger.

    I thought the last coffin held Mama, but hoped it was Tatia. Didn’t like that she was all forgiveness. But if she went soft on Klaus, who is the dead witch that hates him that Grams mentioned? Esther was neither dead nor angry, so it was not her.

  14. I recon the witch that hates him is the witch who wouldn’t help mama original in the flash backs we saw, and the reason she hates him is because Klaus forced her to do the witchy. Jew Jew that put mama in the coffin in the first place.

  15. In response to lynes post it crossed my mind about tatia I think her name is, klause said they both fell in love with hereven thow she had a baby to some1 else, maybe that baby was mikels and out of scorn rather than tell her boys the awful truth she got her revenge on her by feeding her family her blood, as Klaus said they didn’t find out who’s blood was used to complete the spell until aftetr transition was complete. So she got revenge by killing her an draining her blood an made sure mikel wud never lay with her again

  16. Coffee I was thinking the same thing about the baby Tatia had being Michael’s. Then Elena would be related to the Originals and that might factor into a way for her to help stop them. Although they never said Tatia was dead. Elijah said she was taken from them (not killed) and they drank her blood. Several people have consumed Elena’s blood and she’s still alive. Tatia could be magically locked up somewhere.

    Clearly the Tatia situation still bothers Klaus and Elijah, their words were calm, but their eyes burned talking about what happened and they both showed discomfort at one point or another during the story. That has to mean something.

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