Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.13 – Daddy Issues – Extended Promo

Thanks again to @MiI2aCIe for posting the extended promo for episode 2.13 “Daddy Issues” set to air next Thursday, February 3rd. And to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up!

UPDATE: Have now replaced the previous video with an official CW promo.


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  1. I love Jules! Glad to see she can hold her own against hot head Damon. I’m going to really enjoy next weeks episode. Caroline should have told Tyler about Mason. Did she not realize he was going to find out. I do love Caroline/Tyler chemistry.

  2. deimantukas- I totally agree with you. The girl that Damon is making out with is probably the new chick at the end of The Descent. Anyways, I feel scared for Caroline. I hope she doesn’t die, I can’t take another death now… =(

  3. No you guys, that girl was just a random girl. He killed her I’m pretty sure, and even if he didn’t, the girl in the promo is another person, she’s a recurring character named Andie Star, a TV news reporter and the same girl in the picture that Ian tweeted a while back, saying was Damon’s new girlfriend.

  4. Jules is Damon’s female version. xD
    She’s manipulative (ie : the way she told Tyler about the other vamps in town…)
    What’s going to happen during the confrontation, next week ? Suspens…..

  5. Please don’t turn Caroline into a wimpy vamp . . .make her strong and powerful with a soft side.

  6. Yea! The infamous much-hyped bathtub scene! I was expecting it in the promo they aired right after The Descent! They are SUCH teases with their promos!

  7. damon is a man whore and stefan is a self righteous whore. one puts others beneath him to build his own ego and the other uses women to block out his pain and loneliness. i guess they each have their own faults. whatever works for them i guess.

  8. I’d like to see a little jealously from Elena, which surprises and confuses her because she supposedly, whole-heartedly, loves Stefan, when Damon backs away a bit from her, emotionally, turning his so-called love and attention on others . . . hmmmmm

  9. i agree with you pam. elena isnt stupid she knows that damon has feelings for her but as soon as he stops having his head up her ass i think it will bother her no matter how much she denies it. maybe it strokes her ego a little knowing how damon feels but once he’s not so attentive she’ll be the one persuing damon.maybe while she’s trying to feel validated through damon’s feelings or lack there of, she’ll actually realize the feelings damon has for her doesn’t just affect her ego but its also affecting her heart. you know she must like knowing how damon feels for her even if she says its one sided. lets see how she feels when it stops. hopefully she’ll realize her feelings aren’t so one sided anymore.

  10. OMG! Who … The … Hell … Is … That … Girl … ??
    But I’m glad that the old, cold, sarcastic, dangerous and HOTTER THAN HELL Damon is Back … I was wondering when my favorite womanizer will be Back … Can’t Wait for the next episode …
    And Poor Caroline … Hope she won’t die …

  11. i dont like elana anymore i think its to much about her…. she is very self centered but trys to make it look like she cares about others. its turning into a dang twilight movie :) elana is becoming to much of a bella. she loves stefan but yet she kinda makes everyone think she loves damon oh lord i need to get a life and stop watching this show hahaha

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