Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.11- By the Light of the Moon – Trailer & Clip

Here is the promo/trailer for next week’s episode “By the Light of the Moon” courtesy of MiI2aCIe. The midseason finale leading into the holiday hiatus. Also we have a webclip (thanks to OurVampireDiaries for uploading) that was released on the Bloodlines: Revealed Interactive game on the CW site. Caroline and Tyler are getting prepared for his transformation.


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  1. Way to hold out there Stephan. lol Got my fingers crossed for a little Elana/Damon action. Thanks for staying on top of things Ruthie. You rock.

  2. Please tell me I did not just see Stefan and Katherine have a moment??? Omg excited they are finally spending quality time, but at the same time what about stelena or shall I say Delena???? So excited for the next episode !!!!!! <3

  3. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe this. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT….

    I am freaking out!

  4. GAH kathfan that doesn’t even sound right! U know I’m kinda pissed at stefan the big cheat but yey maybe Delena will start

  5. Super excited for next weeks episode, but does anyone know the name of the song they use in this promo??? I’d really like to get it… I know it’s a remix to Carol of the Bells but there are about a million of those out there and I really like this one. Thanks! can’t wait till next week! urg…

  6. Maybe it isn’t real, maybe Katherine is just playing with his mind, a dream or something, like Damon did in the 1 season….

  7. katherine and stefan!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

  8. katherine and stefan have sex?????? what the hell???
    i can’t wait to see more delena in this episode, last episode was full of it! :)
    i feel so sorry for tyler, the curse of the moon is so much worse than the curse of the sun!!!!!! :(
    can’t wait for next episode!!!!

  9. I am REALLY hoping that moment with Katherine and Stefan is just a dream… but the look on his face at 0:15 scared me into thinking it wasn’t.

  10. i have a feeling that its just a mind game! because in the synopsis for “By the light of the moon” it said that “”Stefan and Katherine play mind games on one another.” soooooo maybe its just Katherine playing with Stefan’s mind in a dream or vice versa ?

  11. Has to be a manipulation on Katherine’s part – Hell will freeze over before his feelings for that selfish skank ever returns.

  12. MIND GAMES. Like when Katherine got into Stephen’s head before and made him relive the past. But yeah.. That still doesn’t explain the look on Stephan’s face at the end… Maybe they are talking about love in general, Katherine’s love for Stephen and Stephen’s love for Elena?

    ACK. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  13. i cannot wait for the next episode! go delenaaa!!! i hope there’ll be some delena scenes in this ep!

  14. it’s a dream it’s a dream it’s a dream, it just can’t be real.. i am gonna keep everyting crossed til next week.. it just has to be..

  15. hi! does anyone know the name of the song in the background in the trailer?
    thank you :)

  16. The song in the trailer is called “Revenge of the Carol of the Bells”. Its available on the Videohelper Music website. :)

  17. I knew that Stefan would cheat i knew he still loved Katherine if he really did love Elena he would not do what he’s going 2 do he should know that Elena would never do that 2 him i cant hopefully when Elena finds out it will bring her and Damon closer together.

  18. I’m surprised no one’s noticed what Caroline says to Tyler in the preview clip after he takes his shirt off. “Oh my God! You’re not going to get naked… are you?” haha and then in the promo, caroline is seen running away? Did tyler get out???? ohhh I can’t wait for the episode. But not because I just want to see the love square between Elena, stefan, Damon and Katherine. Tyler and Caroline Rock too!!!

  19. Omg that is so wrong. I can not believe the producers would actually allow a stefan and kathrine moment happen. what happened to Elena I love you bullshit? that just destroys the concept of stefan existance. Loser!!! It better be mind games
    after all its damon thats always having sex with everyone else even though he claims to love elena ex. Rose and I dont know how many more.. oh yeah elenas birth mother lol ironic.

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