Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.05 – Kill or Be Killed – Trailer

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode “Kill or Be Killed”. Looks like a lot will go down, what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Did you find yourself feeling sorry for Katherine?

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  1. WOW is all i can say looks like alot is going on in that episode. Oh no crazy stefan is coming through again i wonder if hes actually going to start drinking human blood again, especially after last time. Oh no i feel bad for Caroline i hope nothing happens to her after her mom finds out thats going to be a shocker.

  2. Holy crap, that looks amazing! I can’t believe that sheriff forbes is going to find out about Damon and Stefan not to mention Caroline. The Salvatore brothers are going to owe alot to Caroline because she is going to save them from her mother, and her mother will keep their secret I think, because her and Caroline are going to bond over this. As for Katherine in tonights episode I didn’t feel sorry for her at all, I think she has to much of an ego to get stefan killed, turned, and leave him for 145 years only to come back and say get rid of your girlfriend, i want you back. Nope I didn’t feel sorry for her at all, I do love her though :)

  3. The series of The Vampire Diaries supposes that these stocks in the saga of L.J. Smith. Certainly I do not see him no similarly the prominent figures do not look like the described ones and even they change senseless things since it is the case of which the aunt of Elena am called Jenna instead of Judith since it is his real name.
    In addition Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec give to understand that it is more important that in a series of vampires there are sex and drugs and that the vampires only are a fantasy porn instead of mythological beings thirsty for blood and in search of a salvation against the loneliness.
    To my personally I like more the books. The real Damon was making me shake whenever it was appearing in every line, on the other hand, the Damon of the series makes me shake of anger and shame.
    This way the only thing that they give me to understand is that it imports more the coarsest topics of the human beings to the juiciest topics of a vampires’ real novel since is The Vampire Diaries for Lisa Jane Smith.
    Few ones will agree with me and it does not matter for me, I am free to express what I sit and the one who supports me welcomly is.
    Fan in favour of L.J. Smith

  4. ok.. can’t waite to see how Caroline’s mom deals with the fact that her daughter has become what she hunts.. that is going to be oh so interesting.. thursday is just so far away…

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