Vampire Diaries Music: Episode 7.11 “Things We Lost in the Fire” Song List

Thanks to Chris Mollere, we have the song list from last night’s episode “Things We Lost in the Fire”.

1. The Hot Damns “After Dark”

2. Gang Colours “To Repel Ghosts”

3. The Dead Weather “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”

4. The Supremes “Baby Love”

5. Heavy English “Black Dog”

6. Grimes “Realiti”

7. Wild Child “Bad Girl”

8. Lord Huron “The Yawning Grave”

9. The Album Leaf “Window”


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  1. Where i come from people say VD is girlish, bt f*** it, i don’t care, am always so stress free and postive while watching t, it really calms my problematic life, i miss Nina though 😒

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