The Vampire Diaries: Music Sets the Mood

The Vampire Diaries: Music Sets the Mood


Have you ever wondered how great shows like The Vampire Diaries manage to send chills down your spine, be so suspenseful in one moment, and then so sexy or joyful in the next? Isn’t it so impressive that these shows can get you to experience such a wide range of emotions and moods in such a short period of time?

Well you may not have noticed, but music plays a big part in setting the mood for any show. For the casual television watcher, the quick shifts in background music and sounds may go unnoticed, but if you pay attention, you will see that just the background music alone lets us know what is going on in the story and how we should be feeling in the moment, whether it is a shrill piano chord or a velvety violin, music sets the mood.

Associative Memory

The cool thing about music is the mind is very good at remembering melody. In fact, we tend to remember songs better than real life events. People can sing their favorite song in a perfect natural pitch, getting every word and timing right, yet they probably couldn’t tell you what they had for breakfast.

Even cooler, music and melody often helps people to recall events, improving their recollection with what is called, associative memory. That is why we can remember some of our favorite moments on The Vampire Diaries just by listening to some of the music from the show.

Why Such a Strong Impact?

While it is obvious that music has a powerful impact on our mind, ever wonder why you prefer some songs, melodies, and beats to others? Well science has shown that music tastes get solidified in early life. So the reason you may prefer one song to another, even if it is new, is because it more closely relates to the kind of songs you enjoyed listening to in your youth, so you can tell a lot about a person’s past just by learning their music preferences.

This is also part of the reason that shows like The Vampire Diaries tend to attract a certain kind of person, people who tend to share the same kind of interests and tastes. It isn’t an accident at all, it is preferences sculpted in our early years. That is why it is so common for people to meet and bond over a favorite television show, as it tends to line people up with similar preferences.

A Sweet Soundtrack

Music moves the people, there is no doubt about it. Part of what makes our favorite TV shows so great is the kind of music they have. The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack is an especially good one, and definitely worth checking out whether you are or aren’t a fan of the show. There is a lot of great mood music that we enjoy listening to because it helps bring back old memories of our favorite show moments, which we can even see running in our head as the music plays.


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