Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.08 – Ordinary People – Preview

Here’s the promo for next week’s extremely anticipated episode “Ordinary People” as always courtesy of MiI2aCIe. Tonight’s was so wonderful. I don’t think I’ve cried that much over one episode throughout the entire series. What did you guys think? Sounds off in the comments! Also, after watching this promo if you are interested in seeing screencaps of that really fast sequence of images, click HERE.


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  1. i found a website that translates the runic alphabet (the letters in the promo) and it confirms what ive been suspecting. mikael is an original. if you pause really quickly at 0:02, there is a runic name that translates to Mikael. And the one that freeze frames for longer is rebekah. couldn’t really make out any other ones

  2. Mikael is the father ….. which I have suspected from the Chicago scene..he must be the first for he only feeds on Vampires???? Now last nights episode when Mason said something regarding how looking for Mikael was a bust!!! And Damon’s reaction to it was no surprise???? What did I miss did Damon hear from Katherine again does he know that Mikeal is free????? that was left a little on the what the…………any takes on this

  3. Lynn I need to watch the episode again, spent most of it bawling my eyes out. Will download from Amazon in a bit! :)

  4. Lynn I thought the SAME exact thing when I saw that part with Mason and Damon talking about Mikael. I was really suprised they didn’t show what happened with Katherine. Hopefully next week we’ll find out for sure.

  5. Lynn and Amanda, remember Katherine was on the phone with Damon earlier in the episode talking about how she couldn’t get Mikael to feed on anything. She’d tried mice, rabbits, all these other things and he still wouldn’t drink or wake up. Damon was probably thinking about how she told him that Mikael wasn’t awake yet and that Katherine still hadn’t called back so he probably assumed she was still working on waking him up.

  6. Last night…liked that Elena told Stefan she would not wait forever. I can’t shake the feeling that the first thing he feels will be jealousy over her and Damon. Fun! Stefan seemed more bitter than than bad towards the end when he commented about his hope necklace being destroyed and Elena getting a glimpse of her future with him. Glad Damon and Ric made up. About the preview, not too bright of Elena to think she has a chance against Rebecca who seemed to have a Scandinavian accent when telling Elena to shut up.

  7. This is gonna be fantastic!!! Can’t Wait!!! We saw some of the extras being taken over to the set in Decatur….that was cool.Viking guys are soooo hot!! One had braided long hair and ice blue eyes and waved at us….to bad it wasn’t Ian. Wish I had Rebekah’s viking dress for my Halloween party !!! Counting down till Thursday!

  8. He could still be the Original father, Klaus’s real/biological father was of werewolf bloodline remember? :)

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