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  1. I think he can’t. lol.
    i’m so upset… i don’t remember who saaid it, the thing about the werewolf bite and Damon..
    it’s obvious it has a cure… otherwise half of the women who watch the show will stop doing it.. me included
    only 2 episodes left… i’ll hate to have to wait until september or so for 3rd season..

  2. omg i wonder if john is going to die cuz when they were setting the rose at a tomb, i saw another tomb with the last name “gilbert” hmmm. i dont want john to die cuz thats the last real parent elena has.

    i cant wait to see how this season is going to end =D

  3. Do remember that the bite happened before the full transformation to werewolf…
    And Ian S. twitted to be glad about starting season 3 in autum… why when he´s not part? ;-)
    The graves name in the promo is Gilbert, Jennas lastname is Sommers!
    So it can only be John, Jeremy or Elena!
    Maybe they just wanna fake Elena´s death… and Bonnie can stop her transformation…

  4. i think jenna dies because the grave next to hers says gilbert, we dont actually see the grave of the person that died, .. i think. Also i have no doubt damon will live through the bite. Cant wait for this episode! looks good!

  5. this show is soo amazing ! i cant beleive the seasons almost over.. : / but theres going to be a season three soo : ) .. i really hope elena doesnt get turned into a vampire because sh really doesnt want to and she will be in pain forever.this show is life.. the cast and crew have done an amazing job soo far that i cant even put it in words.

  6. OMFG!!!! I CAN”T WAIT, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. I hate that people say they’ll stop watching the show just because they think Damon will die or something. I mean, don’t the other characters mean anything to you guys at all? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Damon but I’d never stop watching TVD if he dies. Where’s all the VD support? lol

  7. @ essence- i agree with u. i keep heaing “oh im not watching VD if damon dies” its like for real? yea it will be sad but the rest of the characters are awesome!!

  8. @essence, THANK YOU! finally someone who appreciates someone else other than Damon (not that i’m excluding him, just saying). my gosh, he does not make the show.. thought it may seem like it with his popularity/personality/looks. it’s about the town and all the people. can’t wait, looks crazy. didn’t see jenna turning into a vamp– kinda wanted her to die because i saw no point in her plot line but apparently that’s not true… i don’t want john to die because he’s her father!! so what if people hate him, he makes the story. so do all the other negative characters..

  9. I think it’s Jenna’s grave, unfortunately. There’s a woman in heels standing at the Gilbert grave & a man laying a rose on the unmarked grave. So chances are Elena is standing at her adopted mom’s grave & Alaric is laying the rose on Jenna’s grave ( Elena’s mom’s sister ). Gutted about Jenna. Although she isn’t really a main character it would’ve been good to see her, crossbow in hand now she’s in on everything. Would’ve prefered Jeremy to die. Was gonna sacrifice Matt to but he seriously went up in my estimation when he shot Maddox.

  10. maybe elena dies and comes back in season 3 :P but i don’t think so. i would loooove vamp – elena

  11. i know that damon will die with this situation .
    but i also think that maybe there’s some way to cure him.
    but i am so intersted to see damon to become as an original to became survived.
    i think this will be the thing that elina asks elayja to do.

  12. love the show so much and all the characters are so important but who makes or doesnt make the show is a matter of opinion. if damon dying and being off the show wouldnt make you stop watching great but to many others like myself who love tvd and everyone on it, we feel damon is the heart of the show. his transformation and evolution do to the power that love has in changing someone is a great focus of the show. is it the only focus, no but the interaction, relationship, and journey he goes on with elena is what draws me and many others to the show. if he dies and i hope he never does will i stop watching.i just hope thats a decision i dont have to make. its hard if the main reason you watch the show is gone to still have the desire to tune in. to many tvd is delena and if thats how they feel they have that right. same goes for s/e fans. evryone has there own reason to watch the show and the right to feel they would stop watching if they choose. s/e fans say the same if d/e happens which it will .so for anyone who stops watching its their loss and a same but also their me damon is the heart of the show and it just could never be the same without him.

  13. Hey it’s me quick question; Paul Wesley is Married????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Maybe the grave is of someone that no one has mentioned–Jeremy. I mean, so many unexpected things have happened so far. But, it would make more sense to be Jenna. I can’t imagine TVD without Damon and all the drama that surrounds him. I know I would seriously consider not watching anymore. I love Damon/Ian. I can hardly believe that the season is almost over!!!

  15. @ ESSENCE-paul wesley IS MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i saw it on

  16. i saw the othe grave where it said gilbert. i hope that it is not jenna that got killed. i read that paul wesley is now married. congradulations

  17. Damon will not definitely die…There are screen caps on this site showing the last episode “As I lay dying”. Damon is there!

  18. @Trevor: damon could die at the end of the episode :P and de pics were taken at the could be possible…allthough it would be crap…

  19. @Essence & Vampgirl: Paul is MARRIED?! Get the heck out.. aww, dammit. All the hot guys are getting hitched this week.

    Jenna or John – hope it isn’t Caroline or Ric. The bite.. still has no cure :(, but hopefully Stefan and Bonnie (They make such a great team!) can find a way, or Elijah might have secrets to share on it.

  20. My guess is that Jenna will either refuse to transition, making it her grave next to her sister’s (Elena’s mom Miranda Gilbert), leaving Elena in the care of vampire hating guardian John. They already did Caroline learns to be a vampire, why do it again with Jenna? And why have Elena as theo nly human in a world of vampires?

    So annoyed they had her come down very against being a vampire. Have her say she’s too young to decide, was unsure, whatever, but I don’t get her attachment to gray hair, wrinkles, memory loss and death. Why don’t the examine her overwhelming urge to die? She has never once fought for her own life. Save your loved ones and yourself, but she’s all, “I want to be dead if Klaus doesn’t get me, time will”. Ick.

  21. Sadly, I think Jenna will die. The show may lose some of it’s appeal with too many vampires and werewolves.
    I really thought Klaus bit Damon. When Klaus made the comment to Katherine that Damon was no use to him anymore, I thought he was referring to the bite. How would Klaus know that Tyler had bitten Damon?
    I’d love to see Caroline and Tyler hook up … it’d be a killer relationship!

  22. oooh, just had a thought . . . I read that there will be 3 deaths at the end of season 2. I believe Jenna will die. What if Matt kills Tyler, and Caroline has a knee-jerk reaction to it and bites Matt, killing him?

  23. @Melissa the writers said they tried to stir away from the show being completely like twilight. That is why instead of Elena wanting to throw it all away to be a vampire (like Bella) she wants to grow up and have a life as a human.

  24. They’ve said 3 deaths???? Damn!!! That’s bad. So, we’ve seen in the promo ep, Klaus start to change so I’m assuming it’s Jules,Jenna & either the bad witch or John. I was thinking that if Klaus is changing then maybe that meant Jenna had turned perhaps been forced to bite John. Ooh but then won’t die as he has his ring, right? Perhaps Elijah dies.

  25. maybe damon will dink eliahs blood, because originals are impervious to werewolve bits. i also heard that elena has supernatural powers, too, because she is a double, maybe her special powers apper during the sacrefice…

  26. I’m going crazy thinking ‘what if…’? Damon cannot die, period. Every week has been so shocking already, and only 2 episodes left?!? oh boy!

  27. In the promo, Stefan asks (begs) Elijah for his help. I bet they’ll use the elixir to save Damon’s life. How ironic, because Damon didn’t have much faith that it would save Elena’s life . . . now it may save his life :)

  28. @lorrie, no Nina has a boyfriend and I think Ian is recently single.
    @vampgirl1991, wow he got married?! aww!! yay for her and boo for us ;) Congrats
    I don’t think Damon will die, no point in the love triangle.
    I think it will be Jules, Jenna, and… Greta? I hope Elijah, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, John, Matt, or the Sheriff won’t die.

  29. OMG!!! i dont know what to say! let me start from: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! ok now, Damon cant die! if he dies the series wont be the same and i know that if he dies some people will stop watching it and i know that there are other characters in the show but its just that he is the one that more of the people want to see. this episode its going to be soooooo exciting! i hope tyler, caroline, john, elena, damon, stefen, jenna, jeremy, bonnie and elijah wont die. i dont if a could wait until september to watch the other season!!! i am going to be sooo booored in summers thursdays

  30. I do not think that it says Gilbert on the tombstone. it’s something with K. And the series can not really be altered as it is, the series is sort of Elena as a human standing between two hot vampire brothers and all the drama around it. if there is someone who dies, then it may be that Bonnie or Jenna or maybe John if he is stupid and tough enough. but John is a Gilbert, so it is perhaps Jenna and Bonnie, if it is, ugh, it’s just stupid.but I am looking forward to this episode comes out, it will be so exciting to see what it does with Klaus and all! and my English sucks, I use google translator. I come originally from Norway. and is not world champion in English, but hope you understand a little of what I’ve written:) eheh

  31. No matter what the writers say, Elena, Damon and Stefan are ultimately safe. They can die for a bit, but have to come back because they are the show. They are the ones in the promo, they sell the show as being about the triangle. The 3 of them will live. Question is who will die? If there are 3, I say Jenna (too many supernaturals), Matt (he’s kind of pointless) and John (they really never did anything with Elena’s bio parents, killed Isabel easily).

  32. For this season I think Damon, Elena and Stefan aren’t safe. Whatever people say they can easily be killed and brought back later on season 3. I read somewhere that Julie had said that the final would leave the fans wondering how the show could go on.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that the main character dies… Anyone ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer?! Buffy the main character sacrificed herself at the end of season 5 to save the world, but she came back to life in season 6.

    So when they say that no ones is say in TVD, I truly believe it. Taking a break from the love triangle would, in my opinion, do good to the show.

  33. of course Damon is not going to die, it would be strange because main characters always get out of death! and i think Elena will stay with us as a human, although i wish she was vampire because i can’t imagine her with Stefan (or Damon;)) in a few years… all in all it would be the best solution for them.. but it is not going to happen, I suppose.
    Do you think Elijah will die? It would be sad, I started to like him:)

  34. hey. loving how the series is panning out and enjoying reading the possible outcomes from the fans.

    Music question: does anyone know the band who does the music in the trailer?

    Thanks x

  35. Just had a thought about Liz, Caroline’s mom. The whole her suddenly knowing everything & planning something has got to come to fruition. They wouldn’t have suddenly started that without something happening.Strange though how she just took Matt’s word that her daughter was a vampire & everything else though. So I’m now changing my mind on the 3 deaths…Jules, Jenna & now Liz. I’d rather John go than Jenna as I think his character is kinda pointless even if he is Elena’s real father. Jenna has much more scope.

  36. I think jenna is wearing the gilber ring… may be it would foil the ritual…

  37. dammit. Jenna was my favorite character. Why does the MILF always die. this storyline sucks!

  38. @Essence:
    the writers said they tried to stir away from the show being completely like twilight. That is why instead of Elena wanting to throw it all away to be a vampire (like Bella) she wants to grow up and have a life as a human.
    WORD! There’s something incrediably precious having her mortal in a supernatural world, fighting for strength and those she loves. We can relate to it, invest in it more. Maybe she will have some immortality later on, like Bonnie/Grams had.. but love her more as she is.

    *smishes you in grief over Paul* Darn it. Thankyou for the link – much appreciated. :)

    I love your thoughts, it would be great to take a break from the triangle and just focus on their individual journeys. Sadly, not gonna happen ’cause that’s the chestnut for this show. :(

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