Vampire Diaries – Episode 21 – Isobel – Extended Promo

Here’s the extended promo for “Isobel”. Dang….lots of crazy stuff going on in this 30 seconds! Check it out!


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  1. epi 19 was painful to watch. 20 was such wonderful closure to so much. Can’t wait for 12 “Isobel” God help Rick ha ha. Pleas let Aunt jenna stay to complicate life, ha ha. (Sorry Pearl had to die – hope Jer & Anna Stay – their’s could be another conflicted relationship). Love this show. Writers and cast are terrific.

  2. Meant to say epi 21. Glad Bonnie is using her powers. I know she will ultimately embrace life for what it is. (hopefully, she & Damon will develop more respect/attraction for each other. Oh, I hope Isobel stays for awhile. It will had heat to fire, ha ha.

  3. from matt Screaming codl this mean he could be the one goignot die in the season Finale..i really hope not.. that would not be good. Glad to see Bonnie back to being herself.

  4. was that some one or something attacking Matt?.. it looked like an arm… think Isobel taking a bite? oh dear..

  5. Oh Shoot – matt is hollowering, “somebody help!” Goina’ b a long wk.

  6. OMG!!! vicki thanks for that tid bit.. all of a sudden thursday seems like forever away…

    Ruthie are you gonna post that clip that Vicki found? it is good..

  7. Yes mam!! I’m aware of them, I’ve just been dealing with my kids, sometimes it’s tough to get them up as quick as I would like to. :)

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