Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.13 – Bringing Out the Dead – Extended Preview

And now we have the extended preview for Episode 3.13 “Bringing Out the Dead”. Again, this episode will air February 2nd, the CW will not air The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle January 26th. The movie, The Covenant will be shown instead.


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  1. *giggles* I love how they probably changed Elijah hair to accommodate the actor new haircut! :D And Elijah making a deal with Klaus again… not the best idea! LoL

  2. yesssssss!!!!!

    im super excited that elijah is back!! he better not trust klaus again cuz he’s not trustworthy.

    also, what happened to that contest on this website?? who won?? im talking about a contest that u had to leave a comment and if u won u would get a comic con VD bag along with the season 2 dvd and a bunch of other stuff.

  3. is that caroline and her father in that very brief shot? also looks like bonnie and her mom open the coffin… do you think it is klaus’ mom in there? looks like a great episode. i can’t wait two weeks!

    last night’s episode was a lot better than i had anticipated. i didn’t expect elijah. i also didn’t expect that little twist with dr. fell.

  4. playing the clip in slow motion shows Elana holding a knife and about to use it????? Elijah the sensible one unfortunaly is not seen at the 3.14 episode stills I wonder if Klaus has him done in again! And wtf for next week..what in hell is the “covenant” like give me a break Vamp has just got back from like a forever hiatus..and now again!!!!!! and to answer Lisa’s question yep that was….Carlolines dad…was….he has the same steak through his heart like the one that Dr Fell’s ex had in him…….or is that just me looking to much into this??

  5. I think Klaus didn’t really kill his mother and she is the one in the coffin. That is why Klaus is so scared, because he knows his mother can kill him.

  6. but if his mother is in the coffin, then why would he leave rebekah daggered??? he left her like that cuz she knew that he killed their mom, but if she’s alive, why not tell her?? or unstake her?

    i dont think its his mom in the coffin

  7. A lot of shows are abruptly reruns this Thursday, I am wondering if the President is making a speech or something? Vampiregirl91, Klaus left Rebecca daggered so that I her anger at him about the mom, she would not try to kill him. If mom is in the coffin, he must still want Rebecca to believe she is dead. My personal theory is that the extra coffin contains Klaus’ dead girlfriend thatnhe can’t bear to e without even though she isndead.

  8. Vicky worked for Esther (so she is dead) I don’t think Esther is in the coffin.

    What actually came back to me is that Klaus in the dream asked Bonnie if she had succeeded in opening the coffin yet?! (Or did I heard incorrectly) maybe Klaus can’t himself open the coffin, but for sure it’s someone of something important to him… His dead father?! Though I would still love for it to be his real body inside!!! That would certainly make body scream. Though I love the theory of a twin brother!!! XD

  9. Mary, they never said Vicky worked for Esther. They said it was an old witch and tied to original vampire stuff, but they never said the name Esther. So the witch who hates Klaus, the one who tries to thrwart his plans, could be anyone.

  10. Melissa
    Good point! XD

    But then, I would be curious as to why they had to destroy Esther’s pendant to make the Ghosts and Vicky leave… I’m confused now!!! LOL Anyway, at the end of the day, I still think Esther isn’t the one in the coffin! :D

  11. If I were writing it, I would have the coffin contain Klaus’ ex, a witch who refused to give up her power to become a vampire, that he killed accidentally in a rage and now carts around with him. She would be the one tormenting him from beyond and she will have the keynto ending him.

    Marie, I forgot about the locket and the ghosts. I guess since it is a talisman any witch could use it even though if it technically is Esther’s. Things on this show often don’t add up exactly, the writers change things and then try to make it fit, so there is no way to know until we see it.

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