Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Extended Preview

Again, thanks to DaveDL for uploading the extended preview from next weekend’s episode “Katerina”. It’s going to be a good one! What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments! Updated: With official CW version.


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  1. God, I freaking loved this episode. My heart was racing a few times.
    When the fight was over and Elena was so happy and Damon smiled I was like “Yeah, pleaase” and then Stefan comes and he hugs Elena. This was a crazy moment ;)

    But what said Damon when he compelled Elena? I couldn’t really understand him.

  2. he said that he loved her… but he wanted her to forget that he did, even though he wouldn’t. so he compelled her & left and she was just confused as to how her necklace came back.

    SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. i love damon <3

  3. Loved this episode…..the ending with Damon and Elena was awesome, i just wish he wouldn’t have compelled her to forget.. I hope somehow she will remember what happened….lol stranger things have happened….:)

  4. @jasmin: Thank you ;)

    The flashback scenes are gonna be great. I’m really sure about that. They are always awesome <3.

  5. Tonights episode was amazing. Damon telling Elana that he loved her and that Stefan was better for her then him :( God what is there not to love about Damon, although I do agree with him and Elana and Stefan should be together. As for next week ( Im so freaking excited :) All I have to say is Elana better drink some of that petrova blood ! ( They should really let Katherine go, I love her <3 )

  6. I wonder if Stefan gave Elena vervain and what Damon said was not compelled away! Why would stefan leave Elena unprotected after everything that happened? Right?

  7. Oh. My. God. Damon Salvatore. I am in loveeeeeeeeee with him. I seriously almost cried when he admitted his love for Elena. How can you NOT love Damon? Stefan goes and get’s all threatning-y when Damon wants to protect Elena, “Oh, you couldn’t anyway, Damon.” Godd I dislike stefan. And then Damon, “My brother is better for you.”
    If I were Elena, I would choose Damon. Like, there wouldn’t even be a debate. He is beautiful, and that was sooooo sweet. I really wish he wouldn’t have taken that away from her :( I don’t understand why she doesn’t open herself to him even A LITTLE. Ughh.

  8. I was amazed and my heart broke i found myself crying when DAMON LEFT THAT LONELY TEAR FALL. I can say without a doubt that it was the best episode i have ever seen and i just hope that elena founds out that she loves Damon too as in the books. because stefan is great but he is kind of a whim and he already had katherin and he blew it, is not fair for him to have a second chance when is obious that Damon can love more fiercely than anyone

  9. charissa – I don’t think Elena had vervain in her system… she’s only protected by the necklace, which he was holding. I was thinking when Elijah came to compel her that she might have vervain in her but she couldn’t since she was feeding Stephen her blood… but who knows maybe she ate some after… :/

    Oh, WOW. Tonight’s episode…ahhh!! It’s getting more intense. Is anyone else seriously loving Jeremy more with every episode? He’s my fave :)

    I’m kind of rooting for Stephen and Elena but I feel bad for Damon too… that was such a sweet scene.

    Next week’s episode looks so good… yeah, it seems like becoming a vampire may be Elena’s best option if she doesn’t want to die. AHHH… the suspense is eating at me.. can’t wait for next Thursday!

  10. okay, somebody please explain this to me. please. in this episode, “rose”, bonnie was trying to find elena with her witch powers, and she used jeremy’s blood because they’re “blood related”, but elena was ADOPTED…? they aren’t blood relatives! what the hell happened there? mistake on the writers, or what? :(

  11. allicura….They are cousins because Jeremy’s uncle John is Elena’s dad. Right? But they aren’t brother/sister.

  12. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait until next weeks eposide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????

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  14. I my god! Is Katherine suggesting what I think she is suggesting?

    I guess she got turned in a vampire to safe herself so she advises Elena to do the same? What!??!

  15. omg!!!!!! i adored this episode!!!
    but i think if elena turns into a vamp she will remember what damon said just like caroline ——->her memorys came back from damon compelling her so maybe then she will choose damon——->hopefully! i mean damon is just so great and when he admitted he loved elena and the compelled her i had tears in my eyes!!! <3<3
    could someone explains to me whats gonna happen in the nxt episode? cause i cant see the video…:(

  16. Last night’s episode was incredible! There was so much suspense and emotion that it was killing me! First, Caroline being so compassionate to Tyler about his transformation. Meanwhile, Tyler was so vulnerable and alone in this episode. It was great to see Caroline helping Tyler and to see Tyler actually bond with someone. Jeremy and Bonnie are absolutely adorable. I loved the scene when Bonnie and Jeremy were talking about how alone they feel in all of this. I’m loving Jeremy more and more with each episode! He’s growing into this amazing, strong, confident, caring man and it’s just an amazing transformation from Season 1. Plus, I love how much he truly cares for his sister – the hugging scene was awesome! Ok, Stefan and Damon = wow! Stefan finally apologizing to Damon for forcing him to turn…all I can say is wow! I really like seeing these bits and pieces of Stefan and Damon’s relationship come into play in the episodes and to see them working together and actually rely on each other, just shows that their bond as brothers does mean something to both of them even if they don’t want to admit to it. Finally, the Damon and Elena scene = INCREDIBLE and SO EMOTIONAL. It was such a beautiful scene! Nina and Ian impress me more each week and such talented actors. I loved seeing Damon’s humanity in this scene and for him to tell her how much he loves her and what she means was a beautiful moment. Damon’s tear falling when he compelled her to forget made me want to cry. I wish Damon hadn’t compelled her to forget, but I hope at some point Elena does remember how much he cares for her and how selfless he really has been when it comes to his love for her. I’m loving the character development this season!

    So for next week…I’m dying here! I don’t want to wait until Thursday to see what happens! I can’t wait to know the story behind Katherine/Katerina and what really happened to this woman. To finally find out why she is the way she is will be awesome. I know the preview shows Katherine tempting Elena to change, but in several interviews with Kevin and Julie, they’ve said that Elena changing is something that will probably not happen this season, but I have a feeling that it plant an idea into Elena’s head and make her start thinking about what it would be like to be a vampire in order to be with Stefan. Just a thought, but can not wait to see the episode! :)

  17. ok, this is so mean.. next weeks ep is gonna be sooo good and then we have to waite two more weeks before we get new eps..life is so not fair..

  18. the 8th episode was great! i’m a little worried for bonny! caroline is so sweet and i’m sensing a new love between caroline and tyler… so loving that elena and stefan are back together… suprise that the vampire elijah was alive…. i am sad for damon… can’t wait for the 9th episode! this series just keeps getting better and better every week!

  19. Crrrazyy! I knew that Elijah wasn’t dead and I was practically yelling at the screen for them to set the whole house on fire or something.. I mean, c’mon!
    SUSPENSE !!!

    I love this new Rose character, though.. she’s spicy! I hope Damon and her get a little romance going on.. Damon is seriously turning way too emotional for my liking.. a little emo, you have to admit.

    I don’t know if Elena and Stefan are back together, that wasn’t really very clear. So what, he saved her so she hugged him but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is still willing to risk the lives of her family for him.
    And if she turns into a vampire I might be angry about it !!! She seems not the type.. and Bonnie would be DEVASTATED!

    Ahhh soo much to say… alas, cannot WAIT for thursday!

  20. hey guys!
    The last episode war AWESOME!!
    But there´s something I don´t understand (I´m from Germany and I watch the episodes on amazon, but I´m a lil bit confused about something)
    So, everyone wants this moonstone to break the course… but what exactly is the course?
    Is it that the moonstone influenzes vamps and werewolves? I mean, that Vampires can´t (except you´ve got this lapislazuli) walk right in the sunlight and that werewolves can only turn on a full moon. So they want to break the course that vampires can walk in the sunlight and werewolfes can always turn, right? or does breaking the course mean, that this will make that vamps and wolves will be human again?
    sorry, I really didn´t understand that! would be really nice of you, if someone explained it to me!
    Thank you! :D

  21. Thursdays episode was one of the best episodes yet this season. Although pretty much all of the episodes have been utterly incredible. Anything with any Damon and Elena action makes me happy. This season though has left me with a little distaste for Elena, as I am a Damon fan and I feel she has been rather cruel to him. Especially since hes trying so hard to make it up to her. And Thursday, when I he told her he loved her I just lost it. I feel as if Damon loves Elena more than Stefan simply because he loves her enough to be selfless. The tear and him feeling like he doesnt deserve her displays this flawlessly. He wants her to be happy and puts aside his feelings for hers. I really hope Damon and Elena get together and have a real first kiss or just something because, I know deep down inside Elena has feelings for him, shes just hiding them and trying not to deal with them. Im just afraid that if they do get together it wont be nearly as incredible as it is with the current sexual tension.

    Now next weeks episode has me a bit skeptical. Im not one particularly for the whole human pining to be a vampire thing. Thats one thing I’ve always liked about Vampire Diaries is that Elena hasnt even thought about it or considered it an option once. Now Im afraid with her being offered the opportunity that it will start to be something in her mind. Other than that though the episode looks intense. I cant wait to see another flashback episode and learn more about Katherine. They just keep throwing new things into the plot line and answering questions and I love it. Oh what a tangled web we weave:)

  22. i totally agree with katelyn,great episode,i feel turning elana will be a mistake,its her humanity the boys love,take that away???? i just dont know how that would pan out,well we will have to see,cant wait till next weeks ep,hopefully more delana action lol!!!!!!

  23. @sophia: If the curse gets broken it would allow vampires to walk in the sunlight and werewolves to turn at will. And also during last nights episode it was mentioned by Rose that the moonstone is what binds the curse, and the death of Elena (since she is the doppelgänger ) breaks the curse.

  24. @katrina oh yeah! thanks! I heard that one too but I wasn´t 100 percent sure! Thanks! :D

  25. Okay don’t get me wrong, and i know this is just a series but all you delena fans: would you seriosly even consider dating someone who ‘killed’ your brother?? I like damon,he always makes me laugh and brings the fun into tvd but come on, saying that he must be with Elena? What would be fun about that? And saying he loves her more than Stefan- highly unlikely. Do you remember 2×06- plan b, the way he looked when Elena said it’s over. I’ll be honest Stefan was a bit boring last season but I like him this season, and I did actualy jumped up and down when damon kissed ‘Elena’ @ the season finale only to find out it was Katherine but when he tried to kill Jeremy I decided on Stefan and Plan B just made me love him more. but i love damon 2, just not with Elena. I love the new Jeremy and the bonnie/jeremy story line and i think caroline/tyler would be great. As for katherine… I don’t like her but what i’ve seen from 2×09 she looks decent, it would be cool to see her being on elena’s side- being badass with damon and stefan to protect elena :)

  26. @Janz well its a TV show so the death of her brother doesn’t hit the same way it would in real life. That being said he is Alive now, so for us DELENA fans I’d say the point is moot. Besides it seems like Jeremy is over it anyway, he has kind of turned into a lost puppy where Damon is concerned (i mean by almost always being wherever Damon is) Also depending on which brother of mine you killed (on certain days) I wouldn’t have any problem with it. In-fact if you go for my little brother I’d finally have a bathroom to my self.

    PS; The last part is a joke! Don’t get offended now you serious peeps.

  27. lol.. i love to read al this chatter.. it is so interesting to see everyone else’s point of view.. LOVE it!!!

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