NEW Giveaway! 2 Winners Chosen! Win Elena’s Love Sparks Pendant or Goddess Bracelet


In tribute to Elena Gilbert’s last 2 episodes, and Nina Dobrev’s departure from The Vampire Diaries, two amazing jewelry designers, Julie Ellyn Designs and Kim Jakum Designs have offered to team up with us for this awesome giveaway!

For the 1st prize, we have Elena’s Love Sparks Fine Silver Pendant Necklace that will be worn during next week’s season finale courtesy of Kim Jakum Designs. And for the 2nd prize, the beautiful Elena Goddess Bracelet, a beaded leather triple wrap bracelet by Julie Ellyn Designs worn during the 4th season in episode 4.11 and 4.12.

Be sure check out Julie Ellyn Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also check out Kim Jakum Designs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.

Giveaway will begin starting today May 7, 2015 and will run until midnight, May 14, 2015. Winner will be chosen at random and announced the day after The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Episode airing on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Entries can be earned by first leaving a comment on this blog post (mandatory, and only ONE per person), then additional entries via the Rafflecopter widget below! You must login to the Rafflecopter widget for all entries though. So if you leave a comment on the blog, you must do the first entry on Rafflecopter, where you click “I commented”. Other options to earn more entries will then be available.


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  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date on all things TVD xo

  2. This would be amazing to win. I love Elena so much. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  3. Oh they’re both so pretty. Love these giveaways!!

  4. even after this many years Elena’s still surprising us, and most of that is due to Nina Dobrev’s work, i will defenetly miss all the times she made us cry like babies or grin like fools in front of a TV screen, i think that’s what trully makes the difference in tvd

  5. Wow…
    The Pendant is amazing!
    And the Bracelet is so rad
    Its awesome how she is going to be wearing the Pendant…
    But I’m going to miss her so much ;(

  6. Beautiful pieces, would love to have either one!

  7. This site always has the best giveaways. Had my eye on that bracelet since I first laid eyes on it. Would be great to win it.

  8. I adore the way Nina brought so many different characters to life, and there was never any doubt who she was supposed to be in that moment. She is one of the greatest actresses out there, in my opinion, and I will miss watching her outstanding performances every week.

  9. I’ll miss the dynamics that Elena has with all of the characters on the show. She has a totally different relationship with everyone and it’s fun watching her interact with each character. I’ll miss Elena with Damon the most. It’s also really awesome to watch how Nina brings so much to the character and the other characters she has played.

  10. Im so sad TVD is ending with Elena. Beautiful pieces!

  11. Delena will be sadly missed…so sory to see that chemistry vanish…sad…very sad!

  12. How will this show ever make it without Elana!! As a grown man,with a wife and two daughters, I started watching and it became my guilty pleasure. But a guilty pleasure is something that makes you, well, feel guilty, for watching it. So, I guess I’m wrong because I don’t. I love the show and have come to love the characters and just hearing the news that Elana ( Nina Dobrev) won’t be coming back, just made me feel like I lost one of my own….I can see her soon lighting up the Silver Screen, as she persues future endeavors. The jewelery is amazing and what a amazing gift (either one, but the charm is my favorite) it would be to give to my wife, for Mothers Day!! Still don’t see how this show will last without Elana, what is WPIX thinking?!! Something tells me it may be over real live situations between Nina and Ian that may have caused this. This show won’t last long without her. You heard it hear first!!

  13. I started watching this show with my daughter. It is our Thursday night date. I have enjoyed watching Elena grow as well as helping all of the other characters grow as well. I can not imaging one episode without her. I ship Delena, so I am just heartbroken that he will have to live life without her. She has brought out so much in him, that no one else could have reached. She makes him better and he makes her better as well. Theirs is a love story for the ages.

  14. Can’t wait for season 7, love from Holland.

  15. I really like Nina (not only Im bulgarian, as she is :D ). She is an incredible actress , you could of seen the change from vampire to a human in a second, that’s impressive! I would love to have the chance to win one of these beautiful pieces of art :))

  16. Can’t believe Elena’s dead! Body swap?


  18. I’ve been watching TVD since season 1, i fell in love with the whole atmosphere of the show instantly. I was just a kid when the show started, and it has actually taught me a lot. Thank you for everyone that has been in the process of making this show, because it really is more than just a show for me.
    Nina is an amazing actress, as are all of the vampire diaries actors and actresses.
    Best wishes from Finland :)

  19. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left with Nina…I’ll miss Elena and Delena so much…
    Would love to win either one…

  20. i can’t believe that we won’t be seeing her on vampire diaries

  21. I like her so much.Im also bulgarian.We are proud of her

  22. I love Elena its heartbreaking to see her go

  23. @Ruthie
    So are they the actual pieces Elena wears during the show, or just duplicates?

  24. Elena, you will be missed…she was a truly complex character that we loved all through the series’s development. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  25. They are so beautiful. Hope I’m not too late. 3 days left.
    I can’t believe that we’ll have to say goodbye to Elena. I know that I’m gonna cry A LOT on the season finale. Thanks Nina for bringing this character to life and making it so good.

  26. The most beautiful giveaway of ever !!!!!! Good luck to me!!! *_*

  27. We surely gonna miss Elena a lot.Thanks for all those amazing 6 years.

  28. It would be great if i win, though it’s sad that Nina is leaving the show forever. However, can’t wait for season 7!!! <3
    Thanks for keeping us always updated!

  29. They are really pretty bits of jewelry. I really am going to miss Elena and Nina. But I’m looking forward to see where Nina and TVD go now.

  30. I’ll miss Nina a lot on the show. My favorite character she played was Katherine Pierce. She’s a very talented actress and I’m excited to see what she’ll be doing next!

  31. I’ll miss Elena and Nina so much.Nina gave color to the show and Elena was the light of the TVD.Elena was kind,beautiful etc. I really love her and I don’t want her death

  32. I have watched TVD since the beginning and Elena and Katherine have always been my favorite characters. I’m really gonna miss Nina Dobrev’s phenomenal acting. She so effortlessly portrayed the characters whether it was an emotional scene or a fun scene. She always nailed it! I’m gonna miss watching her on screen. TVD won’t be the same without her!

  33. Ah so beautiful! Thank you for all you do, Ruthie xo

  34. I will miss watching her and her extraordinary passion for love.

  35. Both are so pretty, but the necklace is my favorite!! Nina is so cute…she looks alot like my daughter!

  36. Nina Dobrev is a great actress! Love her on that show!

  37. Love the jewelry!! I will miss her amazing acting!!

  38. Nina was able to play Elena as a wholesome, smart, and caring vampire lover and made her fans root for her despite whatever she found herself in. I will miss her on the show.

  39. the dynamics that Elena has with all of the characters on the show

  40. Thank you for giving us these opportunities to win giveaways!! So cool :D I hope I win. I would love to win this amazing prize. I never win anything and I love TVD so much; been watching since day 1! I can’t wait for the finale tomorrow!! So excited. But I wonder how they will do season 7 without Nina. Can’t wait. I hope I get a chance to do one of the tours also!!

  41. I will miss the way she cares for everyone , friends, family and lovers.

  42. TVD is the best show ever! I’m so sad that Nina won’t be on it anymore.

  43. Going to miss Elenas character in the future. Loved her since the beginning!

  44. I will miss see the compassion that she shows to everyone.
    These are both lovely pieces.

  45. Not sure what I’ll miss, but the show is going to be interesting without her!

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