NEW Giveaway! Win This Autographed SDCC TVD & The Originals Bag


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This past August, I had the pleasure of attending the very last Vampire Diaries convention in Dallas, TX. While there, I obtained several signatures from current and previous cast members of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on the SDCC Warner Bros. Bag below.

Autographs included: TVD – Zach Roerig, Matt Davis, Micah Parker and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. The Originals – Sebastian Roche, Charles Michael Davis and Chase Coleman.

Today in celebration of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere, I’m launching a giveaway for this amazing collectible! See below for details and good luck to those entering!



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  • Giveaway starts today and ends October 28th at midnight (officially Oct 27th 11:59PM central)
  • Winner of the giveaway will be chosen, notified and then announced an hour before the TVD episode airs on October 28th.

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Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. Thank you for all you do, Ruthie! And I’m totally in love with this bag.

  2. I’d love to win this bag, it looks amazing! Good luck everyone! 👍🏼😘

  3. The Vampire Dairies is my favorite serie and The Originals too !!!
    I’m a biggest fan of this two series and I’m a fan since Januar 2010 :)

  4. The vampire diaries premieres today, literally not ready for this. Love them all so much. By the way, amazing giveaway ur doing, thanks. Can’t wait 4 tonight’s episode. Hopefully I can win

  5. I love the vampire diaries! super sad this is the last season but i hope that elena comes back… somehow..

  6. I’m would to win this amazing prize and plus I’m fan of the vampire dairies and i’m love the Originals, I’m be the happiest girl alive if I’m win this amazing prize.

  7. I’m would love to win this amazing prize and i’m truly vampire dairies fan and The Originals fan too.

  8. Very 😎.
    Love The Originals. First episode of TVD I saw had Klaus and I absolutely loved his sarcastic one liners.

  9. Love this bag! I’m so sad TVD is ending, but at least we’ll still have The Originals. I’m excited to see how they wrap everything up!

  10. Thanks for doing this! Can’t believe it’s the final season of TVD

  11. I love this!
    I started watching this show a few seasons in and I’m so glad I started! I just can’t believe it’s almost over!! 😕 Truly a great show!!

  12. Totally love this bag! Can’t believe it’s the last season of TVD…I loved watching it and think about what I’m gonna do without it!

  13. I hope this season will be ending in a good way..and somehow give us a good finale. Something that’s not too open, just a (maybe) happy ending. And maybe no more trouble?!? :)

  14. Maybe a Damon happy ending or Steroline happy ending. Caroline deserves something after all the BS she’s been through. OH! And appearance by Elena!

  15. I would love to win such a great prize, I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

  16. I love these 2 shows. Help me forget my pain for a little while. Severe dystonia, 3 cysts & 2 brain surgeries left me unable to travel. I love having the bag and greater connection to the shows and stars.

  17. When i started watching both TVD and TO i fell in love with the show right away! I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve smiled! It has also brought me a since of hope! This would mean alot! Thanks for this chance.

  18. Damon’s happy ending and appearance by Elena!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!!!!!

  19. I’m looking forward to seeing who ends up together in the end!

  20. Excited to see how it all ends. Thanks for amazing giveaway opportunity.

  21. I have been a mega fan of the vampire diaries for 4 years and have watched every single episode. I have also been a huge fan of The Originals since it started airing. I’m sad the TVD is coming to an end but I know this last season will be very special and hopefully wrap everything up for us. I would love to win and cherish these items for all of my mortal life ;)

  22. Look forward to Damon’s HEA and answervasvto why the twin girls are important and influential to TVD.

  23. i seriously love this signed bag bag wow it would be a dream to win it :D what i hope for the end of the vampire diaries is for delena to hopefully have there happy ending totally love them and for alaric to not lose anybody else i just wanna see my faves happy even tho i no theres gonna be plenty of heartbreak along the way i hope they all get a little piece of happiness

  24. I love TVD so much and have fallen in love with each character. I would love to win

  25. I’m looking forward to a satisfying ending. It feels like we are going out on the right foot.

  26. I would love nothing more to win this sign bag. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the family of #VampireDiaries. They never came to Toronto, Canada . So I’d love the bag

  27. I a man a huge huge fan, except like the rest of the world 🌎 I never had the experience of the screaming fans and having signed books 📚 because they never came to Toronto. I hope I win the bag or something. Thank you

  28. I LOVE THIS so much!!!! I’ve always wanted one of these bags!!!

  29. You always have the best giveaways! Would love to win!!

  30. I want everyone to be happy and healthy into the ending for TVD ^^

    I am hugh fan of TVD, started to watch it from the start and i have read the books.
    I wish i could meet the team but i live in Sweden so i have never the chance :/

    Anyway, this bag is lovely and i hope i win it :)

  31. Thanks so much for this! Would really, really love to win, but of course will not be jealous at all, at all ;)

  32. I no I have no chance of winning but I wish all of u tvd fans the best of luck, I have been watching the show since I was 8 years old and the show has given me hope in life believing I can make the right choices as I get older so I wanted to say thanks for giving me hope

  33. I can’t believe you’re parting with this bag! Love you, Ruthie!

  34. I LOVE this show and so sad to see it end! But I think that the biggest question I have is what is going to happen to the Salvatore Brothers in the end? Do Elana and Damon ever get their HAPPY EVER AFTER!!

  35. I love the Vampire Diaries and the Originals. Recently got my boyfriend into the show. Hope I win!

  36. This bag is awesome!!! I am such a huge fan of both shows and the extremely talented casts!!!

  37. Thank you for being the best website and twitter account that this amazing series could have!!! You’re and amazing person even I don’t know you personally 😊…so let’s try some luck with this bag 😉

  38. I absolutely love TVD and Originals! I’m definitely addicted and will cry when TVD finishes.

  39. I still cant believe this is the final season of tvd ever! I have so many feelings and so many emotions tvd is more than just a show to me ive literally grown with it it has become a constant in my life and the begining of the end has begun and i’m not ready and i honestly can’t picture life without it but i know the show will live on forever and im excited to see what the cast does next.

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