Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.14 – Crying Wolf – Extended Preview

The CW has released the extended preview for epiosde 2.14 “Crying Wolf”.

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  1. Oh looks like an intense episode. Cant wait! But I gotta say getting tired of the wolves and their vengeance kick. Loven Stelena <3

  2. I say Caroline will come to the rescue and i hope she effin kills brady and rips his heart out lol how i wud love that

  3. Ok so not worried about Damon, because when he gets loose, everyone of those wolves are dead, can’t wait to see that. Loving the romance factor with Stelena. Tyler is really getting on my nerves. Agreed, I really hope Caroline saves the day and shows Tyler exactly what she is capable of!!

  4. Damon’s bad ass, Those werewolves will be extinct by the time he’s finished with them. haha

  5. I will enjoy any little torutre Damon gets because he deserves alot more. I look forward to Klaus showing up and putting the fear into all of them but more so Damon. :-)

  6. The first 10 minutes are like a OTH promo, haha. It seems based on reality, human relations and then…what we like to see ACTION :)
    But this time, it’s taking another degree. That Jules musn’t leave but being killed instead. She deserves it for killing Rose. I hate her !!!! And what’s her boyfriend ? Was she already with him when she was w/ Mason ?! So many questions in mind. I’m just team VAMPS all the way. Tyler’s not entirely among the wolves, he’s manipulated : which makes a difference.

    And also, wth is that with Damon on that chair ? They seem to use an old ‘torture technique’ which was practised on humans during Middle Ages. That’s evil. I’m sure Jules’ man is doing it. Damon, be strong and kill that clown, please :) LOL
    And Tyler pointed a gun at Stefan. LOL
    Does he know that threatening a vamp is not the brightest idea ? A good punch is missing, I tell ya ^^ lol

  7. i understand there is team damon or team stefan but is there a team klaus now. how could any fan of tvd be against them in any way. is anyone team werewolf? makes no sense wanting klaus to put fear into the main characters elena stefan and damon even caroline. i’m rooting for the main characters not klaus or the wolves. they dont deserve to be tortured not damon or stefan. and caroline didnt deserve it last week getting caged shot in the arm, chest and in the head. if anyone thinks they do, maybe this isnt the show for them. i dont want anything to happen to elena, stefan, damon or caroline cause without them there is no show especially damon. i like the badass that usually saves the day and the people he loves. just my opinion. to each his own i guess.

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