Vampire Diaries – Episode 19 – Miss Mystic Falls – Trailer

Here is the promo for next week’s episode “Miss Mystic Falls” courtesy of KSiteTV.


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  1. What song is playing in the background? I googled it and can’t find it… sounds like the singer is saying “I don’t wanna take this anymore”?

  2. Stefan looks like he lost it, I hope Elena and Damonnnn grow closer nowwww! :p Maybee they share a kiss in the season finale… HOPE SOOO! :)

  3. ‘JUST THREE EPISODE LEFT’ oh man…. :(
    damn.stefan = damon. damon becoming stefan.ahahaha….

  4. OMG. in this clip it looks like Stefan threw Damon.. next week is gonna be good.. i hope Stefan can get it together..

  5. So wait the season finale episode is episode 21… the one named Isobel!
    No,, I need more episodes than that:(

  6. no the fanilie just a guess willbe called founders day or sommin like that isobel is not the fanalie. And OMG wooooooooooooooo delena moments

  7. LOL Watching this clip, all I can think is, What is Uncle John thinking now that he is surely seeing his niece/daughter? escorted and hanging with the Salvatore Bros? Will he ultimately try to kill her rather than have her involve with vamps?

  8. Is that Caroline Stephan attacks! And in the three more episodes left trailer…Anna and Jeremy get it ooooon

  9. What the song are played while they dancing? does anyone have ideas about it?

  10. the song when they are dancing together is all i need by within temptation.
    its a good song

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