Vampire Diaries Online Celebrating 8 Years Online! New Giveaway!


Winners announced below!

Today marks the 8th Anniversary of Vampire Diaries Online. Wow how the time flies! Thank you so much to everyone that has continued to support me over the past 8 years. This has been quite a ride. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you and will cherish all of the memories and friendships I’ve made. I am in awe of how this site and the fandom itself grew over the past 8 years. And even though The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end in the next two weeks, don’t worry, this will not be the end of Vampire Diaries Online. I will continue to update with anything the cast will be doing, and hey, you never know, there is always chance for a reboot!

Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart…#TVDForever ~ xoxo, Ruthie

Now on to the giveaway! I have some nostalgic goodies to giveaway to the fans in prep for the final moments of The Vampire Diaries. It’s the end of an era so to speak, so what better way to commemorate than to give away some of my favorite TVD memorabilia!



I have two TVD Memorobilia Prize Packs. Each will including the following and as seen in the photo above:

  • Vampire Diaries Season One Trading Cards Binder and full set of trading cards.
  • Vampire Diaries Official Soundtrack (Contains some songs from Season One & a few from Season Two)
  • CW Mardi Gras Cup and Beads from 2014 – Ian Somerhalder Served As Co-Grand Marshal for the Endymion Parade, see photo below!

Rules for the Giveaway:

  • Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE
  • First entry is to leave a comment on THIS blog post at the bottom in the comments section. Then you must login to the Rafflecopter widget below, and click “Leave a blog post comment”, then click “I commented”. That will open up more entries.
  • Giveaway will start today and run until March 9th at midnight. Winner will be announced later that day.Good luck to all!

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Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. I am filled with the good kind of anxiety over the long anticipated Delena reunion, but even more importantly to see the show end in a way that only the Vampire Diaries can make happen – happy, sad, bittersweet, and fulfilling.

  2. Thank you for the chance! I am devastated the show is ending! Damon is my favorite and hope Delena gets their happy ending!

  3. I don’t even have a theory for the ending, can’t wait to see it though it will be sad!

  4. Would love to win any of this and add it to my collection. XOXO

  5. Thank you for giving away amazing gifts l would love to win any from tvd there amazing actors

  6. OMG this is amazing Ruthie! 😍 So excited for this giveaway 🙌🏼 I sill can’t believe that The Vampire Diaries is finishing 😔 It’s been such a great series to be watching ❤ I’m excited to see Damon and Elena reunited for the last episode. I’m so glad Nina decided came back for it as it wouldn’t of been the same if she didn’t 😊 I can’t wait to see what the cast does after 👏🏼
    I will continue to support you Ruthie ❤ #TVDForever #FangsTheMemories

  7. How amazing! I have loved this website and enjoyed following you these past 8 years!

  8. Thank you for this opportunity, you are a wonderful generous person xx

  9. This is an awesome giveaway Thank You for all the updates over the years so glad you will still be updating us Thank you so much

  10. I cannot believe it has been 8 years. I guess time still flies when you are having fun, even at 41.

  11. Wow 8 years and it has been an emotional, happy, exzilerating ride. Can’t believe it’s actually ending but I will cherish all the memories I have made with this show, the cast, as well as fans like myself. Xoxo

  12. I really want to see a Stelena ending, not holding my breath but staying hopeful!

  13. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win! :D
    Sad TVD is ending but can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

  14. I am very sad it’s ending but as a true fan I will continue to watch the seasons over and over again. I would love a Delana reunion I love ❤️ those two together and Damons character as just grown and grown he’s amazing

  15. Amazing show but as a true fan I will just keep watching the seasons over and over again

  16. I love this show so much so sad it’s ending thank you for doing the giveaway

  17. Thank you this chance. I really don’t know what to expect, but I do hope Delena get their happy ending.

  18. I can’t believe that there are less than two weeks before TVD ends and I’m already in tears. This show has been with me for such a long time and I feel like I grew up with it. Thank you Ruthie for making this page being the first one to tell us news about the show and thank you for this and many giveaways before. xo xo <3

  19. I’m looking forward to the series finale (and admittedly a little nervous lol) Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  20. I’m so sad TVD is ending but I’m excited to see how it all wraps up. I’ll be heading to Covington for the finale party and I cannot wait! Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. Lovely giveaway, i’m a huge fan of tvd and have been for the last 5 years. So excited yet sad for the season finale!

  22. I’m a season and a half behind, but I’m excited for Elena’s return and tying up loose ends. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Wow, despite the fact that I’ve been disappointed in 90% of the last two seasons, I am so sad to see this end. I’ve been so invested in this show, met some of the actors several times, and it’s just been a truly entertaining show in the past. I really hoped to see them go in a different direction here at the end, and of course, whow wouldn’t have wanted more episodes?
    I’ve been a die hard fan in spite of the last couple of seasons not being as good as the first few. I hope they do justice to all of these characters.
    I’m going to trust that what Nina said about the fans being happy with the ending will be true.
    I don’t know about you, but I’m super anxious to see what Candice and Michael Malarkey act in next.

  24. #TVDForever
    I don’t want it to end, I have loved this show since the beginning to the end

  25. This is so awesome! I am so so devastated that TVD is ending! It’s my favorite show! I need Delena, Steroline and Bonenzo to all get their happy endings! Agh! I don’t want it to end! I loved this series from the very beginning and I will love it even after it’s over!

  26. I am dreading having to say goodbye to a show that brought me so much joy in some very dark times but am grateful for the chance I got to step out of the serious shy introverted girl I am and engage with others as passionate as myself about this show on the net.

  27. I can’t wait to see how the characters lives will end up in the finale! I just everyone – especially Stefan- to be happy!

  28. This show has been precious since day 1. Its really helped get my mind off certain things in life through its mythologies, cliffhangers and awesome characters (Katherine especially!). THANKS to the owner of this website for enhancing that experience by updating Episode Stills, Synopses, Promos… You’ve helped as well! Hugs from Sydney, Australia :)

  29. I’m excited about everything. I’m gonna try and go in with no expectations and I want them to blow me away. Thank you for making this worldwide🙂

  30. I am very much looking forward to Damon and Elena reuniting and nervous about the ending. I really, really hope Damon and Elena end up together.

  31. So sad vampire is coming to an end!!! Hope for delegates happy end they worth it!!!!

  32. Congrats and thank you! Still can’t believe it’s ending,I’ve been following it since it first aired and have become so attached to various characters, can only hope they get a fitting end ❤

  33. I will miss this wonderful show. Congratulations ..And Thank You for 8 wonderful years…And an awesome contest.

  34. Damon and Elena’s union! My Delena heart is bleeding waiting for those two to get back together!

  35. Thank u Ruthie for all you hav done to support Tvd & the cast. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you & I feel that I made a forever friend.

  36. Thank u Ruthie for all you hav done to support Tvd & the cast. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you & I feel that I made a forever friend. I hope too meet u in the flesh soon😊

  37. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m so excited (and sad) for the finale but I just know that it will be great. I’m going to miss the emails updating me on TVD and sometimes giving me spoilers (my favorite).

  38. What a nice giveaway your doing, thanks for the opportunity. Still can’t believe TVD is ending I’m going to miss my favorite show. Congrats on 8 years of TVD online. Can’t wait for the finale. Fingers crossed.

  39. thank you so much for all your hard work, and keeping us all up to date. This show has been wonderful, and congrats on 8 years online.

  40. I am beyond sad that TVD is almost over but these have been an incredible 8 years! I am so excited to see how the final episode ends and i honestly cannot wait to see what happens when Elena and Katherine come back!!! I am also really sad that we have to say goodbye to Damon Salvatore and the rest of the cast, it has been such an incredible journey and i am so thankful that i was able to be a part of this fandom. I just want to thank you for hosting this giveaway and thank you for everything that u do. U are awesome!!

  41. Really glad the CW gave us a chance to say goodbye to the show. The journey of supporting TVD has been amazing, I’ve met so many people that I’m thankful for. I’ve been supporting the show for 7 years, I was just 14 when I first started it and now I get to see the ending of an ERA, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m really grateful for everyone I’ve met, for the characters I love, for the ships I almost died for. I’m sure that Julie and Kevin did an incredible and epic job on this last chapter and I can’t wait to see what’s in the store for our favorites characters and couples. Hopefully they can all get their happy ending, even if one of them is dying for good.

    And THANK YOU Ruth for your amazing work on VDO for the past 8 years, you’re an incredible woman and we’re so lucky to have you! Hope the site will be with us for a long time ♥

  42. So gutted TVD is ending. Hopefully TO won’t end after the new season! What’s your thoughts on Katherine returning?

  43. TVD has been more than a how to me, the characters have helped me grown and I’ve learned a lot from them, also it’s been there in hard times and thanks to it I’ve met wonderful people. I will never forget this show

  44. Would love to win this. ❤️ I am going to miss this show. Good luck to everyone. 😊

  45. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything ends up with Elena and Damon as well as Caroline and Stefan and all the rest of the crew in the end. Currently looking forward to seeing what is going on with Katherine. Would really love some To cross over to Originals. 👍

  46. Thanks for all your hard work for us TVD Fans over the years! We appreciate it! I didn’t find TVD until it’s second season, but the second I started watching it, I was immediately drawn. Been hooked ever since. Had to binge watch to catch up! Delena shipper all the way! Thanks for everthing!

  47. Watched this show, worked on this show, love TVD always!!! Awesome cast and crew ❤ I will binge this on Netflix many times haha!! Great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity.

  48. Congrats on 8 years :) I’ve always loved your updates. You rock!

  49. I’m really excited to see Nina & the well awaited delena reunion!! As well as the pre-episode looking back in the last 8 years

  50. Worldwide giveaways are the best! Thanks for including your north neighbours ;) and thanks for the giveaway obviously, we appreciate it!!

  51. Only 2 episode’s left it’s been 8 long and amazing years sad to see it all end😢

  52. Thanks for the worldwide giveaway. That is a rare gift! I would like to try the first chance I ever got here since I became be a TVD fan )))
    TVD is the first show I stucked to, and I love it really much. It is like your tvd-ed life… )))

  53. This is so kind for you to do!! Thank you so much and congratulations ❤

  54. Love tvd. Ik live in the netherlands and waiting for season 7. I’m glad that it’s not over yet.

  55. Love TVD!!!!! But glad that it’s ending on a high note – it was getting close to crossing over into the ridiculous realm and it just would have been sad to see such a fantastic series go sideways before completion! 8 years is fantastic and they did an amazing job with them!!!!!! Thanks for such great entertainment and for going out with a bang!

  56. Can’t believe TVD ends next week, it’s such a massive part of my life I don’t know that I’ll do without it :( thanks for the opportunity to win these gifts though :) x

  57. I would love love to win this. This show has been my life for so many years

  58. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. This shoe means so much to me! It brought me so many good things in my life. Thank you Ruthie for all you’ve done all this time, talking for the fans who live outside of US, you are the best!

  59. What I hope for the series finale is a great ending. I’m sad about it ending but I hope for a great ending that actually could finish such a wonderful show of eight years.

  60. I’m so excited to see how the story wraps up and I can’t wait to see Jeremey and Elena (and of course Elena and Damon) reunited on the show! My favorite characters.

  61. It’s been 8 years and it seems like yesterday. I have no words to describe this great era. When I discovered TVD, that I didn’t know existed it since a couple of years ago, it was as if it had to happen. I saw the DVD of the first season on a shelf of the store and I stood looking at it for a while. I decided that I had to buy it yes or yes. TVD has given me many good moments in my life, over all this year that finally I will meet part of the cast. With TVD, I’ve cried, I’ve lauched, I’ve hated, I’ve loved and I met wonderful people throughout these 8 years while I was whatching it. And once again I keep saying and I’ll continue to say that I am and I’ll be forever unconditionally in love with The Vampire Diaries.

  62. So sad this show is ending, but so happy Delena will be reunited at last. True love at it’s best. Would love to win this. 😍

  63. TVD, apart from being my favorite series, has taught me many things like the value of friendship and taking certain risks in life. It’s amazing how 8 years have passed and this is about to end. This series is one that leaves a mark.
    Thank you Ruthie for give us this opportunity to be able to win this TVD merchandising. Love u!

  64. I know it sounds weird but… TVD was such a big part of our family. My kids when it started were 10, 7 and 6. I would have to ask them to leave the room during some scenes but after an episode I would download the music and then while I cooked dinner we would guess which scene, etc. I have faithfully watched (not binged watched on Netflix) every week, every season. I can’t believe it’s ending. All I have to say is “Yes Caroline, it was a competition and you won!!”

  65. So sad to see TVF end.Watched from day one.Going to miss everyone. I’m going to Covington to watch last show.Need to be around people that understand this is going to be devastating to loose the Salvatore brothers and all there friends and enemies.

  66. OMFG, I remember when I first found out about this blog. I have been on this website for long time. I’m so happy ur not shutting the web after tvd ends. And I hope I win for the giveaway.

  67. what a fab competion im a massive TVD fan and i cant believe its ending breaks my heart but i no mystic falls will always be my home.

  68. Such an amazing show, my first american TV show, been loyal throughout, will be sad to see it end, great moments, great cast!!!

  69. I will always keep this show close to my heart! Thank you so much for updating us and also thank you for this amazing giveaway :) #TVDForever

  70. This show has been my happiness for 8 years. I re watch the seasons all the time and try to get new friends to watch it as well. I’m so sad it’s ending and I don’t know what I’ll do with out new episodes. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’d die to have the soundtrack!

  71. Thank you for the giveaway. TVD will always have a special place in my heart.

  72. Hi! I’m from Spain I would LOVE to win a pack like this. Thanks to The Vampire Diaries I met my idol, Ian Somerhalder, he inspires me and I love him. I’ve grown up with this show, it’s the first series I started to watch and it will always be my favorite one. I have a website about Ian. When this series is over I will feel empty, this is the best cast in the world, I just hope it’s an epic ending. With this series I have matured and I have learned to value many things. With this series I have matured and I have learned to value many things, including friendship and family, I will always carry it in the bottom of my heart #TVDForever

  73. Ruthie, thank you for the years of hard work you’ve put in to keep our #TVDFamily informed of all the wonderful cast and show news!

  74. what im looking for in the finale, Delena’s well deserved reunite duh, and Katherine to be alive in her own body

  75. I can’t believe TVD is almost over 😩. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these great prizes!

  76. Thank you for the chance! 😭💕 I hate to see the show end too 😭

  77. L’une des meilleures séries qui s’achève si vite. Je sens comme un vide, une nostalgie et l’envie d’en finir vraiment à la fois. J’ai adoré ces 8 saisons. Elles m’ont inspirée, rendue meilleure d’une certaine façon. Les meilleures choses ont une fin comme on dit chez nous.

  78. Vampire diaries is the first show I’ve ever started watching back in 2009. I can’t believe it’s ending. I literally grew up with this characters. I love everyone (even the villains) on this show. I live for Delena and Klaroline.

  79. cant believe my favorite show for 5yrs is about to end. i’ll surely miss stelena, klaroline, and the whole show. thank you so much tvd family! sending my ❤ to u all the way from the philippines

  80. Thank you from Greece for the past 8 years!!! One of the very best series I have ever watched!!!!

  81. I absolutely love TVD and will miss it once it’s over. It’s bittersweet because I can’t wait to see how it ends but I’m sad because it’s almost over!

  82. I have been following you for the longest, and retweeted live, I’m going to miss every thing about TVD! It’s crazy how much one show can change your life and mean the world to you! Thank you for all the giveaways & insight over the years!! It’s been a hell of a ride! Good luck to everyone!! I COMMENTED!

  83. Ruthie! I have been following you for the longest, and retweeted live, I’m going to miss every thing about TVD! It’s crazy how much one show can change your life and mean the world to you! Thank you for all the giveaways & insight over the years!! It’s been a hell of a ride! Good luck to everyone!! I COMMENTED!

  84. Still can not believe that my favorite Tv-show comes to an end. It has been 8 years full of emotions and feelings. I am so glad to be part of this big family.
    Thank you Ruthie for this giveaway.

  85. Can’t believe the show is ending. I’ve walked in “Mystic Falls” literally and figuratively, more than I can say for any other show. The show will be missed!

  86. I am looking forward to watching the reunion of Damon and Elana. I grew up with the series so it will be a very sad and hopeful occasion.

  87. So the end of a great series that I wish would continue. I’m 36 now & remember watching my first episode at 28 years. I’m still hooked & hope for a return of the series – I would love more (someone please bring it back). I do wish all the cast all the best for their futures and you as well Ruthie.

  88. Thank you Ruthie for doing a final giveaway! Cheers to 8 years!

  89. Thank you so much Ruthie for this amazing giveaway 💗 Its been a hell of a ride and i am really happy you were a part of this journey. I am gonna miss all the tvd tweets (although i hope you will never stop) and ofcourse tvd itself :( This show meant so much to me, I cant believe after all this time its ending.

  90. i am looking forward to seeing damon and elena together again and hoping that bonnie will get a happy ending since she is always the one sacrificing herself for her loved ones. stefan is my favorite character and i just want him to find the love he deserves! i am so sad this is ending and i may cry for the rest of my life.

  91. I will miss this show! TVD has truly changed my life. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

  92. I am super grateful for keeping us up to date with everything that is the Vampire Diaries for the past 8 years. I have been a fan since the very beginning. Thank you Vampire Diaries Online!

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