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Read all about it! This Special Edition is all about digging up the past, and we know the devil’s in the details! We scavenged around in the archives and got just the facts, ma’am. No snark, just straight reporting of what we have “seen”. Just some little snippets of facts–that’s so 33 episodes ago!

Editor’s note: From our literary and viewing experts to our novices, we here at Mystic Falls Messenger frequently get questions on social media, in personal discussions, as well as guest commentary on our own weekly editions. We have gleaned some important queries and gray areas that we thought newsworthy to all our dear readers. You can find our full recaps with the “search”; however, this EXTRA! is just a recounting answering some pressing questions that have arisen before we hit the end of the season. Questions like:

The origin of the Salvatore’s vampire bloodline.
What vampire turned Rose, and how does she link back to the Originals?
Why wouldn’t a White Oak stake kill the vamp that used it?
The truth about daggers.
How do you kill a hybrid, further, how do you kill an Original hybrid?
What was Jeremy compelled to forget when he went to Denver?
Why did the Originals unlinking spell not require The Doppelganger’s blood?

We didn’t find all the answers, but hopefully this edition will provide insight on what happened Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

2.8 Rose

Elijah called Rose by her full name, Rosemarie, in this episode.
Trevor said to Elijah: “You trusted me with Katerina and I failed you.”

2.9 Katerina

Rose told Stefan and Damon: “Elijah was The Easter Bunny compared to Klaus. He’s a foot soldier. Klaus is the real deal.”
Stefan commented: “Klaus is known to be the oldest.” This turned out to be not true, as both Finn and Elijah were Klaus’ older brothers.
Rose force-fed Katerina her blood after Katerina had tried commit suicide by stabbing herself in the gut in the cottage (I‘d rather die than go back to Klaus). Rose: “If you die, then Trevor dies with you.” Katerina hanged herself, then fed on the lady of the cottage to turn.

Rose never said who turned her. She and Trevor ran for 500 years after the Katerina incident. It might not have even been an Original, but one of The Original’s descendants (since they‘re over 1000 years old), that created the link to Rose. So we’re really clueless at this point which of the Originals is the link to Rose, except knowing it‘s not Finn.

2.12 The Descent

Rose: “I hate this. I’m a vampire. I haven’t had a cold in five centuries.” Rose is only 500 years old, as compared to the Originals who are over 1000.
Rose said “home” was 30 kilometers south of London in St. Austell. Europe. She was turned in Europe.

2.14 Crying Wolf

John give “A” dagger and white oak ashes to Damon.

2.15 The Dinner Party

It occurs to us that somebody should just sit Elena down and tell her that the whole mess with Klaus could be prevented if she just turned. No longer any use to him. She was willing to sacrifice her life in the whole moonstone curse breaking to save the ones she loves, but she’s not willing to sacrifice her humanity to save them?

Entry from Jonathan Gilbert’s journal: “The wood from one tree and one tree alone, an ancient white oak would bring death to an Original vampire. When the tree burned, all hope was thought lost. But the ash from the tree was saved and witches forged a [note singular] dagger to which the ash could be bonded. This alchemic bond provides the necessary poison…

‘It must be brandished by humans alone for it will bring death to all demons who wield it.”

Fine point: Brings death to demons–evil entities. As The Doppelganger, Elena is supernatural (i.e. she was the one that had to “kill” Ric so the ring would bring him back to life after he stabbed himself), but she’s not an evil entity, thus she could dagger Rebekah and not die doing it.

Another fuzzy area: This rule about humans wielding the metal daggers must not apply to Originals, or maybe just not to The Original Hybrid, because Klaus redaggered Rebekah (3.09, The Homecoming), and also redaggered Kol (3.13, Bringing Out the Dead).

2.19 Klaus

Lots of history tidbits from Elijah in this episode, but they became more important in 3.8, Ordinary People. We‘ll cover them there.

3.2 The Hybrid

In order to kill Ray, the Hybrid who was attacking Damon, Stefan ripped out his heart. Apparently hybrids (not Original hybrids) can be killed that way.

3.3 The End of the Affair

Tidbits from Stefan’s diary as read by both Damon and Elena:

March 12, 1922: Rippah blackouts recounted. (flashbacks and cut to Klaus and Stefan in present day Chicago)

Gloria said “Every spell has a loophole.”

Stefan found out he knew Klaus in the 20s by finding the picture at Gloria‘s Bar. He had a lot of “dark holes.” Klaus said “We didn’t get off to a brilliant start. To be honest, I hated you.” Implying that was when he first met Stefan. “Is this the famous Stefan Salvatore I’ve been hearing so much about?” If this was the first time either Rebekah or Klaus had met Stefan, wouldn’t they have recognized if he was of either one of their direct bloodline descendants?

Klaus: “So Stefan, enlighten me. What makes you worthy of an Original like my sister? She’s pure vampire and you’re no more than a diluted bloodline.”

April, 1922. “Lexi found me last night. Dragged me off the train tracks. Thinks she can make me care again.”

June, 1924: “Lexi’s driving me crazy. More animal blood. More misery.”

1935: “Cravings are there, but it’s easier. Lexi’s on to her next project. Getting me to laugh.”

Stefan to Elena: “I spent 30 years trying to pull myself together. To a vampire that’s nothing. To you? That’s half your life.”

After Klaus undaggered Rebekah present day (metal dagger dipped in white oak ash), she plunged it into him. He pulled it out himself. “Don’t pout, you knew it wouldn’t kill me.” He barely even flinched.

3.5 The Reckoning

Tyler became the first successfully created hybrid by drinking Elena’s blood, thus making Elena the human bloodbag. Esther’s failsafe in case Klaus ever broke the hybrid curse–she thought he would KILL the doppelganger to break it, therefore not being able to sire any more hybrids. Since he didn’t successfully kill Elena off, he foiled Esther’s failsafe.
Katherine and Jeremy found Mikael chained and desiccated in the tomb in Charlotte, where Abby put him.

3.7 Ghost World

Mason-spirit took Damon to the caves under the Lockwood Estate to find the legendary weapon that could kill an Original vampire.. “Like the rest of their [family] secrets, they kept it buried.”

3.8 Ordinary People
Elena (in the caves with Ric and Damon who couldn‘t get in) “So the Lockwoods really have no idea that these tunnels are underneath their property?”

Mikael and Esther moved from Eastern Europe to the New World after losing a child to plague. This was on the advice of their friend witch Ayanna (ancestor of the Bennett line, from 3.14, Dangerous Liaisons, per Esther). Ayanna heard from “The Spirits” of a mystical land where everyone was healthy and blessed with gifts of speed and strength–werewolf land of Mystic Falls. The Mikaelson’s settled among the werewolves, lived in peace for over 20 years, and had six more children. These Originals are the candidates for the start of the Salvatore bloodline, in birth order courtesy of several episodes: 2.9, 3.8. and 3.15:

1) Plague-dead child–not an option
2) Finn–who apparently only turned his true love, Sage, as he was always overly moral–not an option, Matt took him out
3) Elijah
4) Niklaus (Klaus, Nick) the product of an affair between Esther and a werewolf villager
5) Kol
6) Rebekah (Bex) She said to Kol in 3.14, Dangerous Liaisons, “I was hoping you’d help your baby sister out.”
7) Heinrich (youngest brother, per Bex)–not an option, death by werewolf.

Klaus got his younger brother Heinrich offed by a werewolf by hiding to watch the werewolf fun during the full moon. Esther plead with Ayanna for The Spirits to save him but it wasn’t possible.

Rebekah told Elena it was The Beginning of the End of peace with the neighbors, and one of the last moments The Family had together as humans. Elijah had told Elena back in 2.19, Klaus, it ignited a war between the species.

The Jewel of the Vile came from Esther. Fact: Rebekah told Elena a witch is Nature’s servant, a vampire is an abomination of Nature. Original Witch Esther was a witch only and never “turned“–the first mention you can’t be both. Mom tried to hide Klaus’ wolfy side by putting the hybrid curse on him. This only worked until it all got exposed.

Mikael was pissed that Ayanna wouldn’t call on The Spirits, which left the protection of The Family to Esther. She called on the Sun for life, and THE ancient White Oak Tree as one of Nature’s eternal objects for immortality. Esther’s spell was Mikael force-feeding the kids wine laced with Tatia’s blood, and then brutally driving a sword through their hearts. Then he provided an anonymous villager to feed off of and the transformation occurred. Klaus first human kill triggered his werewolf gene, thus exposing his bastard condition to one and all.

For every vampire strength there was a weakness. The Sun burned them (Esther made the first daywalker rings), the neighbors could keep them out of their homes by lack of invitation, the vervain flowers growing at the base of THE White Oak tree burned them and prevented vampire compulsion. The tree that gave them life could also take it away, so, the siblings burned The Tree to the ground.

Rebekah told Elena that Mikael went on a rampage once Esther’s indiscretion (Niklaus, half werewolf) was exposed. He slaughtered half the village [Elijah told us in 2.19, Klaus, Mikael killed their mother’s lover and his entire family], returned home, and ripped out Esther’s heart in front of Niklaus–this was false. Klaus lied to Bex all along, and HE killed The Original Witch for turning her back on him. Only later did we discover she was in a coffin all these years.

Mikael took off in a rage, and made it his afterlife’s mission to rid the world of his greatest shame: Klaus. The Three Musketeers (Niklaus, Rebekah, and Elijah) buried something presented as Esther (we don’t know if Klaus came back and dug her up or it was a ruse all along) and swore ‘One for all, all for one. Always and Forever’!

Mikael’s comment: “Get Klaus back to Mystic Falls and I will gladly drive a stake through his heart.”

3.9 The Homecoming

Mikael said: “I’m in possession of a stake, fashioned from the wood of the ancient White Oak tree. The one that left these ashes when it burned.” [He had a bottle of the ashes and a METAL dagger in front of him. Dipped the metal dagger in the ash, told Elena, Stefan and Damon he was keeping the Oak dagger’s location secret as insurance against them leaving the METAL dagger in his heart.] “You see, a vampire can’t dagger an Original without dying, so, it falls to you [Elena].” Elena needed to REALLY dagger him with the metal one so Klaus would believe he was dead.

There’s a fine line between the words “dagger” (as in metal) and “stake” (as in wood). One that some of our readers forget.

Rebekah was Klaus’ advance team, saw Mikael daggered, and reported back. Elena took the dagger from Mikael’s body and then daggered Rebekah in the back with it.

Upon producing The White Oak stake, Mikael said, “It’s the only weapon on this earth that can kill an Original. So I think I’ll hold on to it. No offense.” NO mention that it will kill the person, human or demon, that wields it.

Damon had The White Oak stake since he was the only one who could get in the house (Mikael had to stand on the porch). Klaus threatened him with the hybrids tearing him apart; Mikael compelled their vampire “halves” and had Elena (only it was really Katherine). “Come out and face me, Niklaus, or she dies….If she dies, this lot [hybrids] will be the last of your abominations.” Mikael knifed Katherine/Elena. Damon rushed up behind Klaus to White Oak Stake him, but Klaus deflected it and it missed his heart the first time. Katherine got up from the porch floor and vervain grenaded the hybrids. Stef rushed Damon and Klaus writhing on the floor and knocked the White Oak stake aside. Klaus grabbed it and took out Mikael. Stake and body went up in flames. End of the only weapon on earth that can kill an Original. Until there’s more.

Stefan needed Klaus alive to reverse Klaus’ compulsion. Plus the secret double-cross plan with Katherine to save Damon. Katherine switched with Elena to go to the party in her place. Klaus had ordered his hybrids to kill Damon if he killed Klaus. Katherine convinced Stefan to save Damon and his own humanity–she loved both of them.

Last time we’ve seen Katherine to date.

3.10 The New Deal

Tyler told Jeremy how to kill a hybrid (not necessarily the Original hybrid): “You can’t kill me unless you cut off my head or rip out my heart.” Jeremy demonstrated the process on The Porch of Truth on Tony the Hybrid. Crossbowed him first then used one of the Gilbert WMD knives to hack off his head.

Sounds like the way to kill Klaus would be three-fold: White Oak stake to the heart, cut off his head, and then rip out the heart. A tad gory, but that would get The Original vampire, the werewolf, and the hybrid.

Damon’s exact words when compelling Jeremy to go to Denver: “Here’s the thing, Jer. You’re gonna go out of town for a while. A long while. And you’re gonna stay with some nice family friends in Denver, you’re gonna be at a new school, and meet new girls, living girls. You’re gonna drink a few beers, take an art class. You do whatever you want. You’re gonna leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it. Have a better life, Jeremy.” That’s it. Nothing about talking to ghosts, GetOutOfDeathFreeRing, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, or Originals.

Damon explained to Elena that Stefan screwed up their kill Klaus plan to save him.

3.11 Our Town

Jeremy left Mystic Falls. Wearing the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing.

3.12 The Ties That Bind

Bill says to Tyler while chaining him up: “To break the sire-bond, you’ve gotta make yourself turn. Own your pain, then you’ll owe Klaus nothing and you’ll be free.”

3.13 Bringing Out the Dead

On Klaus being immune to the demon wielding the metal daggers, “Don’t make me do this to you again, Elijah!” when he and Elijah were struggling. Klaus had just pulled the dagger out of Kol and was gonna use it on Elijah. Then Klaus put it back in Kol.

Wait! Finn stabbed Klaus in the hand with one of the daggers, and Rebekah stabbed him with another one. The ‘demon who wields will die’ must not apply to ANY Original.

Rebekah was wearing The Jewel of the Vile when Elijah brought his siblings back from their coffins.

3.14 Dangerous Liaisons

Rebekah to Kol: “You know I can’t be compelled.”
Klaus to Rebekah: “Do you want another dagger in your heart?”

Tyler left town and sent Caroline the voicemail, “I’m gonna fix myself and come home to you.”

The linking spell. Esther to Elena, “The first step requires blood from the doppelganger. Only a drop. It’s essence will be in the champagne toast later this evening….They must all drink of the toast in order to be linked as one….If one goes, they all go.”

After they drank, Esther and Finn completed the link. Esther sliced Finn’s palm over the parchment she had written all the sibling’s names on and chanted. The blood flowed out to each name, making a ‘blood’ family tree. Esther, “The link is complete. You are one.” And the parchment burst into flames.

3.15 All My Children

Bonnie to Elena: “It’s a full moon. Esther needs to harness the energy of a celestial event. She asked me and Abby to join her.”

Elijah to Elena: “It’s not in your nature to be deceitful and yet, when I asked you about your meeting with my mother the other night, you lied to my face….I can hear your heartbeat. It jumps when you’re being dishonest with me. You lied to me at the ball. You are lying to me now. Tell me the truth.” It is unclear why he didn’t call her on it at the ball, before he drank the pink champagne, if this is true.

Esther: “I draw from the entirety of the Bennett bloodline, living and dead.”

Esther’s plan to kill all the siblings at once. Just before the full moon’s apex, she drew a pentagram with salt, a symbol of the earth–representing their connection to magic. Five torches at each of the pentagram’s points, one for each of the children. “As the witch who cast the spell that made them vampires, I can also reverse it. When they become human again, they can be killed. Linked as one, my brave Finn will be the sacrifice. With his death will come theirs.” Unclear whether this would, in his hybrid state, do to Klaus.

Stefan: “Dagger’s lethal to any vampire who uses it.” Damon: “Well I just so happen to know someone crazy enough to give it a shot.” [Alaric]

What jacked up Esther’s death spell: The diversion–Ric was chosen to “dagger” Kol, since Ric could use the dagger without it killing him. Caroline had diverted Klaus outside The Grill. Rebekah felt the daggering in the cave where she was holding Elena, since they were linked, and dropped. Finn felt the daggering where he was standing in the salt circle and also dropped. Klaus only got a tummy ache, but did not start desiccating and drop. Klaus intercepted The Scooby Gang in the alley and undaggered Kol, then was joined by Elijah. Rebekah eventually came around, too.

When Rebekah had Elena in the cave, this is the last time (to date) we saw The Jewel of the Vile. Rebekah was wearing it. She ripped it off and flung it on the floor at Elena’s feet. “Do you want it? Is that your last request? Here. It’s all yours.”

If Elena picked it up off the floor of the cave, she has it, or else it is still laying there. It has been a key artifact up to this point, so we will probably see it again.

The male siblings converged on the salt circle. Esther sent Abby and Bonnie away from the salt circle, and they went into the witch house to hide. That’s where Damon ended Abby’s mortal life, which ended her witch ancestry. Esther felt it, the torches flamed up, and she and Finn disappeared. She never got to the part in the spell to turn the children back into humans, so we don’t know how it would have affected Klaus.

Since Esther channeled the entirety of the Bennett bloodline, can she now only channel the “Old Ones” or just Bonnie, since Abby is neither alive or dead, but is undead, thus breaking the bloodline?

3.16 1912

Stefan mentioned to Damon that it’s been almost 50 years since they’ve seen each other. 1864 to 1912 is 48 years, so this was apparently their first meeting since Damon left Stefan after they both turned.

Damon: “Well our father knocked up one of the maids during the Civil War. She had a son. But as far as everyone else knew Stefan and I were dead. The family name had to go somewhere.”

Rebekah, regarding Sage: “She was obsessed with my brother Finn over 900 years ago.”

Damon to Stefan: “By the decade’s end, they were calling you The Ripper of Monterrey.” That puts it about 1919.

For the inquiring minds, toward the end of this episode is where we saw Damon playing piano.

Stefan, about the GetOutOfDeathFreeRings: “Jonathan Gilbert only made two of those rings. Jeremy has one of them, and the other is…” (Alaric’s)

3.17 Break on Through

Sage to Damon: “He’s my one true love. He turned me so we could be together forever. Then Klaus daggered him and locked him away and I’ve been waiting ever since.” (Finn)

This is the episode where Damon and Sage staged the little Rebekah mind-reading party. Sage was inside the house then. Technically she didn’t need to be invited in. More in the next episode.

Elena to Stefan about the Rings: “Wait, so you’re saying that the violent behavior can still happen even if the person isn’t wearing the ring?”

Alaric’s note to Jeremy: “Jeremy: If anything happens to me, carry on my work. You have the other ring. Let the ring make you strong. The Council must be cleansed before the work can begin.” And a roster of current Founders Council members, the targets, not just Founding Family members. A Council formed to protect the town from vampires, and here they were just looking the other way, ignoring their responsibilities. This is the PsychoRic’s motivation.

Bonnie told Elena Abby said all the dying and coming back may have chipped away at Ric’s psyche, making it easier for The Darkness to take hold. This was when she delivered the binding spell herbs Ric was supposed to drink twice a day to hold off the psycho impulses.

Vampire Abby took off for parts unknown.

Elena called Jeremy for the “I Miss You.” call. He was still wearing the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing when he answered his cell.

Damon presented Stefan with the White Oak Ash Wickery Bridge historical sign.

3.18 The Murder of One

After the making of the stakes from the Wickery Bridge sign, Damon had Ric put the GetOutOfDeathFreeRing back on. “Here’s your ring, Ric. Put it on. . . .It’s also the reason you’re alive–you’re going vampire hunting, Ric…wear it.”

It is completely conceivable that The Scooby Gang could use the White Oak stakes. They’re not metal daggers, therefore, not deadly to vampires who wield them. See 2.15 and 3.9 above.

Klaus to Finn: “Why, when I can bother my big brother?” Establishes again that Finn is older.

Finn to Klaus: “You might not feel the effects of the dagger, but you’d lose your precious Rebekah.” Klaus doesn’t feel the effects (the desiccation sleep) of the daggers.

There was also a lot of discussion about Bonnie’s unlinking spell, and why it didn’t require some of Elena’s blood, since her blood was required to link the siblings. Esther’s original linking spell was in several parts, and Bonnie read the unlinking right out of Esther’s grimoire.

The first STEP was Elena’s blood in the champagne, which they all had to drink. They already did that, so there’s no need to drink anything again and upchuck it–they already have Elena’s blood in their systems.

The second linking STEP was completed by Esther and Finn. Esther sliced Finn’s palm over the parchment she had written all the sibling’s names on and chanted. The blood flowed out to each name, making the blood tree. Esther, “The link is complete. You are one.” And the parchment burst into flames.

Klaus had read the grimoire, and told Bonnie: “I know it’s in the grimoire. And I know it requires the blood of my siblings. So. Here we are. Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn….where do you want us?” No mention of needing Elena’s blood.

Finn to Sage: “Exactly, Sage, I turned you. My passion overtook my morals.” The implication is that she was the only one he ever turned. Short bloodline. Finn begat Sage, who begat numerous vamps in her 900 years, obviously none in the Salvatore bloodline.

Since Bonnie’s unlinking spell worked just in the knick (Nik?) of time, Matt was able to stake Finn in the alley behind the grill. Not that it would have had to be Matt, because it was a White Oak Stake, not a dagger. Stefan originally had the stake, but fumbled it when he got into a scuffle with Sage.

There was a lot of talk about how Sage got in The Salvatore Mansion without an invite. Sage had been in the house before–Damon invited her in for the Bex mind-reading party (3.16, 1912). Aside from the fact that Elena was dead once already (John gave his life to bring her back), so a “human” doesn’t own The Salvatore Mansion anymore. Vamps can come and go without invite. That would explain why Sage’s minion Troy could walk in behind her.

Caroline: “So Sage and this Troy guy die within an hour of Finn.” Stefan: “It’s the blood. The bloodline. It has to be, think about it. Finn turned Sage, Sage turned Troy. They’re all part of the same vampire bloodline that originated with Finn.”

Elena to Caroline: “You were turned with Damon’s blood, and Damon and Stefan were turned by Katherine, and we know that Katherine was turned by a vampire named Rose.”
Caroline: “Well, who turned Rose?”
Elena: “We don’t know. It could only lead back to one Original, and if the odds are in our favor, hopefully it won’t be Klaus. So then we can still kill him.
Caroline: “Elena, even if Klaus didn’t create our bloodline, we know for a fact that he turned one of us.”
Elena: “OMG. Tyler.”

There are two of the twelve White Oak stakes left. Stefan had one at home, and Ric had the other one. Damon to Alaric: “No. Are you telling me that your vampire-hating alter ego has a stake that can kill an entire line of vampires, possibly mine?”

There you have the results of our fact-finding mission! If it’s still an issue at the end of the season, we may do another extra on how many times have the current Lords of the GetOutOfDeathFreeRings died, how, by who, and if the ring brought them back!

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  1. About Elena giving up her humanity: if she turned, then, yeah, Klaus wouldn’t need her anymore. So then he could kill her, her family, her friends which means a lot of people. Didn’t he do the same with Katherine? So it’s not just her humanity, it’s her and other many people’ lives, right?

  2. Can’t wait tp watch Heart of Darkness. I really want to know what happens.

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