Vampire Diaries – Episode 18 – Under Control – Trailer

Thanks once again, to KSiteTV for getting this promo up so quickly. Tonight was crazy!! And next week looks even crazier!!


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  1. I soooooooo love The Vampire Diaries … My heart just swells up when i watch that eff’n show !! I really wish they would bring kathrine on there though. & I wounder how she’ll dress? Lol

  2. o how i hate jeremy in 17 soo much how could he pick vicky over anna is he an idiot

  3. Jeremy sooo has to get back with Anna. And Tyler is going to be a werewolf!Hurrah! Poor Stefan…Poor Elena…Poor Matt…Poor Careline…Poor Anna… Poor Damon…Poor Alarick

  4. i feel for Matt.. but oh boy what has stefan done? what happens now.. can he go back to being a veggie vamp.. this ought to be good.

  5. ok who is Tyler fighting in the promo? it looks like MAtt.. can anyone confrim? oh god thursday is just too far away..

  6. wow with a full moon hovering.. heres to hoping we get to see the WOLF….

  7. I heard that they aren’t bringing the wolf to the show yet.
    But I think that the moon is there to
    A) Foreshadow the werewolf storyline.
    B) Explain how Violent Tyler is getting. every time has a full moon:)

  8. you know what Bo, you got a point. they could very well just be teasing us.. they can’t let everything out in seaon 1 , then there would not be anything left to tell in Season 2.

  9. Oh Cool, I got a point:P
    I really hope I am right though. It would be hard get the werewolf storyline nicely explained in the last few episode without making it to much.

  10. I Love the books better, the show is getting crappier and crappier, it is straying from the books wayyyyy to much, I like the show but I feel for the books more

  11. KC i am the opposit.. i read the books for back ground info bnut I am addicted to the shows.. can’t waite for the DVD so i can watch it back to back..

  12. KC,, Everyone has a different oppinion,, I just like the show way more BECAUSE it’s different from the books.
    The books were okay to read but they weren’t that suprising… the show keeps suprising me every week.

  13. Kant wait eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait to wacth it wat if stefan gose to out of control?
    wat happens to matts mom?
    why did elanas uncle com?
    eeeeeeeee anna n jeemy
    wats gonna happen between stefan n elana they might fight breal up
    wats stefan hindin?
    wat if damon n elana get closer?illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  14. OMD i luv the vamp diaries i try to watch em all over and over, stefan OMD he is a lunatic but a hot 1 and damon i thought he had no compassion but what haapened in the 17th episode wiv him and elena in alariks office lols poor anna i h8ed her at first but awe!!!!!!!! twilight sucks now lol :) :) :)

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