The Vampire Diaries – The Last Dance Clip

Damon and Stefan can’t help but think of what has become of Katherine. Catch The Vampire Diaries this Thursday at 8/7c.


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  1. Before commenting..

    @Allison &Ruthie
    Thank you Allison for the message. I’m sending all my love to you and Ruthie and hope that the recovery will go smoothly. *sending positive waves* Her health is more important than anything else. xoxo :)

    Now comment…

    LMAO and AWKWARD!!! I was laughing so hard by the end on the clip, their face is priceless!! And look at that still depending only on the witch again. She can’t take Klaus by herself :( and I find it hilarious and disconcerting that they would blindly believe that.

  2. @All (from TV|LINE)

    Question: I have a Smurf under a knife… don’t make me use it! Vampire Diaries scoop is required to set him free! —Janelle
    Ausiello: In Thursday’s ep, Elena and Katherine will be tortured at the hands of Klaus/Alaric — but in very different ways. Release the Smurf!

    To me this smells like physical torture for Katherine and mental torture for Elena (as in I torture your friends because it’s more effective) :D

  3. @Allison and Ruthie
    Agree with the lovely Marie! OMGoodness, all my love and best to you both, especially to Ruthie for a speedy recovery. <3 <3 <3

    Comment on video. LOL. They are both still affected by the vampharlot of mystic, bless their confused hearts… so funny!

    And look at that still depending only on the witch again. She can’t take Klaus by herself and I find it hilarious and disconcerting that they would blindly believe that.
    WORD. hehe. Sometimes the boys can totally be off the mark, it’s a wonder they survived this long with that kinda naivety. :D

    Thanks for the updates too. Good call on the torture as well.. dang, you’re on FIRE this evening! I think he might’ve take Jenna, or Jeremy, or Bonnie or.. Stefan! (do we know if he’s in the next one?) and sends her video txts what defying him does. Yikes.

  4. Look Wahinetoa> the person that is going to be killed is also Bonnies cus her nose bleeds so is Bonnie and Jeremy sadly so is a DAAAAAAAAMNED FOR BOTH…I WANA SEE BOTH ALIVE MORE BONNIE CUS SHE IS THE GUIDE OF THOSE SALVADORE BROTHERS SO I M GLAD IF SHE IS ALIVE I M GLAD TO SEE BONNIE ALIVE THANK U

  5. wow i loved tonight’s. amazing bonnie! rude damon. “i will always choose you” yes i get the delena factor but but golly, think of someone else for a change. cant wait to see the fight between the boys and klaus’ history.

  6. @aprilepisode
    I think the only moment he didn’t think of Elena, was when he took ‘care’ of Bonnie; closing her eyes and bringing her to the ancestral home. Base on this episode, I think that the only thing bringing them closer to any kind of friendship will be Bonnie’s will to sacrifice herself and Damon’s will to let her do so. But in the end as you said, he was quite rude, and I don’t think he scored any points by telling Elena that. LoL

    But Bonnie OMG she kicked @ss and I’m so glad we’ll see more of Alaric!Klaus. He is so hot!!! :D

    Ps: yay to the Bamon scenes!!! :D And I CAN’T wait for ‘Klaus’ episode, it will be A-MA-ZING,except for the brothers fighting. But can I say that seeing Elijah saying “I think the word you are looking for is OMG.” was HI-LA-RIOUS.

  7. i m very thankfull that bonnie is back from the Dead and i wana see her again in the season 3 that i hope she can do it that is dpends of the storyline but ihope she can do it

  8. Look u guys from my point of view first of all i want to say in the last dance is that: Jeremy is the ultimate heroe warrior messenger who fight for everyone he is the major one so i m so deeply glad that jeremy is the boyfirend of this amazing chic bonnies so i m so deeply thankfull enough for that so thankfull so thank u very much for that super news of bonnies and Jeremy had toghether thank u so much to this one to Jeremy

  9. @Cyber-X
    I hope Bonnie is gonna be okay, too, but agree – the scene was rather ominious. Jeremy and her are gorgeous. Steven McQueen, right? ;) Haven’t seen this episode yet, so hopefully everyone is okay.

    @Marie :)
    BB! How’d it go?? LATE getting home to see the episode, but it EXPLODED the net with Bonnie as the GODDESS of EPIC!! Just downloading the BAMON dance and WOW, the intimacy of their laced fingers, the brutal honesty between them.. no games, and she was seeing another side to him than the monster. He saw how much, how truly much she loved Elena, and I think that changed what was between them. “Is there no way to increase your odds?” and he was smiling down at her the entire time she spoke that line about caring. Awwww. <3

    The way he touched her face, and caressed her shoulder – so sweet. Regardless of the comment to Elena.. lol.. he lost MAJOR points with that comment on all sides. Does Caroline know about Bonnie?


    hehe. Damon always puts his foot in it. I love Stefan, because he sees those around her as important to Elenas survival as well. <3 IKR? Bonnie was — breathtaking! Do the brothers fight? Eeep, and Klaus… We'll all need heartpills after this. lol

  10. @marie, true true… are you a bamon or delena fan?!
    @wahinetoa, yeah stefan does do that… damon will do it if it involves elena lol yeah the brothers are fighting over elena.. and their relationship is eroding :( i wish this show concentrated on the brothers… who cares about elena, she’ll die anyway lol i don’t think caroline knew, they kept her out of it… and yeah he did see how much she loved elena, i think that’s why he came up with that plan. i kinda think jer’s a TAD annoying. but he was courageous with trying to save bonnie, but what can he do?! he’s human! :\ can’t wait for next weeeek.

  11. wow, alot of action last night but even more commercials i thought. bonnie was a real bad ass so props to her for that. glad to see damon and bonnie working togetger for a change being on the same page about something instead of her setting him on fire. i’m sure you bamon fans are pissed about damons last comment to elena and i would be too if i shipped them but i’m all about delena. but damon did tell bonnie if there was a way to increase her odds of surviving so i do believe that he cares if she lives or dies as i hope he would but the bottom line is he would always choose elena’s safety over anything cuz thats where his dead heart beats. and obviously he did think of someone else for a change cuz now klaus thinks bonnie is dead so she should be a little safer right now and he knew how that would kill elena. he thinks bonnie is the only way to kill klaus and said he hopes thay could find another way so i dont think he’d be happy to see her die but at the end of the day he tells it like it is. if theres a choice to be made he chooses elena cuz he loves her. anyone in his shoes that loves someone like he loves would feel the same way they just wouldnt have the guts to say it. at the end of the day jeremy is the one there for her trying to protect and love her and i love him even more for that. the fact that he’s hot doesnt hurt. the d/e dance was cute but i was hoping for elena to realize her feelings for damon and his feelings for her. i’m not sure if damon’s last comment to elena did that or pissed her off. she seemed surprised he said it but not disgusted cuz i think she finally is starting to get a clue that thid dude really would do anything for her. so i think bamon had more progress than delena in a way.wtf already.

  12. @grace, i agree.. it was a smart plan, just seemed out there! didn’t really look into how much he did for them. yeah jeremy does care for her, but all he does is say don’t do this you could die! hmm..

  13. well you gotta look at his track record with girlfriends. i dont blame him. its a balance between what some might say driven and maybe impulsive(bonnie) eventhough she might not think so and cautious more look at all aspects(jeremy). it could be a perfect balance to a perfect romance. exactly how i feel abot d/e

  14. @Grace
    The only point I don’t agree with is that Damon’s comment did pissed her off… She has told both brothers many times now, that she didn’t want to let her friends die for her when in the end only her needed to do so. The proof in that is what she did at the end. Damon was obviously not going to try to find another way than kill Bonnie(I think that he would try, but didn’t believe in anything else); obviously Elena was surprise; but was she surprise by what it meant or the cruelty behind it?
    Damon will be the one to save her in the end, that is sure, but he will break her heart in the process and that is what I find so tragic about Delena in the series. His love/obsession for Elena makes him sacrifice anyone around to save her, but that isn’t who she is at this point of the series. She is still this girl who will not let her friends die to protect her. And Damon does realized when he speaks with Stefan that by doing so she may hates him forever, but she will live in the end. (He doesn’t say it in those words, but he accepts that he will be the evil one, which pretty much says it all)
    But so far, she prefers Stefan way, which is to save as many people as possible (it’s delusional, but hey that is why we call it hope). Damon provoked her by telling her that, she understood in that moment that even though Bonnie’s death had been fake, the next time she would face Klaus, it would be for real. What did she do?! Resurrected Elijah.
    It rarely happens, but for once, I was mad at Damon. Because that reckless move of hers was caused by what he had told her. And now, it’s back to plan A with Elijah, which is “Sacrifice Elena”. :( And I’m not happy with that plan.

    I’m a weird Bamon fan. You’ll understand what I mean if you read my other posts. ;) Also, yes congrats to Jeremy (I’m sarcastic) annoying you said?! OMG I was like “You’re lucky she loves you, because telling everyone about her was not smart.” These days, when I look at Jer, I just keep seeing a poor version of Damon; which I don’t like at all. He’s just as desperate as Damon and for me this can only bring heartbreak in the end. But I think this was just the tip of the iceberg for them. Kat Graham did say they would growth as a couple, but would face many challenges as a couple (trouble in paradise) Jer is hot, but I’ve never been a fan of his character. Make Bonnie go out with Ric *giggles* ;)
    It’s not that I’m totally against Delena, but in this season I am. I know the books and they shouldn’t get REALLY closer until mid season 3(depending the villains), after that I’m okay with it, but in my heart, I’ll always be a Bamon girl! I know A LOT of Delena fans will say I’m wrong, but the fact is that even though I’m a Bamon fan, I’m still ‘rational’ about it. Bamon won’t happen until season 4 IF it happens. The best Bamon we’ll get is a deeper friendship in s3 (considering that Bonnie doesn’t die), but something romantic, s4 IF it happens. As for Delena, s2 is a no no for me. It would be forced just like Beremy and I hate that. s2 is Stelena, if she dies at the end of the season, most of s3 will be bromance Stefan/Damon, which I would gladly take, but unless Stefan dies or goes away; real Delena won’t happen. I think anyone who isn’t a Stelena fan will have to be patient for this season.

    He cares, it really was obvious! But in the end he chose Elena who chose Bonnie. LMAO I know you won’t kill me for making a Twilight comparison, but a Bonnie/Damon friendship that will keep on growing (I hope) makes me think of Rosalie/Pregnant Bella when they strike theirs.

    But oooh they were hot on the dance floor. I seriously though the Delena dance was boring, I was expecting so much more and I was very disappointed, that episode was TOTALLY (85% of it anyway) for the Bamon fan. Like I was thinking “This isn’t really satisfying for Delena’s fans. I wouldn’t be satisfy for sure.” The only worth stuff was that dance (and everyone can see that the Bamon dance was WAY hotter) and when she said sorry (and even there, he made her mad enough for her to bring back Elijah to save Bonnie) So yeah, to the Delena’s fans, I feel the disappointment with you :( Not cool for you.

    But BAMON… :D I can’t say how happy I was. Whatever they are fighting or not, I hope we’ll get more scenes with Kat and Ian. :) This episode was pretty much Bonnie centric, all the good clips shown in the promo where about her. I’m just glad that there was the beginning (I so hope) of a weird kinda friendship for Bamon in there. Bamon as friends is GREAT, they make quite the team. :D

    In the end this episode was A-MA-ZING. And my 2 favorite moments were Klaus/Bonnie scenes. 1st one the face he does when he realizes he’s in trouble at the Boarding house (I laugh so hard) and the 2nd is when she told him “This is what Alaric would want.” the face he did, priceless.

  15. like i said its all on how you want to interpret things. i dont find them tragig at all. what is tragic is how long its taking elena to realize damons feelings or her own. as far as obsession, thats how stelena started. when you are odsessed with something you dont want to let it go cuz you’re selfish and put whats best for you ahead of the other person. what damon did was selfless and thought of what was best for elena. in that sense stelena is tragic. damon is risking it all and expecting nothing in return other than elena’s safety and even her anger. what is truely tragic is all damon does and sacrifices only to get shit for it instead of recognition. just like damon killing elizah and stefan getting all the love for it. oh sorry, damon did get a thank you. although i am glad elizah is back cuz i like him and this way is another way to deal with klaus without getting bonnie killed.

  16. @grace
    Elena aside, cause I won’t talk about her at all(for now). Only about Damon. I love Damon, he’s one of my favorite characters in the tv show(my fav would be Alaric), but except the fact that he accepts to be the ‘evil one’ in the end, there is nothing selfless about what he does. Selfless is sacrificing yourself for someone else, he sacrifices her feeling for him, but in the end he gets what he wants; they are both alive. The moment Damon was the most selfless was when he erased her memory after telling her that he loved her, because he knew it would hurt her more than anything. But you said it yourself being obsess makes you do selfish thing and putting what you want first.
    Even though he helped Bonnie, he is still willing to get her killed, that is using someone as a weapon and he will use anyone and anything to save Elena. We can complain as much as we want about Stefan, but he would rather sacrifice himself first to unsure her security than killing anyone else that she loves, that is selfless. Yes it’s irrational because she would lose him, but she wouldn’t lose anyone else. Stefan puts her feeling first and Damon her safety. At the end of the day, Stefan gets her love and Damon gets her safe. And it will stay like that until Damon changes his way.
    We also have to remember that for us this series feels like it’s been 2 years since Elena met the brothers, but when you search for the Time Line most of the story happened and is still happening under 1 year and a half, if not even less. So basically, Stelena is still blossoming. TVD has the worst time line I’ve ever seen in a TV Show. Like you think 5 months have passed when it’s been a week. :(
    Damon gave the final blow to Elijah, but it was teamwork that got him killed. Damon alone, just like Stefan alone, against Elijah would have lost their life to the Original.
    And now to Elena, for now the way she is, and it’s not perception, it is what she does that makes me say this. As much as she cares for Damon(it’s obvious she does), in that last scene with him, she realized his feeling for sure, but she also realized that except her safety he didn’t care about what she wanted, but only what he wanted. She wouldn’t have done something so drastic as that if he hadn’t told her that. Of course it was the truth, but he should have known better; Elena always does stuff like that when she’s pushed to her limits. And yes bringing back Elijah, means that Bonnie is safer, but it means Elena has more chance of dying and I’m not happy at all about that either. :( Like right now, I feel like there is only 2 plans; Plan A (kill Elena so that Klaus will be weak and killed) or Plan B(kill Bonnie).
    Grace I’ve been reading a lot of your posts, we’ve talk a lot, but one thing always pop out, you can’t find any fault at all to Delena no matter what they do, you always justify what they do to make them seem better. I could probably give you tons of reasons to make Bamon happen and probably just as many to stop it from happening. You saw me before complaining about Bonnie’s attitude and pretty much any character whether I love them or not. I’m not trying to be mean, cause you know by now I’m not like that and I’m the girl who tries to see both side of the coin, but you don’t. You are so focus on Delena being together, that you don’t let it happens as it should and you can’t accept anything else. Damon isn’t good for Elena right now, he still have things to deal with (Jessica (the girl he killed after Rose), Andie, Katherine) and Elena hasn’t forgave him yet for killing Jeremy, that takes time. You cannot forgive something like that so lightly. I don’t want Delena this season because it wouldn’t be right. Elena dumping Stefan to go with Damon wouldn’t be any better than Katherine telling Damon that it would always be Stefan. It’s pretty much playing yoyo with the brothers. Stefan needs to be out(like stuck in hell dimension *crossing fingers for that to happen*) for them to grow closer. As long as Stefan is around her loyalty for him will stop her from admitting his feelings. BUT when Stefan comes back, she can make her final choice. :D And if she choose Damon, I’ll be happy and cheering with you, but I want her to choose without dumping one or the other. Cause I want my bromance to stay strong!!!

    OMG (unrelated) just saw first picture of “modern” Klaus, I’M SO EXCITED!!!! He looks so angelic… I just love evil character with angelic faces… Katherine is my favourite evils (well after John… no one can replace John in my heart *blushes*), but I’m sure Klaus will beat her easily in that department *salivates while thinking about Alaric!Klaus*

    Ps: I should really stop myself at 15 lines… seriously I write too much LOL

  17. marie, i wont try to take what you say personally but what i dont like is when people try to tell me how i think or how i’m not able to see people for who they really are. yes i love delena but i’m not bias to the point of loosing common sense. no i dont think damon or delena are perfect. hell yes damon has flaws like they all do. and as far as damon being willing for bonnie to die those are her wishes first and for most. that is her choice just like she said elena would do for her. so as far as damon getting what he wants which is him and elena alive in the end he is just as willing to die for her like when he stepped in front of elena when elizahcame after damon thought he killed him knowing he wouldnt stand a chance so he knows its possible he too could die to save elena. in keeping elena alive i’m sure he would think she would be with stefan. so he must be obsessed with torturing himself. so please dont tell me about stefan sacrificing himself first than anyone else for elena cuz he’d make the same choice too if he truely loved elena he just wouldnt have the balls to say it. i too in no way think they should get together right now cuz its too soon for that(unlike stelena) but i do think some recognition on her part would be expected or not so unrealistic right now. stefan has to be out of the picture before d/e can really begin and that shouldnt happen anytime soon. so for that just like you i believe i have the ability to see both sides of the coin and for you to make it soung like i somehow dont have the ability or common sense to understand relationships or give credit where credit is due is wrong. yes teamwork when dealing with elizah. stefan useless on the floor while damon puts a coat rack through his heart. me being bias or saying it for what is was. i gave bonnie props for stepping up and am glad he and damon are working together but he’s not trying to get her killed anymore than she is herself. i say it like i see it and i’m not looking through( damon rose colored glasses). at the end of the day if you love someone the way damon loves elena so fierce and deep like a mother loves her child(just as an example of deep love) and there was the real posibility of that person dying, would you not do everything in your power to stop that from happening. if that makes a person selfish than i’ll be the first to say i’m a selfish bitch cuz my only focus would be on my child just like damons is on elena. i dont want damon and stefan hating each other. my series end dream elena chooses damon and stefan although hurt accepts it cuz he realizes how much elena loves damon and how good she is for him. how selfish would he be to stand in the way of that?. i guess i really gotta stop myself too but its obvious me and you have a lot to say. LOL

  18. at this point i guess we’ll agree to disagree on some point and agree on others. posting takes to long and i type too slow.but it is therapy. i’m pissed when i start but by the end i get over it. maybe cuz by the time i’m done saying what i gotta say i forget why i was pissed or by the end i realize at the end of the day i dont really give a shit about staying pissed or offended. i dont take back anything i say and feel how i feel. if you agree great if you dont thats fine too. i’m not looking to bash anyone for what they feel and i dont expect everyone to agree with me and at the end of the day i’m not gonna say you have some sort of inability or are lacking in some way to see things a different way. theres a difference between seeing it and not agreeing and not seeing it at all. i’m not gonna presume anyone is blind or naive. thats not for me to say or anyone else. hope i’m done on this weeks episode for my fingers sake.

  19. @Grace
    First off, I’m really sorry for offending you, it was really not my intention. But as you said its the way you interpret what other says and sometimes I(just talking for me here) felt like you couldn’t see pass Delena. That said, you obviously can see pass it, you made your point. I think I’m feeling like this about you, when you get intense at defending your point. I still remember you and Wahinetoa going at each other throats a while ago and Ruthie came by to remind everyone to calm down. That was quite the epic battle to me LOL :D So once again, sorry, it was my opinion and I don’t regret saying it, but I’m really sorry that it offended you, but you explained yourself and now I can say that I was wrong (except when you battle, you are kinda scary ;)) Oh and I didn’t read what you wrote as being angry, just defending yourself.

    About what you said, I really think Stefan thinks that way and that it’s not all about having the balls or not, maybe some part of it, but Stefan deeply believes that there is a way to avoid as much hurt as possible. I always see him as the optimistic brother(almost to the verge of being idealistic) and Damon the pessimistic one (sometimes he’s more rational in his pessimism though LoL)

    You are right, it is Bonnie’s choice, but it is her choice, Damon is fueling her and using that willingness to his advantage (it’s a war, you have to make sacrifice, but it’s still cruel). What makes me angry with Damon in that episode and most of the time with Stefan too. Is that they tend to see Bonnie as a witch first than a person. The only thing that made me shut up was that he showed for a tiny moment that he cared about her, but he kinda destroyed that moment in the end LOL kinky Damon!

    I read somewhere a fan complaining about the story in general and after reading that I was so sad. She said something along the lines of “how tragic it is to see so many people dying to protect one person and how little they get in return. They get a ‘thank you’ sometimes and if they are lucky an ‘I love you'” Am I the only one traumatized after reading that?! Like I seriously now feel bad for every single characters in the series :( I need some comedy relief now.

    Anyway, Klaus episode is coming with gorgeous ACCENTS!!!! :D

  20. I think Stefan loves Elena with all his heart and Damon loves her with his entire being . . . ah, to be so loved . . . :)

  21. marie no hard feelings. just like with wahinetoa yes we did go back and forth but a battle of opinions is just that. its not a battle on a persons character and like i told wahinetoa i think we enjoyed the back and forth. sometimes its ok for someone to push your buttons and bring out passion in expressing yourself without trying to push your thoughts down other peoples throats. moral of the story you can make your case till your blue in the face but not everybody has to agree with you and thats what we call the right to your own opinion. if i go back and forth with someone its not fueled by hate or anger. to me its all in fun cuz i know at the end we’re gonna agree to disagree realizing we feel the way we feel. thanx for giving me so much to say today and being my back and forth buddy this time. i cant wait till next episode. maybe all this practice will make me type faster seeing how i’ve always got alot to say it seems. later typing buddy.LOL

  22. @aprilepisode
    ((hugs)) I love the brothers too, hope they draw back together.. but a little tussling is rather sexy. :D I think Damon and Bonnie finally saw each other in a new light during that dance, and he didn’t want her to die (not just ’cause of Elena, but of who she proved herself to be.. loyal, selfless and incrediably sexy rockin’ it!) and came up with the plan. I hope we see more of them working together. The brothers too. Elijah.. can you believe it?! :O

    Oh, bb.. you’re a sight for sore eyes! Forums are going bonkers with Bonnie/Bamon love. <3
    He cares, it really was obvious! But oooh they were hot on the dance floor.
    Word! “You’d lay it all on the line..” and from that moment on, I think there’s a subtle but real change between them. He’s seeing how much she’d give for those she loves, and he’s never had that before (except for Stefan probably), so his trying to protect without the incentive of Elena overhearing, was a surprise to both of them. It was nothing to do with Elena, but that Bonnie impressed his socks off. It showed in the way he was tender and gentle with her, caressing her cheek, her shoulder and the sadness in his expression. Carrying her to the car and it was the bridal lift! He put her arm around his neck, head nestled under his chin. Not gonna say he’d carry her like a rucksack of kumara, but given how heartless he can be, this spoke volumes of how far he’s come.

    I liked the Delena dance, (just because I know Grace would’ve loved it!) Really lovely to see her laugh, even in the midst of all the drama. Agree with you though, The Bamon dance was incrediable, when the camera panned away, he was totally still flirting with Bonnie, hands interlaced, pulling her back into his body. That boy has no concept of personal space issues.

    Elena chose Elijah than having one more of her family being pawned out – she was broken, angry and mourning. Saying that about her bestfriend and sister, proves she cannot trust him with those she loves. That makes me sad.

  23. @grace
    Hey ya! Yeh, heard about the commercials – which steal time from the episodes after how long they kept us waiting? *growly*

    . glad to see damon and bonnie working togetger for a change being on the same page about something instead of her setting him on fire
    I was glad to see them being teamVitch ;), I think that dance and Damon seeing the truth of how much Bonnie will sacrifice everything for those she loves, made him want that for himself. Stefan would. But he’s family.

    Are DE still holding a grudge about the fire incident? It was one time… Grams is dead, Caroline is scarred for life.. etc because of him. She hasn’t done it since.

    i’m sure you bamon fans are pissed about damons last comment to elena and i would be too if i shipped them
    lol. How shallow do you think we are?*swats ya, grinning* No, because like always it wasn’t about the SHIP at all. It’s about the demise of his CHARACTER growth. We’re Damon fans first, just like you.

    Damon spewing those lines to a grief stricken, broken young woman who just lost her ‘sister’ was bad enough, but that he believed Elena Gilbert would use those she loved as pawns to keep her own neck safe? Really, Damon? No wonder he’s alone. How does he NOT know that of Elena? Stefan does, and until Damon sees her for her, she cannot and will not trust him with those she loves. No wonder she went to Elijah. I hope, PRAY that what he said was another con – he didn’t mean it, and he’s gonna play traitor, then doublecross Klaus with Bonnies help. I want my Damon back, dammit.

    finally is starting to get a clue that thid dude really would do anything for her.
    .. but it was Bonnie, not Damon who made the ultimate sacrifice for her. Pretty words “Always chose you,” but coming on the death of her sister and the possibility of her family being next in line, those words are the executioner to any trust she has in him to protect them. He’d sell them out for her. He’s got not problem doing it. Ever. And the ONE thing, Elena Gilbert cannot and will never do, is allow that to happen. He may have lost her forever, with those few words. My Damon heart is brokeded. :(

  24. I guess I’m off the mark. I thought Damon’s comment to Elena was bottom line, raw truth, that he loves her with all his being and will foresake all others, always.

  25. @Pam
    You’re not off the mark – but he is. Those ones he’d forsake, are the ones she would never,ever allow to be. That’s her bottom line raw truth. And Bonnies too.

  26. what is that,s supose to mean out of the mark what do u mean by that Wahineto??? and what is has to do with Bonnie please explianed to me please

  27. @Marie
    Agreed with everything you said, you put into words what I flail and fail at. hehe.

    Klaus, oh my gosh.. and thanks for the hints at the photos for the finale.. had me grinning ear to ear. Damon must be the ‘daddy’ taking care of them.. so he isn’t an utter jerk after that line. lol. Kinda funny in a way, because usually when characters say stuff like that, it ends up being opposite. :D
    Was the way with Lost, back in the day as well.

    What makes me angry with Damon in that episode and most of the time with Stefan too. Is that they tend to see Bonnie as a witch first than a person. The only thing that made me shut up was that he showed for a tiny moment that he cared about her
    Agreed here most of all. What Damon said about Emily was horrible, ‘used her to get Katherine out’ and any real progress to his humanity was gone. Foreshadowning much? I wish Stefan had kept his friendship with her, instead of congratulating themselves on their ‘weapon’. We saw last episode, what Elena thought about her bestie moved as a pawn. I hope to heaven, we see her set the boys straight.

    Sexy accents! lol.

    Oh, our back and forth was much more respectful than most can manage. ;) It wasn’t our very best moments though eh? Women with strong opinions.. watch out! What I can say about us three, you, me and Marie.. ;) is that we want the best for the people we love No matter who they’re with. And bromance/besties/Ric with an accent and swagger.

  28. @ Cyber-X
    What does ‘him off the mark’ mean? He got it wrong. Sacrificing those Elena loves aint’ ever what she wants or needs. Ever. Damon said the words he’d give everything to keep her safe. Bonnie PROVED it by doing it. Cool?

  29. ok so Answer me this Wahinetoa?? what does bonnie bring her alive that make,s me cry for the super emotion that i didn,t wana see bonnie killed what bring her alive??

  30. @CyberX
    Did you watch the episode yet? Or missed some bits.. I don’t want to ruin it for you. :(

    I bawled my eyes out over that incrediably emotional scene. If Nina and Katherina don’t get emmys for this, it’ll be a travesty.

  31. No, I don’t think Damon “got it wrong”. His love for Elena is so great, that he will sacrifice anyone to keep her safe, whether she wants him to or not. Do you think she would sacrifice anyone in order to keep Stefan safe?

  32. WTF do u mean by ruin Wahinetoa u r the most generous person i,ve have ever met so what are u talking about i watch every single Episode and forget it, u didn,t ruin nothing so forget it i m just very glad that my favorite Character Bonnie is alive that,s all don,t u think so hu??

  33. and i m sorry to answer ur question an agresive way Wahinetoa i didn,t mean it that way i m truly sorry forgive me truly i m realy mean it i m sorry i realy do

  34. Is that the vision of great love now? Kill anyone to save her. I hope not, he did that for Katherine S1 and that relationship was unhealthy and cruel. No, I don’t think Elena would sacrifice anyone to keep Stefan safe. That’s the difference, she wouldn’t let someone die as a symbol of her love. She’d chose herself first.

  35. @CyberX
    LOL. Where are you from, Cyber? Messages are getting lost in translation, I think. :D Are you a Bonnie fan? A Damon fan? Delena?

  36. don,t worry Wahinetoa i m from Mexico and yes i m very much fan of Bonnies so i m sorry i m gone a little while so i m gone in 2 weeks so take care so is nice to see my friend so see u soon i m going in vacations so i m going to miss u so we,re in touch take care bye cus i m, in a hury sorry bye good luck for everyone specialy for u Wahinetoa for the love of Cyber-X

  37. All I’m saying is that I’d like to think that the person I love, or in this case, the person that loves me, would choose me over someone else, when push comes to shove.

  38. @Pam
    I can understand you on being chosen over everyone. But I couldn’t live with the deaths that love would have cause.

  39. Yeah, that certainly would be a tough place to be emotionally, but what do you do when the heart rules? Head strong, heart foolish?!?!?

  40. Mexico.. Hola! I’m from New Zealand. Always said that we need more native peoples (like me too) on this show. Mexican, AfricanAmerican, Native Americans especially! Have a great two weeks vacation! Bye – good luck to you too.
    I’m off to bed now..

    I understand where you’re coming from now. I’d agree if the person was a callous stranger, or a murderer etc.. absolutely. Fry them! But I couldn’t do that if it was my mum, or sister though. :( I’d rather die for them.

  41. i agree with @wahinetoa and @grace and @marie!
    so many views, so many rights and wrongs.
    wow this was an intelluctual response at all lol
    can’t wait for next weeks!

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