TV After Dark’s “Kol and Sibling Rivalry” Analogy

It’s no secret that we at Vampire Diaries Online have taking quite a liking to one of the new Originals, Kol Mikaelson (played by Nathaniel Buzolic), so when we came across this article by TV After Dark, we just had to share it. They compare exchanges between Kol and Klaus vs Damon and Stefan. Here’s a taste, then head over to TV After Dark to read the rest of the analogies!

Kol: “Long time, brother.” Damon: “Hello, brother.”

Of course, the number one eerily familiar moment was Kol’s first appearance (alive) in The Vampire Diaries – in 3.13 ‘Bringing Out The Dead.’ Kol’s “Long time, brother” quickly alerted us to his personality and the connection could be drawn to Damon’s “Hello, brother” in the Pilot. If Kol is going to be half as good as Damon turned out (if he lives that long), then I like this Original brother already.

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  1. LoL I love Damon, but Kol… well, he will be 100times better than Damon in season 1 for sure. Damon was dark, but Kol is dark AND bratty AND funny!!! He’s just adorable! (I did mention many time I was cruel) Their isn’t many characters that can shut Damon like he did at the ball. It was hilarious and if he’s like that with everyone, I can’t wait to see what else he will do. I mean even Klaus seemed “scared”.

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