Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.07 – Ghost World – Preview

Here’s the preview for next week’s episode “Ghost World” courtey. You can also view a VERY SPOILERY Canadian promo HERE. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up. So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? I’m in total shock. Sound off in the comments!


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  1. OMFG!!! Tonight’s episode was A-MAZ-ING!! I loved it!! Elena really kicked some ass tonight!! I was soooo proud of her ;) Anyways, I want nice Stefan back!! I miss him!! I don’t like this new Stefan…he’s icky…lol..But Damon is sooo romantic this season so far :) BUT next weeks episode is going to be EPIC!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! That’s all :)

  2. I love Angelus-Stefan and I hope he’s around for a very very long time. He looked to be crying when talking to Elena about her saving him. Did I imagine that? Is Katherine dead?! Uh oh, Michael is off to kill the vamps. I love that Barbie Klaus is hanging around everyone. Claire Holt is doing a great job. So has Tyler been sired or not?

  3. AWESOME episode, though i did wonder how Rebbecca got into the salvatore house to stay when it’s now owned by Elena ?

  4. Oh my we definitly saw a very stupid and vulnerable side of Katherine!!!
    She now has become Micheal’s minion…. I trully believe that this dude is the very original the father of all fathers meaning step daddy has come back. I can’t wait to see the look on Klaus’s face when daddy comes into town looking dashing…..so that is what Stefan meant “believe me Elena needs me to hang around” Klaus knows exactly how dangerouse this vampire is after all he has been running to…… right? And maybe why Klaus is building a fortress of hybrids?? And poor Elena it seems now even the most powerfull withches are trying to kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!!This entire balance of nature is a bumer..all she wants to do is live a normal life……Hey Elena pack your bags and go and move to Italy….you will love it there lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i was very surprised to see anna and jeremy. and mason how did he come back. and now there are witches on the other side after elena as well. has klaus really turned off stefans humanity? when stefan caught elena as she was falling i saw that look in his eyes. can”t wait until next weeks episode!!!!!

  6. Vampire Diaries keeps getting more and more interesting. I agree with Courtney how did Rebbecca get in the house if its own by Elena or is it because she is an original. Is Katherine really dead or is she going to come back from the ghost world like everyone else? Mason is back and he is so hotttt. lol Can’t wait til next week.

  7. @Courtney ~ I wondered the same thing about Rebecca being able to walk in the house with out Elena inviting her in. It’s suppose to be a “safe house”. Oh well I guess the writers are going to slip up every now and again. ;)

  8. I think Rebecca can go in the House because Elena was dead last Season- brought back by John

  9. Katherine isn’t gone, right? I mean she’s already dead so I’m assuming if she isn’t staked she isn’t dead. She’s still alive but needs a helluva lot of blood to fix her?? Hopefully anyway, as I was starting to like her being on ‘Team Good’

  10. Yeah, i think that’s it with Elena and the house – remember the last season finale? Katherine walked in as well, so that’s probably because Elena was dead. Technically. I don’t think Katherine is dead though. She’ll be fine… I hope! :D
    Anyway, the episode was awesome. And that Delena moment – reeeealy sexy :]

  11. Love last night’s ep even though they ripped off Buffy kicking Angelus in the crotch in “Passion”. Elena staking Stefan was almost as satisfying as the Buffy kick. Loved the Delena moments, loved the Stelena moment post fall. I am a fan of the triangle, glad they are finally making it one. Wondered ho Rebecca got in too, but the show is bad on continuity. I would love for Stefan to switch the human side one because he saw Elena kiss Damon.

  12. Stefan will be gone for a looooong while …. so everyone let’s calm down about when he is coming back!!!!! those few stolen moments between Elena and Stefan are brief…….when he does come back Elena will have moved on but not with Damon……Damon is going to become angry with Elena and resort to being what he used to be evil and vendictive….The only way Elena will turn Stefan off is by compulsion…..and that will happen as well….because she will want it herself….Elena can’t live a life as a vampire and will chose what is right for her….a normal life with a normal guy…..but in the meantime she is going to fight with all she has YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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