The Vampire Diaries Extended Preview 2 x 19 Klaus

European trip anyone? The Accents are… *fan self*. Klaus is charming ~ O.O? Alaric is. Well we don’t know yet. (lol) Damon isn’t just pissed, he’s upset. (Oh boy!) *raised eyebrows* Stefan’s looking a little deadly. (We like that.) AND Elijah OMFG!

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Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. OH YES – OMFG!!
    hope jenna doesn’t get hurt…she’s been through sooo much :-X
    klaus looks mouthwatering ;D and the two salvators fighting – i like ;)

  2. seriously i’m with elijah with this one…O-M-F-G!
    Vampire Diaries jut gets better and better with each episode

  3. All my love to Elijah, my god do I love that actor or what!!!

    And I second that, the accents… oh dear!!! Klaus…

    AND OMG At 0:30 that looks like Greta on the floor to me!!! :D Katherine with her cute shoes is standing on the far left, then on their knees warlock and probably Greta and finally the beautiful Alaric… I mean Klaus!! XD Wonder what spell they are doing.

    This is so exciting! Thank you for the extended promo

  4. @Sophie

    I stopped the clip a couple of time and I’m sure at 75% that it is Elijah being pushed against the wall. :D

  5. I think Stefan love Elena with all his heart and Damon loves her with his entire being . . . ah, to be so loved . . . . :)

  6. I think Stefan loves Elena with all his heart and Damon loves her with his entire being . . . ah, to be so loved . . . :)

  7. HOLY SHIT…………… OMFG IS NOT ENOUGH. I have been waiting for this since Elena found out that she is the doppleganger. How much more can these people do to this show, how is it that every week, it is the only show to continuously surprise the hell out of me? I don’t know if I could wait until next week. The accents, the spells, the two sexiest brothers ever in a hot fight, Stefan getting deadly. HOLY SHIT….. I love me a backflash episode and some Elijah, so this one is going to be epic. Thanks so much for posting the extended preview, the CW doesn’t make it available to Canada anymore. I swear if it wasn’t for TVD, 90210, and Hellcats, I would boycot that station. lol

  8. @ Ruthie, you do an amazing job with this site, I don’t know where i would get great VD scoop without you. Hope you feel better soon and your in my prayers :)

  9. lol. OMFloristG?! :D Agree with all, it’s exciting! No, Salvatores don’t fight.. actually it’s kinda hot.. do it some more.. Elena and Elijah coolest teamup.. Who is the witch doing the candle thingy? Srsly, JP and KW are knocking these episodes into orbit!

  10. @Megan
    I second you on that one she does an amazing work!!

    Saw new pictures for ‘The Sun Also Rises’ episode (21) One is of Klaus (the one I talked before) the rest is of (traumatizing) Bonnie, Jeremy AND JOHN working together in the witches house.

    It’s like heaven… John and Bonnie scene. LOL This can just end up badly or it will be so full of tension… I any cases it will be interesting to that scene for sure!

    I can’t wait for that episode to come.

  11. @Marie
    What?! *bouncing* Wait.. Bonnie, Jeremy and John in the same room? LOL. That is so much weirdo’ness it’s sorta delicious. :D Witches house too.. the safest place to be – for a human. I dunno about John, though… :P

  12. Hi everyone!
    Would someone like to help me please? What did Elijah say in the end? Sorry, I didn´t understand that one. I´m from Germany so my english is not perfect. It would be sooo nice of you, if you write down, what he said! :D
    thanks! :D

  13. @Sophia
    The OMFG is an abbreviation (a slang if you prefer) for “Oh my f@cking god”… You can guess which word it is… SORRY FOR SWEARING :( But it’s a commonly used abbreviation and people will usually say that instead of the whole thing. Hope it helped.

    “The Sun Also Rises” The only picture so far are really those… I was quite surprised myself to see John there. I think there is like 6-7 pictures and only 1 is Klaus, the rest are Jeremy, Bonnie, John (not with all of them on each picture, but most of them)
    Oh I said it before, but you probably missed it along the way.. the witch is definitely Greta! :D

  14. @Marie
    MUAH! Goodmorning (3am here) just wanted to give you a hug before sleep comes fast. :D
    Those pictures are exciting to see them in the witches mansion.. this is totally where Elena and Jenna need to be. Lets see KlauRic walk through that door. heh. Doesn’t Bon look sexy in the black top?
    Sorry for missing the Greta mention.. just kick me in the shins for being oblivious. :D Do you think she’ll be a hinderance or a help to our crew?
    Wasn’t it said that Lucy was gonna make a return? Might be wrong saying that…

  15. So here is the deal season three after Klaus dissapears….so we think he is dead which of course will never happen…..Stefan will turn and I mean turn like the wicked brother he was……Damon becomes mortal??? Who will Elena turn to then…….any thoughts on this one??????

  16. oh ya can anyone tell me …………where do they find these gorgeouse peole who star in this series….no such thing as ugly…just yummy ….

  17. @Lynn
    Damon turns human after going after Misao and his twin brothers. Klaus is gone by that point. Seeing Stefan darker side once more would be interesting, but I would be very surprised to see that.

  18. Are you just speculateing about the 3rd season or do you know that for sure? i am sorry, my mother tongue is german, so i am not so good at english.
    do we know anything about the season final?

  19. @Lynn
    Sounds exciting.. Klaus disappears? Not killed and buried in the woods, or under Fells church – apparently not breaking the curse either. Damon mortal, and Elena turning.. oh, man that makes me nervous. Bloodlusty Stefan would be great. lol. IKR? Town of Demons, but the guys are totally worth renting there.

    The twins? I trust they’re not called Olsen? ;) I envy you that knowledge, sounds like a blast we’re in for!

    *waves a warm hello* You’re very good at English!

  20. @Marie
    yeah, thanks. :D
    but what did he say before? something with “The… you are looking for…” or stuff like that? ;D

  21. @sophia: he says “The term your’re looking for is OMFG” – i guess he’s right :D
    *gg* also auf deutsch sozusagen “was du sagen willst ist OMFG” xD ich weiß nicht wie ich omfg wirklich übersetzen soll, warscheinlich so “himmel, ars*ch und zwirn” oder sowas – aber keine ahnung ob man das in deutschland kennt, ich bin ja aus österreich

  22. speculation???? on Damon turning mortal?? and stefan evil??? all depends on how close the final book is going to reflect on the series…… I for one would love to see the evil back in Stefan…..it’s wasted on him being the good brother…….he is way better looking when is eyes glint of trouble…..and I would rather see Klaus be a permanent fixture…wow he is gorgeous dam I think he and Elena need to have some stuff going on!!!!!

  23. I just can’t wait till the next episode! That was so amazing!!! Tnx for everything…

  24. @Marie “Saw new pictures for ‘The Sun Also Rises’ episode (21) One is of Klaus (the one I talked before) the rest is of (traumatizing) Bonnie, Jeremy AND JOHN working together in the witches house.

    It’s like heaven… John and Bonnie scene. LOL This can just end up badly or it will be so full of tension… I any cases it will be interesting to that scene for sure!”

  25. @Niki
    Aw!!! That… well (click on my name, cause I’m not sure it’s okay to post a link, but I’ll put it as my website!!! :D

  26. @Marie
    You’re a STAR! Thanks for the link to the pics, darlin’. Are we worried that all these Jeremy pics (He’s HAWT all candlelit) is ominious?

    lol. Agreed, Bonnie and John.. and poor Jeremy in the middle. ;)

    They might have scenes, never know with this crazy show! :) I’m hoping for more new and awesome Bamon friendship, although Damon will be distracted by his brothers hands. Eeep! Love the bromance, hope they stop the nonsense soon and rock it together. Salvatore brothers! <3

  27. “i beleive the term you are looking for is…OMFG” LOL and WOW
    really want to find out more about klaus and katherines relationship, there is alot more to come from them two!
    also i think elena made the right decision with bringin elijah back
    loving stefan and damon fighting! a fight to the death for elena? maybe not in this episode but…. hmmmm

  28. ok as I repeatidly watch this weeks trailer…….me thinks Elijah is hot ..especially when his is living in the past…. and thanks for the pics that lead to the finally…..the sun also rises….cool….has anyone noticed that Klaus looks different in every episode….. with long hair and short hair and century outfits to modern day …… is it just me or are they doing a body double!!!

  29. @Lynn i think its all him just in different times past and presant or maybe he is taken over more peoples bodys like he is now

  30. MY GOSH.
    His name is spelled STEFAN!!!!!!!!
    where the *@#&$ did people get steven, stephen, stephan?!?!?!
    it’s bugging me like crazy. you watch the show, you should know the names of the characters and spell them right. they’re EVERYWHERE.

    whew, rant.

  31. OFMG you go Damon kick your little brother ass I hope there delena scens in this epiosde and please dnt let anything happen to jenna.

  32. @Mary
    Dunno about that, Stefan looks to be giving as good as he gets! <3 I wonder if Damon and Bonnie have a PlanB.. love to see them working together again. Jenna – RUN!

  33. wow just finished well what a twisted story!!! warewolf / vampire….OMFG…..and the story repeats it’s self…….two brothers one cruel and selfish the other who has a heart….. and funny how it’s always the same girl who holds their soul and heart….OMFG

  34. Klaus was quite something, loved it!! I was so sad/mad (still can decide which one I’m going for yet) for/with Damon. But OMG did Stefan played dirty or what?! I just looooooooved that he pretty much told Damon that Elena loved him, but that she would never respect him. And the truth hit just the right place. OUCH! But for that episode Klaus/Elijah they were just amazing! And prompts for the hybrid part! I couldn’t imagine anything better than that!! :D

  35. @Marie I love reading your rrs! Klaus got introduced? YES! What’s he like? Elijah and Elena were apparently so amazing, that there’s a new ship. :D I worry for our bromance, but I guess things needed to be said between them. He’s ignored his brothers underhandedness with Elena for far too long. They’re fighting in the next episode too. *kicks them both* What we need is BONNIE back in the episode, than leaving it to the two hormonal brothers of emo. :D
    Hybrid? — so are they gonna make a Vitch (awesomely cool) or a Wamp? lol. Can you imagine it? A vampire that can’t ever bite it’s own tongue, or it’ll die?

  36. @Wahinetoa
    You didn’t see the episode?!
    We discovered that Elijah and Klaus are brothers and that there is 7 originals(It’s a whole family). Also the curse of the sun and the moon is fake and was created by Klaus and Elijah to find the moonstone/doppleganger faster. The curse was only placed on Klaus because he is the hybrid. His mother was unfaithful to her husband and her lover was a werewolf so when transformed Klaus was already a werewolf. The curse placed on him was to put asleep the werewolf gene and he’s trying to break it to create a new race of hybrid with him. Oh and the Originals are immune to werewolf bite.

    It was a VERY sad episode though, because Elijah saw himself and Klaus in Stefan and Damon. But it was good to finally see Stefan mean for once and not taking any crap. He trusted Elena and it paid as Elijah knows a way for both Elena and Bonnie to survive and kill Klaus. I fell all over again in love with Elijah; he’s an amazing character and yes I can understand why a new shipping has started with those too. But when we saw his past; I think he might have been in love with the first Petrova girl (like the one before Katerina).

    What started the fight was because twice during the day Stefan stopped his brother from doing anything irrational and Damon didn’t like it. The third time, Andie was there and Stefan complained to Damon about the way he treated her (basically he put his nose where he shouldn’t have), and it went down like this:
    Damon: “You should be happy that I’m playing with her. At least it keeps my mind busy from going for what I really want!”
    Stefan: “Aw! Yes, you loving(or going after) my girlfriend.”
    Damon: “And it finally comes out…”
    Stefan: “You know what Damon, there is one thing I will always have that you won’t…”
    Damon: “Tell me.”
    Stefan: “Her respect!”

    I was like BOOM!!! I’m a huge Damon fan(more than Stefan) but at that moment I was like “YOU GO MY MAN!!!” And that is when Damon pushed him and they got at each other throats, but were interrupted by Elijah & Elena. But Damon suffered a LOT in that episode, but most of the trouble he got into was because of him, but at the end, I was really sad for him. But the way he acted once more didn’t scored any points in the Elena book. Just frustrating that each time Damon gets better and you’re like “You’re going to have it.” he just falls back deeper. But Stefan hit a serious chord in this episode.

    And Klaus is hot and back in his body, but he IS evil and Greta is probably her witch toy (She’s being used or she is very evil) oh and Jenna knows about Vampire.

    But really if you can watch it online, do, because that episode was just as epic as the last one!

  37. @Marie
    OMGoodness!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for these amazing rrs. Nope, haven’t seen it.. trying to catch glimpses ’cause of dialup and it takes 4hours to download 8 mins. lol.
    Underworld here it comes! Klaus & Elijah are brothers.. lol. Oh, man.. history repeating. Hybrid, getta outta town! Feel sorry for Elijah, because he could’ve saved her till she ran. He’s such a sweetie. Curse is a fake :D the most pricy Lux in the world. Eli&Klaus are the only ones immune then? If Klaus turns, he becomes uber ruler of them all – that’s incrediably scary given his unrepentant cruelty.

    Stefan mean for once and not taking any crap. He trusted Elena and it paid as Elijah knows a way for both Elena and Bonnie to survive and kill Klaus
    Love that Elena was saving Bonnie in this too, her plan from the start. Stefan was AMAZING according to rrs.. frankly glad he stood up to Damons bs, a few home truths that needed airing. He will never be the kind of man she wants to continue to see him attacking innocent women taking his frustrations out on them because he can’t live up to Elena’s high expectations of wanting him to be a decent guy. It was supposed to be his season of redemption.. frankly, don’t see how. :( I hope to heaven this is a plan he cooked up with Bonnie, to play up to the image of a heartless brother but have it as another con. Surprised he got Katherine Vervain, but he’s got her in his debt.

    Glad Jenna is okayish, finally finds out about the vamps and that Stefan saved her.

    Do we think that Bonnie is totally the powerful witch to break the curse. She’d never do that, unless, Klaus has her dad or Elena.
    So Greta is introduced, and for all the Martins efforts she’s shacking up with Klaus *nervous for Bonnie* Another witch she’s gotta fight.. or a con, and she’s gonna stand with bonnie and Lucy, and bring the vampires to their knees! D Now that, is WIN!

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