Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.14 – Crying Wolf – Preview

Thanks to YouTuber MiI2aCIe, we have the promo for next week’s episode “Crying Wolf”.

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  1. Looks soo good! Cannot wait! I don’t know who to trust anymore though. John seems genuine but his character before is questionable. Love these actors though! Follow me on Twitter and we can talk more tvd. You team Damon or Stefan?

  2. haha always taking down the weaker one, hint: Stefan with the bullets. You would think he would be somewhat stronger as he’s drinking Elena’s blood.. CAn’t wAit! Totally loved Caroline’s comeback at the end of the episode :) what a badasss <3 he totally deserved it for what she went through, very much made me cringe and tear up.

  3. Im really getting tired of Tyler. He should take into consideration the fact that Damon and Stefan have been around a very long time and they knew what he was before he did, if they wanted to kill him they would have done it a very long time ago. And Caroline was there for him, through everything and he sides with these strangers, just because they are wolves and over the fact that they killed the uncle who came to town not for his brother or his nephew but to get a damn rock for a woman! come on, im very annoyed. Caroline said everything that I was feeling in less then a minute and it was well deserved.

  4. Sometimes I think they just pull episode plots out of their ass. As if you’d logically go from vampire hostage situation to a “romantic getaway”. I just wish they’d foreshadow a bit more.

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