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  1. eek im so sad to see this season end =(

    but at least we can all look forward to season 3 =D

    did anyone else cry when elena was setting flowers for john and jenna?? i was heartbroken

  2. im sad :,( i want jenna to come bak to life :,( that would b really shocking
    DAMON WILL NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! If Damon dies I will NOT watch it anymore!!!!!!Ok i’m totally lying but he can’t die :-(

  4. wasnt anyone else pissed that elijah betrayed elena and stefan?? i thought he was a man of his word!!! ughh but i still find him very hot ;)

  5. I think 30 seconds in, that was Katherine (Damon mistook her for Elena) the thing is she said “I think I made the wrong choice!!!!!!!!!!” She prefers Damon now?

  6. OMG that witch!!! That was sooo Kendra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer… HA HA Love it… As I said before they can kill Damon and bring him back later.

    My only hope for now is that whoever Liz shoots it isn’t Bonnie. Seriously, killing the same character twice?! That would be annoying… LOL

  7. @vampgirl1991
    I wasn’t surprise, his reasons to do so was his family, if Klaus has them, he will let him live. My only regret was to see Greta go down so fast, I was hoping for a small face off with Bonnie.

  8. @JohnS19

    Elena says “You made the wrong choice.” And not “I”… So she is probably referring to him forcing her to drink his blood.

  9. Am I the only one that’s depressed that John died? Lol yes Jenna’s was sad because she became something she didn’t want to be BUT here’s what I think:
    NOOooo JOHNNN<33, your death was so much sad-der than Jenna's (to me). Personally, I was waiting for her to die (I wasn't fond of her character for reasons), but John?! He's Elena's dad! so what if he screwed up in the past so did everyone else!! i was upset that they spent more time mourning her adopted parents and Jenna than John (or maybe I didn't notice it)… did they even notice he gave up his life to save elena?!?! did they see him fall behind them when Elena came back?! :\

  10. Ok! I was heartbroken! If Damon dies I will not watch it anymore too. Without Damon !!! NO!!!!NO!!!NO!!!

  11. that’s not reasonable that they kill damon
    I think bonnie was trying to heal damon and because of doing this she will die

  12. Ok, Damen is the only good actor on this show. if they kill him, I am not watching it anymore!!! He is the comic relief, and he is far too hot to die! He is so much better than Stephen!! Catherine should just love him already!!!

  13. Damn men everything is going to be very worst every Episode Damn i hope that this time Bonnie won,t die please cus she is one of the PROTECTORS o MEN!!! marie can i please ask u a question that did ur feelings tell u about bonnie please tell me please i m dying to know please i m waiting for ur answer thank u

  14. i mean what did ur feelings tell u about bonnie please tell me please thank u i m waiting for ur answer thank u

  15. ohhh NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! if Damon,S dieS Bonnie dies NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNED

  16. u said Vampgirl that anyone Cryies that elena give in the tomb flowers to Jenna and John and i said to u very much it was so horrible and so sad i m feeling sorry for Elena and Jeremy… men that now they have now no parents i put my head down and i ask for forgiveness for this two poor ppl and now for Damon and i hope not to dies for My dearess fasinating favorite character Bonnie she is adorable powerful girl o men i love her so much that i hope to to her storyline no to dies but let see what is happend,s next untill then sorry for Ellena and Jeremy that they have no parens i feeling sad about that

  17. Does anyone know the name/artist of the song playing in the background of this promo? Thanks!

  18. wats the name of the song playing in the background? plz plz tell

  19. hey, could someone help me please? there are some things I didn´t understand (I´m from Germany, so my english is noch quite perfect and if the actors speak so fast and maybe even with some accent I´ve got problems with understanding them^^)
    1. Why exactly did John die? He just fell and that was it. I thought Damon said something about that, but I didn´t understand^^
    2. In the last episodes they said that “Klaus wants to trigger his werewolf side” Well, there´s no good translation to the word “trigger” so does Klaus want to be a werewolf, a vampire or both?

    I would really appreciate some answers! Thanks! :)

  20. @Sophia: John ist gestorben weil er durch den “spell” sein Leben für das Leben von Elena gelassen hat.
    Uuund Klaus will ein Hybride sein – also eine Mischung aus Werwolf und Vampir – er ist jetzt kein reiner Vampir mehr, aber auch kein reiner Werwolf – ein Hybrid eben
    Liebe österreichische Grüße ;)

    I think it would be too obviously to let Damon die after that Trailer – I HOPE so….
    Didn’t they say it were three deads?? But Jenna, Jules, Greta and John are four… that’s way too much – they can’t also kill damon

    And I am SOOOO disappointed of Elijah….i really liked him..


    Jamie Dunlap, Marc Ferrari, Molly Pasutti, Scott Nickoley – Ship Of Fools

  22. Haha i’m from germany too and it was great to read something in german on an english internet side :D
    well i almost cried as i watched the last episode :(
    and i think that damon won’t die. it would be to stupid for the producers to let the main actor die.

    Liebe Grüße

  23. @ vampirediariesfan- i cried because john died. when elena was waking up and i saw john fall, i was all like nooooo why??? i wanted at least john to be alive and to reconnect their father/daughter relationship! i was so sad about that.

    and cmon people!! if damon dies, why would u stop watching the show?? yes he’s hot, but the show isnt about, who’s the hottest vampire? cmon what about all the other characters!! they’re important too. if damon dies in the show someday, i will still watch it cuz im a die hard vampire diaries fan.

  24. @Sophie danke! :) mit diesen ganzen akzenten hab ich noch so meine probleme und manchmal find ich, nuscheln die Schauspieler ein wenig… :D dankeschön! :)

    Neither do I. I really don´t think, that Damon will die… the love triangle would be gone… besides – Ian Somerhalder has got soooo much fans, who love him as Damon Salvatore… they – including myself :D – would be mad at the writers :D
    What do you think will happen in the 3rd season?


    did elijah ever find out that his witch and luka died?? cuz luka died trying to free elijah but once elena brought him back, i dont think he knew about luka and his dad, i dont remember seeing a scene in the last episodes where he finds out??

  26. I actually sobbed like a baby during the last episode. God knows what the neighbours thought haha. Although Jules & John were a$$es at the beginning. When Jules found out about the curse you could see she wasn’t happy with her b/f’s plans & she helped Tyler so I was actually sad to see her die. John showed tremendous love for his daughter & that changed my mind about him so I was sad about him too. Jenna’s was humungously sad. Brilliant acting by all. I hoping eventually they might bring her back to life like they did Darla in Angel.
    I think Alaric is gonna be the kids guardian now & move in with them as I’m sure Katherine will eat him as she’s run outta blood & is still stuck in his apartment lol. I’ve also got a feeling that Damon will drink the Elixir & become human & choose to stay human for Elena which then gets Stefan mad. Plus I think Klaus heard what a psycho Stefan used to be & wants him to be like that again & his 2nd in command or something.
    Couple of nitpicks though…Klaus staked Jenna into that grey,dry,crusty mess. That wouldn’t produce her blood for the sacrifice. Plus surely Elijah would’ve known that his family were alive has he had the only weapon in existance needed to kill an Original??

  27. @sophia: ja das stimmt ^^ ich fand vorallem den Akzent von Klaus in den Rückblenden total anstrengend!

    Ian Somerhalder died in Lost xD he can’t die in another TV show!

  28. am I the only one that realizes Stefan is talking to Emily Bennett in the preview for next week?

  29. Does anyone have the lyrics for that promo song Ship of Fools? Because I can’t find any lyrics results by googling.

  30. @vampirediariesfan
    I feel your pain for John!!! I looooved that character, probably one of my favorite. I’m telling that guy plays the best characters (Alias, Heroes)

    Yes he is told by Elena (if I’m not mistaking) when she brings him back to life. Also I’m 100% behind you with watching the show even if Damon dies. I keep repeating myself, but hey, in Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy died and came back to life in Season 6… Her death was probably the most beautiful and tragic moment of the whole series. So, IF TVD kills Damon(especially him), Elena or Stefan I will seriously applause them for making that daring move! (knowing that they will be back anyway, unless it’s the last season.)

    You know what, I just realized that the actress playing Kendra in Buffy is actually the same actress playing Emily!!! LOL So yes, I saw her too, but I didn’t know it what her… weird!!! Smells life witch mojo to me!!!

  31. @Marie she said I not You…. And I bet it’s Katherine. Elena Couldn’t jump out out the window like that

  32. I’m pretty sure some of the “Elena” scenes were actually Katherine looking like Elena. My theory is that “true loves kiss” is what can save Damon. He’ll kiss one of them, fall and wake up next season not knowing if he kissed Elena or Katherine. Stefan will rush home with the news of what can save Damon to see that someone kissed him and he won’t know who it was either. They can’t kill Damon off forever, first of all because the fans would all quit watching and second because the show is about two vampire brothers in love with one human woman. Unless they pull a Charmed where Stefan has a half brother no one ever knew about, they sort of have to keep Damon around.

  33. I will be extremely crushed if Damon dies. A part of me thinks that they’ll kill him off and somehow bring him back to life in season 3. Gahh! I’m already sad about Jenna and john dying, we can’t loose Damon too. And poor Stefan doesn’t want his brother to die. I hope they find a cure. But seriously if they WERE to kill Damon I could never stop watching VD. I love ALL the characters.

  34. @Elena
    Everyone on the internet is talking about that small segment and so far, no one was able to prove what she said. So we will know for sure on Thursday! :D

    But I’m sticking with my “You made the wrong choice.” especially if it’s Elena. If it’s Katherine I would maybe go with “I made the wrong choice.” though!

    Anyway, as I said, we’ll see soon enough! :D

  35. @Marie

    I believe that that whole “You / I made the wrong choice” Is damon hallucinating. There were spoilers that said damon will be having a lot of hallucinations. Also, elena / katherine is just standing randomly in a corner speaking with no emotion. Really leads me to believe its a hallucination from the effects of the werewolf bite

  36. i think damon is trying to burn himself in t he sun D: but the stefan pushes him out of the wayy :)

  37. OMGosh! I just love this show! I am trippin on the part where Damon tells Eleana shes Beautiful… It looks like he’s dying at that point.. I just wish she would just show him some kind of love…Damon is soooo hot! Im addicted to Vampire Dairies!

  38. @Marie
    Hey bb, did you see our girl kicktooshy.. Bonnie rocked so hard! LOL. Kendra de vampyre slayer – I keep wanti9ng to hear her say “Dat’s my favorite shirt. Dat’s my ONLY shirt!” Emily <3 I’m worried though how Stefan is asking her how to save Damon, does this mean Bonnie is possessed again?
    Bonnie! Omgoodness.. Why is she being beaten up again? Do you think Damon did it, or maybe Klaus is back for some revenge? L

    Agree with you, miss John too. What he did was so selfless he totally redeemed himself. Hope we see him again in fb, or even ghosty.. If he haunts Damon, we’d get more snarky! WORD on not stop watching ‘cause Damon dies. (which he won’t, him and Stefan need each other)

    Well, Ian isn’t the only great actor, Paul is fantastic! Stefan and Damon love each other, no matter what, that much is very clear. He, Bonnie and Ric will fight to save Damon.

    Totally agree about Elijah – I still think he’s hot, but darn it.. He’s gonna regret letting Klaus live. LOST fan. **smishes** Aww.. Boone. He’s far hotter on this though, right? ;) Who would win in a fight. HumanDamon vs.Boone? Tell ya what, would love Josh Holloway to come on as Masons brother. Damon,Stefan & Josh could get in a shirtless competition tussling for who rules Mystic. ;)

    Stefan loves his brother, last episode proved it, and even swore to find a cure. Drinking a potion is too easy, there’s gonna be blood spilt for the cure.

    Lol. I know right? Stefan talking to Emily, does this mean Bonnie’s possessed again? I wondered what that necklace was she wore at the funeral. Another amber jewel perhaps to conjure her up again?
    Maybe she can save Damon!

  39. @Sophia
    What do you think will happen in the 3rd season?
    Good question! I think in the books there was something about Stefan sacrificing himself to save Elena and Damon and went into a ‘Dark Dimension’, then Elena and Damon worked to save him, got closer, and Stefan returned. Later on Damon saved Bonnie and fell into the same trap, and they got closer. Even though the writers VOWED they’re not following the books, perhaps in this concept they will. Give DE a shot, and BD too.

    @Marie: I thought it was “You made the wrong choice too..” it felt like Katherine, ’cause she was far too cold to be Elena. Good catch on Buffy dying and coming back to life as well. It was a witch to save her too.. maybe this is where Bonnie comes in?

  40. @Wahinetoa: Haha yeah – i think Damon is way hotter than Boone :P and “Tell ya what, would love Josh Holloway to come on as Masons brother. Damon,Stefan & Josh could get in a shirtless competition tussling for who rules Mystic” hell yeah xD that would be great

  41. they can’t kill of damon he is one of the main charcters, but i do hope there is a delena KISS !!! that would be a good way to finish the season and then there is a good chapter open for netx time. Damon shouldnt die because bonnie should save him, and i’m soo TEAM DELENA and TEAM DAMON and hopefully there will be a tyler caroline kiss (again!!) x

  42. they COULD kill damon…because he someway could come back in season 3 – to be honest, that would be a incredible cliffhanger…
    julieplec said on twitter:
    “I watched the ext promo for 222 and TONS of pieces didn’t make it to final cut. No one’s fault, it is what it is, just wanted to warn you.”

  43. o.m.g what is happend damon?!?!?will he die?!?!i cried when jenna and john die i don’t want to cry again!!??how much percent of the viewers think that he doesn’t die!?!and why?
    i love all charecters because they are so good and i live with them 2 years all of fans live with them.
    and i think elijah is traitor and stupid because 100% klaus kill him and he went to his parents at last!stupid…

  44. Stefan was talking to Emily in that one clip, she’s played by Bianca Lawson aka Kendra fromBuffy and she was in a clip. So I don’t think Stefan leaves town to find the cure for Damon, I think he goes to the haunted mansion to talk to the dead witches and Emily appears. The blurb in the TV book talks about Sheriff Forbes making a fatal mistake, I’m wondering if she gets Caorline killed or gets herself killed. I’m not sad John died, I never felt they established him much as a character. Both of Elena’s bio parents were sort of points for shock value that were quickly gotten rid of. Not sure why she had to be adopted to be related to Katherine. Her father was a Gilbert, so her mother could have been a Petrova.

  45. I cant wait this looks so awsome I also cant wait cause I heard that damon and elena finally kiss but he is delirous from the bite and thinks it katherine. But im not for sure of the truth of that though I hope tyler and caroline get together.

  46. Omg Damon better not die! I’m serious me and my mom would sobb for days if he died. What Damon needs to do is KILL Tyler before he dies, cause Tyler bit him. Oh and second idk why Elijah broke his promise to Stefan and Elena, he gave them his word. And he just broke it!
    Go vampire diaries!!

  47. Jordyn
    i’m agree with you but not in damon and tyler because he hasn’t control on his self ,he don’t like to bit damon!
    kissing elena is the best cure for damon

  48. @Wahinetoa
    If Emily pulls out the fav shirt line, I would die of laugher for sure! I don’t think we will see Klaus and Elijah until next season(sadly, I love them so much). Anyway season 3 is rumored to be all about The Originals. As for Bonnie, I’m at a point that I find it almost tiring to see her character always going from one extreme to the other from one episode to the other. Sad really, just hope that after getting all that power and kicking some @ss she won’t be taken down (again). But the way she begs for help… It’s so sad. I was thinking the other day that Jeremy could be the one shot with her trying to use her powers to heal him. As for Stefan putting himself in trouble, I’d love to see it being that he goes against “It’s his time” thing that Emily tells him and he gets hurt for it.

    I’m pretty sure it is “You made the wrong choice” too. I’ve listened to it about 50 times XD And the Buffy killing, sadly they wouldn’t dare to do that on TVD which is just sad, that ending was so powerful and lets admit it… Damon dying and being brought back to life by Bonnie… it would have smelled the beginning of something called BAMON!!!! XD But meh, not gonna happen…

  49. plz plz plz dont kill damen out of the show will never be the same, will not watch again if he is killed out he is the show go daman love you xxxxxxxx

  50. On the end of the clip, does Damon try to kiss Elina, or bite?

    i a little confused..

  51. Im pretty sure that in those scenes that you guys rekon its Katherine i think its an illusion, if Damon is getting that sick its a possilbility cause katherine should still be stuck in that room and its not like elena and what the hell? did anyone notiv=ce the fire in the background?? WHATS ON FIRE!!

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